British Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Edward Smith-Stanley (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1852; 1858-1859; 1866-1868  
Fictional Characters from Books: 2 characters
Geoffrey Firmin   1947   Under the Volcano  
Tom Barnaby (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1987; 1989   The Killings at Badger's Drift; Death of a Hollow Man  
Fictional Characters from Television: 3 characters
Geoffrey Butler   1990   The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  
Geoffrey Barone   1996   Everybody Loves Raymond  
Tom Barnaby (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1997   Midsomer Murders  
New Zealand Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Geoffrey Palmer   1989-1990  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 chemistry
(chemistry) Geoffrey Wilkinson   1973  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 4 actors
Geoffrey Hughes   1944-2012  
Geoffrey Rush   1951-  
Patrick Ryecart (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1952-  
James Norton (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1985-  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
(soccer) Geoff Cameron (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1985-  
Notable Musicians: 1 musician, 1 singer
Jeff Beck (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1944-     
Prince Royce (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1989-   Latin pop  
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 1 historian
Geoffrey of Monmouth   c. 1100-c. 1155  
Notable Writers: 2 authors
Geoffrey of Monmouth   c. 1100-c. 1155  
Geoffrey Chaucer   1343-1400  
Olympic Medalists: 1 silver
(silver) Geoffrey Shipton   1960   swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
Oscar Award Winners: 1 actor
(actor) Geoffrey Rush   1996   Shine  
Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
Prime Minister Tom Adams (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1976-1985   Barbados  
Saints: 1 saint
Saint Godfrey of Amiens (a.k.a. Geoffrey)   1066-1115