Call me crazy but I actually like this name! Okay, maybe it's a bit of a stretch for a first name, but as a middle name this could totally work. It feels really powerful.
This name is really ugly and it reminds me of a sea monster.
Yeah, no.
This is a name?! You've got be kidding me!
Also found in Greek and Latin bible, written Γολιαθ in Ancient Greek. [noted -ed]
I wonder who would name their son Goliath? If there is any reason other than dying at the hands of David, or being insanely tall, evil, and warmonger? But, maybe a famous Goliath will do good deeds and bring blessing to its name.
I hope no one has named their son this. The name is one of those names that just doesn't work outside the Bible. Oh, if only people had the same view on those dreadful -iah names.
This is a nice name, but it reminds me of evil stuff for some reason.
I've read somewhere that this name means "exiled".
Goliath was a fictional dog and conscious of Davey in the religious childrens' show "Davey and Goliath".
In the Disney animated series "Gargoyles" Goliath is the leader of a clan of Scottish gargoyles who find themselves in modern day Manhattan after being under a sleeping spell for one thousand years.

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