I like it. It's pretty rare to encounter a Gregory these days.
Ugly ugly ugly and the nickname Greg is also ugly (barf).
Actor Gregory Peck.
Name of the day- 3/7/21.
Yeah I really don’t like this name. I also knew a guy named Gregory who was creepy.
I hate this name, sorry. *Shrugs Shoulders*
Gregory Goyle is a minor character and archenemy of Harry in Harry Potter.
Gregory Finch, Edith Finch Jr.'s deceased 1 year-old uncle from the popular game, "What Remains of Edith Finch."
I quite like this name. It's a classic and not many people have it nowadays.
Too old fashioned! And hard on the throat.
Gregory Edgeworth is a character in Ace Attorney. He is a defense lawyer and Miles's deceased father.
A little nerdy, but still very underrated.
This is a nice name, although I can only picture it on adults for some reason. It doesn't really sound right on a child.
I think the name Gregory Joseph is a cute name for your son and that the name Gregory Joseph is a cute name for newborn boys!
In 2018, 48 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gregory who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 70th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Horribly old fashioned.
My last name is Gregory and it fits me well.
French name day: September 3.
I like this name but it reminds me of some hair and other gunk you would pull out of the drain with a toothpick.
I really like this name and the nickname Greg is so manly and strong sounding but in the UK it's dropped off in popularity in recent years, probably because of the Greg's Bakery shop which is very popular here. They sell mainly cakes and savoury pastries and going to Greg's is a by word for "I'm going to pig out on cakes" or if someone is overweight they are said to have been living at Greg's, lol. I fear this may have tainted the name:(, which is sad. I hope people start using the name more again here in England. It's such a strong and interesting name.
I've always loved this name. It sounds so handsome and strong and intellectual and charming. It's timeless. I can imagine a Gregory from a Medieval fantasy and in a modern-day school. I would marry a Gregory.
I love the name Gregory! I imagine a friendly person with this name. This is a very cute and classy name! ^_^ I've always thought Gregory and Jeffrey would be really cute sibling names. :3.
Gregory is my name and I am quite content with it. I often get called "Greg" or even mistakenly "Craig", but it's not that bothersome.
In early 17th century England Gregory Brandon was the state's public executioner, and his son Richard took over the role. Richard was often known as "little Gregory" since he'd inherited the post from his father. Most of the "victims" of their judicial killings were common criminals who perished by hanging, but in the case of noblemen the Brandons had to wield the axe, as beheading was deemed the appropriate punishment for high class miscreants convicted of crimes meriting the death penalty. In 1640 Richard (aka "little Gregory") beheaded Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, who had fallen foul of King Charles the First. In 1649 Charles himself was beheaded - it was rumoured by "little Gregory", who had earlier refused to kill a king, and was said to have been bribed to change his mind.
Because of these two state public hangmen called Gregory, the gallows became known in popular parlance as "the Gregory tree" and it's believed that this macabre association hastened the decline in the number of infant boys christened Gregory in England.
Such a warm and kind sounding name, it grows well too.
Gregory "Greg" Heffley is the protagonist of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series written by Jeff Kinney.
Name of the Day: March 7, 2013.
I like this name! It's very sweet sounding :) and unfortunately it's really uncommon these days, even though it was so popular at one time!
Derives from the Greek word: ΓΡΗΓΟΡΟΣ which means: quick, speedy.
Gregory is the first name for the character House on the tv show House MD.
I think Gregory is an ok name. It feels very old though - can't imagine it on a young person. I also really dislike Greg which is probably an inevitable nickname.
I think this is an amazing name; although I used to really hate it when I was younger, it's really starting to grow on me. :-)
Name of the Day: March 7, 2011.
Sounds too snobby as a first name, but it's a great second name in my opinion.
A famous bearer is American actor Gregory Jbara (born 28 September 1961). He's best known for his work in theatre, specifically for originating the role of Dad in "Billy Elliot, the Musical", for which he received a Tony Award nomination.
Gregory "Greg" Brady of the Brady Bunch was played by Barry Williams.
Gregory Vanney, footballer born 11th June, 1974 in South Boston, Virginia.
Gregory was Wendy's boyfriend in South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
I've never liked this name. It sounds very old-fashioned and elitist, like the name rich and emotionally cold parents would choose for the son they'll be sending off to a boarding school. I don't like the rather harsh-sounding nickname Greg either. Besides, the religious associations put me off.
I really don't like this name. It reminds me of preps and/or people who fix cars for a living for some reason. No offense intended, just how I feel.
There is also a character in Julia Quinn's book On the Way to the Wedding, and all the other Bridgerton books come to think of it, called Gregory. I love the name as a whole but I don't like Greg, it's just too strange.
Famous bearer: Gregory Maguire, author of the novel Wicked.
For some reason, this name reminds me of someone who would be lazy and irresponsible.
There were 16 popes with the name Gregory.
It's my dad's name. I like it well enough. I'd probably give my son the middle name of "Gregory," but definitely not the first.
I love it. The nickname Greg is great.
My second son is a Gregory. But he was a tiny baby and so, rather than call him "Greg" as a shortend form, we decided to use the ending sounds of the name and now call him "Rory". It truly suits him!
When I was little, I detested this name, but I think that's because I thought my little brother, Gregory, was going to be a little sister named Catherine. The great disappointment. As I grew up, I appreciated the name more and how it suited him.
Gregory is an awesome name for a boy. It sounds handsome, manly, smart and athletic.
The singer Gregory Lemarchal. The song "Meme Si (What You're Made Of)", which he performs with Lucie Silvas, is very nice.
Yet another famous bearer is Greg Graffin, lead singer of the punk band Bad Religion.
Gregory is a great name, it was my brother's. He was very smart and funny.
Gregory Smith is an actor on the WB show Everwood.
Actor Gregory Peck was a famous bearer.
The name of the title character in the television show, House, M. D., is Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant and unconventional diagnostician. It's also the name of one of Draco Malfoy's flunkies in Harry Potter, Gregory Goyle.
Krikor Lusavorich (Gregory the Enlightner) was the saint who converted the Armenian people to Christianity in the late third century. Consequently, in the year 303 AD, the Armenian people became the first nation to adopt Christianity as official religion of their state, even before Christianity was officially adopted by Emperor Constantine of the Byzantine Roman Empire.
A famous bearer of this name is Greg Rusedski, the British tennis player.

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