I'm neutral over this name. I like it better for boys.
Harper is a very boring name and I hate it.
Reminds me of HARPOON.
Harper is the ugliest name.
Very harsh.
It is a lovely name for a girl but not on a boy.
I like the name Harper. My nickname is Harper because my name is Parker. I like the name Harper for a girl and boy. So stop saying it is ugly it is NOT! And just so you know it is not HARSH.
Harper is a beautiful name.
Harper is a graceful name, so pretty I love the name.
Harper is a beautiful name.
Harper is such a adorable name.
Reminds me of "harlot" :/
Reminds me of harpoon. Not a fan at all.
Harsh, kinda ugly and I’m just not a fan….
I’m not sure why this name is so popular. No offense, but the name sounds a bit harsh.
In my opinion, it's not ugly but so boring to me.
Very harsh name.
Quite ugly.
When I first heard this name, I didn’t really like it and I thought it sounded like a boy name and I thought it was too masculine sounding for a girl. Harper is now almost always a girl name. I thought it would be so much nicer on a boy. I know 2 kids named Harper, a 13 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. I have heard of so many girls named Harper but only one boy. I now actually like the name and I think it has a special charm when it is used for a girl.
Harper McCoy is the main character in Maddie Ziegler’s book The Audition, The Callback, The Competition.
This sounds more like an occupation than a real name. Same with Piper.
Why is it a masculine name while it shall be feminine?
It's a sad irony of sorts when a parent from 2014 who named their daughter Harper because it apparently suited her, reacts to an earlier comment placed by "meadow" with, "And the name Meadow- where do I begin? What a horrible name. I would just loovveee to hear the common, worn-out, overly used names all the ignorant people who have an awful opinion of this name are giving their children in the 21st century." Sorry if it sounds ignorant, but given newborns have yet to develop into their personality, it would be difficult to determine what "suits them". As for names parents are giving their children in the 21st century? Hopefully one with enough charisma (to suit the gender they give it to) and make it through the century. We don't know whether Meadow is the commenter's name or username, but in the 7 years since the comment was placed, we can say that it isn't "common or worn-out and overly used up", so if unique and different are still your priority, with the added bonus of being feminine, this is a great name. Or, there's the names Lea (pronounced both lee /lē/ and lei /lā/) and Savanna / Savannah, which are all present-day synonyms for meadow. If you're really keen on Harper Lee and/or literature, then either Lee or Lea are great feminine options, and the word "lea" also used in many poetic contexts. Also not sure what anyone suggesting Harpy or Harps as a nickname could be thinking really. Once the misguided herd appeal of this "girl" name plummets, an attractive short form could be the unisex name Harley. Sorry if any of the honesty offends anyone, but it had to be said. Peace out.
I'd agree Harper is a flash-in-the-pan name. As someone mentioned, Isla may be trendy, as Jessica, Skylar and Taylor before then, and Pamela, Linda, Gail, Susan and Cathy earlier. Yet even if to some they might appear dated, they're still lovely sounding names, and when they'll no longer be as dated as Harper, because of the fact, as most names do, will likely go through another resurgence of sorts. I honestly feel that once the trendiness of Harper fades, it will sink as quick and deep as it rose and mainly remain dated to the specific period it saw popularity because to the English ear, it will begin to generally sound too odd and harsh and along the lines of Hetty, Brunhilda and Grizelda.
Let's try to clear this up and maybe, just maybe, anyone attempting to pass this name off as an intellectual pursuit will at least stop giving it anymore female exposure than it most definitely doesn't need. If you happen to admire the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" and/or Harper Lee, then odds are you'd have to know that Harper Lee chose the name SIMPLY as a pen name, NOT the name she went by or preferred to go by in general. Her real name is Nelle, with a silent ending e. Though her middle name is Harper, it is her mother's surname. No different than if her surname happened to be Brown, but we wouldn't go ahead and start naming our daughter Brown or Smith or Picklebury or Rosebush just because its meaning or association is particularly appealing, now would we? If you happen to love To Kill a Mockingbird though, then Nelle STILL remains a perfectly great choice for a female, and Harper a perfectly great choice for a MALE. And though also fine as a given name for a male, no, Scout isn't a female name either. It's the character's nickname. Sorry, Demi Moore, Rumer and Tallulah are great names. BIG lapse of judgement with Scout. Could have and should have gone with any combination of Jean Louise. There's a significant difference between applying a given name or nickname to a fictional character, and whether it's applicable for an actual human being of either gender. Whoa! Hard to conceive any of this needs explaining.
I don't have a problem with unisex names, or surnames used as first names for either gender but obviously, they have to have any reasonably apparent masculine and/or feminine quality. This name may be presently more in use for females but it's definitely NOT a feminine name, and its present (unreasonably trendy) use, the only reason I suspect it's primarily, let alone at all, listed as one in the description. Whether within a top 10 or far off the most popular 1000 list, my approach to names in general, is within reason, already quite vast and very open-minded. I would love to find something endearingly feminine about this name and believe me I've tried. Harper a "gorgeous exception" though...REALLY? In which way? On a female it screams butch, but on a male Harper IS actually a very attractive/gorgeous name. Yet it's always those who can't reason for themselves who'd assume that just because a celebrity or 100 name their unfortunate daughter this, it must be hip or intelligent in any way. Unless you're gullible and naive, you understand that celebrities are really just like everyone else. Some have good taste and scruples and some don't, some are easily influenced and others aren't, while some may have and carry those qualities in certain areas of their life and not others. As with the commenter below me, I also can't for the life of me comprehend the appeal of this name for a female. The degree of popularity it's taken is proof of how susceptible the status quo is. They can be brainwashed into any inconceivable nonsense. Placing a rose or grace next to s**t, isn't going to make it smell any better or take on any class. Get my drift? Neither is the lovely musical instrument any consolation, which let's face it, anyone who actually appreciates the harp is 99% likely not the type to choose this name for a daughter. Oh there are some ghastly doozies out there, but when it at least comes to English language usage names more typical to Caucasians, with Bambi and Piper that should have remained strictly for animals and cartoon characters, possibly taking second, and Parker coming in .5% beneath Harper, I personally can't think of an uglier name on a girl/woman in history. For the love of all that's good and holy, PLEASE end the insanity and place this most horrid monstrosity of a name to its eternal death where it belongs. Until then, it's ever so sad to think of the multitudes of times during the course of my life I'll have to hear a female referred to as Harper. Honestly, I just don't think I could say enough and for those who get it, know exactly what I mean. Harper REALLY is a great MALE name though. Just like Paul Simon, Tim Finn and Cecilia Peck proved when exercising good taste and judgement, chose it for their son. Hopefully, those who wish to use it on a son or male character, definitely do, and bring to it the respect it's deserving of.
Honestly this may be the worst name of all time in my opinion. It does not sound feminine at all and I cannot for the life of me understand why it is so trendy/popular and overused!
So feminine!
Harper is like from the English word harp as in harp on things. I don’t think I like it.
There's so many good names that could've been the number 10 in the popular girl name list, why this one?
Harper is so pretty. I know it's a last name, how it's too popular, and trendy. I normally dislike top 10 names, but Harper is an exception. The meaning harp player is gorgeous. I prefer Harper on a girl, it's nice on a boy too. I also like it because I had a teacher with this last name, I was very close to her. I would use it as a middle name, even though it's just as great as a first name. The only problem is that hopefully my Harper doesn't marry someone with the last name Harper, or else she'll go by Harper Harper.
I looked up the nicknames for Harper on the Internet. The first one that came up was Harper. But one of them that came up was Harpie. I realized that some of these kids are going to get called herpe by their classmates. That’s not gonna be very fun in high school. Boys are often really harsh and take sexual-harassment to extremes in high school. If you don’t have a name that's cringe then the most they can do is call you a slut when you’re not one. And they will. Especially if you’re attractive. This is just a really terrible name. In the comments the person who looked up the meaning of Harpy and harping really settled it in my opinion. Steer clear; there’s a reason almost nobody was using it for 100 years.
It’s okay, but I really don’t see why it’s so popular. Pretty much the equivalency to Piper.
Why is there so much hate on this name? I can see how you could use it for both genders but I think it'd work better for a girl. This is one of my favorite names and it's not dull-sounding or anything! I 100% recommend this name.
I adore Harper for a name! I think it's so beautiful. Although I can see it fitted for either gender, I would probably prefer it for a girl. I think it sounds so sweet and melodic, and I love Harp for a nickname. Really cool name ;)
Fair or unfair, here's my impression of the name Harper. It's chosen by pregnant women who "like to read," but only read paperback bestsellers and stuff from Oprah's Book Club. They think they're being really intellectual and literary, but "To Kill A Mockingbird" is one of the only classic novels they've read, and that was in high school. If you ask them about their daughter's name, they start talking about how much they LOVE "To Kill A Mockingbird," and they think that makes them original or special. Harper's Mom probably spends too much time on Instagram talking about how she's "#soblessed", and watches Hallmark Channel movies while drinking from her "Laugh, Live, Love" mug.
Not gonna lie but in my opinion, it's a beautiful name.
Does it suck that I like this name? I think it's super cute on a boy or a girl, and I love it as a surname!
This is a very ugly name.
I’ve never liked this name. I don’t understand how it was popular. Nothing pretty and feminine about it.
This name is unisex, but I think it sounds better for a boy than a girl. I thought this was only a boy’s name when I first heard it. It’s an okay name. It isn’t very feminine.
Absolutely vile. I don't see the appeal of this hideous name whatsoever.
It’s cute, I like it on a little girl but I guess it’s fine for a boy.
Doesn't sound very appealing.
Harper is my middle name, it's so beautiful, I am named after my great grandma, Harriet.
One of the few popular names that I actually like, I can see this name on anyone.
I really like the name Harper! :) It sounds sweet and feminine. I absolutely detest this name on a boy; for men, I can only think of Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper. Also, I don't like that there are a lot of negative comments just because a name is popular, and I think there should be more positive comments.
Such an unpleasant name especially for a girl.
It sounds very harsh and forced in my opinion. HAR-perr doesn't sound good to me. It's also such a flash-in-the-pan kinda name. I saw how somebody in this comments section was saying that Harper will one day be like Gail, Susan, and Cathy, and I agree with that. Not a bad thing. Just not on my list at all. Ever.
I love it so much but since its popularity has gone way up I have started to dislike it since I can't stand popular names.
I love it sooooo much! I wish my name was Harper! The meaning is great, and this is a gentle name. I think it could work on a boy or girl.
Like Isla it's a typical trendy name. It'll sound like Susan, Pamela, or Linda in next decades.
As a Harper, I love my name! It’s unique and it just sounds pretty to me. Fits me because I’m not that girly lol. I would much rather have my name than Alice, Ruby, Haylee, Jessica, Taylor, or Skylar. My name can be a girl or boy name :) I like surprises:)
I really don’t like this name at all! Absolutely nothing appealing about it!
Not wild about this name I guess... I'd say 5.5/10.
Surprised this is so high up in the charts. I've never liked the name Harper *just a personal preference no offense to Harpers*. I think it's a little rough for a baby girl. Just stating my opinion.
Plain ugly.
I agree that Harper sounds harsh with the "Har" beginning. If you like last names as first names, you could go with the similar-sounding name Parker.
Harper is a wonderful name.
Harper Lee is a good namesake.
Kinda lame.
Not for a girl.
Yep, everyone in the U.S. is assigned To Kill a Mockingbird in school. Are you trying to show the world that you're a fan of literature by choosing this name? Hm.
The name Harper means someone who plays the harp. So essentially it doesn't have a strong meaning. Why not name your kid Drummer, Knitter, or Fisher?
Definitely a flash-in-the-pan name. This is going to tell people in the future exactly how old your child is. One day it'll be an "old lady name" like Pamela or Linda.
Personally I don't know why people have a thing against this name, I think it's really beautiful and would suit anyone.
It's fine as a surname but sounds very silly as a first name.
My niece’s name is Haurper with a u. I think it’s pretty weird and I’m a kid, so I know weird names. Haurper is two years younger than me (she’s 8) and we just went to this art class together and there was another girl named Harpar there! Har-par, not Harper. So weird!
To harp: to dwell on persistently or tediously in speaking or writing: He was always harping on the importance of taking vitamin supplements.Harpy:
1. Classical Mythology. A ravenous, filthy monster having a woman's head and a bird's body.
2. (lowercase) a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew.
3. (lowercase) a greedy, predatory person.
This will get lost, but I’m neutral on the name. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. I’m not really a fan of last names as first names or profession names, plus I think it will be difficult if your kid can’t pronounce ‘R’s and all of the sudden the name is Hoppuh. It’s okay but it’s not my favorite.
Femme, trendy, ages well.
Harper Minecraft.
I love the name Harper for girls! Boys just couldn’t be named Harper. I love how strong and beautiful it sounds on a little girl.
Why you guys so mean? I think that I have a very nice name, I was born right before it started getting popular and I think it's a very nice name for a girl or a dude :/ Also don't insult my "yuppie" parents >:(
I personally have never really liked the name. Lots of people think it's pretty and unique, but I have never thought so. I do know that when it comes to names, though, everyone has a different opinion.
We all read Harper Lee's novel in school. You're not cultured or literary for choosing it. I like the book, but I don't like "profession" names. Naming someone Harper who will likely never pick up a harp is like naming them... well, nothing. What does it stand for? Beginning with an H and ending with an R makes the name harsh.Read another book.
Harper is not a pretty name. It's harsh, abrasive, and in no way feminine. I'm big on sounds since I'm a musician, and to me it sounds like HARRRRRRR-purrrr. It's almost like a pirate is talking. All of those R's. If the parents aren't particularly gender-biased and would seek to give a female daughter a unisex or masculine name, this one still doesn't cut it due to being considered, inexplicably, a "girl name".The meaning is, at best, neutral. "One who plays the harp" - okay, I love the sound of the harp, but very few people play it, and I highly doubt that each mother or pair of parents who choose(s) Harper for a baby girl is/are doing so because of a deeply-held aspiration that the girl will grow up and become a virtuoso harpist.I imagine what it'd be like for someone to say a name lovingly, when I consider names. A teenage or adult man, holding his girlfriend, "Ohhhh... Harper..." Yuck. Not pretty.And to make it worse, there are no good nicknames. "Harpy"? There are three definitions of that word on Merriam-Webster and they're all negative / unpleasant. I recently heard a grandmother call her granddaughter, "Harps" (after having already introduced her as "Harper" when my toddler son ran up to her, seeking to be acquainted or whatever he considers it in his still-developing mind). That's still cacophonous; it sounds a last-name nickname that one sweaty football player would call another sweaty football player after a good play. ("Nice one, Harps!")What's left? "Har"? Blechhhhh. "Harrie" (rhymes with "sorry")? Yuck, and most people would read it like "Harry", with the added bonus of certain regional accents generating a pronunciation of "Hairy". To seal the deal, it's so freaking popular! It's like, be just a BIT unique, you know? It's not even like this one would qualify for cultures that tend to name kids after deceased relatives or ancestors; the number of women named Harper prior to the last 10 years or so is vanishingly close to zero, so it's not like the baby is being named after Great-Grandma Harper Smith. (Even Harper Lee wasn't Harper. She was Nelle, Harper was her middle name, and it was selected in honor of one Dr. Harper who saved the life of her sister. Note that Harper was, in this case anyway, a last name. Ms. Lee went by Nelle in real life and Harper was her pen name.)I don't get it. To me, there's literally nothing going for this name. There are so many melodious and beautiful names out there, with pleasing definitions, and someone would choose this one? That's like having 100 menu options at a family restaurant and choosing the vegemite sandwich. Yuck. I know that some people like vegemite but most don't. In my opinion, the high number of Harpers that have entered the world in recent times is a guarantee that local courts will do land-office business in 10+ years as lots of them rush to change their names to something prettier once they turn 18. (P.S. My wife feels the same way about this name.)
I personally do really like this name.
I'm kind of indifferent on this name. Harper is not a bad name, but it wouldn't really be my first choice.
This name has become extremely popular. It’s okay in my opinion. Not my favorite.
Honestly one of the better occupational names.
I really don't like this name at all. I don't know why it's so popular.
It's quite pretty. I wouldn't use this as the name of a real girl, though; I'd most likely use this as the name of a fictional character.
Reminds me of harpoons, meh name, better on boys.
Hi, I personally love the name Harper. It is olde English in origin and it means “pleasant and brave”. I’ve also never read To Kill a Mockingbird.
I love Harper as a girl’s name! But I have read the book How To Kill A Mockingbird, but I feel like the word “Harper” sounds so elegant and beautiful to my ears. So delicate! I think it’s more of a name you would give to your daughter, but I actually love this name for boys and girls. For a boy~ it sounds soft yet strong. For a girl~ it sounds strong yet soft, so it’s both masculine and feminine!
I like names with meaning and this is an occupational job. Not a name.
I absolutely love Harper. It’s so cute, pretty, and elegant. I like it for a girl, not so much for a boy though. For a girl~ it would sound delicate and feminine because of the natural association “To Kill A Mockingbird”. For a boy~ it wouldn’t sound masculine enough to age well on a male, so I think it sounds far more feminine than masculine.
The name Harper was given to 284 boys one the U.S. in 2017.
I wonder why it's suddenly rocketed in popularity over all these countries.
Everyone reads To Kill A Mockingbird in school, naming your child Harper doesn't make you sound literate.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Harper who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 694th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I don't like it. This name is far too trendy for me, and I despise the nickname Harpy. This name sounds kind of harsh in my opinion.
I am fairly neutral on the name Harper and I hate the name Scout. I'm annoyed by how trendy they have become. I'm cringing at the comment from the person who said Harpy is a good nickname for a girl named Harper. I wonder why it took so many years for Scout and Harper to become trendy names, given that To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1964. It's a good novel but when someone names their daughter Harper or Scout, or their son Atticus, I always wonder if that's the only book they've ever read.
I think Harper is a beautiful name, and who wouldn’t want to be named after a harp (one of the most pretty sounding instruments) and the author of To Kill a Mockingbird? Harper is pretty and strong. I like this name paired with Mallory: Harper Mallory or Mallory Harper. Actually a lot of names go well with this name, it serves as a very unique middle name too.
Doesn't sound very feminine to me, and I dislike occupational job names.
Harper Lee's real name is actually "Nelle". Harper was her middle name.
My oldest daughter wanted "Harper" for her daughter, but her husband - Thank God - said "No Way!" At least he has some common sense. So, my oldest daughter pressured her younger sister into naming their daughter "Harper." Both sides of parents were shocked, to say the least. The only reason Harper was chosen was because of Harper Lee and "To Kill a Mockingbird" which my oldest daughter really liked as a novel.I cannot stand the name for any person - male or female.
Harper is the name of a:
Ferry - Harper's Ferry
Magazine - Harper Magazine
Bazaar - Harper's Bazaar
Good last name: John Doe Harper, ... but not for a boy or a girl.As one person pointed out, it is associated with a goddess and a monster with lots of negative connotations.Also, it is a sign of the "culture" we live in - name a kid after a flower, rock, city, state, disease, bug, arachnids (Spyder), superhero's - Thor, vegetables, fruits, etc.Forget about naming children after saints. With all of these 'unique' names, it is the culture influencing Christianity vs the other way around. Our culture is so heathen these days, it's crazy. I used to audit immunization records and I found a plethora of "unique" (weird) names, such as those cited above.
Months of the year, days of the week, seasons of the year; one lady - really - had wanted to name her daughter Chlamydia - which is a sexually transmitted disease. She thought it was a flower. Luckily the RN explained the reality to her.So - Harper - guess I'll associate it with Heavenly Angels playing the Harp.
I can't stand this name. It sounds very ugly. Arper and Arp sounds don't sound pleasant at all and there is way too much R sound. Plus, it's much too popular.
Kinda hilarious. Harper Lee's parents did not have a clue about feminine/masculine name usage and now all the delusional modern parents want to copy them and name their daughters "Harper".
My personal impression of the name Harper was I wanted to understand why this name was so popular. I was quite neutral to this name- I didn't dislike it or personally like this name. I thought it was an okay name. After reading about this name and understanding why the sudden boom and popularity of it from the famous author Harper Lee, to Victoria Beckham, and Lisa Marie Presley naming their daughters this name, I finally could see why this name has risen so high on the baby girl charts. I think people who use Harper have this connection and fantasy with celebrities wanting their daughters to have a popular and famous baby name, too. If someone who is famous is using it then I also want to use it, too. After this name is played in your mind more and more, this name becomes more acceptable and before you know it, you love it!
The name Harper was given to 294 boys born in the US in 2016.
I like the name Harper for a girl not for a boy. If she didn't like it you could call her Harpy or Harps for short.
I hate this name with an intense passion. It sounds very harsh and borderline ugly to me. Whenever I hear it, it quickly becomes the equivalent of listening to nails on the chalkboard. The sound of the name is the worst aspect of it! Hopefully the trend of this name won't linger around long and will plummet down the charts. I am not a terrible or disrespectful person. Harper just happens to be a name that I cannot stand, and for a list of reasons. Have your view on the name, I'll have mine. I am thankful though that this name doesn't have a single spelling alternative. Harper won't be like Madison\Maddison\Madisyn\Madysyn or Jaden\Jaiden\Jayden for example.
I can't believe how many people recently have been naming their babies Harper! Especially combined with the middle name Grace. It's quite a harsh sounding name with the letters in it.
I always thought Harper was just a girl's name.
I've always imagined this name as being for girls.
Nelle "Harper" Lee was an American novelist, most known for her book To Kill A Mockingbird.
I personally think this name is adorable. I wouldn't use it personally, simply because of how popular it has become.
I don't understand why nobody seem to like this name as a feminine name. I am, in fact, a girl who is named Harper, and I think it is a beautiful name that suits me well. It's not the most elegant name, but it isn't the worst.
"Er" names like Harper suit girls. Daughter ends in er, yet that doesn't make daughter a male term. Does it?
I love Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird," so I have a bit of admiration for this name due to the association with her. However, I find it to be otherwise a boring, plain name on either sex. I don't have anything against it, I just think it's so unoriginal and common that I don't feel much toward it either way.
When I read To Kill a Mockingbird in year 11 English at secondary school, I thought this was a really gorgeous name for a girl. It has become much too trendy now, and a bit Beckham-associated to be usable. Also, it is quite common where I live. Still a nice name, though.
I dislike Harper as a given name, especially on females. It's overly trendy and was really a last name to begin with, and as a first name it won't age that well.
I love this name on both genders. I'd probably use it for a girl, though, just because I like it more on a girl. I just can't find a good middle name to go with it! I do hate how trendy it's gotten. Back when I first started liking the name, it seemed so unusual to me, I didn't think it was that popular. Despite its trendiness, I still love it.
I really like this name but it is way too popular right now.
At the end of the day I would call my daughter Harper and not just because some footballer has decided on that name too. I have always liked it and don't follow 'trends'. I'm sure lots of people are not so keen on more feminine names as the first comment implies. We don't all have to be named after a flower...
I really can't stand this name. Why would anyone want to name their daughter Harper? Out of all the names, why choose such an ugly, trendy name?
My partner and I are expecting our 2nd child soon and we are set on naming her Harper!
Harper Adele or Harper Grace (Grayce) will be her name :)
Oh god, torture. This name is not only annoyingly trendy and tacky but also hideous and very harsh sounding- for any gender. I admit, that while saying the name in your mind it's not as bad, but once you say it out loud, VERY HARSH.
I don't think of Harp as in the musical instrument. Instead, I think about an annoying, awful name and the adjective 'Harp' meaning to nag, annoy and bother.
Far more better names out there, that's for sure.
Dear God, this name is tacky, soulless, and annoyingly trendy, and it's not helped by the fact that annoying celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and David Beckham had to slap it on their daughters. Please put this name out of its misery.
I didn't like this name before, but now I have mixed feelings ever since someone said it makes her think of harp players. I don't think I'd ever use it, but it reminds me of nagging (harping on someone) and Canadian politics (Steven Harper). I love the harp. I wish it made me think of harp players. I wonder if there is another name that means harpist?
The first time I heard this name I didn't like it but it's grown on me now. It's a very popular trendy name right now so I'd never use it just for the popularity of it.
I'm bothered that people have such strong opinions on names and are so negative. Harper, I think, is a really pretty name for a girl. But in all honesty, if anyone is thinking of naming their child Harper... don't come to these boards because of the negativity. Names are unique. Not everyone is supposed to have the same name! If you love a name, stick with it and don't change your mind! There is no wrong way, no wrong name for anyone. Just go with what you love and your child will grow into the name beautifully.
My sister is called Harper. I think it's a lovely name and she gets compliments with how "cute" it is and I do not think that it is a masculine name if I'm honest.
I never heard of the name Harper till I saw Wizards of Waverly Place. Though I never shall name a child Harper, I think it's more a name for a girl than a boy's name. In The Netherlands it's likely a rare name.
I love the name Harper. The hate I just don't get. I would have thought everyone would see Harper as elegant and girly due to its association with the instrument the 'harp'. What really annoys me is most people seem to think traditional, stereotypical names ending with 'a' are the only suitable feminine names. That's not always the case. There are plenty of gorgeous & cute girl names e.g. Claire, Piper, Belle, Megan, HARPER. Open-mindedness is key. :)
I'm sorry, but I think the name Harper is absolutely AWFUL! It's masculine and I think of a honking noise just saying it, like someone blowing their nose. I was really disappointed when Lisa Marie Presley named her twin girls Harper and Finley, thought she'd give the babies better names. Finley is also horrid.
Not a big fan of this name- no offense!
This name sounds awful to me. It doesn't even sound like a first name. Not feminine at all, would be the same if you name a girl "Baker", "Butcher" or "Grinder". Would also not use it for a boy, I don't see the reason behind giving surnames as first names anyway, if they don't have the sound of a first name at all or if they aren't connected to the family history.
The fact that this is not a girly or cute name is what I like about this name. I do not like most feminine names for girls at all, especially when they end on an A. Personally, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Harper is the women's magazine Harper's Bazaar, which I think was named after the surname of one of the founders (not sure). Anyway, I love the name Harper!
Not a fan-just one of those trendy type names
Though I do prefer this name for a girl. On a boy, it's prissy as hell. I picture Harper on a feminine male. Also, not a fan of 'Harp' as it means to nag and pester.
A little girl named Harper Tesar was the subject of several news stories in spring 2014 after a picture of her went viral. In the picture, baby Harper, waiting to meet her father for the first time after he was deployed to Afghanistan, is sitting behind a sign that reads, "Hey, I just met you & this is crazy but my name's HARPER & I'm your baby!"
I play the sims 3. I know a lot of people do, and honestly, I quite like it. I was playing the game at my friends' and a lady in my household has a girl. I named her "Harper" I told my friend and she didn't like it. She told me she didn't like it and she was going to delete Harper. I was really upset. I like the name Haper.
My little girl is called Harper and all you ignorant people seem to have an awful opinion of the name. Well I would lovveee to hear the common, worn-out, overly used names your children get with the 21st century. Children are named by their parents because that is the name the parents think the child suits. And the name Meadow- where do I begin? What a horrible name. Unfortunately for people like you, we couldn't care less about your comments and pathetic judgements. They're unwanted and to be honest, irrelevant.
My daughter's name is Harper Camille so obviously I love the name. Unfortunately it is now a trendy name but I think it is classy, unique and will carry over well as an adult. My daughter does and will carry her name well as she is a bright red headed Hispanic little girl so not only is her name unique but so is she.
I have mixed feelings about the name. I can see it sounding quite original and unique, even strong and independent; but at the same time... If you are aware of what "harping on someone" means (ie incessant nagging) and the unfortunate fact that it is only a slip of the tongue away from sounding like another word, "herpes", you can imagine the first couple years at school are going to be tough when those schoolyard bullies get a hold of that connection. But I am all for unique naming conventions so I remain divided on this name.
I do not care for this name, in the same way I do not care for "To Kill a Mockingbird." *waits for hate mail*
The trendiness of this name sickens me. It went from virtually unheard of (especially for girls) to #24 in less than 10 years. Not even Harper lee's real name was Harper. This isn't unique or cute or pretty, its just part of the horrible trend of giving surnames to females as first names. This will be quite dated in about a decade and I'm guessing if you shout this name on a playground in a few years, at least 2 or three little girls will turn around.
My daughter's name is Harper and I think it's such a beautiful, pretty name.
FEMININE: It's a sorry-sad-shame it is so common
MASCULINE: It's a sorry-sad-shame a boy HAS this name!
I don't get that people don't think this name is a boy name the only people that I know that had this is name is wait for it... a girl. And it means a harp player, every time someone think of a harp player it's a woman. So don't call it a boy name just because it's strong and don't have a ditsy feel to it like Madison and Ashley doesn't make it less of a name.
Yuck. Sounds like a name belonging to a spoiled brat with yuppie parents.
I absolutely ADORE this name. It is my sister's name and I'm surprised by how rare it still seems to be, at least for US females. I think it is unique and joyful sounding :)
I hate this name. I don't think it's feminine at all. Also, its usage by Lisa Marie Presley and the Beckhams (among others) makes it so trendy. I bet Harper will crack the top 100 soon.
David and Victoria Beckham today had their first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham.
Wow, I'm really surprised this name made the top 200. Reminds me of McKenzie, a surname that just doesn't cut it as a girl's first name. Better for a middle name.I know a dog named Harper. Good name for pets.
Too feminine for a boy and too masculine on a girl.
Unfortunately, every time I hear this, I think of Stephen Harper. There is nothing wrong with the name Harper, but the association puts me off.
Harper Ashby, the hero of Nora Robert's novel Red Lily and the In The Garden trilogy.
This name reminds me of harpies, those mythological monsters. From the dictionary: The word comes from the Greek Harpyia (pl.) meaning "snatchers". In Homer, they were the personification of whirlwinds and hurricanes; in Hesiod they were called sisters of Aello and Iris; later they were represented as ministers of divine vengeance: winged, clawed monsters with female heads and bodies. Metaphoric extension to "greedy person" is c.1400.Harpy:
1. One of several loathsome, ravenous, filthy monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird.
2. A scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew.
3. A greedy, predatory person Also, to harp on or upon is to dwell on persistently or tediously in speaking or writing.The dictionary also says that a "harp" or "Harper" was any of several English coins issued for use in Ireland during the 16th and 17th centuries, bearing the figure of a harp on the reverse; additionally, "harp" is a disparaging and offensive slang word for a person of Irish birth or descent.
Stephen Harper is the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and has Harper as his last name.
I think this name is fine for a boy or a girl. Although I prefer it for a boy. I think it is great for a boy. It sounds like the name Parker, which I also like. I would like to point out that not all harpists (harp players) are female as well. Plus, not all angels are female. For example: archangels Michael and Gabriel spring to mind.
Harper is the name of Alex's best friend on the Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place.
If you are using this as a homage to Harper Lee, try her first name, Nelle. Yeah, makes more sense. Not being a harpy just offering some advice.I should end this here. Wouldn't want to harp on about Harper, I have a harp to play.
I like that it's got an androgynous quality to it. I think it's a beautiful name.
It's an okay name, but it makes me thing of the song "Harper Valley PTA".
I tend to think of a Harper as someone who's harping on somebody all the time. That kind of ruins it.
The name primarily makes me think of angels with harps, Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird. The little girl I know of named Harper is a blonde, blue-eyed ballerina. Overall, Harper has a rather delicate, ethereal image for me, probably helped along because I've just read a series of paranormal mystery books by Charlaine Harris in which Harper Connelly is the female main character. She's an appealing character. I also see that Lisa Marie Presley named one of her newborn twin daughters Harper. I'd have a hard time seeing it on a boy. It sounds too girlish.
I'm surprised by the apparent aversion to this name, specifically for a female. As others have pointed out, the harp is generally viewed as a feminine instrument. Angels are often represented as harpists and carry a very heavy female connotation. Harper also has pop-culture references, such as Harper's Bazaar, a fashion magazine, which are strongly feminine. As another poster pointed out, the name also sounds similar to "Harpy", which were female mythical creatures (though I agree with the fact that calling someone a harpy is generally inflammatory).As for the same simply sounding masculine, I don't get that at all. I have a feeling that it sounds abrasive to some people simply because of it being relatively uncommon. Others have mentioned that the "er" ending is often masculine, but then have gone on to provide incredibly feminine names that end in "er" (Amber, Piper, etc.). It is also important to consider that most popular female names began as names for men. Courtney, Ashley, and Madison are just a few, but there are plenty of others.In my opinion, Harper is a beautiful name for a strong, independent woman, and its perceived masculinity should not scare anyone away from naming their girl it.
I do sort of feel something for this name, because I play the harp. But I don't really like the sound to it. I also don't think it sounds like a nice name for a girl. It's too masculine. And a lot of people are saying that it's girly because the harp is very feminine (which it is), but it can also be very masculine.
I could not see Harper for a boy at all. I have liked (but not loved) this name for a girl since I read To Kill a Mockingbird. It would be a nice middle name for a girl, but I would not use it as a first name.
I wonder if a person called Harper would be called "Harpie", like the mythical bird-women. That might be cool, although Harpies do have some negative connotations.
To me, it sounds more like a girl's name but can equally be a boy's name too.
It's not such a bad name, but I don't really think it suits females. There's no logical reason not to use it on females per se, but the name does have that -er ending, and most names with that ending, apart from Amber, Piper, Summer, and Winter, sound masculine. So does Harper. It sounds rather tomboyish, and thus unsuitable for feminine girls, and I can't picture it on a grown woman at all, not even on indie rockers or androgynous women. For males, this isn't too bad, but it does sound rather harsh compared to many more pleasant-sounding names like Logan, Aidan, and the likes.
I loved this name ever since I read To Kill a Mockingbird. I find it equally suitable for both boys and girls.
In West Virginia there is a place called Harper's Ferry.
I think this name fits a pet - preferly a bird, I think for some strange reason. I can't imagine anyone with this name. I've never met anyone named Harper, so I don't know.
I don't know why a lot of people look down on this name. I think it's pretty, at least in its own way. Someone I know said there's a legend of a goddess named Harperis - known better as Harper who is said to have invented the harp and is also the goddess of harpists and musical harmony. Maybe it's not a real legend at all but that's how I want to imagine it, as a mythical goddess.
I think this is a horrible sounding name for a girl, like Piper. Harper always reminds me of a bird for some reason or of a harbor, not so bad but the sound still makes me nod. For a boy, maybe but that would be a lot to live up for (a harp-player) in my opinion!
Harper could be a masculine name. Not all harp-players are women, although the harp is regarded as a feminine instrument there have been some male harpers too (like Harpo Marx). I kinda feel something for it in its own way because of the harp and because it reminds me of Harpo but I'd never use it, it sounds ambiguous and seems to have some androgynous feel about it, although it's not the reason I'd never use it. I just never cared for it much or don't like it that much on either a boy or a girl. It'd be ok for a nickname but I still don't care much for it.
In the ancient world, particularly the Mediterranean, the harp (commonly known as a sambuca) was played by both men and women, so I agree it could be either a masculine or feminine name.
The writer Harper Lee's full name was Nelle Harper Lee. She is known for never having done an interview with the media or biographers.
I don't understand why everyone thinks Harper sounds very boy-ish. Is the instrument the harp ever thought of as non-feminine? No, it's very elegant sounding. If had a daughter I would like to name her Harper.
I named my daughter Harper and quite honestly I expected a few raised eyebrows. Little did I know that the name had actually made it to the top 1000 names! My daughter is almost 3 and living up to the fiercely independent connotation that the name holds. I named my daughter after Harper Lee not because I absolutely love her novel but because she has written one of the greatest American novels of all time and she has done so without sacrificing her integrity or sucumbing to the pressure of fame. I have no idea what my daughter will become in life, but I believe that it is so shallow to look at a name and judge it based solely on whether it is believed to be masculine or feminine. Sure, there are obviously more girly names out but I believe that there are few that compare with the beauty of the feminine legacy that this name carries. Are we teaching our girls that what makes us beautiful is the way we appear or what we contain?
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but Harper is the name of Joe Pitt's wife in Tony Kushner's award-winning play "Angels in America." That and Harper Lee are really the only times I've seen the name used. And, having not read "To Kill a Mockingbird", I more readily associate Harper with a female than a male.
I don't know why everyone hates this name for a girl. I think it is feminine and strong for a girl. It's pretty too, like the music of a harp.
So much nicer for a boy than a girl I think.
I love To Kill a Mockingbird, possibly one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century but the name Harper is a little harsh. Her real name is Nell Harper Lee. Harper is also the name of one of the main characters from Angels in America by Tony Kushner. I say give the child whatever name you like and just nickname her Scout.
Well, I wouldn't say that this name is completely eccentric rubbish. Sure it goes along the lines of Jordan, Payton, Dylan and Tristan for a girl, which I cannot tolerate, but the idea of the Harp, is somewhat innovative to today's name society. However, whenever I hear this name, I instantly picture Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.
I think Harper's a beautiful name for a girl-- particlarly if you're from the South or have Southern heritage. Add to that the influence of Harper Lee, the (female) author of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and you've got one powerful and original name for a little girl.
I recently heard of little girls named Harper. With all the pretty, feminine names out there, why would you name your daughter Harper? It sounds manly to me. Sorry to people with daughters named Harper.
I agree: there are so many better choices for girls' names--why would you give your beautiful baby girl a name that sounds like a boy's name?

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