American Presidents: 1 president
William Henry Harrison   1841  
Australian Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
James Scullin (a.k.a. Henry)   1929-1932  
Austrian Dukes and Emperors: 1 duke
Duke Heinrich II Jasomirgott (a.k.a. Henry)   1156-1177  
Bohemian Kings: 1 king
King Jindřich of Carinthia (a.k.a. Henry)   1306; 1307-1310  
British Prime Ministers: 7 prime ministers
Henry Pelham   1743-1754  
Augustus FitzRoy (a.k.a. Henry)   1768-1770  
William Cavendish-Bentinck (a.k.a. Henry)   1783; 1807-1809  
Henry Addington   1801-1804  
Henry John Temple   1855-1858; 1859-1865  
Henry Campbell-Bannerman   1905-1908  
Herbert Henry Asquith   1908-1916  
English and British Kings and Queens: 8 kings
King Henry I   1100-1135  
King Henry II Plantagenet   1154-1189  
King Henry III   1216-1272  
King Henry IV   1399-1413  
King Henry V   1413-1422  
King Henry VI   1422-1461; 1470-1471  
King Henry VII Tudor   1485-1509  
King Henry VIII   1509-1547  
Fictional Characters from Books: 4 characters, 1 hero
Henry Crawford   1814   Mansfield Park  
Henry Woodhouse   1815   Emma  
Henry Tilney   1817   Northanger Abbey  
Henry Jekyll   1886   Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  
Lord Henry Wotton   1890   The Picture of Dorian Gray  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
Henry Higgins   1912; 1956   Pygmalion; My Fair Lady  
Fictional Characters from Television: 12 characters
Henry Paget   1996   Early Edition  
Hank Hill (a.k.a. Henry)   1997   King of the Hill  
Hank Landry (a.k.a. Henry)   1997   Stargate SG-1  
Henry Mitchell   1998   Charmed  
Henry Andrews   2000   CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  
Henry Taylor   2001   24  
Ben Linus (a.k.a. Henry)   2004   Lost  
Will Pope (a.k.a. Henry)   2005   The Closer  
Henry Grubstick   2006   Ugly Betty  
Henry Francis   2007   Mad Men  
Hank Schrader (a.k.a. Henry)   2008   Breaking Bad  
John Henry   2008   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  
Frankish and French Kings: 4 kings
King Henri I (a.k.a. Henry)   1031-1060  
King Henri II (a.k.a. Henry)   1547-1559  
King Henri III (a.k.a. Henry)   1574-1589  
King Henri IV (a.k.a. Henry)   1589-1610  
French Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
(prime minister) William Waddington (a.k.a. Henry)   1879  
German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors: 6 king-emperors, 1 king
King Heinrich I the Fowler (a.k.a. Henry)   919-936  
King-Emperor Heinrich II (a.k.a. Henry)   1002-1024  
King-Emperor Heinrich III (a.k.a. Henry)   1028-1056  
King-Emperor Heinrich IV (a.k.a. Henry)   1054-1105  
King-Emperor Heinrich V (a.k.a. Henry)   1099-1125  
King-Emperor Heinrich VI (a.k.a. Henry)   1169-1197  
King-Emperor Heinrich VII (a.k.a. Henry)   1308-1313  
Grammy Award Winners: 1 album of the year/song of the year/record of the year, 1 record of the year/song of the year
(album of the year/song of the year/record of the year) Henry Mancini   1959; 1962; 1964   The Music from Peter Gunn; Moon River; Days of Wine and Roses  
(record of the year/song of the year) Henry Olusegun Adeola "Seal" Samuel   1996   Kiss from a Rose  
Hall-of-Famers: 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 baseball
(basketball) Henry "Dutch" Dehnert   1968  
(baseball) John Henry Lloyd   1977  
(football) John Henry Johnson   1987  
(football) Henry Jordan   1995  
(basketball) Jo Jo White (a.k.a. Henry)   2015  
(basketball) Chuck Cooper (a.k.a. Henry)   2019  
Most Valuable Players: 1 winner
Bucky Walters (a.k.a. Henry)   1939   baseball  
New Zealand Prime Ministers: 2 prime ministers
Henry Sewell   1856  
Francis Bell (a.k.a. Henry)   1925  
Nobel Prize Winners: 2 peace, 2 physics, 1 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 medicine
(peace) Henri Dunant (a.k.a. Henry)   1901  
(physics) William Henry Bragg   1915  
(literature) Henri Bergson (a.k.a. Henry)   1927  
(medicine) Henry Hallett Dale   1936  
(peace) Henry Kissinger   1973  
(chemistry) Henry Taube   1983  
(physics) Henry Way Kendall   1990  
Norwegian Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Einar Gerhardsen (a.k.a. Henry)   1945-1951; 1955-1963; 1963-1965  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 10 actors
H. B. Warner (a.k.a. Henry)   1875-1958  
Groucho Marx (a.k.a. Henry)   1890-1977  
Henry Fonda   1905-1982  
Peter Fonda (a.k.a. Henry)   1940-2019  
Tobin Bell (a.k.a. Henry)   1942-  
Erik Estrada (a.k.a. Henry)   1949-  
Henry Ian Cusick   1967-  
Henry Thomas   1971-  
Henry Cavill   1983-  
Leeon Jones (a.k.a. Henry)   1993-  
Notable Artists: 1 sculptor/painter
Henri Matisse (a.k.a. Henry)   1869-1954  
Notable Athletes: 5 rugby, 3 basketball, 2 baseball, 2 football, 1 boxing, 1 soccer
(baseball) John Henry Lloyd   1884-1964  
(basketball) Henry "Dutch" Dehnert   1898-1979  
(baseball) Bucky Walters (a.k.a. Henry)   1909-1991  
(boxing) Henry Armstrong   1912-1988  
(basketball) Chuck Cooper (a.k.a. Henry)   1926-1984  
(football) John Henry Johnson   1929-2011  
(football) Henry Jordan   1935-1977  
(basketball) Jo Jo White (a.k.a. Henry)   1946-2018  
(rugby) Rupert Moon (a.k.a. Henry)   1968-  
(rugby) Henry Speight   1988-  
(soccer) Hal Robson-Kanu (a.k.a. Henry)   1989-  
(rugby) Henry Seniloli   1989-  
(rugby) Henry Pyrgos   1989-  
(rugby) Henry Slade   1993-  
Notable Businesspeople: 7 businesspersons
Charles Henry Harrod   1799-1885  
George Henry Corliss   1817-1888  
Henry Lehman   c. 1822-1855  
Henry J. Heinz   1844-1919  
Henry Royce   1863-1933  
Henry Ford   1863-1947  
Bill Gates (a.k.a. Henry)   1955-  
Notable Evildoers: 1 pirate
Henry Morgan   c. 1635-1688  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 4 explorers
Henry the Navigator   1394-1460  
Henry Hudson   c. 1570-1611  
Henry Morton Stanley   1841-1904  
Ernest Shackleton (a.k.a. Henry)   1874-1922  
Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television
(television) Rove McManus (a.k.a. Henry)   1974-  
Notable Musicians: 5 composers, 1 singer
Heinrich Schütz (a.k.a. Henry)   1585-1672     
Henry Purcell   1659-1695   classical  
Henry Clay Work   1832-1884     
Henry Mancini   1924-1994     
Henry Olusegun Adeola "Seal" Samuel   1963-   pop  
Henry Jackman   1974-     
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 2 philosophers, 1 mathematician
Henry David Thoreau   1817-1862  
Henri Poincaré (a.k.a. Henry)   1854-1912  
Henri Bergson (a.k.a. Henry)   1859-1941  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople: 4 politicians
Henry Wilson   1812-1875  
Henry A. Wallace   1888-1965  
Harry van Doorn (a.k.a. Henry)   1915-1992  
Donald Rumsfeld (a.k.a. Henry)   1932-2021  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 3 inventors, 2 astronomers, 1 biologist, 1 chemist
Henry Cavendish   1731-1810  
Henry Fox Talbot   1800-1877  
George Henry Corliss   1817-1888  
Thomas Henry Huxley   1825-1895  
William Henry Pickering   1858-1938  
Henry Ford   1863-1947  
Henry Norris Russell   1877-1957  
Notable Writers: 2 authors, 1 playwright, 1 poet
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   1807-1882  
Henrik Ibsen (a.k.a. Henry)   1828-1906  
Henry James   1843-1916  
Graham Greene (a.k.a. Henry)   1904-1991  
Olympic Medalists: 12 gold, 9 bronze, 5 silver, 2 bronze/gold, 2 gold/bronze, 2 silver/gold
(gold) John Derbyshire (a.k.a. Henry)   1900; 1908   water polo; swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay  
(gold/bronze) William Thompson (a.k.a. Henry)   1904   archery - American round; archery - team round; archery - York round  
(bronze) Jam Handy (a.k.a. Henry)   1904; 1924   swimming - 400 m breaststroke; water polo  
(gold) Thomas Thould (a.k.a. Henry)   1908   water polo  
(bronze) Henry B. Richardson   1904; 1908   archery - team round; archery - York round  
(gold/bronze) Henry Taylor   1908; 1912; 1920   swimming - 1500 m freestyle; swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay  
(gold) Victor d'Arcy (a.k.a. Henry)   1912   4x100 m relay  
(bronze) James Duncan (a.k.a. Henry)   1912   discus throw  
(gold) David Jacobs (a.k.a. Henry)   1912   4x100 m relay  
(gold) Louis Scott (a.k.a. Henry)   1912   3000 m team  
(bronze) Cyril Porter (a.k.a. Henry)   1912   3000 m team  
(gold) Henry Macintosh   1912   4x100 m relay  
(gold) William Henry Dean   1920   water polo  
(silver) Henry Dafel   1920   4x400 m relay  
(silver) Henry Hay   1920   swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay  
(silver) Henry Petersen   1920   pole vault  
(bronze) Henry Stallard   1924   1500 m  
(bronze/gold) Eric Liddell (a.k.a. Henry)   1924   200 m; 400 m  
(gold) Henry Russell   1928   4x100 m relay  
(gold) John Kuck (a.k.a. Henry)   1928   shot put  
(bronze) Herbert Wildman (a.k.a. Henry)   1932   water polo  
(bronze) Henry Jonsson   1936   5000 m  
(silver) Tom Richards (a.k.a. Henry)   1948   marathon  
(silver/gold) Barney Ewell (a.k.a. Henry)   1948   100 m; 200 m; 4x100 m relay  
(gold) Henry Eriksson   1948   1500 m  
(silver/gold) Bill Nieder (a.k.a. Henry)   1956; 1960   shot put  
(bronze) David Jones (a.k.a. Henry)   1960   4x100 m relay  
(bronze) Harry Jerome (a.k.a. Henry)   1964   100 m  
(gold) Henry Carr   1964   200 m; 4x400 m relay  
(gold) Jo Jo White (a.k.a. Henry)   1968   basketball  
(bronze/gold) Veryan Pappin (a.k.a. Henry)   1984; 1988   field hockey  
(silver) Crawford Palmer (a.k.a. Henry)   2000   basketball  
Oscar Award Winners: 1 actor
(actor) Henry Fonda   1981   On Golden Pond  
Other Leaders: 2 prime ministers
Prime Minister Henry Soum   1953-1959   Monaco  
Prime Minister Henry McLeish   2000-2001   Scotland  
Other Royalty: 2 princes, 1 prince consort
Hendrik of the Netherlands (a.k.a. Henry)   1820-1879   Netherlands  
Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (a.k.a. Henry)   1901-1934   Netherlands  
Henry, Duke of Sussex   1984-   United Kingdom  
Polish High Dukes and Kings: 3 dukes, 1 king
Duke Henryk I the Bearded (a.k.a. Henry)   1232-1238  
Duke Henryk II the Pious (a.k.a. Henry)   1238-1241  
Duke Henryk IV Probus (a.k.a. Henry)   1288-1290  
King Henryk (a.k.a. Henry)   1573-1575  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 1 king
King Henrique I the Chaste (a.k.a. Henry)   1578-1580  
Saints: 8 blessed, 4 saints
Saint Henry II   972-1024  
Saint Henry of Coquet   ?-1127  
Saint Henry   ?-1156  
Blessed Heinrich of Treviso (a.k.a. Henry)   ?-1315  
Blessed Heinrich Seuse (a.k.a. Henry)   ?-1366  
Blessed Henry Webley   1558-1588  
Saint Henry Walpole   1558-1595  
Blessed Henry Morse   1595-1645  
Blessed Henry Abbot   ?-1597  
Blessed Henry Heath   1599-1643  
Blessed Enrico Rebuschini (a.k.a. Henry)   1860-1938  
Blessed Enrique Juan Requena (a.k.a. Henry)   ?-1936  
Shakespearian Characters: 13 characters
Henry Earl of Richmond   Richard III  
Cardinal Henry Beaufort   Henry VI (2)  
Henry Bolingbroke   Richard II  
Sir Henry Guildford   Henry VIII  
Henry Percy   Henry IV (1); Richard II  
Henry Percy   Henry IV (1); Richard II  
Lord Henry Scroop   Henry V  
Prince Henry   King John  
Henry IV   Henry IV (1); Henry IV (2)  
Prince Henry; Henry V   Henry IV (1); Henry IV (2); Henry V  
Henry VI   Henry VI (1); Henry VI (2); Henry VI (3); Richard III  
Henry, Earl of Richmond; Henry VII Tudor   Henry VI (3); Richard III  
Henry VIII   Henry VIII  
Spanish Kings and Queens: 4 kings
King Enrique I (Castile) (a.k.a. Henry)   1214-1217  
King Enrique II the Bastard (Castile) (a.k.a. Henry)   1369-1379  
King Enrique III the Infirm (Castile) (a.k.a. Henry)   1390-1406  
King Enrique IV the Impotent (Castile) (a.k.a. Henry)   1454-1474  
Title Characters: 5 songs, 3 films, 1 book, 1 musical
(song) Henry   1928   Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie  
(song) Henry   1928   Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie  
(song) Henry VIII   1965   I'm Henry The VIII, I Am  
(musical) Henry   1967   Henry, Sweet Henry  
(book) Henry Sugar   1977   The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More  
(film) Henry   1986   Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer  
(film) Henry   1990   Henry & June  
(film) Henry   1991   Regarding Henry  
(song) Henry   1992   Papa Won't Leave You, Henry  
(song) Henry   2013   Oh Henry