I would use this as a nickname. Despise it as a full legal name.
Very unattractive.
Prefer this as affectionate nickname.
Ugh. Names sometimes can get so strange. Please use regular names not food names!
Honey Harlow (the stage name of Honey Bruce Friedman, born Harriett Jolliff) was an American stripper and showgirl. She was married to the stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce and is the mother of Kitty Bruce. She is the author of “Honey: The Life and Loves of Lenny's Shady Lady.”.
Maria Sheilah Honrado Lacuna-Pangan MD, FPDS (born 6 May 1965), also commonly known as Honey Lacuna, is a Filipino physician and politician currently serving as the Vice Mayor of Manila since 2016.
Sweet middle name. I can picture Honey on a little girl and an old lady but not on a woman. I do love nature names though and am bored to tears of "classic" and religious names. A name meaning nectar is a cool name to have.
No. Terrible on a person 12 yrs and older!
Hate it on an adult!
Honey Swamp is a character in the doll franchise/show "Monster High". She appears in the movie "Frights, Camera, Action!" as an amateur cameraman.
I'm very fond of the name Honey. Sweet, simple, quirky and it brings to mind the beautiful actress Honey Rose Varghese.
I don’t like this name at all.

1. I knew somebody named Honey who was not a very good person.
2. Honey Boo Boo.
3. In general it’s just not very good.
All I can think of is Honey Boo-Boo. :( Aaaahhh! Nooooo! Say it ain't so!
A sweet name that makes me think of the summer and tropical flowers. It gives off a metallic pink aura and a pureness.
In the 1973 anime series 'Cutie Honey' and related media, the main character's name is Honey Kisaragi/ Kisaragi Honey (如月 ハニー).
It seems I'm in the minority here but I quite like Honey. It brings to mind sunlight, golden hues, bumble bees, Mrs. Honey from Matilda and Pooh bear.

I picture it on a blonde English girl - perhaps I feel that way because a few British celebrities have daughters named 'Honey' (Jonathon Ross, Kate Winslets daughter has it as a middle name, Jamie Oliver, Gail Porter).

A name in the similar vain would be Blossom.
I find it a warm, sweet name but understand why some are unsure about it.
"Honey...NO!" "Hi Honey, you look so good today."

As you can tell and I hope you already know, Honey is a horrible name. Don't use it, please.
In Sweden we don't have the word Honey for Honey. But in English it sounds like Hiney, another word for butt. Also, this is a stupid name.

The food is good though, and I love it.
I feel like most of these comments have been written by Americans, so from an English perspective, names are viewed very differently over here than they are in the states. Honey is a beautiful, smooth sounding name. England is famous for our Honey so it feels like an English countryside name.
I also don't understand the whole stripper association with names like Sapphire, Lola, Honey, Skye etc. We don't have that culture here really, so the names to most of us are perfectly usable, beautiful and popular names. Don't let those views put you off.
Name of one of the characters from Pokemon's Isle of Armor. Thus, belongs under the tag "Pokemon Characters".
I sort of like this as a middle name, but I still think it wouldn't be good for a first name, especially in the US.
This is a joke, right? Like a month late April fools joke? Please don’t tell me there are actually living humans named Honey.
(girl name) I wanted to say that my legal name is Honey Lauren Bear. I am Native American and my surname is of the Muscogee Creek tribe. I love my name. People always remember me because my name is easy to remember, it is also a good conversation starter lol. I get a lot of little goofy jokes like “Are you as sweet as your name?” and about bees/Honey/being sweet. I’ve never heard anything negative or have been bullied or teased for it. I have been told by friends and family that it is sometimes weird/awkward to call me Honey in stores or around strangers because it makes us look like a couple lol but they just get used to it and it feels like a normal name to me so I don’t really notice. In public places I sometimes embarrass myself by turning or responding to them when I hear them use “Honey” as a pet name for others, I try to be careful and pause before responding to my name but if I’m focused on shopping and hear my name my instinct is to look/ respond. Sometimes when ordering or scheduling something by phone, the person taking my information is taken back/suspects a fake name so I usually start with “my last name is Bear b-e-a-r, and my first name is Honey h-o-n-e-y” I find it makes it easier and quicker. I have a dog named Angel who I am obsessed with and sometimes even my parents and close friends will switch our names around by mistake when talking.
Cute as a nickname, but not as a legal name. Sounds too youthful and silly. Plus, imagine how awkward it would be to call someone Honey.
Honey Hatter is the sister of the main protagonist in Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle".
Honey is a female character in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. She is one of the magic technicians of the castle, and the apprentice of Camille.
Honey Best is Frozone’s wife in the Incredibles and Incredibles 2.
Miss Honey in the book Matilda. Her real name is Jenny, but her students call her Miss Honey.
Sorry, but Honey is a really silly name. Melia, which means the same thing, is much better.
This sounds like the name of a dumb blonde with dimwit parents. Or what also comes to mind is rednecks.
Honey, where's my supersuit?

Honey was the name of Frozone's girlfriend or wife in The Incredibles movies.
Love it, love it, love it. Beautiful sounding, nice imagery. Love it!
In 2007 I gave birth to my first daughter. I had two sons. I had always longed for a daughter even though I loved my sons very much. So just off the top of my head I asked myself what could possibly be the sweetest name for a little girl. It had to be Honey. She is half Caucasian American and half Guatemalan. A beautiful Honey color she is :) Her middle name is Noemi and I think Honey Noemi is a gorgeous name. She is ten now and absolutely loves loves loves her name. She is the sweetest child on earth which surely was pure luck because her sister's name is Halo and she certainly isn't an angel, lol! Name your kids whatever you want. You don't have to try to please anyone else. It's your child after all.
The name Honey is really sweet. I'd probably name my daughter this. And, Brandieware13, I think the combination Honey Noemi is really nice. In 'Sweet Honey' by Cathy Cassidy, the main character is called Honey. She is beautiful, rebellious and bad, but turns over a new leaf by the end of the book. Her name is really quirky and unusual, just like her sisters' names (Cherry, Summer, Skye and Coco). I love them all.
I like it as a middle name, but not a first name. Elizabeth Honey or Valentina Honey would work.
Former Premier of Tasmania Jim Bacon's wife was called Honey... yes Honey Bacon, oh, and so is my daughter.
Sounds like a name a stripper would use. Only suits a dog in my opinion.
My name's Honey and I like it. People I meet for the first time are either surprised or they just giggle or say eeeeeewwwwww and tell everyone around them my name. But it's okay. The name Honey is a cute name to me.
My actual real name is Honey, I used to not really like it when I was young but I've learned to love it, it definitely is something else having a name like mine but it's a good name and I wouldn't change it for any other name! And it works out because you could definitely say that I'm very different and unique in my own way but then again, isn't everyone? I hope this helps anyone wanting to know how it feels having the name Honey.
My name is Honey and I absolutely love it!, I have only met 2 people also called Honey, one over social media and one in real life. I do agree it is quite unusual but you get used to being given names like 'Honey Bunny', but the spelling is the bit I get annoyed at, COME ON it's not Hony or Hunny just spell it right please, though I will never stop loving my name!

My grandmother was known to all by her nickname, Honey. Her real name was Marie. When I found that I was pregnant with a little girl in 2007, the name HONEY MARIE was strongly impressed on my mind even though I had already chosen a completely different name. Of 11 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren who bear the middle name of Marie in honor of our grandmother, none had ever thought to name or nickname a daughter "Honey". My family LOVES my daughter's name, and she is proud to have it after learning she is named for our beloved grandmother, whom she never got to meet. "Honey" is the perfect name for my daughter! She thinks it's cool when people call her "Honey" as an endearment, and the look they give when she tells them it's her real name!

She even had a skating instructor with the given name of Honey!
I'm curious to know the average age of the people commenting on this. I'm 53 years old and there has always come a point, in every serious relationship I've ever had, where the pet name 'Honey' has come into play. It's like a rite of passage, noting that things have become comfortable enough and serious enough for its use. It's never planned. It just happens and when it does, it's so natural it's hardly ever questioned.

I was really interested how this came about and found that 'Honey', as a term of endearment, has been around since as early as the 14th century. No wonder it's so natural. Yet, I guess I have to understand that this, too, like anything else, is a learned behaviour, through example. And with there being more broken homes now than possibly any time in history, it makes sense that this is slowly passing away.
"It's okay for a dog but not for a person."? I find that terribly sad.
The name Honey was given to 49 girls born in the US in 2015.
I named my daughter Honey and she was born last year. I really like it and my mum named her, but her dad still doesn't like it after five months and he wants to change it because he doesn't want her to get picked on. But we don't want to change her name as she knows it now.
My name is Honey and I've never been made fun of. I've only met one other person with the same name and I would never change my name. The only reason I have for me being called that was because my parents like unusual names.

I'm half and half with liking the food Honey and people usually ask me if I like the food. It's usually when I don't like it so I say no then they say "Why are you called Honey then?" They just don't get it.
My biggest pet peeve is when people who use the word as an endearment say it as such and I happen to be around, and then they turn to me and point out that they are not talking to me. Well, duh! I've lived long enough to tell the difference between when someone has to say my name and wants to, and when it's just an endearment for someone else.
I find people either like my name or they don't.
I went out with a guy who never said my first name the entire time we were together. I'm guessing he was used to being called Honey. This given name is probably one of the reasons I don't use endearments in referring to people. Plus, I find it more respectful to call people by their actual name or preferred name.
My dad loved to come home and shout "Honey, I'm home!". He used to sing the song "Honey Won't You Open that Door" by Ricky Skaggs, to me.
Because there weren't many things with my name on it, he had items personalized for me. I have a jacket he gave me with my name embroidered on it. He gave me a jewelry box with my name engraved in the mirror. He made a ceramic sculpture of a unicorn and hand painted my name on it.
I love my name because he loved my name and he was the one that named me.
My name is Honey Rosalie. I have longed to meet someone else with the name. Yes, in fact I did get teased as a child. It made me stronger. Yes, some people are uncomfortable at first until they get to know me, after that it is no longer weird or inappropriate. It's my name! I'm very proud of it. I can say that with people's reaction to my name I know right away if they are judgmental or a prude, lol! Respect is something that is earned and for those of you who disrespect someone due to a name, you have your own issues. I think it's a beautiful name.
It is an old name but not one that many people have. Less than .01%. It has several variations such Hunig, Honea, Honor, Miel.

We are American, Canadian, English, Welsh, German, Russian, French, Spanish and other European backgrounds. Some say we're sweet, others would not want to cross our paths without a weapon, if they impugned our honor. We are the old story tellers (Ogham)Honey-mouthed), beekeepers, builders and soldiers. Last but not least you can say you know of one.
My 17 year old daughter is called Honey, she's blonde and beautiful, and a very clever young lady. Honey is an old English name, Honey as endearment is not used that much where I live in the UK. She does get comments but only from boring people. A beautiful name for a beautiful child.
Honey the Cat is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She was meant to appear in the original version of the game "Sonic the Fighters" but was scrapped. Honey appears in the 2012 HD re-release of Sonic the Fighters for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson (Born: August 28, 2005), a former child beauty pageant contestant. Her family is featured in the American reality TV series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
I can't believe that 'Honey' is actually ranked at #207 over in England and Wales. Really? I thought you guys were supposed to be the smart ones. (Yes, USA has some bad names too, so won't deny that one)
It would be understandable if it was a foreign country, but Honey means the same thing to us; the food and the word of affection.

Definetly not a name you can take serious! If I hear someone calling out, 'Honey' or 'hey, Honey' I would think that they were simply using the word in an effectionate way.
I think Honey is a really lovely, beautiful, cute, sweet, adorable name for a girl! I love this name to pieces! ^w^

@ThatMazerunnerfan I'm from the UK and to be honest I'm not surprised this name is one of the top E&W names as quite a lot of lovely cutesy and/or nickname names are on the rise here like Daisy, Poppy, Lily, Rosie, Hallie, Hetty, Hattie, Millie, Maisie, Connie, Bonnie, Minnie, Ellie, Charlie, Alfie, Jamie etc. So basically this is a trend. :)
Honey Bunny, a Looney Tunes character and a love interest of Bugs Bunny.
There is another Looney Tunes character called Honey. She is the girlfriend of Bosko.
My name is Honey and all my friends love my name, I'm not teased but everyone asks if it's my real name and it is. I don't have blonde hair but I do have Honey coulered skin, I know someone else called Honey too.
My name is Honey. I'm well educated, highly respected in my field, I am married and I'm a mother. Yes, I received comments about my name all my life however... I can promise you that in a room full of people there is bound to be 10 Jens but there is only one Honey, which actually helps to get recognized among my peers. The best part about my name, is that people can't help but smile when they say it because it reminds them of someone they care about. I love my name..
In the movie 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?', there is a character called Honey.
Dear god no._.

Wouldn't it be super awkward for teachers to have to address this student as Honey? Anyone who doesn't know the girl might think the teacher is a creep, or anyone else who has to talk to this girl.
The name Honey was given to 73 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Disgustingly tacky.
Sounds silly as a name. I don't think it would be taken seriously.
Of course this is an adorable nickname or name for a dog, but as a legal name it's kind of ridiculous. Although I can see an old woman named Honey, which is definitely not something you can say about "precious" or "treasure".
I met a Honey. It's a cute name, but I also feel it is more a term of endearment.
I would like Honey as a name, if it weren't such a widely-accepted term of endearment. This would be like naming your daughter Sweetheart as her legal name. Then again, I have come across people named Precious (which I think is worse than Honey). My grandma's dog was named Precious. Good dog... but I digress. Basically, Honey shouldn't be used as a legal name. Character? Go for it.
It's so cute this name! Honey makes me feel like a girl who is laughable and energetic. With blonde hair and white dress with orange flip- flops.
I can't help but to associate this name with certain Milo Manara albums where the protagonist is nicknamed "Honey" for... [adult content] reasons.
I like Honey, though perhaps not as a first name. Honey as a middle name or even Miele [Italian word for Honey] in the middle would be... sweet.
The English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver named his first daughter Poppy Honey.
There's a movie with Jessica Alba named Honey. Her character in the movie is named Honey!
I love this name, especially because of the movie with Jessica Alba. It's cute, but, IDK, it doesn't seem childish to me at all!
"Honey, I'm home!"

This is a better name for a pet, and is ridiculous on a person.
This is used a bit in England. 251 born there in 2007 so used more that year than e.g Jenna and Catherine. I'd assume the parents were quite "upper-crust" rather than chavvy, although the sibling names would be telling.

Honey is a very American term of endearment to me. I'd never use it as a cutesy term or a name.
I quite like it, despite food names not really being my thing. I live in an English-speaking country (not America) and I've never heard it used like "sweetheart" or whatever.

And someone above said it's much less used as a term of endearment in England which is probably why it's more popular there.
Norman Lindsay, the Australian artist, had a daughter named Helen, called Honey.

Also, I think Mia Honey (the name of Kate Winslet's daughter) is adorable, because Mia is "my" or "mine" in Spanish, so that's like naming her "my Honey".
LOL. "Honey, I'm home!" Cute name though! :)
I only just discovered that Kate Winslet's Mia has Honey as her middle name. Where have I been?

Regardless of that, Honey isn't a common endearment in some countries at all. I believe that's why it's still being used in Britain. It's not rare. Combining it with a more down to earth first name is a good idea and Jamie Oliver's Poppy Honey doesn't cut the mustard despite Poppy being mainstream. Poppy is just too irredeemably sweet with Honey.
"Honey" is a 1968 song by Bobby Goldsboro.
What about all the "Honey, I'm home!" jokes? I imagine someone with this name becoming very bitter about it (bu-dum ch).
I don't think I'd ever give this name to a daughter - it's a good pet name, but definitely not a good given name!
This sounds more like a nickname than a real name - I wouldn't choose a name like this for a daughter.
Whoever names their baby 'Honey' is cruel!
I wonder with Honey being a less common term of endearment in England that this has kept it "reasonably" usable as a name there. It's up quite high on the popularity chart.
It does sound a little too cutesy, but I kind of like it because Honey was the name of a lead character in a Canadian TV show from the late 1990s called "Wind At My Back". That Honey was a strong and determined woman, and she was my favourite character. Still, I don't think I'd use it as a first name. Maybe a middle name.
I think Honey is rather cute as a middle name IF it holds significance. Otherwise, don't even bother.
This woman will not be taken seriously.
I used to find this name too immature and sugary to actually be someone's real name, but since then I have met a wonderful librarian named Honey.
British actress Kate Winslet named her daughter Mia Honey.
Honey is the nickname for Haninosuka Mitsukuni (written in Eastern style) of the manga/anime Ouran High School Host Club.
I think this is a sweet name. No pun intended. And I think if you gave a more serious middle name it would take off the cutesy-ness, but come on not everyone is going to be a lawyer, you can't plan the future. If you like this name name your child Honey.
We all love the substance, and it's a cute name, but only for pets. You can only imagine how bad the teasing would be today. In case the girl turns out grumpy, violent, and unattractive, this name will be quite hilarious on her. Of course, it would be very hard for a woman named Honey to be taken seriously, as people would assume she's a bimbo. Just the fact that she hasn't changed it would make people doubtful of her intelligence and competence. It's a nice term of endearment and an okay name for a pet, but quite cutesy and girly for an adult.
In the Trixie Belden books (a series about a kid detective who's curiousity got her and her friends into lots of scrapes) Trixie's best friend is named Honey. Everyone calls her this, mostly because of her Honey coloured hair and sweet personality, but her real name is Madeline. Honey was a girl born to rich parents who lived in a mansion with her adopted brother Jim.
It's too cutesy-cute and I believe that nobody would take you seriously.
I wish this was my name so boys would call me Honey all the time! It's like you're already married! :-)
My name is Honey and I really do love it. It's not at all common (at least where I live it isn't) and it's sweet sounding (for obvious reasons, lol). The only problem is that when I was a kid I got a little unwanted attention, but it was never really that bad at all. ; )
When I was in grade school, one of my principals bore this name.

I'm not sure what to think of this name; sure, it does imply sweetness, but I agree that it's like calling your child "Babe", "Sweetie", "Dearheart", "Sugarplum", "Bitsy-Pookums", or some other term of endearment (which are too intimate to be used as names and would earn the unfortunate bearer no end of verbal jabs). This girl will probably take a harsh attitude to live past the name.
There was a Bond girl named Honey Ryder, who was played by Ursula Andress in Dr. No.
This is like calling your kid Babe, or Sweety. And wouldn't they feel just a little bit uncomfortable when they are older with people calling them Honey?
Personally, I think this is like calling your kid Baby or Sweetheart. I don't think it's very appropriate, I guess it's sort of cute, but when you get older it's a bit weird.
A lot of people use this name as a term of endearment, especially for a spouse. I have known a dog named Honey, but I have never actually met a person bearing this name. Depending on the bearer, it might be a nice name.
This is a sweet name for a pet but rather embarrassing for a person. Everyone would be calling her Honey at school and the other children would be jealous of her being the teachers pet.
I love this name its so sweet and romantic, and you just know that she would be a lovely person!
Honey Wilkes was one of Ashley Wilkes' sisters in Gone with the Wind.
This name has been used in the past as a nickname for Honor / Honour / Honora.

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