Very American.
Hunter Huntsman in Ever After High. He is the Huntsman's son.
IMO This name only works if you are American. Americans have made it their thing to have surnames as first names and given their history it works for them just fine. No complaints. HOWEVER if you are British and you use this name it is 99.5% guaranteed that you:
1. Have had your teeth whittled to stubs in Turkey and replaced with dental crowns
2. Have a grey crushed velvet sofa, LIVE LOVE LAUGH signs on your walls, and show home decor with no personality including VOGUE, Chanel and Tom Ford books for show on your coffee table
3. Have lip filler that is migrating towards your nose
4. Have a husband who lives in boat shoes and walks as though a turd is half way out of his bottom also likely chews a lot of gum while driving his shiny expensive look-at-me car and meets with "the lads" every other day to play footie, golf and go down the pub. He likes to think he's a Peaky Blinder but he's really a Dirty Dan (Eastenders).
5. Vote Conservative
6. Are a wannabe influencer
7. Own a beauty and construction business fueled by cocaine money and underpay employees and look down on anyone not in overpriced head-to-toe designer
8. Your other kids are called like Rocco and Gigi or something youneek and celeb inspired.
9. Bathe in fake tan
10. Have a huge TV in every bedroom
11. Say "babe" every other second
12. Put on an Essex or London accent even though you're from Portsmouth. If you are from Essex or London your accent is 85% of your personality
13. Had a gender reveal party with a dress code of beige
14. Post your entire life on social media
15. Holidays in Spain and Dubai to tan babe and occasionally to dance next to the poolside DJ with one hand in the air the other holding a champagne flute as you say "love ittt" and point at your mates when the chorus kicks in as you sing in unison swaying your bikini clad mahogany tanned lipoed bodies and fresh implants. Americans - keep using this name, it's fine, no problem as long as your surname isn't Gatherer. I think this name is fine for you and you have made it your own.
Brits - Pack it in you psychopaths!
Wow, to the anonymous commenter below, that comment is REALLY specific.
An occupational English surnameI understand why European surnames are a popular choice for white Americans but I'm a bit disappointed this is catching on in Britain, we should know better. Having said that our Top 100 most popular boy names in England and Wales are mostly cutesy nicknames so maybe we don't.
Awful! Even worse on a girl!
Hunter for a girl? Well, you wouldn't name a boy Annika. Would you?
Horrible name for a girl. It sounds too masculine.
My friend is named Hunter and she is a girl. I think it's badass lmfao.
This is a good name, not feminine!
I am named Hunter and defined it for myself. I seek truth, I hunt it. I hunt the truth of the universe, the truth of a human soul.
Horrible, horrible name. I feel sorry for anyone who bears it.
I hate the name Hunter. I don’t understand why anyone would want to name a innocent baby after someone who kills animals. I much prefer softer boy names.
I like this name on a boy or a girl. It's cute.
I’m sorry but this name is absolutely terrible on a girl! Not very nice sounding on a boy either.
Strictly for a girl.
This name is very manly. I feel this name would be so cute for a little city boy with lots of energy. Love the nickanames like Hunt and Hunty.
I'm VERY open for girls having "boys" names like Drew or Dylan but I think Hunter needs to stay on the boys side. I can't imagine a girl being named Hunter, it would be cool but it would definitely need to be given to the right person for it to sound right.
I kinda like it but on a girl it doesn’t sound very good. Hunter Biden isn’t a very favorable namesake to say the least.
I do not like this name. The origin is someone who hunts animals, period blank. Bogan/ hick name.
Even if your intention was not to name your child after hunting, that will be the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear it. Perhaps you should also ask yourself why Hunter is considered SO masculine & why you need your boy's name to be SO masculine. Other words used include "strong" or "solid". What else about the name, besides hunting, makes it "strong" or "solid"? Ultimately it all leads back to hunting. I would not want my name to immediately evoke the thought of killing an animal whenever I meet a new person.
REALLY cool surname!
Hunter Biden.
Hunter Schafer is an American fashion model, actress, and LGBTQ rights activist. In 2019, she made her acting debut portraying Jules in the HBO series Euphoria.
I actually like it, for a girl it’s horrid.
Hunter Sienna McGrady is a gorgeous model from Los Angeles, California, who has been featured in Sports Illustrated.
It’s okay but it isn’t really pleasant.
OMG, I LOVE this name. It's so hot and strong.
A good namesake is Hunter S Thompson.
Pretty bad, but it's not awful or anything. Solid, maybe a little overused, decent name.ETA: read some of the comments and literally laughed out loud. There is nothing wrong with hunting. Killing some deer doesn't make you bad or violent. People gotta eat.
Would not name my child this, soon there will be kids called 'Grinder' and 'Crusher'.
This name is the worst ever. I want another name. I need a new name.
Lol this name is hilarious!
I’m a girl named Hunter. I don’t hunt, nor am I violent. I won’t say that I’m incredibly fond of my name, but I’ve never been made fun of for it so I suppose I can’t complain. In conclusion, I wouldn’t name my own daughter Hunter, but it’s certainly not the worst name that you could give to a kid.
Sounds masculine.
Ugh people suck especially online, I’m sure half the people on here trashing the name Hunter have some lame boring name that has been heard a million times and is so common it’s not funny. The name Hunter is beautiful, it reminds me of the name Hudson which is also very strong and classic. I went through every name possible when naming my boy and all the names I liked just didn’t feel right. The moment I heard Hunter I just knew in my heart that was it even though I had never before considered it and then my boy Hunter was born and I find out that every newspaper in Sydney had Hunter in massive writing on every front page, Hunter ablaze etc, (Hunter valley had fires at the time) but come on! If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is! And it suits him perfectly he’s a strong rough stocky little boys boy who is super loving caring original and smart. And everyone who meets him loves it and says what a perfect name it is for him. And he seems to get the nickname Hunter bear quite a bit. It has nothing to do with hunting animals that’s so ridiculous! My boy adores animals, it’s just a name it doesn’t change the type of person you are and I really believe some people are destined to have their name and no other! Just be nice, it’s really not that hard, I’m sure you wouldn’t like people saying ugly things about your name? And that’s what you should think of too, the words you say or write making you look ugly and hateful and sad.
My son is named Hunter and I think it's beautiful. He wasn't named after hunting or killing things. We don't even hunt, just a strong name. He's kind and has a huge heart. Every child's name has an importance behind it. All you judging people are the problem in this world today. Just accept people for who they are.
Unless your son came out of the womb wearing camouflage, do NOT name your child this PLEEEEEEEASE.
The most masculine girl name I have ever heard of in my entire life.
I have a friend named Hunter, and she’s the complete opposite of a hick. She’s very soft-spoken and is arguably one of the smartest girls in my class. Of course, she gets some “do you hunt things?” remarks here and there, and it really annoys her.
I do like this name better for a girl. It sounds very feminine to me. You can disagree, but nothing will change my mind.
I do not like the name Hunter. One of my close friends is named Hunter, though. Despite not liking the name itself, I like the combination Hunter James. Which is the same friend's name combination.
Used as a first name, it sounds to me a very pretentious and "hey look at me!" kind of name. Might as well name your baby "Butcher" or "Baker".
I'll date another Hunter. Move to Seattle. We'll confuse people into calling us underground writer one and two. Let's have some fun with these John and Mary Jane bores!
My name's Hunter and I love deer.
Some of my favorite occupational names, I think Hunter is more of a surname, but I can see it working as a first name. I kind of see Hunter more masculine-sounding, therefore I prefer the name on a boy. But I agree, Hunter is a unique name for a girl. I picture a sporty tomboyish girl when I think about this name for a girl, and sometimes I can see Hunter working for a girly girl. Regardless, it’s masculine. I would suggest pairing Hunter with a more feminine middle name, just to balance out the masculinity in the first. I think Hunter Rose is pretty.
Okay chill out, my name's Hunter and I don't even like to hunt.
Contrary to what others think, I prefer it as a girl's name. I don't like it much on a boy, it's boring and violent but on a girl, it's cute.
Hunter is the coolest name in the world.
Unfortunately, when I hear this name all that comes to mind is guns and dead animals. Obviously not something most want associated with their name. However I know a Hunter who is a lovely young man which does make me somewhat like this name.
Imagine if there was a vegan named Hunter.
I am a Hunter by birth and born in West Virginia, but definitely not a hillbilly. In 2015 I registered my HUNTER surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies and never knew Hunters were everywhere. My study covers the Hunter surname with five variants Huntar (the first Laird of Hunterston Castle in Scotland), Huinter, Hunnter, Huntere and Hunterr. I am in the process of writing a book about my study and appreciate this website for helping me with my Hunter surname.
We named our son Hunter after my favourite author Hunter S. Thompson. Thankfully here in Australia there is not a lot of hunting so it really doesn't have that connotation, however it is popular with bogans (Aussie slang for uncivilised people). I believe the main reason for that is because bogans like boys to have strong masculine names. Since those traits are generally great for a boy's name, maybe they are onto something? As he has turned out to be a fairly beefy lil bloke, I think his name suits him really well.
Unfortunately for this name, Hunter in modern times came to be associated with rednecks and hillbillies.
I don’t think Hunter sounds stupid or hickish AT ALL! I absolutely love this name! It’s a great unisex name for both boys and girls! I prefer the name Hunter more on a boy, however I still think it’s an interesting choice for a girl too! For a boy it’s strong, handsome, noble, and very masculine, it’s okay for it to be trendy. For a girl it’s still cute, beautiful, and slightly feminine, and it’s also unique and a little less common for a girl. I love Hunter for a boy, but for a girl, it would sound cute but mostly paired with a feminine middle name like Rose because Hunter is kinda harsh so the middle name should sound precious. Very wonderful name, thank you!
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hunter who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 326th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hunter who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 152nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
What if the kid grows up to be vegetarian? Hunting is a sport that most people don't partake in these days, I wouldn't name my kid Knitter just because it's my hobby.
A nice masculine name.
This is much better as a surname. I think of a guy hunting for deer when I hear it. Also Hunter for a girl? Please don't.
Hunter is not a stupid name.
Hunters, people who hunt, can be women and men. Don't see that this occupation favors one gender over the other. The question is why would someone name their kid this? I don't have an answer. But then again some people call their kids Brick (as in bricklayer) and Tanner (as in tanning cowhides). I don't get the attraction for such occupational names. I'm holding out for Constable Jones. I suppose he/she could be called Connie. But the real winner would be Cardiologist Jones... yup, good old Olly.
I think this name is nice. It’s a unique name for a girl, but a wonderful name for a boy! And it’s not that hickish!
This name is so trendy, and I dislike occupational names. It sounds like a failed attempt to be rugged. Hunter on a girl is pushing it.
I prefer this name for a boy, but I don’t mind it for a girl!
Hunter S. Thompson (writer and journalist).
I think other occupations should also get a chance. Where are the Butchers, the Bakers, the Candlestickmakers? Why not a modern one like Lawyer, Banker, Auditor, Doctor, Editor? Let's leave the primitive times and get modern! Writer Adams? Casting Director Smith? Hell yeah!
Every Hunter that I have ever met is very annoying.
Ugh, I really dislike this name.
My cousin is a boy and his name is Hunter and he is not a Hunter but, it still suits him. Hunter sounds like a cute name for a girl too. If I named my kid Hunter and it was a girl I would go with Hunter Grace or something. Hunter would be cute as a boy or a girl name.
It's like naming a child "killer". Horrible name for both girls and boys.
Horrible name for both genders, especially for girls.
I don't like the name Hunter at all for a boy or girl, but I was thinking the other day: how about Huntress for a girl?! For some reason it is very appealing and cool sounding to me.
The name Hunter was given to 335 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Hunter are male.
Really disappointing how angry the comments have been about naming a girl Hunter. People name their daughters Hunter, therefore it is a feminine name whether you like it or not. If you can't say anything nice...
If your name isn't Hunter, maybe you shouldn't call it stupid. Just because you don't like hunting doesn't mean it's stupid. If you don't like the name don't comment, it's simple.
I like this name but not enough to use it I don't think. It's a nice name though for a boy.
I am a woman and my name is Hunter. She who can bear having such a masculine name and also be a strong, beautiful, confident, and independent woman can face any challenge coming her way.
I've always seen Hunter as being a hippie name. Really connecting with the primal way of life. I know a family where the parents were hippies back in the day, and their children (now adults of course) are named Hunter and River.
My name is Hunter and I feel offended when people think it's bad and if you do think it's bad your name is probably worse.
Hunter is a very cool name for either gender, I named my son after my mother's maiden name when she was dying. He is a wonderful human being, he doesn't hunt anything. He is kind-hearted and a sensitive person. Agree with sonic_soldier, except, there are no bad names, be kind.
Let me just start off by saying I am almost five months pregnant with a little girl and we plan to name her Hunter. It's a beautiful name, it's different for a girl, and it boasts confidence. All you people running your mouths about this, please understand that YOU are the reasons why children feel insecure about their names. Why should everyone have a "normal" name? How dare you mock someone because of the name their parents have given them. You don't know the reason behind it, nor why it could be of importance to them. Moreover, you all do realize popularized names such as Grady, Dawson, Jackson, Taylor, Bailey, Kennedy, Lincoln, etc, are all common surnames, right? And that people from this day and age no longer solely base the names they give their children on the actual meaning? My name means "lamb." Pretty sure my mom wasn't like "oh my gosh, I lovvvveeee lambs. Let's name her Rachel!" Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Educate yourselves. Piss off if you make comments like "do you hunt?" to five year olds, and mind your own freaking business.
My name is Hunter, I'm a girl. Yeah, I get comments like, "hey Hunter, do you hunt things?", but honestly, almost every name has its down sides, I mean, how do you think a person named Richard feels? And as a female named Hunter, I find the name to give off a sexy, confident, and funny vibe.
I think that Hunter is a beautiful name on a girl or a boy.
It sounds incredibly childish on grown men, not handsome or mature at all. It makes me think of a hyperactive brat of a five-year-old boy whose parents were in their teens. On a girl it sounds just plain ugly. If you really must use this type of name for a female, why not go with Huntress, which is at least feminine?
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are: Hunter Jeremiah
Hunter Jeremy
Hunter Leo
Hunter Levi
Hunter Logan
Hunter Lyric
Hunter Raimi
Hunter Ross
Hunter Rylan
Hunter Sebastian
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Leon
Hunter Morgan
Nolan Hunter
Isaac Hunter
Jordan Hunter
Kyle Hunter
Lucas Hunter
Miles Hunter.
Hunter Pence is a Major League Baseball player for the San Francisco Giants.
My name is Hunter and I'm a girl. I'm getting in to acting- it's my dream. When I introduce myself to important people they always say "Wow", it takes them a second to think or they ask if that's really my name after that they really remember me. No one ever made fun of me growing up. Most people are just pretty shocked I have blue eyes long dark hair and I'm half black half white so I already look weird, with a name that doesn't really look like my name would be Hunter. But I love it! I wouldn't trade it for any other name. And no one in my family hunts- my mother just liked the name (:
In my opinion the name is beautiful and anyone who has that name is blessed. The name Hunter is a nice name and it shouldn't be disrespected the way it is now. I would love to have the name Hunter- it sounds strong and powerful. And you don't have to be strong and powerful to have the name Hunter. And that is the beauty of it. Every name is beautiful in its own way and in order to be smart you have to find the beauty.
I like this name for a boy. Never for a girl.
I am a girl, my name is Hunter, and I will soon be changing my name. I am often teased about my name. I can do nothing else to try and stop this nonsense besides to change my name. My friends have been so supportive to me and telling me to not care what other people say and to be happy. They are the best people in the world. But I'm doing what makes me happy. Fellow Hunters, I hope you never have to go through what I am going through.
I like this name for a boy, even though I do not think sport hunting is moral. I do not think it is a good for a girl, however.
I love this name for a girl! It puts such a leader role on them, and I think it's a very classic name turned modern.
It is my middle name and the name my parents decided to call me (instead of my first name because they wanted to throw my whole world off kilter... for real though, give your kid the name you are going to call him as their first name- it works better, trust me.) but if you name your kid Hunter you are setting him up to get the question asked "So do you hunt?"
Ick.. I hate how common names like this and Parker have become. These names are placeholders and surnames. They should not be used as given names. Especially for a girl. Might as well name your next kid Walker Texas Ranger while you're at it. Sheesh.
Singer, actress, and former The Voice contestant E.G. Daily has a daughter named Hunter.
Mu husband and I are planning to name our baby boy Hunter when he arrives this summer. For me, it doesn't conjure any thoughts of killing animals (although we've hunted deer before and the association doesn't make us necessarily cringe). My husband has beautiful dark green eyes, and I see the name as a tribute to him- the word/name Hunter has ALWAYS made me think of Hunter green. I had to come up with something different because his names (first: Peter, middle: Michael) have been used SOOOOO much on his side of the family already... couldn't just name our son after him. Also, in regards to a girl bearing the same name, I knew a girl named Huntre (yes, spelled -re) and I always thought it suited her well. She was really the first Hunter/Huntre I ever knew (and I was very young when I met her), so I hadn't yet made the association that it was a masculine name.
Just-Just what?! How in barbed wire is Hunter a "unisex" name? Sure, there are female Hunters nowadays, but that doesn't mean you need to slap a girl with such a masculine name referring to such a masculine sport. You may as well name a boy "Ballerina" while you're at it.I love this name (Hunter) for a boy. If it's on a girl, I can only prey it's just her surname or she has another name that's actually feminine that she can fall back on and not get mistaken for a boy.
This is the name of my baby... my pet dog, lol. But I still think this is an awesome name for a human boy. Absolutely horrible for a girl though, way too tough and manly.
WWE/WWF wrestler Hunter Hearst-Helmsley AKA Triple H.
Hunter is an amazing name for a boy and/or girl and definitely not "hickish".
Hunter Gomez is an American actor.
I don't believe the name Hunter is stupid for a male or female. My name is Hunter, I'm a female, and I am, in fact, an animal loving vegetarian. Hunter means more than hunting animals. I love my name, it's interesting, and a bit ironic. Better than quite a few names out there. When I was little I disliked it a bit, but now that I'm older I can appreciate it much more, despite never having hunted, and never planning to ever hunt animals.
I hate this name and I hate hunting and I'm not even a vegetarian or vegan but I don't think killing animals is something to be proud of to the point of naming someone after it. As someone else already said, what if the kid ends up hating hunting or being a vegan, etc? I would change my name if it were Hunter, so I'm glad it's not. One thing is your kid not liking a name like "Ryan" or "Christopher" it sucks for them but they are perfectly normal names, but even if you love hunting you shouldn't impose that on your kid -being named after something you hate is a big deal-, again, I think it's really stupid, they could grow up to love hunting but you don't know that.
I dislike this name. It sounds very unprofessional and violent, in my opinion.
I've seen some comments on here associating the name Hunter with rednecks or the South, and that makes me a little bitter (maybe because I'm from the southern US). During my first year of college, I met a guy named Hunter who was the farthest thing from a redneck: he was a biracial Hawaiian with dreadlocks, and he loved surfing, anime, and heavy metal. But even before I met him, I had liked the name Hunter for quite some time. I would definitely give this name to my son if I had one.
Hunter is definitely and most obviously, a masculine\male name. If Hunter wasn't in the top "1000" for girls, I GUARANTEE that this site wouldn't have it listed as unisex.
People fail to realize that just because a bunch of people are unfortunately given a name that is completely unsuited to their gender, doesn't make the name unisex.
Name your daughter "Hunter" and all you're doing is giving her a male name. Nothing will ever change that. Hunter is, and always will be, a males nameFor God's sakes, give your child a name that's suited to their gender! It's really not that hard. I'm not dissing the name Hunter at all (in fact I love it) but it's completely not for a females. Try to find a feminine version of it.
Wow, anonymous comment from October 2014... way to make absurdly arrogant statements, as if it's in your power to declare something "definitely and obviously a male name." More commonly? Yes. But absolutely? No! If one girl has the name, then for her individual case, it is her feminine name. Hunter is an atypical and very uncommon noun name, and there's zero reason that it should be strictly designated for males. (Same thing with other "occupation names" such as Taylor, though I do prefer that one for boys.)I do not think that Hunter is "unsuited" for females. Why? Because of some ridiculous notion that only males would be hunters, or something? It's an equally good, strong name for either sex. (What would you recommend for a "feminine form?" Huntress? XD)
Hunter is most definitely a males name
My personal impression of this name is nothing but positive. Especially for a girl! When I chose this name for my daughter, it was only because I loved the name. "Hunter" for a girl or boy is acceptable. It's a strong and beautiful name. There are men out there with what society "assumes" are feminine names. Who are we to judge? There is too much negativity in this world. There is too much bullying! Why attack people over their names? Why not put your energy into something positive? My daughter loves her name. We consider it an awesome, strong, feminine cowgirl name!
Personally I love the name Hunter, for a girl or a boy. I don't think it's "hickish". It has been one of my favorite names forever and I actually wish I would have named my daughter Hunter Rose, she is 8 now and told me just recently that she wishes I would've named her Hunter and asked if she could change her name. The truth is no matter what your name is someone is going to have something rude to say about it. Who cares about other people's opinions, I would like to know what names the people with the negative comments named their kids, I'm sure most people would have millions of negative things to say about their names also.
My name is Hunter as well and I hate the name. I was given the name because my father loved to hunt but I love animals and have never even thought about going hunting. Not to mention, the constant joke of "so do you go hunting", really gets annoying. I also think it's stupid that because my dad liked to hunt, he would name me Hunter. I like to read, yet I'm not going to name my kid Reader.
I don't understand why so many people feel the need to be so negative towards this name. My name is Hunter, I'm a girl, and I love my name. My family is not close to hickish, as I don't think any of us have ever been hunting in our lives. We live on the suburbs of a major city, and don't even have a slight southern accent. All my life, I've only gotten compliments on my name. Countless people have told me that it suits me well, even though I'm not super masculine, nor super feminine. I also love the name because it's so unique for girls. The people that meet me, even if only for a brief period of time, tend to not forget me due to the fact that my name is Hunter. I definitely prefer it over an overused girl name like Emma, Anna, Samantha, Clare, etc.
I cannot see for the life of me why people would think this is a girl's name. It's not flattering or appealing on a woman and it sounds quite hickish. I really don't get this male names on girls trend. It also sounds violent. If my name was Hunter, I would change it. Tolerable on a boy, terrible on a girl.
I find it absolutely ridiculous that this name is considered 'unisex'
Hunter is a masculine name and always will remain as so, no matter how many girls are unfortunately named 'Hunter,' or how butchered the spelling becomes, it will never de-masculinize the name.
Hate to diss my own country, but America needs to stop giving their daughters male names. They have zero respect when it comes to male names.
Please, please think when it comes to naming your children, America. There is absolutely no reason to give a female such a strong, masculine name. Not even if you are honoring someone.
Hunter Parrish, an American actor and singer.
How the hell is this name labled as "unisex"? It's not even remotely feminineHunter is a males name. Enough said...(common sense)
Just why is this name labled as unisex?Hunter is completely a males name. Much too masculine and harsh for a girl!
Not suitable for a girl.
Hunter is solely a males name and will remain as such no matter how many generations pass or how many girls get unfortunately named this.
Hunter Easton Hayes is an American country music singer and songwriter.
Hunter is a badass and awesomely hot name for a guy! (✿ ♥‿♥)By the way, naming a child this does not mean they'll pursue their name in real life and actially hunt animals; that's not how names such as Baker, Taylor, Smith etc. work, do they? Occupational names don't really pressure people into living up to their name, they choose to live up to their DREAMS and AMBITIONS.
Reading these comments has made me hate my name even more. I'm a girl named Hunter, and I have been seriously considering a name change for a long time now. I clicked on this page hoping to uplift my spirits about my name, but guess what, I only found judgmental people criticizing a name that is not their own, nor having any meaning to them.
As for the "hickish" part, I do not come from a redneck/hick family. We do not hunt. We have not ever hunted. And as matter of fact, I'm actually a vegan.I personally would not choose this name for a girl because of one reason (the only reason) I agree with in the above comments. Which is that the name is too masculine. TOO masculine. NOT COMPLETELY MASCULINE.
For the girl who is considering changing her name from Hunter to something else- Do it! I am encouraging you to change your name because you should not have to suffer with the name Hunter for the rest of YOUR life just because your parents are horrible name pickers. Every time you introduce yourself to a stranger, you should be proud to say your name. Hunter is an embarrassing and unprofessional name for both males and females, but for a female, it is just plain horrid and cruel. I'm a girl and I'm telling you, if my name was Hunter, I would change my name ASAP... even if I was a boy I would change my name because I would want to be taken seriously in the world. If I met a Hunter, I would ask him/her if I can nickname them "killer" because that is what it means.
My name is Hunter and I'm a girl. It's quite annoying to have this name everyone asks me if I hunt and dumb questions like that. My family hasn't even hunted one time in their whole life but they chose Hunter for my name. It's too masculine for a girl I think.
Hunter is NOT a unisex name. Sorry but whoever wrote that the name is both masculine & feminine is incorrect. Please change it so it says only masculine (:
In 2012, 205 people actually named their DAUGHTERS Hunter. I will never understand the appeal of this name, I just don't know why people would name their children after a profession of killing animals. And for a girl, this is about as unfeminine as Roger.
In Paranormal Activity 2, the baby boy's character is named Hunter.
I love the name "Hunter"... for a boy. I can't really imagine it on a girl.
To me, the meaning of this name isn't about going hunting for animals or anything like that. ^^
I see it more poetic... like chasing your dreams no matter what. Just going after what you really want in your life.
It's a very beautiful name.
Such mean comments on such an awesome name! My best friend's baby brother, who was born yesterday, is named Hunter William. And he's the cutest thing ever! So sweet. I love this name!
Oh, and this was also supposed to be my name, and I would've liked it.
Makes a great middle name for Dick or Mike.
Well my name is Hunter and I am nowhere near a hick. And I am a girl. I like to hunt occasionally and I think it's stupid that people think girls and guys can't have the same names. At least my name is unique so thanks (:
I can't imagine it on anyone over the age of eleven. And who in their right mind would name their little girl Hunter?
This name is really hickish. On a girl it's even worse.
I hate how people put a strong masculine name on a girl and claim it to be feminine! It seems to have been a 'trend' in the late 90s & 21st century.
I agree. Hunter should only be used for a dog. A male dog that could actually be useful in hunting.
I love this name, I think that anyone ripping on it because of its relation to hunting is ridiculous. I don't find it "hickish" at all. I've never heard anything bad about this name until I read the comments on here. My best friend's name is Hunter, it was his mother's maiden name.
In Britain this name would be perceived as 'chavvy'; chavvy is best translated as rough, common, poorly educated.
I don't particularly like this name or many other occupation names, and I DO know of a boy named Fisher and it's funny since his last name is Lord. On a personal note, hunting is a necessity in many areas of America. If there were no hunters many areas would be absolutely overrun with deer. As others have stated hunting is much more humane than the cruel processing of animals by the meat industries. Stop all the "hick" bashing. People from rural areas find urbanites abhorrent in many ways but you don't hear about it so much because they tend to not be so rude. There is no need to hate what is simply different than you and not harmful in any way. Also, I think it is important to give your personal impressions of words associated with a name since it will give people the full picture of what others think when they hear the name, it's totally not out of bounds to discuss your opinion on hunting when giving your impressions on the name Hunter. That is all.
I like the name on a boy but it is too masculine for a girl.
If people have to name their daughters this, they should at least be grammatically correct and go with Huntress.
I'll name my daughter Hunter, I think it's great name!
My name is Hunter, and I like it as a boy or girl name. It's a pretty good dog name too, especially for labradors. And also, saying this name is for hicks is total BS! In my area, we don't have rednecks, or even anyone like them! It's not too violent to name someone this either, because other things come to mind when thinking of this name!
I'm not a fan of the name. But I don't think it's stupid or 'hickish'. It's a decent name that I think fits more on boys than it does girls- however, I do know a girl named Hunter, and it really suits her.
Sorry to anyone named this. Hunter should only be a DOG's name!
OK, I do think that Hunter does sound kind of hick-ish. But you know what else? I LOVE this name. I have a friend with this name, and he is a really nice, good, not-hickish person. (If you knew ABOUT him you'd think so.) I've met girls with this name and I like it on them, but I don't like it as a girls' name, if that makes sense. Oh, and I hate the way it comes out when I say it because I have a Southern accent and it comes out HUNN-ER. But yeah I do like this name anyway. ☺
My little brother's name is Hunter and yes he does like hunting and no he is not a hick (I promise even though most hicks probably wouldnt admit it!) But yeah I do agree it would be a little hard being taken seriously when he gets older in the business world.
As I read through the list of comments left about this name, I realized how rude and judgmental people are. All of the comments of Hunter being a 'hickish' name (is that even a word?) and about it being a horrible name for a girl are incredibly rude to the people with the name Hunter, such as myself. I am a girl with the name Hunter, and I am definitely not a 'hick' or a 'tomboy', as the majority of comments believe girls with the name Hunter are. Having the name Hunter shows you are strong and independent, it doesn't show that you shoot deer or duck as a sport. I admit, most of my family does hunt as a sport (and for those of you who think its disgusting to hunt as a sport, we eat what we kill. We don't just kill for fun). I would recommend the name Hunter to anyone, whether they are having a baby boy or a girl. It's a wonderful name, and, in my opinion, more original for a girl than the more common Jessica or Amanda.
This is such a hick name! When I think of the name Hunter I think of a little boy with his shirt off in the country running around barefoot with a bbgun shooting geese and saying "yee-haw!" and "aint" and just a huge hillbilly accent. Why don't we also name children "fisher" etc. if we name them Hunter. I also can't imagine a 45 year old man being taken seriously applying for jobs or in the corporate world with the name "Hunter."When I saw that it was feminine I think of the same thing except on a girl who looks like a boy who was born in some redneck family and was hoping for a boy and she looked like a boy so let's call her "Hunter" and we'll name our other daughter "fisher" and our other daughter "woodsman". Why not use a more pretty feminine name?
Hunter Tylo is a female actress who had played Taylor Hayes on the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, since 1990.
I'm not really into occupational names. (It is a fine occupation that is both vital and culturally significant in many parts of the world. I don't hunt, but I know that deer exist to be eaten by other things. Something is going to kill them sooner or later.) This one is a little too blunt for me and it is definitely too masculine for a girl. I don't know why people would even use it for a girl.
I think Hunter is a good name for a scary person. It would have made a good name for Batman, if it wasn't already Bruce. And, being from a family of country hicks myself, I demand to know what is so wrong with things that are 'hickish'.
I think it takes a certain type of guy to pull of the name Hunter. I have known three Hunters in my life, one so bookish it was hilarious on him, another so cocky and rednecky it was disgusting. The last one it fit perfectly, he was both quiet and confident.
This is my oldest son's name and I thought it was a very nice name for a little boy. Never thought of it as meaning he would have to hunt anything. When I hear it I usully think of the color hunter green.
Ok, my name is Hunter, and guess what? I'M A GIRL! So stop talking crap about my name, I am proud to have it.
An utterly dreadful name. If you hunt for sport, you are by definition a hick. If you hunt for food, whatever. This name is both hideous and far too trendy.
Shame on all of you who've said such mean things about this great name. We named our beautiful daughter, Hunter. For research we looked up info and unfortunately we looked in the wrong place. Nothing but retarded and idiotic comments that are just meant to be hurtful. An up lifting experience it was NOT. The name Hunter, male or female is a strong and proud name!
This sounds like a name parents want to use to force machismo onto their child. It's also getting too popular. And it also makes me think of that annoying cheetah from the Spyro games.
First of all, is "hickish" even a word? Either way, I don't know how in any way that the name Hunter is redneck, hickish, etc. I like this name for a boy, never a girl. I have met a Hunter before and he was nice, not redneck or hickish.
Hunter is also the name of Scott Westerfeld's main character in 'So Yesterday'.I love the name Hunter, as well. When I first thought of it seriously as a name, I didn't associate it with hunting of the killing of animals. It doesn't sound 'hick'ish at all.
When I hear the name Hunter I think of those 19th century paintings with men in red jackets on horses with packs of hunting dogs. Qail hunting and deer hunting is also a long-standing tradition in my dad's family. I think it is a noble and unusual name, and while I've met boys named Hunter, I think it would be a wonderfully elegant and androgynous name for a girl.
The hero of the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan is named Hunter. I used to hate the name Hunter, because Hunter is synonymous with killer in my book, and I'm against hunting and killing (I myself am a vegetarian), but since reading Sweep, I like this name! The character Hunter is pretty much the perfect man, and because of him I now like the name Hunter. Every time I see this name, now I won't think "killer", I'll think "Hunter from Sweep! The perfect man!" I love the character Hunter, so now I love his name!
Atrocious for any other females than tomboyish girls. Will sound very strange on feminine girls and women. Plus, the name is tacky and trashy, and it has that redneck feel to it somehow, so it won't work on any edgy, cool, androgynous or indie-esque women either, like Devon might, for instance.
I'm in the minority here but I like it for a girl.
I think calling someone Hunter is a little ridiculous. It's like you have expectations of them to become a hunter. As said above, what if they're a vegatarian? I think one of the other reasons people give their kids 'masculine' names like Hunter is because they don't want them to 'catch teh gay'. This is a stupid reason.I do have a soft spot for Hunter though. It's an awful guilty pleasure of mine, maybe fit for a middle name slot.
Hunter definitely sounds hickish to me.
Totally stupid redneck name. What next? Butcher? Mechanic? At the very least, it sounds very masculine. I was shocked to find out that some parents actually give their girls this name. Geez, some people have no brains whatsoever. All the beautiful names out there for girls, and they pick "Hunter"?
This name is great, like all occupational first names. I have named my son Accountant and my daughter's name is Custodian, but the next will be Hunter.
It's good for a boy and it sounds SO pretty on a girl, too!
The name Hunter is a fabulous name for a boy. Strong & masculine. This name will stand the test of time because of the strength and beauty of the name. To think that it is "hickish" is ridiculous. It is a name of English origin, with roots far back as a last name and a first. It is becoming popular, but not like the Michaels and the Jacobs.
I don't really like this name for a girl.
I like the name Hunter for a boy. Too masculine for a girl I think. And being a Hunter isn't hickish, it is (or should be) providing for your family instead of doing the easy thing and picking up a hamburger from town that is from an animal who was humiliated, mistreated and killed in a irreverent and sadistic way. There is nothing wrong with providing food for yourself or your family, as long as you do it in a humane way. I think it's a noble name. And you can also see it as a hunter for herbs/veg/berries.
I have this name, and never really relate it to the act of hunting or killing an animal more to the effect of how someone who has a derivative of "warrior" doesn't think of themselves as one who wars, just that a warrior is fierce and masculine.
I love the name Hunter for either gender. Also, I think the idea of being self-reliant, like a Hunter, is a very positive association for a child. As someone said above me, raising animals for slaughter is much less humane than hunting. Wild animals are free to live as intended, and have a fighting chance of survival.
This is the name of Gil Grissom's personal doctor and old friend on CSI, Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire the Forth. McGuire's ancestor, the orginal Hunter H. (also for Holmes) McGuire, was the surgeon who tried unsucessfully to save Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's life when he was wounded by his own men during the Battle of Chancellorsville, which took place during the American Civil War.
It's funny how everyone is bashing this name because "hunting is bad and no longer needed". There must be a lot of vegetarians on here because raising animals to be slaughtered is so much more humane. I personally think Hunter is a fantastic name for a boy. It’s natural and has a defined feeling of strength in it.
Some of these comments are so ridiculous, Hunter is just an English surname turned trendy first name just like Mason. What is so silly about all this is that you people use this site and certain names (like George) to express your political and personal views on things. Hunter is not that great of a name in itself but not because I am so ignorant as to say "killing animals is bad" - not only do people around the world have to hunt for food but people right here in the U.S. do also. But as I said I do not think this is the place to express these views so here is what I think: Hunter is an OK name. I think it is a bit trendy, I think it is stupid on a girl and I think people are taking the name way to literally.
John Hunter was a renowned Scottish surgeon, private physician to King George III. He made great contributions in the study of inflammation, digestion, dentistry, fetal blood supply, and the lymphatic system. His brother William Hunter was an anatomist, obstetrician, and the physician to Queen Charlotte. The Royal College of Surgeons of England founded The Hunterian Museum at Lincoln's Inn Fields, London in their honor.
I adore this name on a girl. I would use it too, the only thing is I dislike hunting itself. Odd I know, but I'd still use the name.
My son's middle name is Hunter. His first is Austin. We love it and think that Hunter sounds very classy. Far from hickish. We also hunt and that is why I used it for his middle name and his father has Indian in him which I thought was very appropriate. We have had nothing but great comments on his name. Oh and by the way funny to say but he is very athletic, can be a bit snobby, and can be full of himself. LOL. Who is to say those are bad traits though? Anyone I have ever known with those traits are confident and go far in life!
I like it quite a bit on a boy.
My name is Hunter, and I am a girl, and I don't really dislike my name for the reason that it has the word hunt in it. I think that it's an alright name, I'm just mad that my parents named me after some cancelled 80's television show, and for the fact that they named my older brother Chase, which apparently mean basically the same thing! Most people that I know or meet say that they like my name so I don't really care.
I think hunting, except if it's because you absolutely need the meat, is sick and cruel. To me the name Hunter is like naming someone Killer.
Bad bad bad choice for either gender. What wonderful and positive associations one could attribute to this name. *much eyerollage*
Hunter is most definitely a boy's name! My friend's little sister's name is Hunter, which is just weird.
I love the name Hunter but not for a girl. I never knew it was for a girl. Even though the word 'Hunt' is in it, the action of hunting does not come into my mind. It's probably because I know a 4 year old boy named Hunter, and he is the sweetest thing. And the name Hunter is not "hickish".
I would name a boy this, mostly because it is my maiden name. Like most gender-switched names, it sounds terrible for a girl. There is a castle (well, ruins) in Scotland from the Hunter family.
I HATE this name. I think that to hunt now is horrid, because we don't need to hunt to survive now. I'm sorry to anyone who might be name Hunter, but I really don't like the name.
This name is way too violent to bestow on a little boy. What if he grows up to be a docile hippie vegatarian type?
Definitely a very boyish, masculine name. Being a girl I am glad my parents didn't name me Hunter, I would go for a name change.
Great masculine name for a boy.
I think Hunter is a great name for a girl. I think it's different and a bit strange, I also think it gives strength to whomever bears it.
I like the name Hunter and do prefer it for a boy, definitely not a girl.
Hunter is the dumbest name ever! And Hunter is hickish!
I think Hunter is an ugly name for a girl.
I do not like this name at all. First of all, I don't like the idea of hunting for deer or anything, so why would I name my son Hunter? It sounds very hickish and stupid.
My name is Hunter! Hunting is not stupid. The name Hunter rocks! It is not hickish or stupid.
I love the name Hunter. My husband named my son Hunter because of his love of hunting. He and his father go on duck hunting weekends and some deer hunting. We even hang them on the wall. We are not "hickish".
Hunter S. Thompson was the famous father of Gonzo journalism, most famous for his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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