Absolutely gorgeous.
What, would you name your kid after Poison Ivy, a plant that kills you?
A positive opinion. Ivy is so cute, elegant and very unique. It's okay.
A negative opinion. It's so unattractive but it's so cold in my opinion. Sorry for this girl. :(
Edgy, cute and feminine with the letter v. I really like it.
My middle name is Ivy, and I love it! I now know more and more names, such as Roxanne, Mariah, and Seraphina, but I still love Ivy the most! If you are named Ivy and bullies are around you making jokes about "poison Ivy," ignore it! An Ivy is never a poison Ivy, and these people who joke about these are jealous of how perfect your name was.
Pretty. Nice nickname for Ivory, but also beautiful as a stand-alone name as well ;)
I have been an Ivy my whole life and I loved it but one issue- the teasing. People tease me not much but it got very annoying when they called me Poison Ivy and IV the Roman numeral. I did learn to live with it, people stopped teasing me eventually. Being an Ivy is amazing even though the teasing is annoying it's okay because being an Ivy is great and wonderful and it's an amazing name because it is rare it's easily recognized.
Ivy Robinson is a major character in the rock musical Bare: A Pop Opera as well as the revised version known as Bare: The Musical.
I love this name and am proud to be an Ivy! I don't care what all of you think because the name is perfect for me! I think that it is nice, it reminds me of the sun shining after a rainstorm.
As a huge fan of nature names, I don't really care for Ivy. However, I met the nicest woman named Ivy while I was working. For a name that has been used for many centuries and now is one of the top 100 baby girl's name. It's a pretty neat name to have. I still wouldn't use it because it's okay. Ivy is much better than other names out there. People do associate it with poison Ivy and IV needles, I used to too. There are many other Ivy plants that are very harmless. Any name can be teasable even the most popular ones. Don't be afraid to use Ivy. I can picture a sweet girl with this name, and it will be cooler on an adult because it's more unique, even though it's popular. Go for Ivy!
I love it and I personally would name a child this. Who doesn’t like an old lady-ish sounding name anyway?
I like Ivy because it makes me think of the plant, old buildings, hot chocolate. It is a comfortable, nice name.But I have to admit, the IV thing slightly bothers me. Unfortunately I also think that it will become incredibly common, I could see it in the top 20 or even top 10.
Ivy is a gorgeous classic, and would be just lovely on a little girl. A lot of comments here are talking about how the connection to poison ivy would be hard to live with, but to be honest, I really don't think that would be a problem.
I love the name Ivy! I don't think about IV or Poison Ivy, I think this is a beautiful name that is sweet and short, with nicknames even!
Ugh, awful!
I think the name Ivy is a short, sweet nature name but the Poison Ivy and IV (intravenous) references would be aggravating for someone to live with. Iva is a similar name that's more unique and akin to the popular Ava.
Very pretty, but I don't like Poison Ivy.
It's kinda tired and becoming dated. I don't hate it and I don't love it. It's a boring name. Also, IV?
So pretty.
So simple, so sweet, and at the same time also has some strong energy in it! Ivy is good name!
This is a lovely name! I have a family member who just named their daughter "Ivy" and everyone absolutely loves it. In fact, people have gone out of their way to say how much they love it. I think it is a name that will be perfect at any age.
AWFUL! I’m sorry, dislike!
I really love the name Ivy, it's simple and elegant but if I was to call my baby girl Ivy I would hate for their name to be referred to poison Ivy, but I really love it.
Strongly dislike this name! Poison Ivy.
Short and sweet, though I can only imagine a baby-Young adult with this name.
I don’t mind common and short names because my name is one of them.
I actually like the name Ivy. It’s a really cool and pretty name. I don’t think of Poison Ivy when I hear this, but in my opinion, if you’re looking for a break with generally common flower names, such as Lily, Rose, Jasmine, or Iris, why not go with Ivy?
Don’t give this name to a child, I’m pretty glad this isn’t my name! I’d hate being called this, don’t name a poor child this!
Awful name!
Hate this name! Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
Ivy is very pretty and classic! It is getting popular, however.
Simple, elegant, and beautiful! I love the combo Ivy Eloise. I’d definitely consider this!
I love this name so much! It's starting to get popular I believe.
I love this name. It’s so beautiful!
This name is cute and elegant but then I spent a whole day pulling up overgrown English Ivy from flower beds.
I love this name but it just occurred to me that, as a health professional, any colleagues would make a joke about it being like IV :(
Sooo beautiful and rare! I’m usually not a fan of short names, but I adore this name and I might even use it one day.
Very pretty and cute. My daughter's name will be Ivy Veronica G. :)♡.
This is the name of one of the nicest and prettiest little girls I know. I can't understand why some people say the ivy plant is ugly. There are several varieties of the ivy plant, and one that I appreciate very much is the small-leaved so-called Pittsburgh Ivy, which grows well indoors with the minimum of fuss and brings cheer to people like me who don't have a garden to speak of.
Lovely name. It is common, but less overused than Rose and Lily and would age nicely when Ivy is a teenage girl and a young woman, and eventually elderly. The plant association is nice, Ivy isn't too long or frilly and has good associations. It would make a nice middle name as well, like Maria Ivy or Sophia Ivy.
A bit too short and pointless.
Quite a beautiful name. I wouldn't use this myself, though. It's a little too overused and short for my tastes.
Blue Ivy Carter is the eldest child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, born on January 7, 2012.
My friend's name is Ivy. I think it’s a very nice name. Nice middle names for it could be, Ivy Elizabeth or Ivy Felicity. Despite the teasing rate of the name (we all know those poison Ivy jokes) this is a wonderful name.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ivy who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 199th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is my favorite female name. I love how short it is, and the beautiful vine it evokes.
Ivy is a beautiful name. Short, sweet and elegant. I love that no nickname is apparent and certainly not needed.
This name is so beautiful. I don't think of poison ivy when I hear it, like all these silly comments are saying.
Ivy, being an evergreen plant, represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship. The Ivy plant is also a strong plant which can grow in the hardest environment. Another association of Ivy as an evergreen, is perennial life and immortality. It also may represent dependence and attachment, which can be seen in the way it climbs trees and buildings to get sunlight. The Ivy leaf is also phallic, depicting the male trinity, but it can also be a female symbol denoting a force in need of protection. Conversely, however, its malevolent, poison feature can cause it to be seen often as ingratitude...
This name is beautiful, but I don't want doctors laughing if Ivy needs an IV.
Awful plant, awful name.
I think Ivy sounds like a sinister name. Like the name of a villain or a cat.
I think the name Ivy is stupid and Ivy is an awful plant to name your child after. Why not a nice plant, like Rose or Lily?
The name Ivy is garbage.
Jamie Lynn Spears named her daughter Ivey Joan (born April 11, 2018).
My name is Ivy and though I hated it growing up - because people made “Poison Ivy” jokes all the time, even a teacher once said “Oh, don’t worry about sitting next to Ivy, she won’t give you a rash” and I was absolutely horrified - but now I actually really like the name and “Poison Ivy” is more about Batman now that I’m older than about the plant like when I was younger. People always ask me if it’s actually my first name (I guess people just assume it’s a middle name or a nickname) but generally everyone says it’s very unique and pretty. I honestly wouldn’t have liked any other name for myself as it does kind of make you feel unique too. I also dressed as poison Ivy for the first time and everyone loved it. It’s a hard name to combine with a first or middle name but mine is Ivy Nicole and it works pretty well - though everyone in my family (and even people outside of my family on occasions) calls me Ivy Lee or Ivy Lou and I’ve gotten pretty used to it. I think it’s a great name if you’re looking for something different and pretty.
My name is Ivy. And I love it to be honest!
I LOVE the name Ivy, and it's one of the best names in my opinion! It makes me think of a beautiful girl dancing in a field of flowers! But I can see it on a boy too.
The girlfriend of Demon's brother in Vampire Diary season six is also called Ivy...
Love this name... I've read on some naming websites that it means "faithfulness," which I think gives the name a lot of weight for being so short and sweet.
I think that my name, Ivy, is a good name.
This name is becoming very popular.
I love my name so much! Never really got made fun of, just a few nicknames. A lot of the people I work with will call me poison! It is a classic name that I sincerely hope doesn't get ruined by a new generation of overuse.
Princess Ivy is the main antagonist of the Sofia the First special "The Curse of Princess Ivy".
I adopted a baby girl in 2009 and named her Ivy. I love her name and it fits her. A cousin of mine also had a granddaughter named Ivy Louise. Seems to be making a comeback.
My name is Ivory, but people call me Ivy. I love my name! People don't usually call me Poison Ivy, but to be honest, I like the name Poison Ivy, too! It's not bad to be called that for me, but other people have their opinions. I was thinking about naming my child, if I ever have one, River. I love having a unique name!
It's such a lovely, beautiful name. It's got a cool edge to it too, and I envision a confident, strong girl/woman.
Ivy is a beautiful, awesome, amazing, sophisticated nature name. :)
Very sweet in combo Elizabeth Ivy which is probably what I'd pair it with.
My middle name is Ivy. I used to hate it because of the nicknames I got (Poison Ivy) but then I realized how unique it is. As feminine as it is, I believe it could add a prefix or suffix to make it a boy name because of how unique it is.
I used to think this name was TOO out there and very weird but now I have grown fond of it. I personally would never use it though because poison ivy and HIV come to mind, or IV fluids. \: the HIV (H Ivy) part tears me away from using it in real life.
I have a baby on the way and my partner and I think Ivy is a beautiful name, but not on its own. So we think Ivy-marie or Ivy-may is really nice.
I really like this name, it's simple and pretty. My friend's real name is Ivana, but we call her Ivy.
My son's name is James IV, but his nickname is Ivy.
I like it, as I like plants. Compared to flowers, I prefer Ivy that has more vitality. Hope it becomes a popular name.
Ivy Tamwood is a character from Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. It's much more appealing than Lily and other flower names, which I personally don't like, but maybe it's because Ivy is a vine and not a flower? Either way... I love Ivy!
Julie Albright, the 1970s period American Girl Doll's best friend, available as a doll and a well known character in the six book set of Julie books, the stand alone Ivy book, and the new Julie & Ivy mystery stories, is named Ivy Ling. She is Chinese.
I only like this for a middle name and it have something sensual about it that gives any name a sassy twist.
Hip and cool, yet old fashioned! Could be a nickname for Ivana.
Ivy Lynne is a character in the TV series "Smash". She is the ambitious, upcoming music theatre star who will do anything to succeed!
I like this name. It is strong and elegant but at the same time interesting. The only thing that worries me is shortening. Here in Australia everything gets shortened somehow, so Ivy would probably become 'I' or 'Ives'. Also, if you are Australian, beware of the Sydney suburb name 'St Ives'. I can see that being used to tease someone at school.
I'm kind of surprised this name has so many positive comments in comparison to other nicer names. It's not bad or anything, but it sounds slightly like and old woman name.
I personally like the name IVY. It seems youthful, Earthy, and natural.
This is such a cute name! It's the type of name that will suit you at any age. I don't know why but I really love the combination Ivy Rose.
I do like it, though it's not a favorite. Poison Ivy, anyone?
I love this name! I think it`s perfect for a cute little girl but also for a grown up woman. It has something magical :-) Definitely one of my favourite names!
There's an old English Christmas carol called "The Holly and the Ivy" - maybe Holly and Ivy could work as a name set for December twins?
I really like the name Ivy, for a girl. My great ma's name was Ivy. Her daughter's name was Colleen. I like that too, but since I don't think I'd name my daughter that I might call my daughter "Covy" as a mixture because I was very very close to my aunt colleen and she was just such a strong BEAUTIFUL person and my Greatma was so sweet and innocent and pure, those are amazing qualities for a person. Covy. Or I might call my daughter Ivee. COOLIO!
Ivy is becoming relatively popular again, and with good reason. It is a sassy and sweet nature name without being overly cutesy in the ways of Daisy and Poppy. This is a positive; Ivy will never be as common as the aforementioned names.
In The Language of Flowers, Ivy means "Dependence".
I had four sons before my daughter, I had been saving the name Ivy for more than 12 years. Ivy is the absolutely most stunning little person ever, & I have not heard about anyone teasing her. In fact, she was poison Ivy for Halloween! I LOVE the name!
The plant Ivy has been shown to kill breast cancer cells - maybe this would be a nice name if your family had a history of breast cancer.
Very nice despite the shortness.
My name is Ivy, and I love it. I was called "Poison Ivy" by other kids in my class when I was young, but I loved that nickname (probably because I really liked Batman, hehe) and was disappointed it didn't stick. People sometimes ask me if it's short for anything or try to come up with nicknames for it, but that's the extent of the irritation. It's actually really funny listening to people invent names that Ivy could be a shortened version of (Ivaleen is one of my favorites). As an added bonus, if you say my first two initials, it sounds like my first name (my middle name is Victoria, so they are I. V--Ivy.)
I think this is an okay name. I think it would be a good name for a little girl, because whilst being simple and easy to spell without being too nickname-y or silly-sounding. So, overall, yes, I think this is a great name for young and old, yes, a very sensible, dignified name. :)
A bearer of this name (who happened to be a male, by the way) was Ivy Lee, the founder of modern public relations and also the uncle of American novelist William S. Burroughs.See also
I think name is very pretty. It has a lovely sound and I really like it. It's gorgeous, memorable and not too popular. And I love the ivy plant. The Latin name for Ivy is Hedera, which I think could work as a name as well.
Ivy (along with Iris) are the only plant names I would name a child after. Personally, I find Lily, Rose, and Daisy REALLY annoying and girly and too common. Ivy sounds like a quirky, spunky, and smart person.
My mother almost named me Ivy. I don't get why people are saying that if you name your kid Ivy, they'll be teased. I went to school with a couple Ivys and they weren't picked on at all. I think it's a lovely, mysterious kind of name.
Smart yet cute-sounding. It can work for a lot of ages, but better followed by a middle name.
My sister's name is Ivy! Ivy is a very strong name-- and the holder of the name will have to be strong as well, because there will be some teasing. I personally love the name, despite some negative connotations.
Ivy Lloyd (Poison Ivy) is a character in Melina Marchetta's 1992 novel 'Looking for Alibrandi', who tends to make racist comments to the Australian Italian protagonist. Her character was merged with that of Carly Bishop for the 2000 film adaptation. Probably not famous outside Australia, where the book is often studied at a senior level in high schools.
This is a very nice name. Nice enough to go on my list.
My husband suggested this name as a middle name for our daughter on the way. I had never really considered it before, but it has really grown on me. When I've told people Elizabeth Ivy, I've gotten several compliments. It adds a bit of sass to the ordinary I think.
A famous bearer with this name was Ivy Compton Burnett, a British novelist (1884-1969.)

Ivy is also the name of the protaganist in Julie Hearn's new novel of the same title. One of Melinda's ex-best friends in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is named Ivy.
I LOVE the name Ivy because you almost never hear it; it also has a classy feel to it and makes me think of intelligence. A word of caution to parents, the child could be called Poison Ivy and other nasty names later on by other kids.
It's a pretty, simple, pleasant-sounding name, and despite any Biblical importance to the plant, the name is secular. I'm simply not sure how well this name is going to suit girls past the age of 17. It sounds a bit cutesy, but I do like it.
I like the fact that it means "climbing," like overcoming.
The main character in M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Village' is named Ivy. The character is also blind and makes a successful journey through uncharted woods to get medicine for her dying fiancé. The character is played by Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard and her dying fiancé is played by Joaquin Phoenix.
I think this name is really sweet and I think Lily is a cute twin name for Ivy.
This is one of the only names my husband and I actually agree on. In the 90s, Ivy was part of my very first AOL e-mail address. (Kinda nostalgic, you know?) This is a fantastic name if you're looking for something down-to-earth, and is not outlandishly popular (like the similar moniker Ava).
This is a very old-fashioned name in the UK - lots of old ladies are called Ivy. It's pretty, though, I like it.
I like Ivy in theory, but I worry that people will think someone is saying I.V. (as in intravenous) when saying the name.
My rabbit is called Ivy and I have to say I really like the name. I like it more as a middle name than a first name though.
I named my daughter Ivy 12 weeks ago, and although I have gotten mixed reviews on the name, I love it! I especially love knowing she will probably be the only Ivy in her class!
I really like this name, it's all mysterious. I think it's best suited for a girl though.
This name is a lot better as a middle name. It is a good name, though.
I love the name. It was one of the names in the movie The Village. I think it's really cute and very perfect for a little girl but I can see a guy having that name too.
My great aunts were twins, named Ivy and Lily, flowers from the bible. For me, I am not too crazy over the name Ivy.
I think Ivy is really nice, but I would not use it due to the fact that people might call her 'poison ivy'. It's nice for a middle name though. I know a Winona Ivy.
My Father's name was Ivy; my grandmother named him after her father, Ivy. Has anyone else heard of this? My Dad really did "fit " his name and he was not at all feminine. LOL! I always loved his name, but I have never met another man named Ivy.
Sunshine68 - I have 5 males in my family that all have the name Ivy. Contact me for more info, we may be related?
I like the sound of this of name, although I'm not a huge fan of the only person I know who bears it. Because of that, it strikes me as a name fit for someone impetuous who does everything on the spur of the moment without thinking at all, and it usually gets her into trouble.
It's my name, and it's grown on me over the years. I love it and it fits me. If you are thinking of using it, just know the child will be subject to relentless name calling. Poison ivy, ivy league, ivory soap, and people will also try to shorten it, some have called me I!
She's one of Batman and Robin's enemies.
The word ivy is derived from the Old English ifig, which means "climber".
Variant spellings of this name are Ivi, Ivie, Ivey, Ivee.

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