I like Jack and Jake, but definitely not Jackson, it's boring and it sounds weird.
A bit weird as a name, but not bad. The other spellings are absurd.
A surname meaning son of Jack.
I don’t know... it seems weird as a first name, it’s like naming your son Johnson or Smith.
This should’ve stayed as a surname.
It's okay but it's such a cool name. It just reminds me of Michael Jackson. :)
Dumbest name ever...except for Jaxson.
I personally know more dogs named Jackson than humans, so it honestly seems a little weird on a person.
Too pretentious. Sounds like a snobby, annoying little boy with helicopter parents. Don’t care for it at all.
Spell it this way if you wanna go by Jack.
There are some surnames that sound fine as a first name (Gordon, Russell, Mitchell etc.), but this one just doesn't fit the bill.
I think that this is the BEST name every created, everyone that I know with this name is incredibly handsome and rich and famous and it is guaranteed that if you name your kid this, they will become handsome, rich and famous. I am named Jackson and I am very handsome, rich and famous so you should name your kid this so they can be handsome, rich, and famous.
This name may be really common, but it's cute! I like it, especially the nicknames Jack and Jackie.
NO NO NO NO NO! What is with the obsession with this name? Everyone is naming their boys Jackson or Jaxson or Jax (not to mention the awful Jayden or Jaxton) sounds ridiculous and it will be difficult for teachers in classrooms full of Jacksons and their variation names. Don't you want your child to have a name that nobody has instead of sharing it with 10 other kids in their class? Think! I have 3 friends that named their boys this in just a year. All I can think of is Michael Jackson.
Cool and nice. Good name.
It's okay, just a little plain/boring, why not a twist like Jaxson (don't judge me)?
Not a fan. Jack and Jason are better.
I disagree with Clara711. Jason is a very boring and monotonous name, while Jack is too short. This name isn't my favorite, but I prefer it to Jason and Jack.
It's okay. I don't mind it on girls, could be nicknamed Jackie.
My username kinda speaks for itself... I just want to say that I quite like my name and that I've never been bullied for it. I've even met another girl with the same name, though hers is spelled Jaxon.
Jackson is a decent name at most. I hate the name Jackson on girls, it kind of looks like the parents were trying to be edgy or something putting it on a girl even though the name is already common enough. And by the way, making it into Jacksyn, Jacksin, or some other hideous spelling isn’t gonna make it better.
“I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I am for real! I never meant to make your daughter cry...”Ms. Jackson is a song made by OutKast in 2000.
Honestly it's not that bad as a first name, I probably wouldn't use it though - A million times better than the hideous alternative 'Jaxson' though.
This is da best name 100000/10.
Jackson is poor as a first name in my opinion. Should be left as a surname and I could only envision it on a small child or a dog. Basically don't like it as a forename for humans.
It sounds nice, and I've got no problem with it being a surname. It does seem to be a bit trendy, though. I despise it on a girl. It has a clearly masculine meaning and a girl with this name will be teased and always mistaken for a boy.
It’s really nice and I love the nickname Jack.
Short form of Jackson is Jack.
Jackson is an alright name. It is getting very common to the point where it is a top 20 name, and so it is no longer unique. This spelling is better then anything else like Jaxcyn which, while more creative, is a dumb spelling that no one will ever get right. This name sounds Southern to me because of Jackson, Mississippi.
Why are so many people naming kids after Michael Jackson after it’s come out he abused children?! Beyond me.
It sounds a bit tacky and also reminds me of Michael Jackson.
Gonna be honest with any parents thinking of naming your kid this, Please don't. This is coming from someone with that name and let me tell you it's been 18 years of hell. It's a name that fits a little kid but think about it for a minute, can you picture it on someone over the age of 25? It distracts me in class because every day I would beg silently for my teachers not to call my name because it would make me want to throw up every time it was said. It's a surname and should be left that way. Please save your kids the embarrassment of the name Jackson.
American Democratic politician Jackson Hadley (1815-1867)
I don't think it's cool to just say that Jackson is a last name or that it's terrible, sure YOU might not like it, but there's HUNDREDS, maybe THOUSANDS of Jacksons, and plus, if you hate it, just don't post mean things about it. I have a friend named Jackson, and I saw a comment saying that Jacksons are SNOBBISH AND TRASHY! My friend's parents are totally nice, and he's cool too! He said his name is Jackson cause his dad's name is jack, and if you think that it's weird if a person's name is jack and his son is Jackson, you're wrong. I've seen tons of Jacksons, online, and real life, and not one of them was snobbish. Thanks for reading my super large comment (Jackson is also pretty common, but I have to agree the normal spellings like Jackson, Jaxon, Jaxson are normal... but the crazy ones are just... crazy!)
A good short form for Jackson is Jack and a good diminutive for this name is Jackie.
Too surnamey for me, and doesn't sound right on someone over 40.
Means 'Son of JACK'. It is also used as a surname, in which it was famously used by American president Andrew Jackson (1767-1845).
Better as a last name than a first name.
Can't picture it on a guy older than like 30.
That name, meaning Jackson, has been used since somewhere in the 19th century, mentioning the artist Jackson Pollock.
A good, strong name for a boy. Some of the comments were stating that Jackson shouldn't be used for a girl. Please tell me it isn't used on girls! Jacqueline or Jackie are better for girls.
Means 'Son of Jack'.
Jackson Storm is an antagonist in the Pixar film Cars 3.
I don’t really mind surnames being used as first names, even on girls. Jackson sounds cute and unique as a first name and it stands out to Michaels and Johns as first names. I prefer it as a boy’s name, but for a girl... it could work with the right kind of middle name. It’s still a boy’s name/surname in my book.
Jackson Marchetti (portrayed by Kedar Williams-Stirling) is a character in the Netflix series "Sex Education".
Jackson Bird is an American transman youtuber who mainly focuses on LGBTQ+ topics, waffles, and nerdy things. He is also an activist deeply involved with the charity group, the Harry Potter Alliance, and is on the DFTBA creator team. He hosts a podcast called Transmission, in which he advocates for transgender people and talks to a different trans person each episode. Jackson has done a widely known TEDtalk. He is also not a child, but in fact in his late 20's. Nor is he a bird, as his social media quite clearly states (@/jackisnotabird). You can find his channel at Jackson Bird.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jackson who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 412th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
"Son of Jack"? Really? Give your kid a real name.
Last name.
I will always consider Jackson as a surname that once in awhile is used as someone's given name for reasons I cannot fathom. I don't care for the name Jack. It isn't a bad name I just don't care for it. Anyway, Jackson means the son of Jack or something like that.
I think the name Jackson is an okay name but it's just too common and overused. I literally can think of 20 Jackson/Jaxons in my son's elementary school and we live in a small town. There's 5 on our block. And all these different spellings make no sense, they all sound the same and does nothing to make it unique or different, if anything your child will dislike it later when everyone spells their name wrong at school or at the Drs office.
Jackson Avery, a character from Grey's Anatomy.
Jackson is the capital of Mississippi.
Wowwww some of the comments man! It’s a name! Why do you care what another person's name is?! The comments calling the name disgusting or trashy are completely unwarranted and sound like they are coming from people named Beth and Anne. Take your boring name back to the 60’s. I don’t care if it’s overused my baby girl will be a JACKSEN/Jackson! My name is Adam and I’m doing just okay having the most popular name in human history.
I wouldn't use the overused name Jackson, Jaxon, Jaxson etc etc on a boy or girl. That name is everywhere. I live in a small town and I can think of ten easily under ten. There's probably more and all these different spellings I'm sorry, does not make the name unique. It's silly.
Some comments I read people just need to straighten up. Jackson Is a BOY name not a girl name. Just GIVE UP on naming your girl Jakson!
What about the name "Jaxxxon" for a girl? Just think about it! You will be so unique and different naming your daughter this. You can also give her an awesome middle name like Andrew or Bob. Sooooo cuuuute!
Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, and dancer. He is a member of the South Korean boy group GOT7 under JYP Entertainment, and is known for his appearances on Korean reality television, notably Roommate. Jackson speaks fluent English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Japanese and Korean.
I love the name Jackson (spelling that way as well) it's a strong name for a boy. I really want to name my first son this and call him "Jacks" for short because yes, I agree "Jack" is sort of overused and I don't care for the sound of it! My favorite youtubers (Ellie & Jared) named their oldest son Jackson Clark back in 2014.
Jackson is such a baller's name- it's so swagger.
I hate it when girls take guy's names, like Charlie, Jackson, Fredd, and Phill etc.
Jackson Browne, American singer-songwriter, best known for singles like "Doctor My Eyes," "Running on Empty," and "Somebody's Baby" from the soundtrack for Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Jackson Martinez is a professional footballer who plays for Guangzhou Evergrande F.C. in the Chinese Super League.
Okay, for starters my name is spelled Jaxon instead of Jackson, and guess what? I'm a girl! So people who think Jaxon is a disgusting name for a girl you are wrong. You said that if you name a girl Jaxon she will get bullied, well guess what? I haven't.
This name is so overused! I know 4 Jacksons.
I hate this name for all genders. I feel like if you name your child this they will be a little snob. Plus the nickname Jack is hideous. I have no idea why it is so popular. No offense to any of you Jacksons out there, it's just my opinion.
I know a girl named Mariah Anne Jackson, it is her second middle name. She has it because she was named after the Jacksons, but her brother was Anthony Joe Jackson, so I see it either way.
It's a nice name, but it'd be even nicer if it wasn't so disgustingly common. Plus, this is the only decent spelling; Jaxson and Jaxon look tryndee and childish.
This would be a very good name if the father is named Jack.
This is Michael Jackson's surname obviously.
If you name your kid this, he may be either a complete social reject or a famous singer/dancer.
My mother's maiden name was Jackson. She decided when she was in highschool that she would name her first child Jackson, whether it was a boy or a girl. I was born and she named me Jackson. Believe it or not, I am a girl. I am not a tomboy or masculine in any way. She never had a boy, but was able to continue her namesake. Names do not have gender. Jackson is considered a boy's name throughout society, however, the people I have known for more than a couple months don't think of me as masculine or butch because of my name. I make my name define ME. The people I have known my entire life will often not believe me when I tell them Jackson is a boy's name. They will tell me it's a unisex name, that I don't have a boy's name. I do, and I'm proud of it. Name your kid whatever the heck you want, because they will make their name work for them and represent them. I love the name Jackson and am happy that I am able to have it as my name.
Hate Jackson as a first name. Love it as a last name.
I think the name Jackson is a nice name for a boy. While I like a lot of unisex names on girls, I find the name Jackson to be too masculine for a girl. The fact that it has both the names Jack and son in it, I do not think it sounds feminine at all. Further, it is used predominantly on boys. Given the extremely small number of girls given this name, I think it is highly unlikely that it will even turn into the next Emerson (which is used mostly on girls), let alone Madison (which is used predominantly on girls). The only son names I like on girls are Madison, Addison, Allison, and Emerson. All four of those names are used mostly on girls in the US.
Jackson Wang is a member of the South Korean boy band Got7.
Jackson is a very strong, solid and timeless boys name. And people, my god, just get over the fact that it's a surname as well. Sorry to rain on your parade but the name Jackson has been used as a given name for quite some time now. Likely, dating back hundreds of years. If not further. Using the name Jackson anywhere besides a surname is NOT a new trend. Where the hell have you been living; some isolated island? Using surnames as given names in fact is not a new trend. Many names you know now were probably once a surname only.
I absolutely looove the name Jackson! It's so masculine, handsome and CUTE! ^___^
My last name is Jackson but I will be married in Oct 2015 and new last name will become Parker. I am the last Jackson in my family. Because I am a girl there is no one to give the name to unless I hyphenate it and I don't care to do that. When I give birth to my first child, girl or boy, their first name will be Jackson. It makes me feel like my family name will live on. Most in my family don't care for it but guess what... frankly my dear... (you know the rest) LOL.
How big a jerk do you have to be to name your kid Jackson? (Or Jaxson, lol). First of all, surnames for first names are a stupid, stupid thing. Second, Jackson is just a dumb, dumb name, chosen by trashy parents with trashy children.
Please please please don't name your sweet baby girl Jackson. It is about as feminine as naming her Fred- please don't do that to her. I really do love this name for a boy though. I am due in March and this name keeps coming to mind.
I wish I could like this name. It seems like something I would normally like. I'm just a bit bored by it!
If a I meet another kid below the Mason Dixon line named "Jackson", I think I am going to puke... an OK name, but WAY overused... I live in VA, and my son has 4 Jackson's in his 3rd grade class...
Eh. It's not as bad as some other surnames that were recently turned into first names, but its just gotten too trendy. I feel like I would appreciate it more if it weren't so popular, then It would seem more unique instead of just bland and unoriginal. I would never ever even think of it as a feminine name until it was mentioned in a few comments. That's absolutely unacceptable. I can't imagine a female Jackson over the age of seven. I just don't understand why people are using boys names on girls, there's so many beautiful girls names that have dropped in popularity because of all these masculine names! One last thing about this name: if you have to use it (which I advise against, but if you really love it who am I to tell you different) spell it right! There's so many different ways to spell this name but they all sound incredibly youthful and unintelligent. Jaxon, jaxson, jacksyn, Jacksin, jaxin, jaxyn, etc. Just no.
Jackson Rathbone is an American actor. He was born Monroe Jackson Rathbone V.
I have a brother named Jackson, he was named so because it's a family name. I find the name strong for a young man and nice for a little boy.
I do like this name, but it's way too popular to use. It's an absolutely /terrible/ name on females; it has both a masculine sound and meaning.
Well I have read the comments regarding naming your daughter Jackson, and they are ridiculous. My daughter's name is Jaxson and it’s the perfect name for her. Name your child what you feel. My husband and I knew we were naming our daughter Jaxson, before she was even conceived. We didn’t even consider it for a boy’s name. No one can tell you what to name you child; it’s just something you feel. My daughter is 2 and she already owns her name. She is independent, fun loving and if I must say beautiful.
This is a very common last name, at least in the US. In my opinion, it just doesn't sound right as a first name.
I've always loved the name Jackson. But I hate how popular it's become recently, along with its "trendy" alternate spelling; Jaxon, Jacksyn, Jaxxson... Blech.
I agree with many of the posters above: Please Please PLEASE do NOT give this name to a girl. It's CLEARLY masculine, and it sounds hideous on a girl. No, giving a girl a masculine name is not unique or cute, it's extremely trendy, and even quite trashy. There are plenty of perfectly nice girl's names to choose from for your daughter, so why not choose one of them? Because I would hate to see this wonderful boy's name become the next Madison.
That being said, I love this name for a boy. It has a very nice sound-in fact, I think it sounds better than Jack, which to me has always seemed kind of dorky. Then there's also the fact that my best friend since I was little is named this. Someday, I may use this as a middle name on a son to honor him.
Jackson Pollock was a famous American abstract expressionist painter.
This is my sweet little brother's name & it is sooo cute! It fits him perfectly=)
Well I really love Michael Jackson he's truly incredible so every time I hear this name I will always think of him.
Jackson is an absolutely beautiful name. I love it. Plan on naming a son of mine that. I agree, though, that it just doesn't fit for a girl. Jackson is too much a masculine name. It wouldn't work.
I also think it would work whether the person was five years old or thirty. It can be used on little kids and mature adults and still sounds fine.
I know both a girl and boy with this name.
The girl spells her name Jaksen, and I honestly think she's one of the only Jaksens in existence (possibly the only one). It's what I call her naturally now, but when I first met her, I thought it was her last name! (Which was also odd, because she's Hispanic.) I don't think the name is feminine at all.
The boy I knew (back in high school) fit this name very well, and made me really like it. (It also helped that he was both gorgeous *and* really nice!)
How much you want to bet Jackson is going to become unisex. I HATE all these son names for girls! They are extremely popular.
I actually like this name, despite the fact that it's so common in the United States and seems to remind everyone of Michael Jackson (I wonder why people don't seem to associate the name Michael with him like that, it was his first name after all). I would probably name my son Jack before I'd name him Jackson. Just imagine the teasing he'd have to endure if he'd have a friend named Michael?
I'm a fan of unisex names, but Jackson is one name that I just cannot imagine on a girl.
I don't really like this name. It's getting rather trendy, even though I admit it sounds more mature than Caleb or Elijah. It also makes me think of Wacko Jacko.
I normally dislike surnames used as forenames, but Jackson isn't so bad, since it sounds like more of a traditional name than, say, Campbell or Reagan. This is one name that should stay male. Neither part of it is remotely feminine; Jack is a diminutive of John, which is probably the most masculine name around, and the -son ending is obvious. The only feminine name ending in -son should be Al(l)ison!
Jackson has always reminded me of Michael Jackson. It's not a bad thing to me because I am fan of his.
Agh. I hate this name, even as a boy's name. And if your surname ends in -son it's just horrible. Jackson, Jayden, Johnson and other "cute" names like that are awful. But this doesn't mean that I'd hate a kid because his (or her name), so no need to take this personally.
I don't think I'll ever be able to hear this name and not instantly think of Miley's tiny brother, Jackson, on the show Hannah Montana! haha.
Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper Hale in the movie Twilight.
Imagine twins called Jackson and Johnson. I prefer Johnson, as the sound is softer.
Popp Montgomery and Adam Kaufman became the parents of a boy, Jackson Deveraux Kaufman, on 23th December, 2007 in Los Angeles.
I always think of Jacksonville. Or Jackson, Mississippi. Or Michael Jackson, my favorite :). Or dogs! I've always liked this name for dogs. :)
I'm not sure why, but this always struck me as the sort of name high school dropouts with crappy jobs wind up choosing for their son. It's not a very sophisticated name. It's okay as a surname, but as a first name, it sounds rather trashy to me, even if it's actually more middle class. Some crazy people, who apparently take interesting drugs, have expressed interest in using this on a girl. Well, it will only sound somewhat acceptable on a little tomboy. On feminine girls, it would be awful. It wouldn't work on any women, now matter how masculine they are.
This is a surname. It sounds awful as a first name.
The incredibly attractive Irish actor Cillian Murphy, played the part of "Jackson Rippner" in the film Red Eye. Ironically, the character turns out to be an assassin and jokes about the similarity between him and 'Jack the Ripper'.
I think a set of twins named Jasmine (f) and Jackson (m) would be fun: Jazz and Jax!
Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy, has a son named Jackson.
My son's name is Jaxon, and yes it's considered a surname, there is nothing absurd about it being his first name. Honestly a lot of last names make the best first names. I.e. Carson, Preston, Harrison, Carter, and Connor just to name a few. Actualy my son's middle name is Elliot which is my maiden name, so my son has 3 LAST NAMES! How is that for unique?
Please don't hurt your daughter by naming them this. It is best suited for boys.
Some people might not agree but I think that Jackson is a nice name for a girl. It's unique and not too girly.
Personally, I think any first name that ends with 'son' should be a male name.
And Jackson is a nice alternative to Jack, even though Jack is already a nice name.
Are you all crazy, people? Jackson is a surname and should not be used as a first name. It's just absurd. It's like naming a child Bush or Clinton.
I love it, but I'm not alone unfournately and it's getting too popular fast.
I'd hate to be the little girl who gets saddled with this name. Madison at least sounds a bit feminine, while Jackson seems very masculine to me. But anyway, I like it a lot for a boy. It's a family name of mine too so I have a legitimate claim to it.
I have heard of girls being named Jackson, Jacksyn and Jaxon. Look at Madison or MadiSON. It is so popular for a girl now. I can see Jackson on a girl. I heard Mason or MaSON on a girl recently at the mall. I know a girl who plays softball named Carson or CarSON. To some people, it's cute and sporty. Some people just like to be different. No need to worry, there will only be a small minority of girls named Jackson or Jacksyn. Perhaps, they will get the nickname of Jackie or Jacki.
Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, has a son named Jackson Slade, whom she refers to as "Slade".
Jackson is the name of one of the characters in the show, Flight 29 Down.
I love the name Jackson, it's Miley's broter on Hannah Montana. There isn't too many guys named this, so it's unique and just a great name all together. =]
PLEASE, PLEASE don't name your daughter Jackson. I mean, just look at the name JackSON. And then all those guy Jacksons, will feel like girls and be teased, and it will be turned into a name like Ashley or Courtney, and it shouldn't. Don't make the name Jackson or Jack feminine, Just DON'T!
I absolutely agree! The name Jackson should never be used as a girl's name. Good call annonymous user! On a girl it is disgusting but on a boy it is just beautiful.
I think the name Jackson is very cute for a little boy!
I only know of one Jackson personally and it is spelt Jaxson. I do see a lot of 3 year olds right now with the name Jackson.
Andrew Jackson was an American President.
I like the name Jackson. In fact I don't think it would be bad for a girl! I think it is very catchy and very unique for a first name anyways.
I've also see Jackson spelled Jaxson.

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