Hello! :3 I'm going to go on a good-natured rant.

This is actually my favorite spelling of Jaden (which in my opinion, is a nice name already). It just looked kind of empty by itself. I like names that contain Ai like Caitlin or Kai over names that have Ay such as May or Kaylin, or names simply with an A and nothing else such as Nate or Kate. It depends, really. All of those are nice names.
And I'll be honest with you, I used to be pretty unoriginal. It's hard to be anything else, as many good ideas have already been used up for centuries to come. I too, got annoyed with the naming trends because they were "too strange", or because it would doom their children. And to that I say, it will not always deter your child's future. It takes luck, determination, and sometimes money. Or maybe you shouldn't care so much about what others think. Hmm... That might help.

When you think about it, a lot of names that are widely loved have variants, or many names rhyming with them. They help picky people (like me) fall in love with names that are otherwise seen as dull and overused. Tired of James? Well...if you hate that so much, you could always use Jaimes or Jaymes. But this only works out for CERTAIN people. I personally wouldn't use any.

That's because humans are fickle. They prioritized men's names first. Alexander, THEN Alexandra. And then parents got to take advantage of girly suffixes and create Alexandrina, Alexandrine and Alexandria. When you think about it, all of those names have the same sound and origin. But even if you hate Alexander, you have many other forms to choose from. What about Alexandre or Alejandro? The list goes on. But people only like those names because they're "classics". They're only viewed as classics because they've been used ever since the beginning of time. If Jaiden was used in 17th century, people would be all over this name, and its "venerable" cousins known as Kayden, Zaden and Aiden. Some individuals hate this trend because the names themselves sound ugly. That would be fine, but some of you just hate the name because it's NEW. It's not St. John and it's not St. Mary. It's tacky, apparently, because it was recently coined. I notice how people use newly coined slang with fervor. Interesting. And you might say, "That's because slang and children's names are not interconnected!" Are you sure? Are you forgetting about Fanny, Willie, Wang, Dick and Gay? If people had just NOT USED modern slang, those names would be still be relatively appropriate where English is the first spoken language. Now they are risky to use. And its all because people prioritized slang over the existence of living people who had those names, or it came from ignorance. Wang is a Chinese name, but some interesting English speakers say wang to mean penis! Oops, that's a coincidence.

My point is, people hate newly invented names, but are addicted to newly invented WORDS that serve no positive purpose whatsoever. Fanny and Dick were already going out of style, so giving them vulgar meanings only worsened that dilemma. If people didn't think that penises were SO funny, they wouldn't have ruined the name Dick.

Everyone will tire of -aden, eventually. As they do with every name that is not Anna or Robert. Not "classic" enough. It's only classic because it's been used forever! Because a million people at the same time thought, "What a nice, strong name." Trust me, some of them thought that they were being original too. Or they didn't care about originality, since if anyone tried anything new back in the day, people punished them for it. And then their descendants found out that their children's names had been in the top 1000s since the 19th century. The -aden phenomenon won't last. Those names will gradually fall out of favor, similar to Betty, Betti, Bettye, and Bette. (Those names were hip at the time, but then people got bored of them and designated them as "grandma names". I hope your grandma doesn't find out about all that trash you talk. She may very well have friends with one of those names!)

This isn't a teen mom trend. And what do you have against teen moms? Is it because they couldn't keep their legs closed? Because if that's the case, then there are many grownups who struggle to close their legs as well, and they have no excuse for what they've done. They're young lovers? The teen parents could very much be "lovers" too. And notice how no one ever insults teen dads. *GASP* Uh oh, I just located a sexist! It's obvious that most parents are adults who planned their pregnancies. And of course, they spent months jotting down which names they liked -or they spent years. Basically, they came prepared. And they landed on Hayden and Friends. (Oh the horror.)

They won't age well, eh? Well, all of those women called Chloe, Sophie and Gracie are doing just fine. (OH NO, I CAN'T PICTURE AN OLD WOMAN WITH THOSE NAMES, I'M SCREWED!) Too late, there's already old women named Tracy, Lacey, Maisy, Mamie and Lily. Very youthful names, according to the comments. Senior citizens with those names are doing just fine. You don't have to be able to picture it. If you're not considering the name for your child, then why does it matter? Old men named Dash, Cash and Braelynn will eventually be told that their names are old-fashioned! People are weird, man. They just are. But that's what happens; everything has a trend: clothes, slang, names, odd food combinations. They're called trends because they have a particular flow that is not uninterruptible. Something can happen to influence that flow. And when it's over, I hope y'all stop whining. It's getting ridiculous now, to the point that it's not even insightful, interesting or funny.

But that's just me. :P.
I don't like it. I prefer Jayden. However, if you are going to name your daughter Jayden, at least use this spelling or use Jadyn.
FEMININE in my opinion.
Awful, absolutely awful.
Meh...prefer Jaedon.
I much prefer Jade.
Meh, Don't like it. JaidenAnimations is a redeeming quality, though.
I've changed my mind actually, I only like Jaiden and Jaden on a girl. Jaiden or Jaden is a very sweet name for a girl. Unpopular opinion here.
I think it's an okay name. I prefer it on girls.
Very juvenile, cheap, and unprofessional. It's also quite trendy and unimaginative. This spelling does seem a smidge more feminine than Jaden or Jayden, but it still sounds ridiculous on girls. Don't feed into the false belief that making up a spelling of a trendy name, however uncommon it may be, is "unique".
This is stupid, just use Jade (for a GIRL) instead. Jaiden on a boy is ridiculous too. It's very popular, which I don't understand how.
Could totally be used with the middle name, Brendon. Jaiden Brendon. For a boy.
A famous bearer is YouTuber JaidenAnimations.
Out of all the spelling variants for this name, I think this is the worst one.
Don't be a hater. You know you want the name :).
Jaiden is an okay name but is utter CRAP on females!
Jaiden is cool and also means "a treasure".
The name Jaiden in my opinion is a great name for boys and girls and means "precious gem" or "heard from God".
I think that the name Jaiden is better for boys than girls. No offense to any girls named Jaiden, it just doesn't sound right.
It makes me sad that everyone seems to hate this name, but I personally love it. I named my son Jaiden. He was born in 2010 and at the time I just heard the name and liked it. I never heard anything negative about it. The name is popular for his age group anyway so by the time he's an adult, it'll be a common name. Times are changing. To all the people that hate this name... more than likely your children will have a best friend or even be married to an Aiden/Jaiden/Jayden in the future. Get over it!
Dear god how I hate this 'name' and its millions of variants. I think the -aden trend is far worse than the -arry trend, at least there were names with that ending like Mary and Carrie before the trendy names like Larry and Barry came around, plus I don't think there was as much hesitation about how well those names would age. However, -aden doesn't even sound like a name. It just sounds rather unpleasant no matter what letter you put in front of it.
I get the feeling parents who choose the name "Jaiden" do so in the fond belief that it looks classier or more feminine than "Jayden".

The poor, deluded fools.
No offense but this name looks very tacky especially on a girl.
I think this name is poop for either boy or girl. It's just Aiden (another sub-par yet trendy name) with a J tacked on. Incredibly tacky for a girl, and it's not great for a boy either. Either way, it gives the impression that their mother had them when she was a teenager and completely lacks creativity.
No matter how you spell this name, it's utter crap for females. It might work on tomboys, but when they hit age 13, the name already sounds bad on them, and it sounds bad on androgynous women, or will is more like it. I'm not against aden names on principle, as some rhyming names are inevitably popular. Just think of all the -ene and -een names of the forties and fifties and how they were forced upon country babies who were going to wind up ditzy. Think of names like Larry, Barry, Gary, Harry, and the likes. -aden names aren't that bad, but they sure are common, so having this name must be a pain in the ass for a kid.
Oooooh! Jaden all fancied up! Trash by any other name would smell as rank.
The only thing worse than a usurped and mutated Biblical name is another massacred version. Utter crap.
Well as you can guess my name is Jaiden, I'm a girl and the oldest person I have ever found called that (I was born in 1988). According to my mom she made my name up in 1976 and decided she would call her child that irrespective of gender. Lucky me. Anway so that is the supposed origin of this name although obviously it's not necessarily true.

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