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A famous bearer is YouTuber JaidenAnimations.
Feiticeiro  7/15/2019
Out of all the spelling variants for this name, I think this is the worst one.
Luvbug86  1/16/2019
Don't be a hater. You know you want the name :).
yo boi skinny jeans  9/14/2018
kayisforkeen  9/12/2018
Jaiden is an okay name but is utter CRAP on females!
Curious me  9/11/2018
Jaiden is cool and also means "a treasure".
― Anonymous User  2/18/2018
The name Jaiden in my opinion is a great name for boys and girls and means "precious gem" or "heard from God".
― Anonymous User  2/18/2018
I think that the name Jaiden is better for boys than girls. No offense to any girls named Jaiden, it just doesn't sound right.
Livisnotonfire  11/17/2017
It makes me sad that everyone seems to hate this name, but I personally love it. I named my son Jaiden. He was born in 2010 and at the time I just heard the name and liked it. I never heard anything negative about it. The name is popular for his age group anyway so by the time he's an adult, it'll be a common name. Times are changing. To all the people that hate this name... more than likely your children will have a best friend or even be married to an Aiden/Jaiden/Jayden in the future. Get over it!
― Anonymous User  5/6/2015
Dear god how I hate this 'name' and its millions of variants. I think the -aden trend is far worse than the -arry trend, at least there were names with that ending like Mary and Carrie before the trendy names like Larry and Barry came around, plus I don't think there was as much hesitation about how well those names would age. However, -aden doesn't even sound like a name. It just sounds rather unpleasant no matter what letter you put in front of it.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2013
I get the feeling parents who choose the name "Jaiden" do so in the fond belief that it looks classier or more feminine than "Jayden".

The poor, deluded fools.
keepitreal  1/29/2011
No offense but this name looks very tacky especially on a girl.
number1212  8/29/2008
I think this name is poop for either boy or girl. It's just Aiden (another sub-par yet trendy name) with a J tacked on. Incredibly tacky for a girl, and it's not great for a boy either. Either way, it gives the impression that their mother had them when she was a teenager and completely lacks creativity.
paintwolf  8/2/2008
No matter how you spell this name, it's utter crap for females. It might work on tomboys, but when they hit age 13, the name already sounds bad on them, and it sounds bad on androgynous women, or will is more like it. I'm not against aden names on principle, as some rhyming names are inevitably popular. Just think of all the -ene and -een names of the forties and fifties and how they were forced upon country babies who were going to wind up ditzy. Think of names like Larry, Barry, Gary, Harry, and the likes. -aden names aren't that bad, but they sure are common, so having this name must be a pain in the ass for a kid.
slight night shiver  6/6/2008
Oooooh! Jaden all fancied up! Trash by any other name would smell as rank.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2007
The only thing worse than a usurped and mutated Biblical name is another massacred version. Utter crap.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
Well as you can guess my name is Jaiden, I'm a girl and the oldest person I have ever found called that (I was born in 1988). According to my mom she made my name up in 1976 and decided she would call her child that irrespective of gender. Lucky me. Anway so that is the supposed origin of this name although obviously it's not necessarily true.
jaiden  10/21/2005

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