"...showing tremendous growth over only two decades. It has since declined."As always.Jayden, Cayden, Brayden... I like none.
Not as bad as people make it out to be from what I see.
It’s not that bad actually, but gives off a cringy tiktok boy vibe.
As a person of Gen Z, I would say I’ve met and heard of maybe 10 people with the name Jayden or similar. Very 2000’s name and popular for my generation. It’s either this, or some other spelling. I’ve seen Jayden, Jaden, Jaeden, Jadeon, and even Jhayden... With that being said, I don’t think this a bad name or anything, but I do definitely prefer it on a male and the spelling Jayden and Jaden are best. This name is very dated, youthful, and some of the spellings are atrocious. It’s doesn’t deserve the flack it gets but it is most definitely jaded. I can’t wait to see the day this finally comes off the charts. I’m sure it can fit an adult some day. We just have to see the Jayden’s of today grow up. I’ve seen this name on a girl too but I don’t care for it. Use Jade or even Jada.
This name is very popular for my generation. Nonetheless, I still think it’s a cool name. I do view it as unisex, as it says. I prefer the name Zayden, anyways. I think the people in this comment section took it too far. How could you say that about a person? You can share your dislikes, but this is appalling behavior. Especially that comment talking about a Jayden getting sexually molested by a family member?!? Seriously, what is your issue? I’m talking to you, Anon on 2/11/2021. That’s not an opinion, dude.
Ubiquitous Americana circa 2008. It’s the modern day Chad. We can only hope it’s reached the peak of the bell curve and it is headed back down from whence it came. Teachers just can’t handle four Jayden’s in every class of 25 for much longer,
Jayden isn't a bad name, per say. I know a girl who's about to get her doctorate named Jayden. I like how Unisex it is, tbh.
I know someone named Jayden and they are highly unintelligent but that doesn't mean the name is bad. Also idc what you say, Jayden is a weird name for a girl. Name them Jaiden or Jaden or Jade or Jaidyn.
I don’t understand why people like this name. Why choose trashy names like Jayden, Ayden, Brayden, or Kayden? I personally think there are better names out there.
I’m so tired of this name and its neighbors, Jayden, Kayden, Aiden/Ayden. This name is very trashy and tacky. Every Jayden I’ve met has been really naughty. It’s disgusting on a girl, and the parents of Jaydens don’t seem to parent their kids. Kids with these types of names tend to steal and grow up to be playground bullies. Jayden is real trailer trash.
Obviously not a name most people, including me, are too crazy about - but hey, it's a name and there are people who like it.
I can understand why people don't like this name. I know many people with this name. Most people spell it a different way. I've seen Jayden, Jaden, Jadon, Jaidyn, and Jaidan, all different spellings on both boys and girls. It's more common for boys, though. I don't think that I would use this name. It's way too common in my age group. I don't particularly like it. But, I love Jade for a girl. I prefer Jade as a middle name, but it would be beautiful as a first name too.Of the names with the "-aden suffix", I have to say that I prefer Aidan. Aidan is a name with history that means "little fire". How cool is that? FIRE! I like fire, hehe. Aidan is also a fairly common name for my generation. But, I don't care. It's one of my absolute favorite names! My favorite name for a girl, Seraphina, also means "Fiery ones". I love it, a lot. Fire is cool. No, I'm not a pyromaniac, I swear.
This name is going to be so dated... it's already kinda dying down now. Even Zayden has kinda slowed down. I wonder if it'll get really dated and come back. It's got nicknames I guess, though Jade is prettier for a girl.
Absolutely hideous!
Hey, female Jayden here. Not sure what y'all are on about. Jayden is a unisex name. Sure it is used more for males but that doesn't make it entirely masculine. It's that mindset that really made me confused about my gender, especially as a child. I remember one time when I was a young child a doctor asked me if I was a boy, and boy, did it catch me off guard. However I'm very comfortable with my femininity and though my name may be more on the masculine side, I am 100% cisgender female. And as much as I think it'd be cool to change my name, I'm comfortable with it.
LOVE the name Jayden! I knew a boy with this name and he's funny. I feel bad for girls with this name, Jayden is WAY too masculine.
Jayden for a boy, Jaiden for a girl. Simple.
If you name your son Jayden/Jaiden/Jaidyn you may as well conclude:1. He will be dead before the age of 25.2. He will be doomed to wear high visibility clothing and never see the inside of an office building for the term of his natural life.3. He will be a party to teen pregnancy either as the biological or cuckold father.4. He will not attend university, unless mowing the lawns there.5. He will be sexually molested or put in a coma by an adult family member.6. He will be glassed or one punched in the head outside a workers club on a pay Friday.7. His smartphone will have a cracked screen for longer than 2 months.
Real classy, Anon.
Sounds like someone who came from a trailer park or a housing development. I don't care for made up names in general. Jason and Justin are better, more respectable names.
This name is horrid. I wonder if any parents have named their child Gayden?
It made me sick when I saw this as a unisex name because it’s not even a very nice name.
This spelling is hideous.
Bleh. Too trendy.
I honestly don’t know why this name gets so much hate. Anyways, this name isn’t feminine. Yeah it’s trendy, and likely it’s gonna be really dated in the future, but it’s not the worst I ever heard.
Ew, no.
Jayden is literally a unisex name. What are you guys going on about lol.
I can't for the life of me see this on a boy.
I prefer Jaiden or Jaden for a girl.
It's a nice name, name gender can go both ways. Plus, the nicknames are cute. Ex. Jade, Jay.
I liked a guy named Jaedon in HS. I had a mind-blowing crush on him oh my god. So, I like the name spelled like that, but don't like any other spelling. I have a good feeling about this name because he turned me on to Led Zeppelin. Best band of all time. Thanks, man.
Jayden sounds unprofessional, juvenile, and made-up. It also sounds way too masculine for girls. I can't believe some people actually think this name is "unique". Nope, it's just following another obnoxious, tired trend, and spelling it differently doesn't change that.
It is honestly not as bad as people say it is. It does sound very masculine which has that going for it, and I agree with others that it is in no way feminine and looks awful on a female (never heard it on a female, btw). I think maybe a more traditional middle name would help this name, good middle names for Jayden would be Alexander and Thomas.
I don’t care for this name, but I think it is better suited for boys. It does not sound remotely feminine.
I LOVE this name! I think it’s my favorite girl name. I disagree with the comment below, Jayden is a great name for a girl. I think I’d spell it Jaidyn so it can be more unique! :)
Dose not sound feminine at all.
I love this name for a boy and a girl! I prefer this spelling to Jaden. I don't get all the hate on this wonderful name. I'd like to know what THESE people's names are. Probably names like Emma or Olivia, lol.
Yall can hate on my name all yall want, I love it tho... your comments just make me laugh A LOT.
My name is Jayden. And yes, I agree with some people that this name is youthful and comedic.
I think it's good.
Hideous form of Jadon.
I think it is a great name but it does sound a little plain.
A very idiotic and meaningless name to give to any kid. Go for either James, Jacob/Jakob, or the original Jadon instead of this.
Most people will ditch the name anyway for James or Jacob/Jakob, doesn't matter which one. Other countries may reject Jayden for the more traditional forms of Jacob e.g. Jacques in French, James or Santiago in Spanish, Jakub in the Slavic langauges, and either Jacob or Jakob in the Germanic and Scandinavian languages.
Variant of James and or Jacob.
My name is "Jayden" and I happen to be a girl. Stop being rude saying it's a "trashy" name. It is not trashy.
Honestly, I like this name. I don't think it's trash, all names were made up at one point. It doesn't age well because it's a new name, but in like 60 years it won't be that new.
Another horrible version of an awful name.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jayden who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 529th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jayden who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 611th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name's Jayden and I'd have to agree with some people that the name kinda seems like it's becoming really popular now and makes me feel like I have the name of a young kid. I'm twenty right now and just tell most people to just call me Jay.
Not one bit feminine, not ONE!
Ugh, KILL THIS NAME WITH FIRE! If I never hear this idiotic excuse for a name again, it will be too soon. It's sad to know that there are so many bandwagon-hopping sheep out there that cursed their kids with this horrible name. I also think that this is the one that started the whole -den name craze. All of the made up, ridiculous, and "kre8ively" spelled names with that stupid suffix need to go away and never come back.
The comments here are really out of hand. I don’t care for the name Jayden at all, honestly: it’s trendy, without meaning, and a bit insubstantial. With that said, though, it’s not nearly as Earth-shatteringly horrible as the comments here make it out to be. It’s not a name only used by “trash” (wow, the classist implications of that word are pretty sad, to be quite honest). It’s not only used by uneducated people. Finally, it won’t “age poorly”— it will be dated, sure, but in 2055 it will fit a 50-year-old because there will be a lot of 50-year-olds named Jayden. Fifty years ago, Linda was a name only found on the young, now look at it. Names are cyclical and impressions of them change with the decades.
I'm a girl named Jaidyn and I personally love my name and am proud to have it. My parents chose the name because they thought it was a pretty name and had actually rarely heard it before. I guess I was born before it became really popular, in 1999. I love my name and don't see why so many people have a problem with it. If you don't like a name, that doesn't mean you should attack it.
Best name ever!
Jayden - Wasn't that a brand of 1970s toilet cleaner?
Sounds like a 10 year old boy who has an iPad mini holding a fidget spinner. Me no like.
The name Jayden is a great.
This name is made up. Who names their child something made up from a TV show? Besides can you picture a brain surgeon, CEO, or president name Jayden? This name is unimaginable on someone over 25 for me. Why not use Jason or Jade or Jada, or spell it Jadon?
This name is way too youthful. Jayden sounds like a boy under 6. On top of that, you can't even make a formal name for this name besides Jay. Please think about your grown-up child before choosing this name.
Vile! It's even worse than Mason!
I once knew someone named "Jaden". I've seen him since he was born. I always thought for years his name was Jayden and spelt it that way. I'm for modern names, but this -ayden thing is too much (no offense).
Ya'll are so negative. I LOVE the name. I especially love the way it's spelled (JAYDEN). So many of the comments say that it irritates you because the name looks BUTCHERED. I think that it is best spelled Jayden.
I'm thrilled to see this joke of a name losing its popularity.
The name Jayden was given to 389 girls born in the US in 2016.
This name is not just for males, it is a unisex name. As a matter of fact my name is Jayden and I wasn't born to parents that are poor or rich. I love my parents. I was named after my grandfather Jay. He had cancer and died 5 years ago. I love my name and I wouldn't change it for the world. I understand that it's not common for a female to have the name Jayden. My name never gets spelled correctly. Some might say my name is 'butchered' but it's not- if you sound it out you get Jay-Den not Ja-Den or Ja-Dyn.
Ghastly, chavvy name - you know the kind of parents a boy has if he's called Jayden! On a par with Mason & Tyler - avoid at all cost!
I saw a little girl (around 3-5) with the name Jayden today. I've never been a fan of the Americans' Jaydens Aydens Haydens Braydens and Zaydens et cetera ad infinitum ad nauseum. However, the name really seemed to suit the young girl. Her parents were well-dressed (not ballgowns or suits but just presentably dressed) and respectable people. It is rather rude to brand all who use the name as trashy - even though some may be - there are normal well rounded people who do give this name to their children as it is a name that they like!
How does such this name get so popular? It first was used towards the beginning of the nineties and got extremely popular after Britney Spears's son was born. Similar to Mason's pattern. It has Biblical routes with the spelling Jadon but this is a Biblical butchering. This name is plain as well. As popular as it was in in the 2000s, it also needs a big break. Overall, it is one of my least favorite names.
Jayden is a girl's name, I know this because it's my name which was given to me 48 years ago. Jayden was not a common name when I was growing up and I went through hell in school because of it. I have yet to run into anyone older with that name. I was named after my late grandmother who was french, so yes this is a very old, old name lol. The real meaning of this name 'gift from God' not the different meanings on here. For the ones who don't like my name it's okay because I love my name and I am very proud to be named after my grandmother.
When I named my daughter Jayden in 2001, it was not nearly as popular as it is now. In fact, at the time, my husband and I had never heard it before(Britney had not yet had her 2nd) I thought it was lovely and flowed very well with her middle name. I stand by that decision. I think it's very pretty and had aged well. I understand some people don't like it, there are several names I don't like, I just don't understand the need to trash it and insult the parents who lovingly picked this name.
I didn't know people were naming their daughters Jaden. Doesn't sound feminine at all. Just go with Jada/Jayda.
Look this name is not trashy, a name is only trashy if its owner is. I'm a proud female/male with the name Jaden and I have never once been called white trash or picked on because of my name, and I don't understand why people would post such rude comments about the name. If you don't like the name Jayden, Jaden, Jaiden (whatever spelling) nobody is forcing you to name you kid Jayden, but don't go around calling people who you don't even know things like "white trash" or ridicule them for the name.
I filed this comment under Jayden because Jayden is the most popular spelling of the name, but it could have gone under Jaden, Jadyn, Jaydyn, etc.I hate the name Jayden, plain and simple. I dislike all made-up names, but this one doesn't even sound good. It's two trendy syllables plonked together to make a new "name". It has no meaning or history, and the Biblical name is actually Jadon, not Jaden or any spelling thereof. I think Jadon has been tainted by association with Jayden, but Jadon is still a legit name and is still usable, unlike Jayden.The part that bothers me the most about Jayden is its immense popularity. As a boy name, it has hit the following peaks:
United States: #4, with 0.837% use in 2010
Australia: #14 in 2003, with 385 uses in 2002
Belgium: #69, with 150 uses in 2014 (and still going up)
BC, Canada: #17 in 2012, with 152 uses in 2007
England & Wales: #26, with 0.736% use in 2009 :o
Ireland: #43 in 2012, with 0.542% use in 2013 :o
Netherlands: #4, with 0.849% use in 2008 :o
New Zealand: #13, with 250 uses in 2008
N. Ireland: #32, with 85 uses in 2011
Scotland: #26, with 231 uses in 2008When someone enlightens me as to why this trendy, tacky, trashy "name" was so popular the world over, I will be immensely grateful. But until then, keep calm and hate the name Jayden. Jason is a much better, and actually legit, name that's now less than half as popular as Jayden.
I almost named my son Jayden but changed it to Dylan instead. The name is popular because it's a nice name. I don't think there is such a thing as a trashy name unless it's way out there.
I've loved this name for as long as I can remember. It seems like it can suit a variety of people. Where I live, I am constantly bombarded with little boys named Aiden, but I have never met a Jayden. I know it's popular, but I really do love it.
I really like the name Jayden. It is one of the most common names in the US. I find the idea that a top 10 name will not age well to be ridiculous. The name will age as the child ages. This name has been a common name for 20 + years and existed prior to that. The reason why people cannot picture a 30 year old man or woman named Jayden is because the name did not become popular until about 20 years ago. That is the same reason why people cannot picture a 50 year old woman named Heather. The name Heather did not get to be common until 45 years ago. I find the name Jason to be quite boring and a poor substitute for the name Jayden. A name does not get to be a top 10 name, if it is only used by "white trash". There is nothing trashy about this name.
I am highly offended with the 'white trash' comments as well as 'give your child a name he can be proud of' along with other rude and offensive comments that seem to be the norm here. My son's middle name is Jayden and it had NOTHING to do with where it came from, who named their kid it, being white trash (which I am NOT) etc at all! His first name is Christopher and we wanted something to go with it and sounded good. James was my first option, his father, whose middle name is James, wouldn't agree with it so I went with Joshua instead. But the closer I got to delivery day, the less I liked the way Joshua sat with Christopher. We spent DAYS looking through baby sites for names starting with a 'J' name that would sit nicely as we wanted to shorten it to CJ. As his father and his Grandfather have both always been called LJ, we thought it would be nice to have it carry on. We didn't pick it based on Will Smith's or Brittney Spears' sons. We have always chosen to stay away from news and media when picking names for that very reason. My partner wanted Jayden and it was only fair because I got first name. I like it, my son likes it and not once have I EVER regretted it or had rude comments made in regards. It fits well and it flows nicely and it was a name we could BOTH agree on. Just because you all think it's 'trashy', made up or whatever doesn't give you the right to abuse those who choose to use it because if that be the case, you can start bagging on at my youngest son's name who is named 'Brayden'! We ALL have the right to name our children without others having to feel they have a say in the matter! If you don't like it, lets leave it at that without the negative comments on social media. Parents who may be considering it or have used it don't need to see such horrible comments! We are all adults here so why not grow up?!
I love this name along with Hayden, Kayden, Zayden, Brayden, Rayden - but only for men. You will see that these strong, manly names age well.
This is by far my favorite boy's name. It has been around longer than a lot of people think. We can't be naming our kids Elizabeth and Christopher forever (even though those names are nice).
This name makes me want to barf. PLEASE people, lets bring back some classy, substantial names instead of trendy trash like Jayden.
Norman Jayden is a character in the video game Heavy Rain.
Enough with this name! Not only does it not age well, it sounds similar to girl name Jade.
Currently the 9th most popular boy's name in the United States... It's not horrible, I guess, but I don't understand its popularity.
The popularity of this name scares me, and I was going to rant about hating it but I think other people have already made it pretty clear. Rules of naming your child: do not use trendy "aden", "aiden", or especially "ayden" endings. It's for the sake of humanity. Thank you.
Well I have read some of the comments, and you're all wrong about it being trashy. My name is Jayden, and everyone that I tell that to says "It's a very pretty/beautiful name".
A name that advertises lower education levels and/or socioeconomic status. It doesn't matter if this is true or not on an individual basis; nothing can change the fact that it is a name strongly associated with poorer, less educated people. (Not necessarily a bad thing, but true.)
I'm sorry my name offends so many people. I didn't realize it was such a stupid name. Neither do I care. I happen to be a proud GIRL with the name Jayden. That's been my name ever since the day my parents named me. My name doesn't have any significance but that doesn't mean you can trash it. Yes, Jayden is a common name but that doesn't mean it's stupid. I understand many people probably don't like that name and they feel the need to voice their opinions about it, but that's not gonna change the fact there are still going to be people named Jayden, whether they're boy or girl.
Omg stop naming your kids Jayden. About 5 years ago it seems like 90% of new babies both girl and boy were being named Jayden. It was in the top 10 most common names in the US for a while. A former coworker had a baby a few years back and named her daughter this, and when I asked why she said she ran into someone else who named their baby this and thought it was cute. I bet roll call in first grade classes are like "Jayden A., Jayden B., Jayden M., Jayden N., Brian, Jayden W..."
I like the biblical meaning of the name Jayden. I named my second baby Jayden on the 30 October 2014.
I personally dislike this name (way too modern, trendy & made up) it's just very juvenile and not very mature but its certainly NOT for a girl
Once again; ANOTHER male name that's sadly labeled as "unisex".
I think it's a cute name and to all those who are saying how dare people divert from classic names, what on earth do you want the world to do call everyone Henry and Ethel? What you think is a tacky name is not to others and I bet half of those commenting poorly on the name have less than interesting or good names themselves. I have a very unusual name that I am more than scared of having now that I have seen a name as simple and common as Jayden be trash talked. Any name can be trashy if given to a trashy person. I work in a nursing home and have so many residents named Margaret, Phyllis, Jean, Joyce and Gwen not to mention the Les, John and Walters. Stop picking on the name, simply say I don't like it and move on, you become trash when you trash talk!
Honestly, this is a crap name. Ugly, trendy, tacky, trashy and of course, so unintellectual sounding.
In my previous comment about this name I said a lot of negative things like that it's "crap" and "unintellectual sounding"- well, I've found that the name has grown on me. I think the name Jayden sounds very handsome for a guy! :) ♥ I no longer hate this name so apologies for my previous comment. ^-^
Jayden Hodges, an Australian professional rugby league footballer.
Awful, just absolutely horrible. Trashy, made-up (no, It's not from Jadon), hickish, and unintellectual. I can't control what you name your child but please, choose something else. I'd rather name my child Gaylord or Lucifer than this.
I agree with Jason, extremely disgusting name.
Lots of cowards hide behind their comments with "anonymous"
(I think that the site manager might consider not allowing nameless comments) and their comments about Jayden the name are classless. Listen, low educated people! In this country we can give our kids any name and it's nobody's business but the parents'; at a certain age your child might question the parents about their choice, but the law gives you the right to change your name at a certain age. and to explain myself: my name was in the 50's very popular today it is doubtful, in 20 years Jayden will be a silly name. maybe so- it is not your business what name my son will give to my grand son. And be aware: Jayden/Jadon in the Bible means:" God has heard" HE heard your comments goofballs.
I used to label names "trashy" or "not trashy" but I stopped doing that because... Well, I'd like to think that when any mom names her child that she is well-intended and truly loves the name. To read that someone labels your child's name, and thus your child, as "trashy" I'm sure it plain hurts and annoys. Therefore, I don't think it is fair to label Jayden as trashy. I actually think it is a cute sounding name for a boy (I'm not crazy about it for a girl). I picture a Jayden as an athletic high schooler, very popular and handsome. Basically, the cool kid in school.I would consider the name Jayden if I knew there wouldn't be nasty people with a caste-system mentality that would label and discriminate against my child. It's sad that adults would do that to a kid. Every boy can't be Charles or Thomas or George, and every girl can't be Elizabeth or Catherine or Victoria. I don't understand you people with this snotty attitude.
I hate this name with a passion. It's made-up, annoying, hipster and the name of Will smith's no-talent son.
Actually, it is pretty popular in Canada. Look at the chart. And people can state their opinion however they want to, even if its you don't like how they're doing it. It's a fact that Jayden is not a very classy name, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
Well a rocket scientist you are obviously not. Yes, you may wish to state your opinion in any which way you want. But it is people like you, that don't know how to practise their freedom of speech with class or consideration for others, that contribute to the current level of hatred and misery in this world. And no the name Jayden was not popular when we chose it, it just became popular over the last couple of years. This is not because of the high level of "trashyness" here in Canada, but because it is a nice name :-) Not rocket science there either...
I do however want to wish you a lovely day stating your opinions on people or their children, whom you have never met, in a way that is sure to hurt their feelings. *insert applause here*
As far as Jayden being made up name, sure, just like every other name. Language was invented by people, so whether classic and traditional or new and trendy, names were made up by people.
@Anonymous User 2/9/14Stop with the horrible argument " all names were made up at one point" I'm going to post a comment by user Rachel Shaina: "I hate this argument. Yeah, they were all made up, but they came from somewhere, from something in the language. Most names are not just globs of sounds that someone stuck together, they have meanings because they have roots that mean something.Like, what does Lian (the name you 'made up', not the Chinese name) mean? Liam is a short form of William, so is Lian supposed to be the short form of Willian? Which means... what? You can still claim the Germanic wil element, but the second half of the name means nothing. Which means Lian has no meaning."You could have used any name with great meanings like Simon, Mark, Samson, Solomon, Silas, Alexander, Elijah, Donald, Joshua, Dominic, etc., etc. But you chose to use meaningless drivel because "it sounded nice" and "wasn't common" Well so are a lot of actually good, meaningful names. I honestly think you should feel a bit ashamed.
This is my cousins name, but I still really don't like it. It's one of those names with a dozen different spelling variations and it's extremely common.
Bottom line: a White trash wanna be hip name... hate it.
Actually, the only "trashy" thing on this particular page is not the name itself, but the people labelling parents and whole families as trashy for picking a certain name. This is someone's baby you are talking about. I am not personally offended by this. I am happily married, a school teacher with a Masters Degree, and a very loving mommy to my beautiful, very non-trashy son Jayden. Because I live in Canada, this name isn't very common here, and we chose it because it sounded beautiful to us. Of course opinions on names differ significantly, and this is a site where opinions on names are welcome to be freely expressed. But a more CLASSY way to go about this would be to simply state that you don't care for the name, that it isn't a favourite, or that you wouldn't choose this name for your child. So maybe instead of coming on here to call people trashy and to hate on cute little baby names no matter what they are, you people ought to work on not being so miserable and rude and taking the time to look up the words "classy" and "tactful".
I actually always liked this name. Plus, the spelling makes more sense than "Jaden" which looks more like Jaw-den or Jah-den. Unfortunately, it isn't a traditional name. But for Hollywood, Spears picked pretty well.I have never heard of girls using it either, but the internet claims it's a unisex name.
This awful, trashy, "kre8tiv" name makes me want to vomit. Seriously? Why on earth would you name your child this? I'd never be able to take someone named "Jayden" seriously. This whole idea of all these trendy names is making me lose faith in humanity. All I can say is, it's going to be hilarious in 70 years when there's a bunch of old men walking around with the atrocious moniker "Jayden".
This name is way too overused! Off the top of my head I can think of 6 babies named Jayden that are 3 or under and if I actually put thought into it, more. I don't agree that it's a name for only "trashy" or "uneducated" though. The people who've named their children I know aren't all "uneducated, trashy or teen moms". I am really sick of it though. I know I've heard plenty more people who've named their kid Jayden. In fact in my area (Metro Detroit) the name Jayden is used much more than the other top 3 names.
"Working class" does not equal "trashy." Just so ya know.Anyway, about Jayden... I don't think it's as bad as everyone says it is, but I'm tired of hearing it. It's being used so much, it has no personality.
Undeniably déclassé. The "Jade" sound is also very feminine. I'm pretty horrified that this name is so popular, but I'm guessing it must be used by large numbers of teenage and/or uneducated parents.
I have a friend with this name who is the same age as me. He is very nice, and not working-class or trashy at all. He does get teased for his name, though. I don't see this as a low-class name at all. It's more bearable than the other -aden names.
One of the trashiest names for guys! I know so many Jaydens and I wonder why people like this name so much. I just dislike names ending with 'ayden', names with spelling changed and made up names.
I am about ready to weep for our society because of all these uneducated, unwed teenaged mothers naming their out-of-wedlock child, "Jayden." Whenever I hear this name, I'll always think of a young lady of the aforementioned characteristics updating her Facebook status with, "Like, OMG, I'm a mommy to baby JAYDEN!" right after she gives birth.
Jayden Smith (Will Smith's son) ;)
I don't understand why this name is so popular. It's awful and so tacky.
I can't stand this name. To me, a name has to have special meaning to the parents whether it's to honour a relative, a famous person, character in fiction or if it's just an already established name they like.Most parents seem to be naming their sons Jayden, however, just to be "hip" and "cool". I seriously can't imagine having an Uncle Jayden or a Grandpa Jayden. Parents, if you want to name your kid this, choose a similar name that isn't a mish-mash of syllables that sounds vaguely name-like. Consider Jason, Aidan or Jacob.
A few years back, when Jaden (not Jayden, Jaden without a y) was just beginning to be used more, I actually thought that it was kind of a cool name. But now there are just way too many names popular that rhyme with it, plus this spelling is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that people (apart from a few idiots) would understand that Jaden is pronounced Jay-den, and not Jah-den. I mean, they can manage Jada and Jade without the y, right? I blame Britney Spears on the sudden popular of this spelling.
The spelling of this makes me shudder. I think Jaden and Jadon age a lot better. He won't be a cute little baby boy forever, you know.
Another trendy, vapid, infantile, meaningless name that's only popular because it rhymes with "maiden." I can't think of anything else to say that hasn't already been said, but please, please don't name your child this, especially when there are so many legitimate names that sound similar (Jason, Justin, Jacob, etc.).
Jaden I can deal with, but Jayden looks strange. Almost feminine. I'm surprised it's so popular in the US, especially when not that many people seem to like it.
It just screams "Trendy housewife mommy!" Dumb, dumb name.
I cannot stand this -ayden trend for baby boys and girls! Not a fan of this name at all.
I'm not a fan of this name. No offense to anyone named it, but I think the name Jayden sounds unoriginal, juvenile, and a bit trashy. I don't think it would age well and I'm more of a fan of traditional names.
Most despicable, trashy boy name out there. I hate it even more than Gertrude.
When I hear the name Jayden, I think of very young and /or uneducated parents. IMO James, Jacob and Jason sound much better. So does Aidan.
Some people have called Jayden a Biblical name, but this is incorrect. The closest similar name in the Bible is Jadon, who is mentioned in passing in Nehemiah 3:7. Jayden seems to be a made-up name of recent origin.
In Australia this is understood to be a bogan name. Calling your son Jayden is an act of class defiance - it clearly tells the world: "Yes I'm trash and my child is trash and we always will be trash, and I'm proud to be trash"Rather admirable in a way.
I hate this name. It's so tacky, will not age well, and absolutely meaningless.
Jayden is a nice name. Unfortunately Jay is just too plain.
Please don't give this horrible name to a beautiful, innocent baby. It's awful.
Can't people PLEASE just start using Jason again? I'd even prefer Jayson over Jaden or Jayden. It has all the popular sounds that people like to mash together to make new "names", too.At least it doesn't sound like the name of a three year old with trashy parents.
This name has absolutely no class. It is neither masculine nor feminine, and nobody deserves to be called this.
I don't even dislike the way this is pronounced, but it's spelling irks me. I'd be perfectly fine with JADEN but JAYDEN looks butchered. I'm sick of little girls named Jadyn (ugh, the spelling already irritates me). Just name her Jade or something.
I love this name and this variant. I don't like the Jaden or Jaiden variant, but this one is great!
This name is so ugly especially on girls.
I know this is the name of the son of my favorite singer (Britney Spears), but it just looks infantile and will not age well.
I like the name Jayden. At one time it was quite unique. And it existed long before Star Trek the Next Generation. I also don't consider it a "white trash" name, since, at birth in 1961 I was given that name by my father (named after a friend of his from his days in the Navy )so it's not a name that has its origin just in the last 20 years. I was told the origin is Celtic, but I've never read anything to back that up. Also, since it is my first name, I also consider it quite masculine. Jayden.
You must be a rare exception. Jayden is very modern but it's obvious that anyone at any point could have decided to 'elaborate' on Jay. In Australia and New Zealand it's considered EXTREMELY down market and it's been around for a good ten or so years. In the UK it's quintessential chav. It's hardly got a good rep in the US either (especially since Britney Spears used it). Are you living under a rock?
It's not that this is a bad name, I actually think it's rather cute. But therein lies the problem: it is so utterly infantile that I can't comprehend why it has become so popular. I can't imagine a 14 year old named Jayden, much less an 80-year-old man (or woman, which is even worse). I don't think parents put much thought into how this name will age with their child. In fact, I don't think parents that name their children Jayden put much thought into the name at all. It's an invented name with no meaning, no notable bearers, no history. It has no reason to be this popular. There are nicer names out there. And please, don't even get me started on the delusional people who call this name "unique".
I'm frankly so surprised that recently invented names such as Jayden are becoming so popular for both boys and girls. I can't understand why parents would want to use an invented name that's become so common rather than choosing a classic and classy name. There are so many quality classic names that have not been overused lately and that sound original. Choose one of those instead - your children will thank you!
I love the name Jayden for a boy and the variants Jaden and Jadian. Very cool and masculine names for boys. With the meaning of precious stone I believe. From the variant name Jade.
This name is no more suitable for females than Aidan and Hayden are. The names might work on tomboys to some extent, but they will sound quite asinine on females, ANY females, past the age of 12. You know, as soon as they start getting boobs and hips. They can't be mistaken for males forever, and when that happens, a boyish name is not going to sound good on them, no matter how butch they look. And really, Aidan and Hayden are perfectly good names; why choose this bastardization?
The quintessential white trash name.
I really like this name and well respect those other people who don't. But I like the name Aidan too so I think I like the spelling Jaidan better than the original version. Therefor naking it more unique. :)
I don't like the word "trashy" but Jayden is a fine example if ever there was one. It's nasty and seedy. Maybe that's why trash poppette Britney Spears used it. Sean got the good name.
What kind of moron gives their kid this name? Ok, here's a rule of thumb- if the name originated from a TV show, do not give the name to your kid. You will look like a stupid, no-class, trailer park hick. You may very well be a stupid, no-class trailer park hick, but don't you want something better for your kids?
I have a friend who spells this name as Jaidon, I personally like the name and I don't think it's trashy at all.
This name is taken from the series 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'; season 7, episode 16. Prior to its airing on 02/14/1994, there are no known occurences of this name in its present form.The only famous bearer of the name thus far is the character 'Data' from the show.
I'd just like to point out that the person who claimed back in 2007 that there were no occurrences of the name "in its present form" (by which I assume the spelling "Jayden" is meant) before the "Star Trek" episode in 1994 is incorrect. Social Security's name lists show 25 Jaydens born in 1990, 38 in 1991, 45 in 1992, and 77 in 1993. The writers of "Star Trek" were picking up on a newly popular baby name as a character name (as often happens) -- but they were not the first ones to use that spelling,
A turd that will not flush. Jayden is as trashy as they come.
I really like this name. I probably do prefer the Jaden spelling though.
I love this name for a girl!
Yuck! I never liked this name in the first place and why it's so popular and trendy is beyond my comprehension.
This was the name given to Data from Star Trek: TNG by a group of aliens when he crashed on their planet.
Quite a nice name, I don't know why it is unpopular.
I really like this name. The reason its so popular is because it's such a cute name. When a cute name exists of course everyone wants to use it. I think it's an adorable name.
Names can have many different origins and meanings. Depending on the orgin using the name depends on the meaning. Yes Jayden can be said to derive from Jadon the biblical name, however, Jayden in English means Fire Bird. Just this spelling of Jayden is. It is the cross combination of Jay which is latin for bird and Aiden which is Celtic for fire. Therefore in English has the meaning of Firebird. I really like this name.
Jayden means "Fire bird" in English? I think my pancreas just split from the mega gut laugh I had over that.
The name Jayden for a girl OR a boy rocks.
This name has gone bonkers in my country. I guess the spread was pretty rapid from the U.S. It seems to just be the lower end of the socio-economic bracket that uses this name along with Riley and Mackenna etc. Just an observation. Personally, it is just a tacky and gender confused mess.
This name is an absolute shocker. Corrupted from Jadon (jah-don) and the most pathetically boring and trashy choice. Probably why Ms Spears used it (and Sean was SO well named.) Why oh why Jayden?
Britney Spears named her second son Jayden James, he was born on September 12th 2006.
I am still shocked to hear this one described as unique by deluded fools. It has gone pandemic! We are in the hot zone.
Hi, I am from New Zealand, and was born in 1975 and given the name Jayden at birth. I have been told that my parents could not decide between the names Jade and Eden, so compromised with Jayden.
Jayden is a nice name for a boy. I know it is used for girls as well but for myself I would only use it for a boy. I prefer the biblical spelling Jadon.
David Boreanaz of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame named his son Jayden Raine.
I had no knowledge of its existence prior to 1984 when I coined "Jayden" as a Dungeons & Dragons character name. Later, a friend of mine named one of his kids after that character.Some sites list the meaning of Jayden as "God has heard". For me, it was just a cool name for an elf with no etymological roots. If anyone knows of any 'Jayden's born prior to 1984, especially in New Zealand (and people who haven't changed their name by deed poll or nom de plume/privacy reasons) flick me an email []. I'm just curious, is all.

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