Very pretty name but hard to imagine it on a grown woman.
StormySundae  3/3/2021
It's pretty! I like how carefree it is.
noisynora  2/25/2021
Jayla doesn’t really sound like jailer. Anyhow, I’m not a big fan. I much prefer Jaya.
ciara23  1/4/2021
I like this name as it is my own. When I looked it up it meant child of god.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2020
Childish, I don’t like it at all.
AbbeyDawn  6/27/2020
I don't like made-up names.
someone-  11/9/2019
I like this name. Jayla is good name. If people don't like the name they should've thought about that when they looked it up. Just saying.
Anders1234  4/27/2019
Not really fond of the "jail" sound.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2019
I did research on the name Jayla as it is my own, and it brought up love, kindness, joyful, etc.
Undertale_Lover.exe  9/6/2018
Okay, I'm a Jayla. I'm 30 (it's 2018) and when I was in pre-k there was a teacher (assuming she was in her 20's-30's) who had the same spelling and everything. So that's like 60 years. I'm in KANSAS.
captain_jayla  6/20/2018
My name is Jayla and in no way does it sound like “jail” or “jailer”. And it is not trashy or ghetto or low class. It might not have a set meaning like every other name in the world but that’s because it’s unique. No one wants to have a name that seventeen other girls in your school have. How unoriginal.
Kueenie  4/11/2018
It feels like you combined Jayden and Kayla, and that bothers me that both of those names are so youthful and dated.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2018
My name is Jayla and it does not sound like jailer.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2017
I had no idea that the name "Jayla" had become trendy. I see that a few people have tried to find out what it means, and there are a few who have made it as a variant from other languages, including Hebrew, Sanskrit and Arabic, or a female variant of Jay. Our Jay is actually the pronunciation of her mother's initials... JLA. It was preferred to "junior".
Acidfrost59  7/11/2017
It sounds like jailer? Haha what about the name Taylor? Jayla is super cute! Why are people wasting their time in speaking so badly about the name... who cares?!
juli_88  4/7/2017
This is my birth name and I absolutely HATE it. It sounds too new and trendy. As a 15-year-old, I'd rather be named something classic like Meredith or Laura. My sister even has a nice name, Kelsey. But I'm stuck with a crazy mixture of popular syllables. I call myself Jay, and I'll probably legally change it to Jay or Jasper. Not to mention my mother spelled my middle name in the most kreatyv way she could (Briana [Bree-Ahn-Uh] spelled Breeannah).
― Anonymous User  3/29/2017
Jalyah was the name of the alien character played by Sofia Boutella in Star Trek Beyond (2016).
tarajso  1/24/2017
Jayla sounds low class.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2016
I mean my name is Jayla and I've never in my life related it to Jail or Jailer, It's kind of rude to call it tacky and trashy because I'm neither of the two. :") Also it's ghetto, thank you very much.
Eyebrowsss  11/5/2016
My name is Jayla. The reason is because my mother went to jail a lot so she named me Jayla to remind her that I'm the reason she doesn't want to go back to jail. So yes, maybe it sounds like jailer so I love my name because not once has she been in jail.
jaylawal  11/1/2016
Well I have a niece whose name is Jaila but the pronunciation is in Spanish because both her mom and dad are Puerto Ricans and her mom's name is Sheila and she wanted something that sounded the same so she came out with Jaila. You could write it in any way, even Jeila. Just don't bash the name and call it trashy and all. If you don't like it, just don't use it!
Lovelyone  6/22/2016
I believe Jayla is a wonderful name. It isn't too overused and also reading the comments I see many of you felt that Jayla would sound a lot like Jailer if said in a certain tone of voice. The issue with this is nobody says jailer anymore, but they use more common synonyms such as warden, guard, or prison officer which don't sound like any names whatsoever. Even though I feel that everyone may have their own opinion, putting how you dislike the name for invalid reasons is not logical when in reality you probably dislike someone named Jayla and came here to diss the name.
TooMuchHateForMe  6/7/2016
I'm actually a Jaila's mom (pronounced the same as Jayla). For reference Jayla (and Jaila) is a variant of the Arabic name Jala, which means bright or clarity.

I don't live or visit the ghetto (apparently unlike most of those with the ignorant comments) but no one has ever pronounced her name like that (and who uses the word jailer?). Though I'm pretty sure that most of the people who do reside in the ghetto would have no difficulty pronouncing the name correctly (however there are always exceptions and those commenting on the ghetto may have a better reference). In fact, she is generally given compliments on her name. It's a beautiful name that is highly unique.

The name is lovely and I'm sure most of the name-holders are just as lovely.
Jailasmom  2/14/2016
My name is Jayla and I'm 14. I have not had anyone say anything bad about my name. I agree that it tends to be confused with the name Kayla, but other than that if you say the name is too modern, obviously you don't know what you're talking about or you're just confused. I have met plenty of people named Kayla but never once have I met someone named Jayla.
mercyme  2/8/2016
Jayla is a feminine variant of the name Jay, which may derive from Hebrew and mean 'God will protect', or from the Sanskrit meaning 'victory' or from the Greek meaning 'to heal'.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2015
My name is Jayla and I thought it was French but when I read this I honestly like this origin better than French. I love my name :)
JaylaLatreseShep  11/5/2015
I think this name sounds lovely, and it could easily be a feminine form of 'James' or 'Jason' or a variation of 'Jane' or even 'Jade'. People insisting it's "made up" have apparently somehow missed that, ultimately, EVERY NAME is made up at one point or another.
Feorsteorra  6/21/2015
My name is Jayla and I love it. I don't see how Jayla sounds like jailer. When you pronounce the name you say it like Jay the add the suffix la. Most of y'all are saying that it sounds like Jayla, but I think y'all are looking at more of the spelling. Y'all do have a right to say what you want about the name, but I don't think y'all have to be rude and say it's an ugly name and other stuff like that. If you don't like the name then just put that you don't like the name and don't be rude and add all the extra stuff.
JaylaRainge  6/10/2015
I think your comment is ignorant. My daughter's name is Jayla and it sounds no where near like jail any time I say it or hear it. It sounds beautiful to me. I actually got the name off America's Next Top Model, two weeks before she was born. I had no idea what I was gonna name her prior. Her father and I heard the name at the same time and agreed it was the most beautiful name we had ever heard and when she was born she was just as beautiful as her name. Born with the most beautiful blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes in which neither her father nor I have.
Jbarhydt6  3/21/2015
I named my daughter Jayla, after her father. I've ALWAYS got good feedback on her name. We call her Jay or JJ (middle name starts with a J too). It's pretty, simple and unique! We love it, she loves it too. Great name for a little girl!
Namelover86  2/21/2015
My daughter's name is Jayla also and I very much so love the name. We all have personal preferences when it comes to naming our children and so did our parents when they named us. We learn to live with it and leave it and in the end, don't care what others think. I felt that the name was simple and beautiful and it describes my daughter perfectly..."one who is special". Opinions are opinions, and they're just that.
4jayrich  2/17/2015
I highly dislike this name. It sounds tacky. There's no significance behind it.
nicolemichaela  12/31/2014
I love this name! It's my daughters name, as soon as found out I was pregnant I was set on it. I think it's so rude that people are saying rude comments about it. It's beautiful and cute.
Jaylas_mommy  7/31/2014
Ok guys my name is Jayla I know it might sound tacky but you know what you're probably just jealous that my name is only 2 syllables unlike those other ghetto names with five. I'm African American and Belizean. You guys have made me feel horrible because of those comments, so I hope your happy with your judgment of the name, I hope you're happy for breaking a 10 year old's heart.
jaylamonet  4/9/2014
I seriously think it is rude of you people to diss the name Jayla. My name is Jayla and no one at all has ever said any of this stuff. Sure people I once knew had said my name in the ghetto way, but it sounds nothing like jailer when they say the name properly. My name and a lot of other people who have this name have a unique name. It might be a name that is like Kayla, but it isn't the same. Sure it's hard to separate a Kayla and a Jayla, (I know this, my family tries to call me, but calls Kayla or the other way around) but these names are different. Also stop saying harsh comments on my name. It's just rude. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if any one were to diss your name when you love it. Also Jaylamonet don't be broken heart-ed from people's comments on your name. It surely isn't worth it. Also thank you Jaylastarlight. You're awesome!
0riginal_jay_gurl  5/10/2014
Jaylamonet 4/9/14 Why would these comments "break your heart" if you love your name? If you really did, they shouldn't matter. I wouldn't let something like that get to you.

I like how this name sounds but wouldn't use it. Too trendy for my liking. I don't hate it though, and I much prefer it to Kayla!
hattie98  4/10/2014
The name Kayla is growing so popular these days. In my opinion, this makes a spectacular alternative or name for a little girl that ages well. It just sounds so pretty and feminine, and, so far, I'm pretty sure you can give a child this name and not necessarily have to worry about her becoming "Jayla M." after she's started kindergarten.
StarMoon  1/30/2013
I do not agree whatsoever that it sounds too much like "jailer". Who says that word like that? Or that often for that matter? I think this name is very pretty, if said right.
frozenlava  9/20/2009
Jayla Rubinelli was a contestant on America's Next Top Model (fifth season). She finished in fourth place.
erb816  4/30/2009
A pronunciation of 'jailer' does rather come to mind. Plus, the name is simply ugly and harsh-sounding, and even worse than the likewise trashy and youthful Kayla.
slight night shiver  6/8/2008
Too close to sounding like, j-lo (Jennifer Lopez' nickname"), "jello" and "jailer". What about Jaylyn or Jayna or Jayda instead?
leananshae  12/28/2007
This name is sweet and simple. I like it. Even though it DOES sound like someone is saying "jailer" slang-ish.
luciecutiek  11/7/2007
Sounds like "jailer". And no, it is not Biblical. It is made up of two extremely popular sounds.
arrowhead909  8/14/2007
Jayla is a beautiful name. But I would rather spell it Jaylah, it's so beautiful.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2007
This is such an cool name! I use this name for a role-playing character I've created, Jayla Starlight, just like my username says. I can't believe this name is actually on this site! Awesome. =D
jaylastarlight  12/19/2006
Jayla is not an English name. It's origin is Hebrew and biblical. The correct spelling for the name is Jaala. A "h" can be added at the ending of the name, thus the spelling Jaalah. The name can be found in both Ezra and Nehemiah. According to scripture Jaala was one of the servants of Solomon.
sanginsista  9/14/2006
Jayla is definitely not a Hebrew name. Jaala and Jaalah might be Hebrew names but they wouldn't be pronounced like Jayla. Pronounced in Hebrew it wouldn't even sound close to Jayla.

Jayla is made up. A combination of Jay and the popular suffix -la- probably influenced by the name Kayla. It's just a trendy name without a real meaning even though you might say it means the same as Jay."

I think it's ugly and trashy and it sounds like the word "jail".
Lily8  11/12/2008

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