I don’t think this name is trashy at all! I like the way it sounds. It sounds so creative and fun, what’s not to love?
If you really wanna name your kid something that starts with the sound “JAY”, Jade is better than this trash.
It isn't that bad, in my opinion. I think it's kind of pretty!
My best friend's name is Jalee, but said like Jaylee. She's the most kind person I know and I don't get why people are shaming this name, because I think it's beautiful! I've been friends with Jalee since 4th grade, so 6 years now, and I think her name is extremely pretty. It's a mix of her parents names as well so that makes it even more special.
Honestly people are kinda dumb for hating on this name. Yk people like me who have this name do see these comments right? My name comes from my grandfather's first and middle name which is John Lee. I think it’s pretty and mostly feminine. No one's going to think you’re “childish” or “idiotic” because of your name.
First of all, I don’t like the name, second if your name's Jaylee or Jayleigh you probably want to change your name. It’s a bad name. Sorry.
Nah. I hate both names, but I prefer Jaycee.
JayLee is another spelling.
Not the best. I'd much rather Jayla or Kaylee, don't choose both. But I respect all Jaylee's and I know they are very special with a unique name.
This name is for unique people. Thank you.
My name is Jaylee and I absolutely love it. It's unique and creative. I don't really like how much dislike my name is getting though. I really like it and I'll never change my name.
Okay, so first of all my name is Jaylee and I think that it is an amazing name! It's creative and unique. All the people that are saying it's ugly and childish have no right to judge this beautiful name like that. How would you like it if everyone started judging your name? If anything, I prefer Jaylee over Jaylyn or Jayden or anything else. I love my name and I'll never change it and I wouldn't have it any other way.
The PROOF of the name being MASCULINE can also be SEEN by a FOOTBALLER named JAYLEE Hodgson.Jaylee Hodgson (born 5 June 1980 in Nottingham) is an English-born Montserratian footballer who plays as a striker. He has been capped internationally for Montserrat.
I don’t like it at all.
In the UK, this name can also SOMETIMES be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
5 boys in the UK were named JAYLEE in 2001.
My name’s Jaylee and I absolutely love it! It’s unique, and sounds wonderful. Comments saying, “go with Jayla or Kailey”? Those are the blandest most boring names lol.
Even worse than Kaylee.
I love my name. I was so insecure about it at first & people would always remember me as “Hailey, Kaylee or Bailey” & I hated it. But now I love not having the same boring name as everyone else. Still haven’t met anyone else in-person named Jaylee.
Tacky and made-up.
If I seriously had to choose I would choose Jayden 200 percent over this.
One of my bestest friends is called Jaylee and to be honest I think it's lovely!
She is lovely inside and out and it's not just her name.
One question: Why?
Ugly, and fake - skip it please!
I am 34 years old and my name is Jaylee. I am well respected in my place of work as a home health care aide... and before that I was a security officer. Nobody thinks I am childish because of my name and people give me respect because I give them respect! My full name is Jaylee Erin R____. For those of you putting my name down I pray you have a blessed life.
My mom named me Jay’Lee after her little brother who passed away, his name was Jerry but they called him Jayjay and his middle name was Lee so Jay-Lee. I love my name, just hate the fact that people keep naming their kids Jaylee because I like not having a basic name and it being different, but of course people like to copy cat.
My name is Jaylee, I like my name but I would change it though. There's nothing that has my name on!
I prefer Jayleen over Jaylee.
The name Jaylee was given to 353 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is Jaylee. I love my name, sorry if you hate my name but I love it so.
I think my name means... something mystery.
Didn't know this was a name. Jaylee is definitely made up and a very childish name. Don't do it. Go with Jayla or something better.
My daughter's name is Jaylee and I think it's a beautiful name for her. Fits her well too. She was actually named after my brother. James Lee. Also, everyone who meets Jaylee has loved her name. Says it's so beautiful.
My daughters name is Jayleiana. We call her Jaylei for short. I find this name interesting and beautiful. Everyone who asks my daughter's name loves it. They don't find it childish. I love the name. I love that I named my daughter it. And I am 100% positive she will be a well respected young lady. With this name or not.
My name is Jaylee and I love my name. My first and middle name together means joyful rhythm. It's not childish, I still get taken seriously and it's unique.
My name is Jaylee and I love it. People say my name is beautiful and unique. People always take me seriously. Just so you know being 'normal' is not really the best thing being unique is cool and I love my name yall don't have t hate on it just becuase it's not that common or not normal.
Seriously, some people are naming their kid's the most idiotic names these days. Jaylee?! It sounds so childish and unsophisticated.
Wow... My name is getting soooo many dislikes. (Although it's spelled Jay-Lee) I really like my name!
Some of the people bashing the name Jaylee on here sound so ignorant and ridiculous. A person will be taken seriously because of how they carry themselves, not what their name is. And the name is pronounced as one word like Haylee. It drives me crazy hearing people mutilate the name by mispronouncing it. You wouldn't say Hay Lee. Which, if you would pronounce it the correct way, sounds very feminine and not as "two boys names". Jaylee is a cutesy name for a baby or a little girl but also makes a beautiful name for a woman.
I love it and I think it sounds beautiful because of course it is mine! I agree with those who say it's beautiful and disagree with those who say it's not. I got it because my uncle's name is Jim Lee and my other uncle is J.W. so ha!
My daughter's name is also Jaylee. Not Jay Lee how most pronounce it, it's one word! I did not combine the two. I never even heard of the name before, just wanted something different, not something I heard a lot and thought the name was cute. I'd like to know some of your names. Also, how does Jaylee sound trashy? I spelled it just as it sounds not like these names Kailiegh or however you choose to spell it - maybe that's why people think you combine two boys names. Whatever the reason you chose the name it is a nice name, not childish and I agree if my daughter is not taken seriously because of her name, who is the childish one?
I think everyone that is dissing the name Jaylee, has no experience with the name. My name is Jaylee and everyone takes me seriously and sure I'm not fond of my own name, I deal with it and I have slowly grown to like my name. My name is partially from my grandmother's middle name Lee, so Lee isn't necessarily taken from a guy's name. My parents thought that when I got older I could go by Jay or Lee or even Jaylee. I personally prefer to be called JJ by my older siblings.
My daughter's name is Jaylee and I love it. I can't believe everyone's so harsh on here about a child's name. My daughter is taken seriously and anyone who wouldn't take her seriously because of her name is the one who is childish and an idiot. What are all of your names, so we can go trash your names because I bet they aren't as unique and special. A lot of people who have this name, have it because it has been passed down or has a meaning.
Ouch. Coincidentally that's my name. I love it and I think it is wonderful. My name came from a mixture of my parent's middle names. Everyone who has met me says they love my name and think its beautiful. So I agree with them :)
My cousin is named Jalie after our great grandmother. I like this spelling much better than Jaylee.
This is the type of name to give your daughter if you don't want her to be taken seriously as an adult. It sounds perpetually, hopelessly babyish and trendoid, and also like a slang word for someone who's in jail.
Sounds manufactured. Like something you'd name a pop star because their old name was too "boring" to sell records. Personally, these kind of names bug me: Jayden, Karlee, Ainsley--- forget it! Name your kid something traditional! If these are the names of the next few generations (our children's children) then our world will be full of trendy names that sound snobbish and fake.
Jaylee reminds me of Richmal, in that two masculine names (in the latter's case, Richard and Michael) are combined to create a feminine name. Granted, Jaylee isn't *quite* as bad as Richmal... but it's still bad.
And I agree with the poster who said it sounds like someone who is in jail.
Yuck. What a trashy and babyish name. I don't know why names like this are so popular now.
Sounds like a word for a person in jail. Tacky, trashy, and child-like.
How does combining two boys' names make a girls' name, I ask of you?
I actually saw a little boy with this name, that's much worse than a girl having it. Just because Jay and Lee are boy names doesn't mean you should combine them!
My niece's name is Jaylee, and I absolutly hate it! Her mother thought it was "really cute", and since her mother is no longer in her life, we all call her Breanne (her middle name). Breanne just sounds more "normal".
There's something very "off" about this name. It just doesn't sound right.
Ack! Don't give your child this name! It sounds too cutesy to age properly, and how will anyone take your daughter seriously when she becomes an adult? All of these trendy "-lee", "-aden", and "-lyn" names drive me crazy!

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