I would never use this spelling. That's just strange.
Clara711  4/11/2021
Weird version of James.
Clara711  4/7/2021
The ‘y’ can affect names a lot.
Amy.B  1/8/2021
Ugh, time to wash my eyes.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2020
That's really gross, but I get it for people who despise this, but love James, unlike me!
Stars123  3/11/2021
This is the middle name of Kristen Stewart [Kristen Jaymes Stewart] popular for the Twilight Saga, Charlie's Angels 2019, Seberg, Underwater and a host of other films.

The spelling is truly not my cup of tea. I'd even take Jamie over this.
Avatar Yangchen  6/13/2020
This hurts my eyes.
saturnbrat  5/28/2020
Jaymes is a fun, fresher variation of the overused James.
KarenB  5/1/2020
I agree KarenB. This name is better than James, which is overused and I despise James. This is better.
Stars123  2/25/2021
James is classy and handsome; Jaymes is tacky and ugly.
someone-  3/1/2020
One, that needless Y makes me want to pronounce it JAY-mes. Two, it could be worse. Next to Jaymz, Jaymes doesn't look quite so horrifying.
Anyechka  2/2/2020
Terrible.. TERRIFYING.
nylonpanda  1/11/2020
I prefer the original spelling James. Tacky spellings of male names seem strange for some reason. If you want to spell it Jaymes to make it more unique, go ahead. I don’t hate this spelling. If you want to name a girl James (even though it should be strictly for males), I suggest this spelling rather than the original masculine way of spelling it. Jaymes seems more feminine than James anyways.
xxCreative_Mindxx  5/11/2019
If you think throwing a y in there makes James more youneek then it doesn't. Just makes you look illiterate. Everyone will spell it James anyway so might as well use that spelling so your son won't constantly have to correct people.
Luvbug86  9/12/2018
Tacky, ugly, forced and idiotic. Shall I continue?
Curious me  8/31/2018
It's terrible! I can't stand the name James and all his variations.
Jake Fax  7/6/2016
Sorry, but just stick to James.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2016
Why does the strong, classic name James need a random 'y' in the middle of it?
IsolationHedge  4/28/2015
The name Jaymes was given to 50 baby boys born in the US in 2012. My suggestion would be to just stick to the name James. Yes, your son might not be the only James in his class, but it's a classic name that will always be popular. And besides, whether you're saying Jaymes or James, it all sounds the same when spoken aloud. And I have to say this spelling actually does look kind of feminine.
Oohvintage  7/20/2013
Actress, Kristen Stewart (known best for her role as Bella in the Twilight Saga) has the middle name, Jaymes, even though she is female.
iloveTWILIGHTmost  4/23/2012
Actress Kristen Stewart's middle name is Jaymes.
honungspinglan  2/25/2011
Terrible spelling of James.
― Anonymous User  5/22/2009
James should be spelled James, not Jaymes.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2009
I like this spelling of the name as a girls name better than a boys.
randomlyKeira  12/31/2008
I want to pronounce this Jay-mees.
Clodagh  8/27/2008
James, to me, should only be spelt James.
CharlieRob  9/5/2007
I love the spelling of this name better than James! =)
rayne_is_lola  8/27/2007
I agree rayne_is_lola! James, I hate, but this, I like! Am I the only one who despises James, and likes this name?
Stars123  3/3/2021

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