Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Juliana is also Slovak. The name day for Juliana in Slovakia is May 22. [noted -ed]
Juliana Crain is the heroine of the novel "The Man in the High Castle", and the TV show that is based upon it.
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
I came here to thank my dad's lover to have inspired him to give that name to me, thanks because god knows how terrible were the other name options.
Gorgeous! So much better than Jillian, and I prefer this spelling.
My final battle of the Juli- names used to come down to Julia and Juliet, and I'd vacillate between the two. I still enjoy both of those names, but my favorite now is Juliana. I can't even tell you exactly how I came to appreciate Juliana so much, when I used to think she was "too much" (because I was more familiar with the "Julianna" spelling, and now I don't like that second N). The gorgeous bombshell sneaked up on me.
Super pretty! ❤️.
Also used in Poland. The Polish pronunciation is yool-YAN-a.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes.)
My name is Juliana. In my opinion, I love the name itself. People say that the name suits my personality. When I have a baby girl I want to name her Juliana.
My name in Juliana and a lot of people spell it with 2 "n"s not 1. So if you want to comment use 1 "n" not 2. THX! ;)
Juliana Pasha is an Albanian singer who represented her country in 2010 Eurovision with the song "It's All About You". She qualified for the semi final but did not crack the Top 10.
This is my name, but I prefer to be low-key and just Julie.
I work with Spanish speaking people and they all have a different way of saying it.
For example, Yulia, Lilliana, Julietta, etc and I love it, I don't correct them.
The funniest misnomers I have are Sulieman and Hoolie (Pronounce Julie like Julio Iglesias).
My only links with Juliana are: Juliana Crane in 'The Man in the High Castle' and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. I dislike the Ju- beginning and -ana that makes it dated and boring.
Juliana is one of my favorite girl names! I love the name Juliana. So feminine and elegant. This would definitely suit a young girl, a women, and an old lady. You can’t go wrong with the name Juliana. I also love the nicknames Julie and Julia.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Juliana who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 962nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This spelling is okay but I prefer Julianna. It looks more complete.
Much better of a name than Jillian. Juliana has such an Italian touch to it with the -ana part that it has a more elegant and modern touch to it, on the other hand Jillian just sounds kind of ugly and even kind of trashy. Jill sounds fine, but it makes me think of Jack and Jill and a 40 year-old woman. Juliana isn’t the Italian name though, it’s Giuliana however even though I would rather use Juliana, Giuliana is still just as beautiful and would rather name my child Juliana or Giuliana, better than those -ayden names or giving girls names meaning “Son of” like Makenzie or Makenna, or Jackson, or any of those names trying to be “kre8tiv” like Jaxon and Zowie. Overall, a beautiful name for any girl and would be a great name for a child.
My name is Juliana, and it is pronounced "joo-lee-ah-na." Most people mispronounce it, but I like the other way to say it as well. I have had people say I am rather mature for my age, and I outrank many of my family in IQ. I did not know that my name is thought to be rather mature and intellectual, and I am proud to bear it. As for good nicknames, many of my friends call me "Jules" or "Jewels" (they differentiate in spelling) and some call me Ana (ah-na.) My family on the other hand call me Juli (e), while the younger ones call me "Ju-Ju."
My wife is called Juliana and I love it, I think it's a cute name and it's easy to say! People always spell it with two Ns though.
Juliana Awada is an Argentine businesswoman and philanthropist of Lebanese and Syrian descent. She is also the current First Lady of Argentina, married to the 53rd President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri.
My name is Juliana and in my country it is pronounced as "joo-lee-AHN-na", and it sounds okay to me in my language but I think that in English this pronunciation sounds kinda weird lol, so I think it's better to say it as "joo-lee-ANN-na" in English.
Very pretty name. A bit of a mouthful for everyday use, but a charming way to use the Jill nickname in a new way, divorced from Gillian.
I recently changed my name to Juliana. I'm a 25 year old woman so I think it fits to my age. It has such a gentle ring to it, so I imagine someone who's youthful, sincere and loving. To me it's not exactly a trendy name, but it's extremely elegant and I'd rather have an elegant name for future 60-year old me :-)
My given name is Julie. I changed it to Juliana because it is less common and sounds so pretty. My good friends call me Jules, which I love.
This is my name, and it's pronounced Joo-lee-ANN-uh, though some people do pronounce this as Joo-lee-ON-uh.
My name is Juliana and people always think it's spelled with two 'N's instead of one. I prefer it with one N, but if you're naming your kid this you may want to just go with two.
People usually call me Juliana, but my close friends sometimes call me Julez. I started spelling it with the Z when I was younger for some reason...
Juliana Furtado (born 1967 in New York City) is an American mountain biker.
Juliana Cannarozzo (born 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American figure skater and actress.
Juliana (1802-1802) was the daughter of King Frederik VI of Denmark and his wife Marie Sophie.
My favorite spelling of this name, better than Julijana or Julianna. I love it! I pronounce it yoo-lee-AHN-ah.
Juliana Hatfield is an American singer/songwriter.
It's pretty, not too overused. I prefer Giuliana, the Italian spelling.
I prefer the pronunciation Julie-Anne-Ah. Ever since I heard it in "Quest for Camelot" I have always loved the name. It is more mature than Julia and Julie which are overused and when I hear Julie or Julia the first thing that pops into my head is: "that's all?". I think Juliana completes the name.
I would also use Ana (AH-na) as a nickname.
I prefer the pronunciation Joo-lee-AH-na.
I love this name! It is GORGEOUS! It has such a pretty ring to it. What would be a good nickname though?
Juliana was also the name of the mother from the animated movie Quest for Camelot - I love it a lot - both the name and the movie.
I know a little girl named Juliana, and I think it's a sweet name. There could be some trouble with the pronunciation of it though, I've heard many people saying juli-anna, but I think it sounds much better juli-ah-na.
My name is Juliana, and I pronounce it "Joo-lee-ANNE-ah" intead of "Joo-lee-ah-na". Everyone always comes up to me and tells me what a gorgeous name I have.
I love this name. It's much prettier than Julie or Julia, and fits all ages of a woman. Not like Nicole or Samantha, it's great.
Princess Alexia Juliana is the second child of the Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife, Crown Princess Maxima. She is currently third in line to the throne of the Netherlands.
I much prefer this name to Julia. It is stronger and has more character, I think.
This is a lovely name for a girl! Great alternative to the overused Julia and Julie.
I think that it sounds fine with either pronunciation. I have only known two "Juliana"s in my life, and they are both beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted girls. I'm probably going to give this name to a daughter if I have one.
A very pretty name for a girl, a great alternative to Julia.
Dutch pronunciation is yuy-lee-AH-nah. [noted -ed]
Pronounced "Joo-lee-ON-uh" not "Joo-lee-ANN-uh."
Means soft-haired and youthful.
Juliana is a form of the Italian Giuliana.
I like the name Ana. Where I live it is not one of the most frequent names. Most people, in fact, don't know that there's a saint and a day for this very name. The date is 3rd January.
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands is the most famous bearer of this name in my country (the Netherlands). She was named after Juliana van Stolberg.
Another famous bearer is Juliana Guillermo, the daughter of Princess Christina. Her grandmother was Juliana, queen of the Netherlands. Her family calls her: 'Julie'.
This name is pronounced "joo-lee-AH-nah".

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