Juliette (1797), a novel by the Marquis de Sade.
Juliette and its relatives were derived from Greek ἴουλος (ioulos), meaning "downy-bearded".
Juliette Freire is the winner of the Brazilian reality show Big Brother Brazil.
I like that this is different than Shakespeare’s spelling. I think this could be both middle and first name. I like the nickname Ettie, I think it’s so cute.
Beautiful name, and prettier than Juliet!
The name Juliette means “pearl”.
I actually prefer this to Juliet. This is such a pretty name.
Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name! Romeo...
Very pretty and uncommon.
Beautiful! Classic but uncommon. Feminine.
I love the Juliette spelling because it create some type of distinction from the play. Also I love the actress. When I think of a Juliette I imagine someone who's sweet, fearless and is bold. I think Juliette is a gorgeous name and it is something I imagine someone carrying for their whole lives.
Really pretty.
Even prettier than the name Juliet :)
This is my name! I love it now, but I used to go by Julie because people would tease me with Romeo and Juliet.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Juliette who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 728th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
There is an unincorporated community in Monroe County, Georgia, named Juliette.
Juliette Binoche is a French actress, artist and dancer. She has appeared in more than 60 feature films, been recipient of numerous international awards, and has appeared on stage and in movies across the world. Coming from an artistic background, she began taking acting lessons during adolescence. After performing in several stage productions, she began acting in films by auteur directors Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Doillon and André Téchiné, who made her a star in France with the leading role in his 1985 drama Rendez-vous. Her sensual performance in her English-language debut The Unbearable Lightness of Being, directed by Philip Kaufman, launched her international career.
There's a famous song that made me love the name, Check yes Juliet. Yes it has a tie with a forbidden relationship like in Romeo and Juliet, but at the same time it's a very pleasant song. It's actually the reason why it's on my list.
Juliette Silverton, girlfriend of main character in Grimm.
Juliette James is an English YouTuber known for producing whimsical and inspiring vlogs on her channel thisbedottie. She goes by the nickname Dottie.
It fascinates me to see that the timeline for revival of popularity for the name Juliette began in the U.S. and Belgium in 1995; my daughter Juliette was born in early 1996! Coincidental?
I love Juliette and it's so romantic and beautiful to me but it's kinda hard for me to pick out a middle name for it. One of my favorites is Aria or Lana but I really love this name. It's a classic and I always wanted it but it's not even in the top 100, so really usable to me.
As kind of like an answer to the previous comment, my middle name is Juliette. It goes with my first name in a contrasting manner, if that makes any sense. Juliette is a very feminine, soft name in my opinion, and my first name is very boyish. So if you put them together it kind of balances out. :)
My name is Juliette and I am French as this is definitely a French spelling and as one of you wrote it would sound Juliay. I must admit even with this writing you get lots of Romeo and Juliet jokes ;) but what I like about my name is that in France it's a name like any and then when I'm abroad it becomes much more original to people and very romantic. It's supposed to mean "youthful" and most Juliettes that I know, like me, are very energetic and have so much youth in them.
Such a pretty name! It has nice literary connections and has a very nice ring to it as well. I also prefer this spelling, too. It looks prettier and sweeter spelt this way.
The name Juliette was pretty popular in France in the early 1900's but began its decline by the 1940's. It was revived again in the mid 80's and has since become quite popular.
This is so pretty! It's way better than Juliet, and if you spell it this way you won't have irritating connections to the play, which is just all too obvious.
This is a beautiful name, and it has an even prettier spelling than Juliet. It reminds me of the heroine in Romeo and Juliet, and it's gorgeous.
Juliette Gordon Low (born 1860 in Savannah, Georgia) was an American youth leader. She was the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA.
Juliette Rose Goglia (born 1995 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.
Juliette Lewis (born 1973 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress and singer.
I really like this name; I think it sounds intelligent and yet down-to-earth at the same time, and I definitely think the French spelling should be used more often, because it sounds more elegant and feminine. :-)
What a lovely name! Simply beautiful.
Elegant and timeless. I would love to see this name on a fresh, young face.
This name is so pretty, and looks great on paper. It also doesn't have the negative connotations that Juliet might have, or any 'Romeo and Juliet' jokes.
Juliet is lovely, but Juliette seems like it's trying too hard.
I was actually almost named Juliette (my last name is Lewis, and my mom had a bit of an obsession with the actress)
That aside, I really do love this name. It's got just the right balance of charm/romance and maturity. It could fit a young girl, a teen, an adult, and a senior citizen alike.
This spelling is so much more gorgeous than the rather plain Juliet, and I prefer Juliette's pronunciation with accent on the last syllable, rather than the first.
This name is prettier on paper, prettier to say, and probably won't lead to as much Romeo and Juliet jokes.
And usually, I find names ending in -ette more charming than their -et counterparts (Violette, Juliette, etc.)
This is my favorite name for a girl. If I had a daughter right now this is what I would name her! I think it fits a baby and young child, but would continue to grow on her. A teenager would not be ashamed to have this name, nor would a woman think her name sounded like a child. Plus it's an interesting spelling, and I think another cool twist would be Juliett.
Of Lou Reed's song "Romeo had Juliette".
Juliet is gorgeous, but Juliette seems too frilly and over-the-top.
I really like this name. Another version is Julietta which is pretty as well.
I am not a huge fan of most names beginning with Juli- (except the boy's name Julian), but I prefer this spelling over Juliet. This spelling I think looks prettier.
Juliette Norton (Jools), wife of Jamie Oliver is a (sort of) famous bearer.
Juliette Lowe, nicknamed Daisy, founded Girl Scouts.
Famous bearer: Juliette Lewis (born 21 June 1973), Oscar-nominated actress and lead singer with the band Juliette and the Licks.
I always thought this name was a French form the name Juliet, because in French Juliet would be "zhu-li-ay", while Juliette would be closer to the true pronunciation.
Juliette Binoche is a French actress.
Juliette sounds like such an innocent, yet mature in character woman. I love this name.

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