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Dear people, please. It is a masculine name. I don't know when you are gonna start to understand this fact. I already know some goofy people name their daughter Kai but every healthy ear can hear and catch its manly vibe.
This is probably the closest thing to a "universal" name we have. It's gender-neutral and has been used in more than one culture. Not every culture of course, but I still find it interesting that it's found in Europe, China, and even Hawaii.
I think Kai is a very handsome name for a boy. I think it works fine and I like it as a middle name.

Have some combos that I really love and that you are more than free to look at:

Damian Kai
Ashton Kai
Brendan Kai
Jordan Kai
Jonathan Kai
Zachary Kai
Matthew Kai
Kai Vincent
Kai Matthew.
I have found several sites and still can't find the origin. My son is called Kai and is 16... All my children's names begin with K like my own...
Kai, Kelsie, Kaydee, Kane and Kallie xxxx mine's Kimberly.
It's too infantile and childish. I don't like it; I'd say that this is one of my least favorite names (no offense).
Like this name for boys. It's OK on girls.
So boring. Really, is this a full name? Just strange. Not nice.
I strongly dislike it. Unattractive, it also looks incomplete for some reason. I prefer Guy.
I know 2 Kais. One was a skinny boy with black hair, who is funny. One of them is a light brown haired one who is rather big and also funny.
I think all Kais were made to be funny, lol.
Nice name for a boy.
Kai is the name of the red ninja of fire in the show Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.
I'm female and my name is Kai. I love it. I've never had anyone tell me any different :)
I think it's the most beautiful name for a boy. And for princes too :) It's sounds so pure, fresh and cute. This is the name of Kai Uwe Faust from "Heilung" also.
I’m quite surprised that no-one had yet mentioned Kai Hahto, the drummer for Finnish heavy metal band Wintersun. He’s filled in for Jukka Nevalainen of Nightwish since 2014.
Huening Kai is a K-pop idol from the Bighit group TXT.
A character from The Vampire Diaries, Kai Parker.
Very infantile sounding.
Noted the post about Trump’s granddaughter being named Kai Madison. In 2017, the names Kai and Kye were given to 3, 426 men (3, 121 and 305, respectively) in the US. Consequently, in 2017 (like 2016 and every year prior), it is once again overwhelmingly a male name in the US at 92% and exclusively male across the rest of the western world where it continues to rank in the top 100 male names in countries like Australia, England, Canada, Scotland, the Netherlands, Wales, and Germany, among others. Not a good idea to put this name on a girl, especially because it brings up images of a big middle aged German or Norwegian guy.
Kai always sounded masculine to me. For some reason though, it always was the main characters name in an action show like Beyblade or Pokémon, even though I don’t recall a character having that name (Though I may be wrong, haven’t rewatched either in a long time). Not a favorite, doesn’t age well and it’s ridiculous on a girl.
Donald Trump's granddaughter is named Kai Madison Trump.
I'm saddened to see that this name has become more common than Kyle. I do think it is a good nickname for either a boy or girl though, whether it be a nickname for Kyle, Kylie, or Kyla.
In cantonese, the word "Kai" sometimes means dumb or crazy. It's a good name but as a cantonese I won't name my son Kai.
I'm Australian. I know two Kai's. They pronounce their name as "Kaai" which rhymes with "eye".
My 5 year old son (soon to be 6) is named Kai and I still love the name. When I chose the name I knew of no one else with the name and I chose it because of the strong meaning in many other languages. I'm sad that it has become more popular but I think it will soon go back to being an uncommon name.
My son is called "Kaii" pronounced "Kai" just with double "I"
He's 6 years old and I never knew anyone with this name when I had him, I'm from a small town in the U.K. So it was quite an unusual name when I chose it. I love his name and I love all the different meanings for it, especially "ocean" in Hawaii.
My 7 month old grandson is named a Polish name, Kajetan, but we call him Kai. There is a female weather-caster in the Chicago area name Kai. She's the only other Kai I have ran across besides my grandson. We've had very good reactions to the name.
I don't think it works for an Anglo-surnamed baby. My bogan neighbour has called her toddler son this and the sound of her yelling his name in her raucous "Strine" accent and adding several four letter words to describe him when he's naughty will always be associated with this name in my mind. It seems like it will date quickly too.
This name doesn't work in New Zealand. It's Maori for food.
Kai here (male); really great name, in spite of the frequent flinches when you think someone said your name but they were just saying "hi" to someone else.
My name is Kai and it was not at all popular when I was growing up. I'm 33 and only know 2 other people my age named Kai one guy one gal. I love my name.
I think this name sounds feminine, not masculine. Because it reminds me of the name Kay!
I heard this name from a boy that's apart of a popular Korean boy group called EXO. I LOVE this name.
My son's name is Kai Wei. It is Mandarin, given to him by his birthmother in Taiwan. We were told it means to remain victorious. I think it was a great legacy/wish to leave with him. He is 18 now and goes by Kai (his decision).
I also love this name but am worried about the growing popularity. I would hate for my son to get to school age and there are 5 other kids in his class with the same name. :(
I love this name... If I ever had a baby boy, he most definitely would be named Kai!
I've only known one person named Kai, and although I didn't get to know him well, he was an amazing bassist and seemed to be a shy, quiet and kind type of person. This name carries good connotations for me, and I like the sound of it as well.
If Kai actually is derived from the name Gerhard, Gerda and Kai, the main characters of H.C. Andersen's 'the Snow Queen', would bear feminine and masculine diminutives of the same name.
Kai Hiwatari is a character in Beyblade.
The name Kai has been getting more popular over the years. There is a member of a really well known Korean boy band called EXO by the name of Kai. He is known as the face of the group therefore a lot of it's popularity would be coming from that.
I see this name is becoming very popular in the UK, US, Canada and Australia but Kai will never have the same popularity in New Zealand. Even though most of the country can't speak Maori, if there's one Maori word they know, it's Kai, meaning food. It would be a very strange name for someone here.
Are you kidding me?! This is a name?! It sounds so incredibly "modern", "kreativ", and extremely childish! I honestly can't imagine anyone with this name over the age of ten. A perfect example of how dumb parents are getting these days. Absolutely disgusting.
My name is Kaitlin and I call myself "Kai" in several places. I pronounce it "Ky" or as if you're saying "kite [ki-te]". I know it is used a lot in Japanese manga/anime and someone told me it means "and" in some language. Greek maybe? I'm not sure. And I'm pretty sure it means something in native Hawaiian too. Anyways, I think it's a really good name :)
Kai is the boy from H. C. Andersen's book 'The Snow Queen', although he is called Kay in the original Danish version.
It should remain a nickname, a diminutive-- no more, no less. "Kai" is incredibly feminine to me, especially considering that it is a very common petname for people bearing the name "Kaitlin/Catelin/etc," not to mention as full first itself. The idea that this appears 'masculine' is gag-inducing to me... as a full given name it is weak, unprofessional, pompous, beyond childish, unintelligent, and need I say it? Ugly.
It holds possibility of being labeled "kre8tiv," in English-speaking countries (especially the United States).

A Kai Reed does not sound like a surgeon to me, nor does a Kai Fitzgerald in the court room.

I urge prospect parents to use with discretion and caution, truly marinate the idea in your mind.
Kai/Ky is a common nickname in the U.S. for the popular girls' name Kylie and the name Skyler.
Kai is also a fairly common name in China.

In Cantonese it means "unceasing, continual" and in Mandarin it means "victory, triumph".
Kai is also a unisex Chinese name. But I do not agree with Keepitreal. Cantonese is just a dialect, it is impossible that the same word means something totally different in Mandarin.
I would also add that in German and Danish MY name means king. Deriving from kaiser.
And in Japanese it's a female name meaning power also possibly sea.
(カイ) if you split the characters you get power カ y イ. Or cart if you take away イ.
In a name book I own, I read that this name means "the fairer sex." I forget the language of origin though.
When I was in elementary school in the mid 80s I had a pen pal named Kai from Sweden and I've loved the name always since then. It is simple, strong and sweet.
My son is called Kai and I love it. However it's sad how overused it's becoming.
Just Googling around, I cannot find corroboration for this possible etymology, BUT I recall seeing the German name linked to the word "Kaiser," which made some sense to me. "Cesar" in French and Spanish might be its equivalents.
As one who has been the bearer of this name, as my first name, I have found over fifty meanings from around the world. The list I had compiled has been lost in the shuffle, so I will submit what I can remember. Beginning with "my" ancestry I have found that the meaning in German is the Sea, and in Danish is Earth (like the Greek 'gaia') and in Scottish is Fire. In other cultures, my travels have taught me that in Native American it means Willow Tree, Stone, and Friend (depending on the tribe) and in Welsh it means Keeper of the Keys, in Hawaiian it means Ocean, and in Japanese it means Forgiveness. This is the extent of my memory at present, but I do know that when I had the list, there were so many more and all with different meanings. With that said, it's not easy to say what it really means, but I try to make it mean only the best things as I am an American and not terribly tied to "my" ancestors. I am living my life so that Kai will mean infinity and peace and wholeness, in American anyways!
The pronunciation is interesting as it is quite similar to the sacred sound om (pronounced aum like ahh) or god, gaia, all of which share the ahh sound. Kai has a crisp consonant it begins with, not unlike like flipping a lightswitch each time it is said. At the quantum level of reality, such as may be perceived in deep meditative trance states the primordial silence and darkness of oblivion with which light and sound of the manifest worlds can be experienced as they dance and chase each other into and out of existence at a rate so fast that only our consciousness can capture such perception, the sound one hears is quite more of a feeling throughout the body and resonates in harmony with the om/god/kali/kai/ahhh sound. Sorry if that's a bit beyond mere pronunciation!
My personal impression of the name Kai is not static, as I have found impressions change as often as new information arrives and old information is discarded. Imagine my surprise to learn it was contained in the Greek term triskaidekaphobia, which means 'fear of the number thirteen!' As you can imagine, I don't take it all too literally. It generally means very earthy and natural sorts of things which is perfect for me as I am simply a natural human with no religious or political or social views. Kai is a perfect name for me with it's natural meanings and my own love for all life on Earth and the Earth itself, which like the name Kai can be either masculine or feminine, such as Kelly or Jessie. Thank you for considering my experiences!
Sorry so long winded, but I do spend a fair 'amount' of time as Kai. In my life, I've met more women than men with the name, and at the same time I get a more masculine impression of the name (not the women who bear it!)
Filipino-African actress Sharon Leal and Bev Land have a son Kai Miles Land, born October 2001.
It originated in Northern Europe and means "Warrior" or "Fighter". Someone that never gives up.
Kai reminds me of the bald-headed little boy named Caillou (KIE-yoo) on Noggin.
I LOVE this name. A strong, handsome-sounding name that is unique without being too over-the-top.
Jennifer Connely has a son named Kai. Cindy Crawford's daughter is named Kaia. Kai is the name of the boy in the "Snow Queen" fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
The name Kai - makes me think of an intelligent, witty, handsome and cosmopolitan boy or man. It is very popular in Germany and Northern Europe. The Italian version of the name is spelled Caio (from Caius). Kai is getting more and more popular in England, Canada and Australia.
•In Hawaiian Kai means "Ocean" or "Sea"
•In Navajo Indian Kai means "Willow tree"
•In Scandinavian and Welsh Kai means "Keeper of the keys"
•In Greek Kaia means "Earth"
•In Norwegian Kaia means “Blessed, Pure, Holy”
•In South African Kai means "Beautiful"
•In Persian Kai means "Ruler" or "King"
•and in Maori, the native polynesian people of New Zealand, Kai means "Food" (hmm, yummy!)
•Caius likely derives from the Etruscan word "cai" meaning "glad".
•In Welsh Mythology Kay was one of the knights of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend.
Lovely name! A strong and beautifully sounding name! It is short, clear, easy to pronounce in any language, and it has so many and only positive meanings. The name Kai is also historical. Caius, from where Kai originates, was a very common name in the Roman Empire. Famous bearers were Caius Julius Caesar, Pope Caius (283-296), etc.
The name Kai could sound historic but also very modern, charming and masculine. What a smart and original name!
I seem to recall a boy's name in one of Christian Andersen's fairy tales, but I can't remember which one. Kai Hansen is also a very famous German heavy metal guitarist. It is definitely a very rare name, and to me it sounds very "outworldly".
It was Kai in Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. He was the little boy who had shards of glass land in his eye and his heart, and he was kidnapped by the Snow Queen. His friend Gerda went to rescue him. It's a great story.
In the animated television series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" the Fire Nation has a traditional one-on-one battle called an Agni Kai, or Fire Duel.
Don't like the name. For me it is just so out of time. In Sweden we pronounce it KAY.
Kai Sturm is a character´s name from the TV series "Die Motorrad-Cops: Hart am Limit". He was played by Jens-Peter Nünemann.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Kai here:
I have seen this name used as a nickname for Malachi. Kai is a great name for a boy.
My name is Kaitlin and my nickname is Kai or Kaikai but I pronounce it KAY.
I absolutely love this name, whether for a boy or girl. I first saw it on a game on the n64 called Harvest Moon, used for a boy working on a vineyard. When I saw it, I fell in love with it. Seems like an easy person to get along with, fun-loving, but still rough-around-the-edges. Imagine my delite when I realized it's the first half of my middle name, Kaitlin. I've wanted to be called Kai as a nickname of sorts, but it just never really happened. :( Really great though.
It is an interesting name and definitely rising in popularity. I personally prefer it for a boy.
I have a friend named Kaisha pronounced Kay-sha and she shortens her name to Kai pronounced like Kai. I can't find the name Kaisha on this site. Yet it's a great name.
You can also write it like "Kaj".
Kai comes from the name Halkai. Kai means a place of sanctory or it can mean chicken/food (in Greek). It has a lot of different meanings.
In New Zealand, this is a slang word for food.
Kai isn't a slang word for food in New Zealand - it's the word for food in Maori, New Zealand's native language.
As far as I know, "Kai" is the Scandinavian short form of "Katharina". However, here in Germany where I live, it's used as a boy's name.
In Finnish 'kai' means 'perhaps', and is only used as a boys' name.
Kai sounds like the name of a cold-hearted guy. I've never heard of a girl with this name though.
Kai could also be derived from Old High German "kamph" meaning "fight". A strong name for somebody who never gives up. In northern Germany it is also the nickname of Nikolaus or Katharina.
I like this name a lot, though only on boys. It's not really a girls' name to me. But maybe that's only because I've never met a girl with that name.
I like this name for a boy, it's becoming very popular in the UK now.
This name is quite popular in Germany. It´s pronounced "Ky". [noted -ed]
This name is unique, but not outrageous. Makes me think of a strong, sensible person.

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