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PronouncedPron.KAHR-sten Low German

Meaning & History

Low German form of CHRISTIAN.
VariantsCarsten Low German Christian, Kristian, Christen, Kristen Danish Christian, Kristian, Christen, Kristen Norwegian
Other Languages & CulturesKristian, Kristiyan Bulgarian Kristijan, Krsto Croatian Christiaan, Chris Dutch Christian, Chris, Kris English Kristjan Estonian Kristian Finnish Christian French Christian German Krisztián Hungarian Kristján Icelandic Cristiano Italian Christianus Late Roman Kristiāns Latvian Kristijonas Lithuanian Hristijan, Kristijan Macedonian Krystian, Krystyn Polish Cristiano Portuguese Cristian, Cristi Romanian Kristijan Serbian Kristijan, Kristjan Slovene Cristián Spanish Christian, Kristian, Christer, Krister Swedish
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