It's so pretty! Sounds like a queen's name! I know a Katherine at school, she's nice, talented, and popular, I would recommend this 10/10 stars! :D.
I really love this name. Classic, elegant, not too over-the-top, just really nice in general. The spelling Kathryn is OK, but I really prefer Katherine. Kathryn just makes me feel like you are trying to add edge to a name that doesn't need it.
Classy, elegant name. I like it.
A little basic, but the K makes it look fun and spunky, and I love the nickname Kitty.
Old fashioned name.
Pretty and sophisticated, and I like the nickname Kathy!
My wife’s name is Katherine. I have a twin sister named Caitlin and so the “C/Kates” and “C/Katies” are mentally associated with my sister. This naturally made me call my wife by her full name and as the months went by during when we dated, she told me she fell in love with her name again. It may be common, but even when you look up Catherine, it defaults to Katherine, as well as all the variant spellings. Her name may be traditional, but at least her spelling is standard and respectable. In my opinion, the y’s or -atharine’s with the a are the variants. It’s a strong name for strong women!
Such a beautiful and strong name. Lot of class and strength. Also historic. Really good quality name.
Personally, I love this name. I see how people think it's dated, but it's so pretty. I love how it looks.
Name of the day December 28, 2020.
Beautiful, mature, classic, just perfect! The nickname cat is so cute!
I like it, nicknamed Kath.
Katherine is a nice name, but I feel like this spelling is a bit too common. I prefer (ex: Katheryn, Catherine, Cathryn) This spelling seems Old-fashioned and long in my opinion.
We named our youngest Katherine. She was going to be a Zoey until I was 35 weeks pregnant and he decided nope that didn't suit the feeling and decided to name her after his Warhammer 40K character, Saint Katherine. I suggested Kathryn but he said no, the character spells it Katherine. The only issue I had with this name was middle names. Nothing flowed with it. The Beatles saved the day at 39 weeks and we name have a Katherine Michelle who goes by Kat 90% of the time.
Super beautiful and classy.
A classic! Unfortunately is likely to be misspelled as more and more variations on names have arisen. Katherine looks better than Catherine in my opinion, and HEAPS better than any with a y.
Quite pretty.
I much prefer this spelling to Catherine. This one seems more modern, lively and free. I like the nicknames Kat, Kitty, Katie, and Kate.
Everyone says they thought my name was spelled with a “C”, it’s annoying...
Really pretty.
Katherine can be an annoying name because I often get nicknames like “Kitty” and other things. I feel like it’s one of those names where you imagine a stuck up woman in her early thirties. I have NEVER liked my name, and I hate the fact that it starts with k. EVERY other person I met with a K name was a bully. Just my opinion, but I feel like it sounds so unoriginal.
We were planning to name our child a name starting with K. Kylie? Possibly.. Katherine... we thought. Slightly more boring than... Katelyn? YES! But nicknames? That was a little difficult to decide. At Katelyn’s birth we decided Katie. We thought it was cute. Turns out it didn’t suit her well. Sounded a bit artificial and not natural. Annoying to pronounce. When she was one, we thought Kate would work better. Kate was natural, decently smooth and refined. It was also pretty and seemed great during her young adult years instead of Katie. Now, she is 13 and she is extremely overwhelmed in a happy way that Katie wasn’t her name. Katelyn also sounded simple.

Katie and Kate & Katherine and Katelyn are great names, but Kate gave a better approach to us personally.
I have a hard C name (so sounds like K) and I really dislike it. Thinking of changing it to Katherine. It's a strong, dignified name that looks great on paper. And while there are a lot of Katherines, the nickname opportunities for Katherine are nearly endless. Truly a perfect name.
Hello. My name is Katherine, but I go by Kate. In my humble opinion, this name is truly sublime. It honestly speaks for itself. I really think that whenever I walk into a room full of strangers, through my presence alone, they all think "Wow, that's a Katherine." They know. You know. I know. Love me a good Katherine.
My name is Katherine, but it isn't spelled that way. The way you actually spell my name isn't even listed below the name. I am quite annoyed.
It is confusing for me that this name is pronounced the same as Kathryn because of the E in the middle which is not pronounced because Kathryn and Katherine at one point were very popular names and by hearing Kath-rin you don't know which way it would be spelled (and adding in Catherine, Cathryn, and Katheryn) it gets even more confusing. I think Katherine is a lovely, strong name and that it has many lovely nicknames, though.
Katherine MANSFIELD, born Kathleen Beauchamp in 1888, is an English-speaking short story writer and poet born in colonial New Zealand. She was part of the modernist artistic movement and she revolutionized the short story as a literary genre. When she died of tuberculosis aged 34 in 1923, Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary 'I was jealous of her writing - the only writing I have ever been jealous of.'
My best friend's name is Katherine and she loves her name! I personally like the name too.
Katherine Plummer is a protagonist in the musical, Newsies.
Not only does John Green have a book called 'An Abundance Of Katherines', his brother and other half of the Vlogbrothers, Hank Green, is married to Katherine Green. Hank and Katherine have a son named Orin and a podcast called 'Delete This', which focuses on social media.
Nicknames for Katherine:
In 2018, 20 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Katherine who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 92nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Nicknames for Katherine. -Kat -Kitty -Kathy. Middle names for Katherine. -Katherine Anne. -Katherine Lee. -Katherine Mae. (Noted) you don’t have to use these.
Actress Katherine Kath (1920-2012).
I love the name Katherine, but I prefer Catherine.
Katherine "Kath" Bloom is an American singer-songwriter.

She wrote "Come Here" from the romantic drama "Before Sunrise".
Katherine is still a very pretty name. I prefer it to Catherine because this form is more spunky and cool with the K without being improperly spelled as it still looks correct. It also is more likely to lead to cool nicknames like Kate, Katy, and Kat as opposed to Catherine which leads to Cate, which doesn’t really look right to me, and Cathy which is too ugly for me. I also don’t find it boring even if I’ve met tons of them because it’s still beautiful and I still find it fresh.
Way better than Katherine, the C makes it stronger and more to the point.
It reminds me of Katha, a type of Indian dance.
Catherine is most likely related to the name Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love. Composed of Ka and Hathor (with en = of). Ka being the Egyptian word for soul. Hathor being the Egyptian goddess of love, the best translation for Ka-Hathor-En would be Soul of Hathor (goddess of love).

This would pre-date other translations as it would be Ancient Egyptian.

It is also interesting to note that it is one of the minority of female names that does not have a masculine form.
In 1654 there was a vampire named Katherine who could survive by human blood only. She died in October, 12, 2013. She was stabbed in the heart with a wooden stick by humans.
Katherine Devendorf, managing editor of Dork Diaries.
Katharine Hope McPhee is an American actress, singer and songwriter. She gained fame in May 2006 as the runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol. Her self-titled debut album was released on RCA Records on January 30, 2007, and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 381,000 copies. The album's first single, "Over It", was a Pop Top 30 hit and was certified gold in 2008. Her second album, Unbroken, was released on Verve Forecast Records on January 5, 2010, and debuted at No. 27 on the "Billboard 200". The album featured the single "Had It All", which peaked at No. 22 on the AC chart. It has sold 45,000 copies as of January 2011. Her third album, the holiday-themed Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You, was released on October 12, 2010. The album debuted at number eleven on the Billboard Top Holiday Albums chart while the single "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" peaked at number sixteen on the "Billboard" AC chart. As of January 2011, this album has sold 23,000 copies. McPhee released her fourth album, Hysteria, on September 18, 2015.
Katherine Langford is an actress, known for 13 Reasons Why, Daughter and Imperfect Quadrant.
My name is Katherine and I hate it! I hate all the nicknames as well! I usually go by Kate (I went by Katie when I was in elementary school), still I can't stand saying my own name it just sounds so ugly. I wish my parents had given me a cuter, prettier name like Scarlett or Riley.
Based on personal research, I'm convinced that this name is Coptic. It appears pretty late in Greece, after the time of St Catherine of Alexandria, and it would make sense that she would have a Coptic name. Therefore, "my consecration of your name" is the most likely meaning. I don't speak Coptic, and don't know its word order, but putting together words from a dictionary tells me that the original was something like Eikaiteranne, Aiktagerin, Aiktagerinne, Aiktadzhiranne or Kjaikdzhiran. "Consecration" is "aik/aeik," "eikainia," "dzhiaeik," or "kjaik." "To be named" is "dzhiran." "My" is "na-," "pa-," or "ta-" and "your" is "ne-" or "pe-." "To give a name" is "tren." "Name" (noun) is "ran" and "to pronounce a name" is "tago" or "tago rin". All the parts are here; I just don't know what order they go in.

Tl;dr Katherine is most likely Coptic.
I previously commented that I thought Katherine was of Coptic origin but I no longer think so. I haven’t found anything remotely similar to ‘my consecration of your name’ or the Greek form in lists of names documented in Hellenistic Egypt.
Katherine Marie Helmond is an American film, theater and television actress and director. In her five decades of television acting, she is known for her starring role as the ditzy matriarch, Jessica Tate, on the ABC prime time soap opera sitcom Soap, and her co-starring role as feisty mother, Mona Robinson on Who's the Boss?. She also played Doris Sherman on Coach and Lois Whelan on Everybody Loves Raymond. She has also appeared as a guest on several talk and variety shows.
Katherine Elizabeth "Kate" Upton is an American model and actress, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Upton was named Rookie of the Year following her first appearance in 2011, and was the cover model for the 2012, 2013 and 2017 issues. She was also the subject of the 100th-anniversary Vanity Fair cover. Upton has also appeared in the films Tower Heist and The Other Woman.
Katherine Haik is an American model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Teen USA 2015. At age 15, she was the youngest contestant to ever be crowned Miss Teen USA as well as the second entrant from Louisiana to win the title.
I remember a possible explanation for that name, although I don't remember the source and I also cannot find it in Google. I have read this as a 'possible' explanation; not a solid one.
I shall use Greek characters, I hope that's not violating rule #5.
There is a type of wish in (Ancient & Medieval) Greek that says "always", the most famous example is "Αέν αριστεύειν" = "always be the best" (diacritics omitted). A diacritic was supposed to appear under the first "A". That small diacritic was called "ypogegrammeni". This doesn't affect the pronunciation. Some scholars or writers, when the letter was capital, would put that small sign next to the letter - it appears as a Greek ι. That time the sign was called "prosgegrammeni". But most people didn't know about this phenomenon, and the fact that the "ypogegrammeni" sign appears almost always at the end of a word, where no capital letters occur, didn't help; most people mistook the sign for an iota letter; it was identical in appearance. In fact most people don't know about the "prosgegrammeni" sign even today, it is not taught in school.
However, this changes the pronunciation of the word "always do" (Αέν > Αιέν) from "aen" to "een". So the wish "always / forever (do) clean" ("clean" here suggests "clean your soul") "Αέν Καθαρίνειν" gets mispronounced. So, as the explanation goes, "Αικατερίνη" (Catherine) derives from the mispronounced wish "always (do) clean".

Wikipedia for the two signs - ipogegrammeni "subscript" and "prosgegrammeni" "adscript" :
I like this name, and compared to some of the common names today for girls (Kaylee, Madison, Addison), it sounds very feminine and mature, however as feminine and mature it is, it sounds dull and bland. I prefer less common alternatives Caterina, Catriona, or Kathleen.
I prefer Catherine.
Pretty, but it bores me to tears with how common it is. I prefer Katrina, Catriona, or Aikaterine.
This is my name. I'm surprised when Katherines get angry when others misspell this name - with a name like Katherine with literally dozens of spellings, it's bound to happen often. I really don't mind when people misspell it. If it's for something important I'm usually asked how to spell it, but my barista doesn't need to know whether my name starts with a "K" or a "C".

I like this name and I like the large variety of nicknames. I've gone by a lot but my favorite is Kat. The thing I hate the most about this name is how common it is, although luckily many Katherines do go by a nickname. I'll switch between Kat and Katherine depending on the group of people I'm around - for example, if I'm in a class with a Katherine, I'll go by Kat, or vice versa. My best friend's name is Kathryn and we just go by our last names around each other.

My name is Katherine Elizabeth, which is also very common. Too common. I won't name my own children super common names like Katherine.
This is one of my favourite girl names. It is strong yet feminine without being frilly and over the top, and it has several good diminutives (for example Kathy, Kay, Kate, and Katie).

This is also my favourite spelling of the name; Catherine and Kathryn, while both perfectly good names, just don't seem as attractive to me.

This name was also the Name of the Day on here this past Monday, 28 December.
My name is Katherine and I love how mature it feels and stuff, but one thing I hate is when someone spells my name wrong. I don't why I do, it just makes me want to explode, but other than that it's a beautiful name. To the people that have to say that all Katherine's are terrible and mean. I have to tell you something else here. I have a huge heart and am willing to help anyone in need; even if that person has hurt me in the past. I spend all my free time volunteering for the homeless. I don't do all these things for attention. I do it for a smile and a thank you if I am lucky. You should just get to know the person than to just judge them by their own name.
Well what do you know, a name can be spelled different ways since the 12th century and it isn't "ghetto" or "trendy". Wonders never cease.
I love the name Katherine. People always spell it "Kathryn" it's annoying. My name is Katherine.
I like the name Katherine, it's not one of my favourites but I still quite like it, however I'm not too fond of any of the nicknames.
I love this name! It's beautiful, classic and just acceptable to today's society. Katherine should just stay the way it is, no variation like many parents nowadays do. No one will have a hard time pronouncing this name. Catherine can also be another way to spell this name, a little more vintage like.
Never met a nice Katherine - all the good ones go by nicknames! Katherine sounds stuffy, pretentious and dull, not pretty at all.
I think that the name Katherine is very beautiful and elegant. I think it is so amazing that I can't bear to see anyone ruin it with any sort out of nickname. I don't hate the nicknames Kate, Katie, or Kathy, but I just don't understand why anyone would need them with such a great name like Katherine. I prefer this name spelt only as Katherine, pronounced kath-rin.
I read somewhere a long time ago that it was from 'katharos', meaning 'clean', 'pure', and the same root as the word 'cathartic'. Mine is spelt Catherine, the Norman form, I think. It seems almost universal in Europe as a name.
Has a lot of strength and intelligence to it, I think. Same as the other spellings.
A beautiful, wonderful name. I hope the Coptic meaning is the most accurate meaning since that is the prettiest to me.
So my name can either mean 'pure' or torture.' My.
Let's not forget about two of the greatest queens in history- Catherine the Great of Russia and Catherine de Medici of France.
I think the name Katherine sounds like a strong woman who is a mom.
In Behistun inscription of Darus the Great, the name of "Athrina" is mentioned. The Athrina rebelled in Elam region and revolted Darius kingdom. In old Persian language, "athar" means "atash" (new Persian language) and in English equals "fire"; then,
Athar(old Persian)= atash (new Persian) = fire (English)
Ancient Iranians believed that fire is sacrosanct thing and pure other things. Therefore, I think that root of Kathrine is "athar" (old persian) = fire (English), and its meaning is saint, sacrosanct person, sacred person.
There is a John Green novel titled "An Abundance of Katherines".
Very late, but a lot of women use Kate and were actually originally named Katherine. It's called a DIMINUTIVE. This page even says such.
It's a soft and pretty name, especially with this spelling. Very silky sounding.
I have always really liked this name but it's so common. :(

A lot of celebs have this name (Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Kate Bush, Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, Kate Winslet), and Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine, but she was often called/spelled Kate).
@EstherTester Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes are called Kate not Katherine so I am not sure why you are mentioning those and saying they have this name when they don't? Kate has been a stand alone name for a very long time so it's rather stupid to assume that anyone who is called Kate is called Katherine.
I like this name a lot since I met Katherina Petrova/Pierce from the vampire diaries. Okay, I didn't really meet her, but when I saw her on television I liked this name.
My impression of this name is that it's a strong name.
I've watched the answers of people and read there that people with the name Katherine mostly aren't nice etc.
But it's not the name that makes someone nice or not, it's the character.
Of course it could be that a lot of people know someone with the name and who isn't nice, but it could be coincidence.
Some names are popular by some population or classes. And when, for instance, 10 very rich people name their daughter Katherine, but teach them that they can do everything only because they are rich, well, you get then that people think all Katherines are spoiled, not nice people. In Holland sometimes there are research to names and the kids. How they are doing in school, have they a lot of friends, are they bullied or maybe hated by their teacher, such things. And then it's discovered that some names aren't really a good idea to give to your kid. It's mostly funny to know. And people must always know for themselves if they name their kid John or Clare of course.
But for me: I like Katherine. I wish it was my name.
Katherine was also the name of the fourth daughter of King Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile.
Katherine was the oldest daughter of King Edward I and his wife Eleanor of Castile.
Katherine was the youngest daughter of Henry VII of England and his wife Elizabeth of York. She was the sister of King Henry VIII of England, but she died young.
Katherine of England (1253-1257) was the youngest child of King Henry III of England and his wife Eleonore. She died young.
Katherine Paterson is an American novelist. She is best known for her book "Bridge to Terabithia".
Very classic and sophisticated. One of my favourite girls names.
Can also be spelled Kathorine or Cathorine.
Catherine has a more positive feel to it.
My name is Katherine and I've never gone with anything else. I used to think it was long and boring, but it has grown on me. I really dislike the name Katie, though. It's way too overused and just annoys me. I do wish I had Kay as a nickname, but since I'm in high school I can't really change it. People are always spelling it "Catherine" and I don't like that variation. I find it to be a lot duller and uninteresting.
My sister's name is Katherine and she's the most wonderful person in the world :) Also, I like it spelled this way best.
According to Oxford's 'Concise Dictionary of First Names', "The earliest sources that mention her are in Greek and give the name in the form Aikaterine. The name is of unknown etymology; the suggestion that it may be derived from Hecate, the pagan goddess of magic and enchantment, is not convincing."

I've not been able to find what the "Coptic name meaning 'my consecration of your name'" is... I wonder where this information came from?
Katherine Pierce (birth name Katerina Petrova) is the ruthless, beautiful vampire from The Vampire Diaries TV series.
My sister's name is Katherine and I think it's truly beautiful. I really recommend it. (:
Henry VIII really seemed to like redheads named Katherine, since he married three such women;
1. Katherine of Aragon (red hair and blue eyes)
2. Katherine Howard (auburn hair and hazel eyes)
3. Katherine Parr (same as Katherine Howard)

I just find that interesting.
I love this name and the nicknames for it.
My name is Katherine and my nickname is Kat. This spelling is pronounced with THREE syllables. Other spellings might be pronounced with two, but this one is Kath-er-ine. Three.

Frankly, when I was young I hated it, but now I rather like it. I go by Kat pretty much all of the time, though my brother and father call me Katie (which I hate), and I get lots of requests to be called "Kit-Kat", which is also terribly annoying. Just "Kat" is fine, or "Katherine".
Katherine is a lovely, classically beautiful name. I can't decide if I like the spelling Catherine or Katherine more. I know a woman who's name is spelled Katherine, but she pronounces it "Kathreen." Where I live the name is usually pronounced "Katheryn" or "Kathryn" & I hate it when parents name their kids a common name, but insist on some strange pronunciation & get bent out of shape if their child's name is, heaven forbid, pronounced like the name is 99% of the time.
The best name in the world! Ok, I'm biased, it's mine. But I love it, you can do so much with it, so it's like giving your kid freedom to choose what suits them best. (Though my parents say they actually named me and all my siblings classic saints names in the hope we'd turn out ok! Jeez) I'm Katherine on my birth cert, was Katy as a tiny tot, Katie as an adolescent... but since I could really choose, out of all the permutations it has been Kate (unless you wanna dead arm and a filthy look ha ha). Maybe one day I'll graduate to my regal Katherine, when I feel old and stately or something.
I think this name suits all ages. Also when I hear this name I think of Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's mother) which is good thing as she seems like a really nice lady.
Good name. A variation of my name. I always heard that it meant pure. I like that my parents gave me a good, classic name. :)

I recommend this name to people who'd use it - even if I hate it when people have my name! ;)
Katherine Swynford lived in the 14th Century. She was extremely important to England's history as although she was born a commoner, she became the ancestor of the royal Tudor line and the greatest Kings and Queens of England. Her story is told in Anya Seton's book 'Katherine'.
Katherine Jackson is the mother of the Jackson siblings, including the recently deceased Michael Jackson.
This is my favorite spelling of the name, all other versions seem less regal. My nickname is Kat.
My birth name is Katherine, but I have always gone by Katie, and probably always will. I can relate to the early comment about always having to correct teachers on the first day of school! Although this is a fine name that works for some people, it does not suit me at all, and I really don't like it! I have been giving serious thought to legally changing my name to just Katie - a (nick)name that I love!
In the late 1800s this was also used as a boy's name.
This name is all right as far as sound, but I have nice connotations with it. There is a girl named Katie in my class who is tall and funny with a deep voice and she goes by Katie, so that's what the name makes me think of. And this may sound totally crazy, but I really love the way it looks in Braille!
Whenever I hear this name I think of wealth, power and elegance. And that's not just because a lot of British queens have been called Katherine. I know a girl called Katherine and she is very elegant, powerful and quite wealthy.
Stating again how beautiful of a name this is, I also like it shortened to Kate. Whoever it was that posted something about all the people in the Tudor line with this name, they should know that they are all descendant from Katherine Swnford!
Also, whoever it was that also talked about Katherine Swnford, and the book by Anya Seton, it is the honest to goodness truth, that you will love the name if you read the book! It is an amazing name so go read the book and you will love the name too!
It bothers me how some people hate my name. It's a crazy fun name to have. You can anagram it too, in addition to all the nicknames (I'm Nick Heart to my friends, don't ask my friends are crazy). And all the Katherines I know are super nice (excluding me of coarse).
My name is spelled differently (K-a-t-h-r-y-n) but "related to Greek áéêéá (aikia) "torture";"? My friend will get a real kick out of that when I tell him!

But my other impressions. Well, I like this spelling of the name as well. For some reason, it justs gives off a more playful vibe than my spelling does.

But I hate how overused this name is. In fact, I have a friend with this name. Whenever people say "Katie" we get confused as to which one.
I'm from Britain and most people I know spell it "Catherine".
I had no idea that the meaning of Katherine et al was so debated! I had always read that it meant "Pure", plain and simple. I rather like that it could have so many other meanings. Although the "torture" one is a little dark.
My name on my birth certificate is Katherine April Rose but I've always been Katie, and always hated the start of school years with new teachers and when they would call out the class list they would say Katherine and I had to correct them. I know it's petty, but I don't think I would answer to Katherine, for now, it's too formal. I still love the name though!
I strongly dislike this spelling! Kathryn is much more... oh I don't know.
I love this name, it is so classy and elegant. You can't go wrong with this name.
Katherine Swynford was the mistress and later the wife of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster, in the fourteenth century. She was the mother of four of his children and was very important to English history, being the ancestress of Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and indeed the present day British royal family. She's the subject of "Katherine" by Anya Seton, considered one of the best historical novels of all time.
A person well worth mentioning is Katherine de Roet, later Lady Katherine Swnford, later still Lady Katherine John the Duke of Lancaster's wife. She lived in the 13 and 14 hundreds. She was an amazing woman and I will love the name forever!
Beautiful name, though it's possible meanings are rather dark. I wouldn't name my daughter like this.
Look, I personally feel that just because we have the name Katherine it doesn't mean that we are all one thing or another. My name is Kate, there are a lot of us out there, I didn't know the meaning of my name until I was 12, does that mean I'm pure? No. Does that mean we are all evil? No. The name doesn't make the person, the person makes the name and not all people are the same. So for anyone who watched 'Lizze McGuire' or whatever, and hated the character Kate, let it go. I had a friend named named Jessica, who stabbed me in the back, my current friend named Jessica would never do that, meanings don't make the person. If I had to make a meaning for Katherine it would be Courage. Because it seems we've got to be pretty brave in a world were so many people hate our name, and make assumptions about us based on it.
I don't like this spelling of Katherine. K sounds too harsh. If I was to call my child by this name, it would be Cathryn, definitely more feminine.
There was a Greek god named Hekateros. ( He was the god of some specific dances. His name may derive from the Greek word hekateros meaning 'each of two' or 'with both hands;' or alternately from the words heka 'hundred' and teras 'wonder,' and refer to the hundred skillful fingers of his ten sons and daughters. His five daughters were the Hekaterides, the 'hundred wonders.' ( Their name suggests a close connection with Hekate. Her name means 'she who works from afar.' (

If Hekate, Hekateros, Hekaterides all come from the same root (which certainly looks plausible), it eludes me as to how the disparate meanings 'each of two,' 'hundred wonders,' and 'worker from afar' are related.
My real name is Kate and I always wished that my name was Katherine, because it seems much more sophicated and older woman sounding. Also I sometimes want to tell people that my real name is Katherine. Considering the fact so many girls named Katherine go by Kate why not, haha?
This is my name and I really like it. Though I do sometimes find it annoying that there are so many different spellings, I've had to correct quite a few people on how I spell it (Katherine). Most of the time I don't mind this because it makes the name different, even if it's pronounced the same. I also like that there are so many nickname options, there are so many you can go by what suits you best, not just one shortened version.
I like this name. It is very pretty. It is one of those names that work well on both kids and adults.
I think it's a really pretty name, but I also think it's okay for older adults.
I was told these were all nicknames for Katherine: Kate, Kathy, Katie, Katy, Kaity, Katee, Kaytee, Kit, Kitty, Katty, Kat, Erin, Trina, Katrina, Kay, Kae, Kaye, Kara, Karrie, Kath, and Kayte. Since there are so many nicknames for Katherine, it's a nice name to give your child because they will have a lot of choices with what they want to be called. The most common nicknames are Kate and Katie (now) but many years ago Kathy was much more popular for a nickname for Katherine.

Katherine is also a nice middle name. I know a lot of girls who have the middle name Katherine, it just works; Olivia Katherine, Mary Katherine, Jane Katherine, Maggie Katherine, Hannah Katherine, Anna Katherine, Isabella Katherine, Andrea Katherine. And it goes on! It fits with everything!

I think Katherine is much nicer than Catherine. The only reason I see to name your child Catherine instead of Katherie is if you are from France or you are French. K looks so much better on a monogram than C. It's also cuter, and if you spell it Katherine, the nickname will be Kate and not Cate. Everyone spells your name wrong if you say your name is Kate. They just assume its spelled with a K.
Well here in England I don't know a single Katherine or Catherine. I know a Katie though. Maybe that's just my area. I don't know any Jennifers either. Tonnes of Megans, Priyas (British-Indian community), Jasmines and Karens though. Personally I like the name, though a little old fashioned.
My name is Katherine and I used to hate it when I was younger but I now love it. I have only ever had one nickname which is Baff/Baffy. Woo Hoo for the Katherines of the world!
Katherine 'Kate' Austen from ABC's hit tv show LOST is played by Evangeline Lily.
Another pretty but overused name. There are ten Katherine/Catherine/Kathryn's in my class!
Katherine is a beautiful elegant regal name. I prefer this spelling and like the nicknames Kat, Kate and Katie.
Katherine Marie Heigl is a famous bearer (Grey's anatomy, Roswell). I think it's a wonderful classic name.
The second-youngest Bennet sister in 'Pride and Prejudice' is named Katherine, but she is called Kitty.
Kitty Bennet's name is Catherine, not Katherine.
Actually, Kitty is a diminutive of Katherine. It is like Karen, and Kate. It is based on the original name, Katherine.
I prefer the spelling Katherine or Catherine. I'm not a big fan of alternative spellings.
Katie Cassidy daughter of the famous singer/actor David Cassidy's full name is Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy.
Canadian actress Katie Stuart´s whole name is Katherine Anne.
A famous bearer of this name is Saint Catherine who was killed by a spiked wheel.
A famous bearer of this name is American film, theater, and TV actress Katherine Marie Helmond (born July 5, 1928). Among other roles, she starred as Mona Robinson in the sitcom "Who's the Boss?" (1984-1992) and as Debra Barone's mother, Lois, in "Everybody Loves Raymond" (1996-2005).
The spelling of "Katherine" should be "Katherine" not "Katharine", "Kathryn", "Kathrin", "Catherine", "Catharine", "Cathryn", or "Cathrin". Just KATHERINE!

I think that the nicknames that come with the name Katherine are great! But there are too many Katies. I personally like the nickname Kae or Kay.
Famous bearer: Katherine Lee Bates, who penned the poem "America, the Beautiful."
Famous bearer is Katherine McPhee of American Idol.
McPhee's name was spelt Katharine, not Katherine.
Katherine of Alexandria was one of Joan of Arc's voices.
I think Katherine is a very classic name even though everybody thinks it won't ever go out of date you have to think about the future. I mean how many Katherine's are you going to see in the year 2010. Laura is a much better name. That's the name I'm going to give my daughter. That name will never go out of style.
This is my name, and I love it. I never, ever go by nicknames (they really don't seem to fit me), and there is only one person who ever gave me a variation that stuck. So I suppose I do have a nickname... Anyways, I would like to add that I'm not a mean person, and my name is Katherine. So, if what "they" say is true about Katherines being violent and mean, well I'd like to say that I'm a rebel! :-)
My name is Katherine, and I was named after Katharine Hepburn. (Yes I know, different spelling! But it's the thought that counts! Very cool lady.) Anyhoo, my nickname has always been Katie--never Kate! If you've seen the second Anne of Green Gables movie, you'd know she likes Katherine with a K instead of with a C. She said it's more alluring. ;) Haha and I happen to be a very nice person. So the "torture" meaning kind of refers to my liking for violent things like CSI, big swords, and a fascination with medieval torture chambers! Teehee.
I love this name! Well, I would, considerering it's mine. I have about fifteen nicknames, it's amazing what people can think up.
This is my name and I go by Katy. I like the name, but it always seems too old for me, like I'm an old lady or something. No offense, I've just gone by Katy so long (since I was born) that Katherine just doesn't fit. And to whoever said how mean Katherines are, how in the world can you stereotype a name?
This name is ok, but I think Catherine is better. It seems more traditional and I'm more familiar with it. I think it's softer as well.
Though Catherine is used in both English and French, for English language I prefer Katherine. I find Catherine better for French.
This name is quite lovely. I just prefer Katharine.
Katherine is an okay name all in all. All my friends tease me because of it and because it means 'pure' and I'm really morbid and stuff. It has tons of nicknames which is cool because if I ever get tired of Katherine I get people to call me Kate or Katie or Kat. In my grade there are tons of Katherine’s but three of us have names that all end in W and in pretty much the same classes (teachers call us by our last names). Anyone who generalizes the name probably hasn’t met all that many Katherine’s because our name is ridiculously popular and we can’t all be the same can we?
I love my name. There's TONS of variations to it, and it even has room to make up new ones. My friends all started referring to me as "Kazz".
Actually, in Tudor family history, there were a number of Katherines. The spelling has been debated some, though.

1. Catherine/Katherine/Katharine of Aragon - (born Catalina) Henry VIII's first wife; mother of Mary I
2. Catherine/Kathryn Howard - fifth wife of Henry VIII; only Katherine to be beheaded
3. Catherine/Katharine/Katherine Parr - final wife of Henry VIII; present wife at the time of his death
4. Catherine/Katharine Grey - granddaughter of Henry VIII's younger sister Mary; sister to Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for just nine days; Countess of Hertford
5. Catherine Carey/Tudor/Boleyn (I don't know which it is) - daughter of Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn's elder sister; She was the daughter of Mary Boleyn and either William Carey, her first husband, or Henry VIII (Mary was his mistress before Anne was)
6. Katherine/Catherine "Kat" Ashley - governess to Elizabeth I as a child and Woman-of-the-Bedchamber when Elizabeth I became queen
7. Catherine Willoughby - last wife of Charles Brandon; lady-in-waiting to Katherine/Catherine/Katharine Parr; Duchess of Suffolk

Another one of that period is:
Catherine de Medici - Queen of France; wife of Henry II of France; mother of Kings Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III of France
Love the name. Hate the nickname (Katie, Kate, etc). I would go by just Katherine. It's my middle name.
We Katherines are stuborn, violent, and horid procrastinators. We absolutely HATE it when someone else has our name, pronounces it wrong, uses it in public, uses the wrong nickname, or anything of the sort. We do have soft sides - but they are well hidden! A Katherine is one that gives meaning to the phrase "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"
Has anyone here seen the movie "Anne of Avonlea"? In one scene, Anne meets a woman whose name is written on a nearby chalkboard as "Katherine." Anne remarks, "I'm so glad you spell your name with a K; a C always looks so smug." Without a word, the woman walks over to the board, erases the K, and replaces it with a C. Poor Anne! How embarrassing!
Katherine is such an absolute classic! It's timelessly regal and beautiful and will never go out of style. I love it.
This is my name and I hate it! When someone at my school asks for Katherine or Katie or Kate, you get about 50 "yes?"s. Maybe it's just my age group, but I strongly advise against using really popular names.
I have found many nicknames from this name including: Kate, Katie, Katt, Kitty and the one I never use being Kathy. I, and other Katharines at my school, prefer Katt being the Swedish form of Cat.
This name has a meaning that takes a little interpretation:
It says in the description that it COULD be related to something about 'torture.' Consecration means 'To make a solemn commitment of your life or time to some cherished purpose (e.g. service or goal)."My consecration of your name," can be interpreted as to make a commitment to serve God. I think this a a good meaning or an interpretation of it. I have a best friend with this name, except she spells it K-a-t-h-r-y-n, and she isn't mean. She's nice, caring, funny, pretty, has a great personality and is true.
I really hate this name! If you read the meaning then you will see that all girls that have this name are not nice people. In fact I feel sorry for anyone that has to be around them.
I disagree with the person who said all girls named Katherine are not nice. I do not believe in stereotyping people based on their names. Names are about what you make them into. It is not fair to judge a person before meeting them, and it is sad to me that you have had so many run-ins with Katherines who you disliked that you cannot imagine kind women and girls with this beautiful name.
More on the use of this among Henry's queens:
I see Catherine more often of Catherine of Aragon, since she was originally "Catalina".
I see Kathryn Howard more commonly for the fifth wife.
And for Katherine Parr, I usually see this spelling with the K, a more English spelling than Catherine, which is partially French.
I think this name means beautiful, nice, caring and funny.
On the three wives of King Henry's six, the "group biographies" I've read vary in their use of "Katherine" vs. "Catherine." The one who went into specifics as to why used:
- C for Catherine of Aragon, first wife (closer to Spanish Catalina)
- C for Catherine Parr, last wife (possibly named for above Catherine)
- K for Katherine Howard, who was wife #5, to keep her distinct from C. Parr.
A friend of mine gets a couple of other nicknames from Katharine. Hers are Kata/Katta and Katty (Like Katie, but with the a pronounced short.)
The usage of this name is not common in my area, although is not rare. My nicknames used are Katja, Kaia, Kate, and Kaj. Mostly Katja :D
I most like to be called by my pet name, Violet.
I think it does relate to the word pure. Think about the Cathars (sect of Christians) or catharsis. I like this meaning.
The name Katarina was also the name of the last Queen of Bosnia, Queen Katarina Vukcic-Kosaca. She was the wife of the next to the last king of Bosnia. She's buried in Rome and highly revered by Bosnian people.

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