Kelly isn't my first name, but my last and I think it goes perfect with my first name...Shawna Kelly
Like I've said before you don't have to like the name, just remember it!
Kelly Clarkson is a American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is most known for her songs "Since U Been Gone" and "What Dosen't Kill You (Stronger)".
This is ultimate 90s name.
Well, thanks everyone for the interesting read this morning, I took notes. My Name is Kelly Kaye 1975 of May 22 and my last name also starts with the letter "K". My daddy named me and I was always his little KellyK. I am 5'7" with long brown hair and brown eyes. I was married for 16 years had two beautiful kids- guess what my last name was then lol yep started with a "K" lol no joke so when I divorced in 2016 the only thing I wanted more of course then anything was first my kids happy and for my father's name to be given back to me so back to my maiden name I went, lol, still the same initials KKK. Now my dad nor have I ever once thought of being racist. I love all living things with a soul for the good, I see no difference in what a being looks like, the inside counts first, period. I have been called Kel-bel kinda cute mostly called Kell or KellyK and KK especially KellyK when I was in trouble or said out loud what I thought lol outspoken so to speak I would get the KeLLLYKAaaaaaaye... I can hear my mom still to this day, so yes! I am Irish coming from my dad's side of me lol family Grandmother MaryLou maiden name Clark. I am totally proud of my name but have become bored with it and admire others more sometimes with names like Johannah and Mahlon pronounced like (MAY-Lyn) for siblings I'm kinda like I'm KellyK have a wonderful but kickass life to whom may peace surround all good and wake us up before we are consumed by the few evilelite.
"Be kind to yourself & all others".
Hmmm not too bad, maybe go with Cally or Cali for spelling but for a substitute name anyone who likes Kelly might like Carly or Carla.
This is an awful name, my own personal opinion. I’ve known a few females with the name Kelly and they have all enjoyed wrecking homes. Not a name I would use. Feel like the name is a bad omen.
Love the name Kelly for guys. It's my brother's name. He's the only boy in the family. Super cool my parents liked Irish names, mine is Shawn!
I am named Kelly, and love it when people call me Kel. I think 'Kel' is a more grown-up version of Kelly.
This sounds more like a surname than first name in my opinion. I also don't understand how it can be a masculine name.
Man, I love Kelly. It reminds me of a jelly bean and Kelly Rowland plus in England there is a Confectionery company called Rowntrees so I think the Kelly Jelly Bean Rowland Rowntrees thing causes me to associate the name Kelly with yummy sweets :)!
Meh. It's OK on a boy, but on a girl it sounds dated and reminds me of the 1980s. I prefer Ellie.
Kelly Marie Tran (born Trần Loan) is an American actress of Vietnamese descent. She began acting in 2011, with most of her roles being in short film and television. She came to global prominence for her role as Rose Tico in the Star Wars sequel trilogy films The Last Jedi (2017) and The Rise of Skywalker (2019). She also voiced Raya in the Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon (2021).
It’s a nice enough name, and I definitely don’t mind seeing it on other people, but for me unfortunately I think the possible connection to war (look up ceallach, it’s linked to in this name’s description) lets it down.
Kelly Leak was the motorcycle-riding kid from "The Bad News Bears" movie.
This name doesn’t sound masculine in the slightest. Kelly is okay but kinda boring. Not very common though. I prefer Kelsey.
This name doesn't sound masculine AT ALL IMAO.
"Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?", with music and lyrics by C. W. Murphy and Will Letters (1908), is a British music hall song, originally titled "Kelly From the Isle of Man". The song concerns a Manx woman looking for her boyfriend during a visit to London. It was adapted for American audiences by William McKenna in 1909 for the musical The Jolly Bachelors. Kelly is the most common surname on the Isle of Man.Murphy and Letters originally wrote the song for Florrie Forde, as a follow-up to another Murphy song written for Forde, "Oh, Oh, Antonio", a success in 1908. Forde regularly performed on the Isle of Man, between England and Ireland, each summer, and "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" made reference to "Kelly from the Isle of Man" as being "as bad as old Antonio". The song was immediately successful, becoming "the rage all over England".In the American adaptation of the song, lyrics were changed to describe Kelly as an Irish man visiting New York; Irish songs and performers were popular with vaudeville audiences.
Kelly is one of the most best names ever and she deserves to live on. When she dies she can become a Skelly.
Honestly, just boring. It's a name for male, for female, also used as surname, probably also many animals have this name, little bit annoying and really nothing much good about it. There is just no strong sound in it. Boring.
Kelly Osborn. Dont hear it much now.
Too childish and tender.
What do you mean by describing it as tender?
It’s okay, but I hate the variant spellings.
This is my name and I'm a girl. I think it could be used for both boys and girls but I think it is a little better for girls. I have known one boy and one girl with my name. I really like my name. It's not too common and I've never had problems with it.
This is my name, at least the first half. (Shout out to any other hyphenated name girls out there!) I like it, especially growing up in the nineties, but now it just seems outdated. I would go by my second name, June, except I can't because it's my best friend's name. Overall, great name for a little girl but not as good on a grown woman.
This along with Kelsey, are my guilty pleasures. I would probably never use either but I do like them, especially Kelly.
Kelly is outgoing, spunky, warm & ALWAYS is the center of attention. On the outside she seams as if she has it all, looks, confidence, wealth, friends etc when in reality she struggles constantly with insecurity about her looks & has strong body image issues. She cares more than most about what people think of her. She is definitely a people pleaser & works tirelessly to make sure she is liked by you, even if she doesn’t like you. Kelly will be one of the most loyal people you know if she loves you, you could do almost anything to hurt her & she will stand by you.
Kelly is one of those awful 70s names. It's not terrible for boys, but I don't like it much at all.
Kelly and Kelsey have the same effect: they are both ugly. Kelly in particular even borders on vulgar, pronunciation is too close to kill. It also reminds me of Kellog's cereal flakes.
This name is used for many different people including Kelly from the show Regis and Kelly, Kelly Clarkson the famous pop singer and in the Mattel barbie line as one of Barbie's younger sisters is named Kelly.
I never knew this was masculine! Definitely sounds masculine though.
The name has grown on me since the last time I commented! Kelly is a cute, fun-sounding name. It's hard to imagine an old woman named Kelly though.
Wow, never heard Kelly used as a Polish name before. I thought it was just English and Irish speakers that used it.
Most names that are used on females a lot used to be unisex.
Famous bearers of the surname Kelly are The Kelly Family - an American band created in the 70's which was very popular in many European countries. - One of the Kelly siblings is Maite, who was born and lives in Germany, and is known as a schlager singer there.
In July 2017, there were 150 people named Kelly in the whole Polish population.
Sounds tacky and super childish.
Kelly Hyland is the mother of Josh, Brooke and Paige Hyland.
A bit ditzy sounding.
I really like Kelly on a girl. I guess people in the States or other English-speaking countries might often find it boring since it was so often used in the last century, but not here, and I like it. Not love, it's a little too modern for my style, but definitely like. I don't mind Kelly on a guy, though I don't know any, and maybe that's because it seems a little strange to me despite that's how it's been used traditionally, it's a little hard for me to imagine a guy named Kelly, same as it's hard for me to imagine a woman with this name above 50. This is a cute name, even though to me it sounds a little bit nickname-y, but it's sweet and gentle, and very strong, simple and down to earth at the same time. I like that it has Irish origin. I think Kellys are indeed real warriors and fighters, are strong but sweet at the same time, and are really warm women, with lots of charm. I imagine Kelly as an optimist, laughing very often, though if she doesn't like someone she may be very malicious and sarcastic. She is usually popular in her crowd, because of her charming and bubbly personality, but sometimes may feel shy and confused and prefers to follow others rather than be original. She likes being around people. Life is often hard for her but she knows how to thrive despite it. She might seem a bit fickle, shallow and superficial and like she's one of many, but she doesn't lack intelligence and has her heart in the right place, is loving and can stand up for those she loves and protect them like a lioness. Sometimes she's a bit too impulsive and regrets it later, and tends to have mood swings. I imagine a Kelly as someone between like 13 up to 45-year-old, with long, wavy, dark brown hair, medium complexion and green eyes, or as a red-head with dark blue eyes, she's agile and usually fit but feminine-looking. As for a guy named Kelly, I imagine he must be a little awkward, introverted and shy, a bit clumsy and not really communicative. People perceive him as someone horribly boring and often don't understand him, but beneath he's maybe not the most appealing surface he hides a really complex personality and an overactive brain. He's very very geeky and nerdy and knows a lot, but has self-esteem issues and often feels low and apathetic. He often seems like he doesn't care about anything or anyone but it's quite the opposite as in fact he overthinks everything and is quite a pesimist, a bit cynical and even paranoid sometimes. He has a bit sarcastic and grotesque sense of humour but not everyone knows about it and few actually understand it. He's a bit stiff in relationships and fears intimacy but he shows his attachment to people by what he does rather than says. He's generally not too talkative and can spend hours not talking to anyone. I imagine a male Kelly in his late thirties to early fifties, a bit overweight, with brown/grayish/dark blonde hair and brown eyes, with a bit unhealthy-looking complexion. Those are just my imaginings so please don't take it too seriously guys, I'm not saying all girls and guys named Kelly are like I said, I only know one girl named Kelly in person and while she's quite similar to my description, she's not exactly like this as there are different factors that shape us the way we are, not just names definitely.
Kelly Hyland is known for starring on the reality show “Dance Moms” as Brooke and Paige’s mom.
"Kelly Watch the Stars" (also written "Kelly, Watch the Stars!") is a song by French electronic group Air, from their debut studio album Moon Safari.
Allegedly the song was written about Kelly Garrett, the fictional character from the American television series "Charlie's Angels" played by Jaclyn Smith.
My name is Kelly. I was named after Kelly from Beverly Hills 9.0.20 it's a cute name I think it's funny when I see a guy named it though no offense but it's cool because it means Warrior.
The name Kelly was given to 110 boys in the U.S. in 2017.
I hate Kelly on a girl.
Unfortunately here there is a brend of shoes for children called 'Lelli Kelly'. As many shoes of that type they are so cutesy, full of glitters and with quite kitschy patterns... and pink everywhere.
I prefer Kelly on a boy.
My mother named me Heather. But my father changed my name. He named me after a new girlfriend. I am no Heather, my sister is. But not me, I am nice & mean. I am a Kelly. I am war like. I have had a tough life. Warrior is a fitting name for me. But I am a loving & forgiving person. When I meet a male named Kelly, it is just not the same as another female. I do work with a male Kelly. He is weird. I think this is a female name.
My name is Kelly. As a young girl I loved the name given me. As I matured, I liked the name less and less.
I actually thought about changing my name to something else, until I found out about the Book of Kell's in Ireland.
I was fascinated by the Irish History of the name, afterwards.
In 2018, 33 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Kelly who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 107th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 43 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Kelly who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 632nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
It’s dreadfully boring, overused, and not that pretty. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best.
Kelly is a nice name for a girl. I never knew it was a boy's name.
I've always loved the name Kelly - as a girl's name and a last name. It has Irish connotations - like a bright, beautiful green. And it sounds like the name of a cool, fun, friendly girl. I had a beloved teacher with the last name Kelly, and that must have contributed to my positive impressions of the name. I had a Kelly doll growing up, and she was a nice alternative to Barbie. Kelly is not a name I'd want to give to myself or a kid, though. For one thing, it's very dated - it reached its peak in the 60s-70s. I only remember one girl with this name in all the schools I've attended. Kelly was ranked pretty high for my birth year, but for some reason, there were never many Kellys around me. This name is too ordinary and common to be a real favorite of mine, though. It might go back on the upswing at some time.
It's a beautiful name and I've always liked being a Kelly. Everyone who has met me would say "I love the name Kelly, it sounds like a friendly, fun person" which I am. Boys would always say "when I hear the name 'Kelly', I picture a cute or sexy girl, vivacious and full of life". My parents had Michelle, Melissa and Stephanie as alternate names for me but I am so glad to have been named Kelly. I'm not keen on it being spelled Kellie or Kelli - I don't really like "kreative" name spellings. I haven't known too many Kelly's in my life, which is perfect - it's always been unique but not weird.
It would be better as a last name. Rating: (as name) 3 Rating (as last name) 6.
Kelly sounds like a fake and trashy name. A garbage name indeed.
Kelly Rutherford is an American actress. She is known for her television roles as Stephanie "Sam" Whitmore on the NBC daytime soap opera Generations, as Megan Lewis on the Fox primetime soap opera Melrose Place, and as Lily van der Woodsen on The CW series Gossip Girl.
My name is Kelly Maye and I am a 14 year old girl. Even if my name means warrior, I love my name and would never change it, because I think that Kelly is the COOLEST name EVER!
Kelly Maria Ripa is an American actress, dancer, talk show host, and television producer. Ripa first became known for her portrayal of Hayley Vaughan on the ABC daytime soap opera, All My Children, between 1990 and 2002. She is best known as the co-host of the syndicated morning talk show, Live! With Kelly and Ryan, in various formats since 2001. She also is known for her role as Faith Fairfield on the ABC sitcom, Hope & Faith, from 2003 to 2006. Additionally, Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, own a New York-based production company, Milojo.
Kelly Brannigan was born on September 18, 1982 in Torrance, California, USA as Kelly Jean Brannigan. She is an actress, known for Deal or No Deal, Deserted and Adolescence.
My name is Kelly and I am a dark haired, green eyed girl. I love my name and being called "Kell" and "Kell-bell."
The name ain't that bad, it's my first name actually and it makes me feel outstanding... it means more than just a name to me.
Kelly Chen (born Vivian Chen Wai-man), is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress. She has been referred to as a "diva of Asia" (Chinese: 亞洲天后; literally: "Asia's Heavenly Queen"). Chen has great success in the Asia entertainment industry with nearly 20 million record sales of 38 albums. She has won over 300 awards and is involved in many philanthropic activities. She was rewarded as one of the "The Outstanding Young Persons of the World" in 2004 by the Junior Chamber International and "Young Global Leaders" by World Economic Forum in 2009. Chen is a lyric mezzo-soprano. Chen has earned 83 million HKD (10.7 million USD) in 2014. In 1994, while still a student at Parsons The New School for Design, Chen made two commercials, one for Shanghai Beer and one for the Bank of Hong Kong. After graduating from Parsons in 1995, Chen returned to Hong Kong. She was introduced to an acquaintance who owned a production studio and was chosen to feature in a Jacky Cheung music video. In 2010, Chen released her first Mandarin album after giving her birth, Chasing dreams (微光) in March. After the miscarriage, Chen stopped her work to let her body and mind recover for a few months. In March after the Fukushima earthquake, she made a video clip to support the Japanese. Chen then started to come out of the sadness and started mostly working on commercials and as fashion show guests. Near the end of 2011, Chen got involved in filming the 2012 Chinese New Year movie All Well Ends Well 2012 starring with Louis Koo, Donnie Yan, and Sandra Ng. At the same time Chen announced that she was 4 months pregnant with a baby boy. After all the movie promotions, Chen will pause on her work again to wait for this newborn to arrive. Chen gave birth to her second baby boy on 21 March 2012 weighing 6.5 pound.
I prefer this name on a boy. I really like it. I know two adult girls and one teen boy named Kelly.
Kelly de Almeida Afonso Freitas, known for her stage name Kelly Key, is a Portuguese-Brazilian pop singer.
Kelly Ann McGillis is an American actress. She has found fame for her acting roles in several films since the 1980s including: her role as Rachel Lapp in Witness with Harrison Ford, for which she received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations, the role of Charlie in the huge blockbuster hit Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and the role of attorney Kathryn Murphy in The Accused, with Jodie Foster.
Kelly Brook is an English model, actress and television presenter best known for her roles in the 2010 horror comedy remake Piranha 3D and in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy. Brook was born and raised in Rochester, Kent, as Kelly Ann Parsons. She is the daughter of Sandra Kelly, a cook, and Kenneth Parsons, a scaffolder. She has a younger brother, Damian, and an older half-sister, Sasha. Kenneth died aged 57 in Rochester from lung cancer on 26 November 2007, during Brook's time on Strictly Come Dancing.
My first name is "Kelly" Proud Irish /Celtic Warrior.. I am Male, 6.2 feet and weigh 250 lbs,. All my life I loved my name, Viking background and more. I studied martial arts all my life, played football for many years and other sports, they all "Feared me when I came running at them in play"... LOL... They chanted my name in the stands and the girls adored me. What can I say? "Mighty Kelly" all my friends and people called me. For men and boys it should be spelled "Kelly" for women and girls it should be "Kelley or Kellie' Very lady like. I know many a wonderful lady named Kelli and good lads named Kelly as well. It was always a boy's name first, then by North American Standards became both male and female. Enough said, great name... be proud if it. I AM...:-) "Kelly's Hero's" great movie "Clint Eastwood" he had no problem with that name. We are wise, humble, caring and strong all in one and typically never boast or ask for anything in return. We love to give and help people in need... all seeing, all knowing and love life and respect in God. We bear more crosses than most people in life could ever imagine and never complain.
My name and I absolutely hate it. I was about to be called Allison, but for some reason I was called Kelly. I always wished my name was something like Isabelle or Ava. The name comes with awful words that rhyme with it (smelly, belly, etc.) Please, don't call your kids Kelly.
I think this is a weird first name. It's my surname though.
The name Kelly was given to 101 boys born in the US in 2015.
I like Kelley for a boy but Kelly or Kellie for a girl. Kelley is more masculine and strong, while Kelly/Kellie is strong and feminine.
Seeing as I grew up around a man named Kelly, I have always thought of it as more of a male name. It's not totally unsuitable for women and girls, but I always found it to be a little weird sounding on them, if only because I knew the name solely by the man I mentioned. Either way, it's not a bad name. Perhaps a little youthful sounding for my taste, but it's decent for either sex.
My name is Kelly also. I absolutely love my name. My nickname is Kelly Belly. I mainly get called Kel by my family. We are part Italian and I'm part Native American also. Cherokee, Blackfoot, Apache. We are a bunch of southerners also. So Kelly has a twang to it here. I really think that everyone should name their little daughter Kelly or something close to it.
My name is Kelly and I really love this name because it was given to me by my father. I have discovered that anyone named Kelly is sensitive, brilliant, lovely and adventurous... not only that, it is a nice name for all to hear.
Well I'm a 53yr old female with the name Kelly. I went all through school only knowing one other Kelly. Her name was Kelly Green. My name was Kelly Garrett (played by Jacyln Smith on Charlie's Angels in the 1970's). Personally I always disliked the name. Always wished it was cutesy spelled with just an "i" on the end (Kelli) or "ie" Kellie.
Now I don't care. As a child I'd get teased with "Kelly belly" or "smelly Kelly"... hated it. As a teen I was referred to as Charlie's Angel or I'd get sung to with, "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly" from Cheers episode that Woody Harrelson sang to his girlfriend for her birthday.
Now I'm married and my last name is Jones. So now I get sung to with "Me and Mrs. Jones"... hate that song. Annoying. Guess you just learn to live with it.
"Kelly Kelly cotton-belly - kissed the girls and made them smelly!"Was taunted by that phrase all throughout my early childhood - mostly by girls as I remember. Hated the name then - kinda like it now. Was a big hit when traveling in Ireland...
Ehh it's okay for a girl. But as for a boy's name, probably not a good idea nowadays because they might get made fun of for having a girl's name like they would if they were named Lynn and Madison and other names like that.
Kelley is my name. I hated it as a child because I thought it was boring/common and I wanted everyone to call me by my middle name, Deanna. The name paired with brown hair and brown eyes - I was just boring all around! I have grown to love it. I am young at heart, sincere, professional, adventurous, and active. I also have an old soul. I love that it means warrior, as I am short (4'11") but have always had the attitude that I was just as big as everyone else and could do anything as well or better than others. When I was a child I often had one or two other girls named Kelly in the same grade (sometimes same class) as me but never spelled Kelley. I would say I used to get irritated with folks misspelling my name (Kelly) but it doesn't bother me anymore (I suppose by age 37 you get used to it). Through the years I have met several women named Kelly and most are active, fun, and adventurous, rarely are they the stereotypical bimbo.
My name is Kelly and when I was born the lady in the bed next to my mother had the last name Kelley. She had just had a son named Michael. She and my mom laughed and said that when we grew up, if we got married to each other, my name would be Kelly Kelley. Kelly is a useful name; it can be a boy or girl name, or a first or last name. I like its versatility (even if I sometimes get called Mr. in emails).
I am named Kelli. I like the name, it fits me. When I think of the name Kelli, it makes me proud of my Celtic heritage. I also feel like it's a spunky, fun-loving name. Never have I had any bad feelings about the name, I am thankful my parents gave me such a strong name.
Kelly is a brilliant and beautiful name. I can't find any faults with it. I rate it 10/10. :D.
Well I like my name, which is Kelly, but when I found out that it's an Irish girls name, I read more about it. It's a beautiful girl name and I'm not and it's a lucky name, but I don't feel lucky. So I guess names don't actually mean...
But I still like it because I don't find that many Kelly's in this world. I've only met 1 person with my name. (:
Robert Kelly Slater, known as Kelly Slater, is an American professional surfer.
I named one of my twin sons Kelly, born in 2012 :) Bringing it back for the boys!
The name Kelly was given to 104 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Muse's bassist/backing vocalist Chris Wolstenholme's wife is called Kelly.
On the 90's show Beverly Hills 90210 there was a character called Kelly Taylor playes by Jennie Garth. Kelly was incredibly self rightious and annoying, possibly the most annoying of all the stupid characters on that show.
Where I live, Kelly is only used for girls. It's a bit... well, tacky, I guess.
Apart from that, I like Kelly for a boy, but it's just not usable here.
My impression of Kelly is different... I think of a California, beach surfer girl type, someone who is adventurous.
I know a bunch of people named Kelly:
Kelly Clarkson, singer/American Idol winner
Kelly Johnson, baseball player (2nd Baseman)
Kelly Gruber, former infielder and World Series champion for the Toronto Blue Jays
Kelly Ripa, talk show host.
The name is only good if you spell it correctly. You know, with a y.
Think about it:
Kelli - skank
Kellie - bimbo
Kelley - come on, that's just weird
Kelly - awesome!It's odd to see this name on a boy. Like naming a boy Taylor, it's just not common anymore and the boy will forever grow up hearing about how he has a girl name.The name is very feminine. I have this name myself and I am very girly so it fits, I guess?My parents always told me that they gave me "a good strong Irish name" and it is! I am very proud of my Irish heritage and the link my name has to it.If you feel this name will fit your daughter, go ahead and name her. Just do her, and me, a favor and spell it right please?!
Kelly Gaines-Boyd was the beautiful and wealthy girlfriend (and later wife) of Woody on the American TV series "Cheers".
Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald, who starred in Trainspotting and No Country For Old Men.
Better for a boy.
Clinton Kelly-- an American fashion consultant and media personality best known for his role as co-host, with Stacy London, on TLC's "What Not to Wear."
This is my name and I sort of hate it, no offense to those who like it. I think it sounds way too girly and, for lack of better word, Galinda-fied. I also think it's boring. Kelly sounds like a the type of girl that likes gossiping and doing hair and not caring about school. Just my impression.
I prefer this name for a boy - it's pretty worn-out as a girl's name.
Kelly is my middle name, and I hate it. It's boring, and extremely girly and cutesy, if you ask me. I also feel that it only fits a young girl-it didn't fit me anymore past the age of nine or ten. I've been teased because it's the name of Barbie's little sister, and having met some unpleasant people who share the name, my impression of the name has been ruined. Even if it's only a middle name, it still makes me cringe.
Kelly means "brave warrior", "strife"and "bright-headed".
Kelly Donovan Shultz (commonly known as Kelly Donovan) was the stunt double for his twin brother Nicholas Brendon Shultz (known as Nicholas Brendon)'s role as Xander Harris in the TV hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Personally, I see and favor the name 'Kelly' for a masculine presence, not feminine. Popular culture, however, has deemed men to be unfortunate bearers of said name. I, on the other hand, greatly disagree. Men, be proud of your name! By the way, women tend to like it, if that helps any.For female, I am not very fond of the name, to be frank. Perhaps a nickname, if you must. I much prefer these full-names, feminine, with Kelly as a diminutive (more to be found if you look):
- Kelebek
- KelilaFor those prospect/expecting parents whom wish to dub Kelly upon a son, but only as far as a nickname, these are my suggestions and individual favorites (though, there are of course more possibilities):
- Kelan
- Kelvin
- Caelach
- Killian/Cillian^The above names (male & female) are all able to be found on this website, Behind The Name, for further information.
The name Kelly annoys me for some reason. But I don't know why. It's not pretty and it is kind of plain. I prefer it as a surname.
Singer Kelly Sweet.
This is my mommy's name :-) I've always thought that Kelly is a sweet, youthful name.
I think Kelly is a really cute name for a girl, although I wouldn't name my daughter this because I don't LOVE it that much. But you have to admit it is cute ONLY for a girl!
Kelly is my name, I've always hated for many reasons.
1) it's boring
2) it's common, my mom's name is Myra and she always complained that she'd "never find her name on a coffee mug" so she gave all of her kids common names
3) (and most important) all my life people asked "how do you spell your name" (my mom is against alternate spellings so kept the "y") or the spell my name wrong off the bat. Kellie, Kelley, it's annoying.
This is my best friend's name. I think it sounds really feminine and pretty!
This is a name I really like only paired with Anne (Kelly-Anne). Kelly is a younger name as Anne is older, so it makes an "in-between" effect. Alone, bah, it isn't really my favorite name.
Kelly from the "Shoes", etc. videos on YouTube, anyone? Really funny stuff. So the name Kelly will always remind me of a hilarious person. Obsessed with shoes. :D
When I hear the name Kelly I think of a wide open field full of pleasant dandelions.
I don't like this name much, it sounds too much like 'jelly' for my liking. However, Kerry is a very pretty alternative.
Kelly was the name of Joni Mitchell's daughter that she gave up for adoption and the song "Little Green" is about her (KELLY green, get it?) Because that song is so beautiful I love the name, especially the line "Call her green and the winters cannot fade her." Beautiful!
Czech-American actor Kelly Dean Šereda.
I don't really care for this name because it's the name of Barbie's "sister" (probably her love child with Ken).
My name is Kelly and I like my name. However, I really hate when people comment on it being "shallow" because of Barbie's friend Kelly or on characters from TV shows. Just because we share the same name does not mean I am stupid or ditzy. Personally, when I think of the name Kelly, I think of someone who is sporty and fun-loving, because most of the other Kellys I know play sports, although I don't want to stereotype! I also like the name because it reminds me of my Irish heritage.
My name is Kelly and I'm actually not very fond of it. I like it, but I much more prefer it with my middle name, Lynn added on. So I either go by Kelly Lynn or just KLynn. Kelly just seems to plain.I unfortunately don't really like the name for a girl much either, which I am. I think it would be nice for a boy. And I think it's weird I think that considering it's my own name, but I don't like it for my own gender.
In theory, Kelly's not my style. But somehow, I love it!I think of the ridiculously beautiful and bubbly Kelly Brook, and of the lovely Kelly Clarkson, who I admire. It's a bouncy, energetic name, I think. I picture a well-built brunette who's good at sports and has lots of get-up-and-go.I like the possible meaning "bright-headed one".A drawback is the fact that Kelly is a surname and little Kelly might meet a Mr. Kelly!
My Dad's name is Kelly, and he's always had a bit of trouble with it. He himself calls it a girl name, and people have even went up to my mom and called her Kelly. Overall, I think most people think of girls when they think of a "Kelly".
Van She, an electronic band from Sydney, released a popular single called Kelly in 2005.
Also as a surname, Edward "Ned" Kelly is Australia's most famous bushranger and a folk hero to many.
I named my child Kelly. It is a strong sounding name. I might add a warrior she is!
I love the fanciful images some people claim to get of long red-haired Irish girls. Kelly is no different from other common Irish surnames like Murphy or Doyle. Do they give you the same impression? This surname is pleasant only on a boy.
Kelly McCarthy is a video game programmer and is included in the new book: In Their Shoes. Written by Deborah Reber.
Prefer Kelley.
Kelly/Kelley is an old Gaelic name originating from the church having to do, somehow, with the church and/or the monestary. Its original meaning has to do with some "position, job or task" that has to do with church related practice, ritual or business.
I love the name Kelly! Whenever I think of it I think of a young Irish woman, with red hair, blue eyes, light fair skin, and lots of freckles.
I like my name. No one has ever made a funny at it for rhyming with smelly. But I don't think it suits an older person, so it is a name of youth!
I prefer this name for a boy, I guess it's because Kelly is a family name. My Great-Great Grandfather was named Owen Kelly.
My name was going to be Kelly if I were a blonde. I must thank the good Lord from preventing that from happening.Kelly Clarkson is sweet, Kelly Osbourne is outspoken. As I always say, a name does not define the person. I've met two Kelly's in my life, and one was very popular and friendly. The other had a rather neglected house and was pretty messy.Sadly enough, my impression of this name isn't all that great. I think of someone who is, for lack of a better word, trashy. Never does a name define a person, so take no offense in what I've said. It's all just what comes to mind.
A famous bearer of this name would be Kelly Rowland, a member of Destiny's Child, though her full name is Kelendria Trene Rowland.
There aren't a lot of girls' names I absolutely despise, but Kelly is one of them (no offense to any Kellys out there). I don't know. It just sounds fake, arrogant, shallow. And doesn't Barbie have a friend named Kelly? That might have influenced me, because basically I hear Kelly and think plastic.
As a a surname or a boy's name I actually kind of like it, but I would not name a boy Kelly for fear of him being teased.
I always think of the color Kelly green.
Kelly Monaco plays Sam on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital." Thank god she wasn't one of the casualties in the Metro Court hostage situation!
My name is Kelly also and I love it because my mom got it from her own initials - KEL. Similarly I will be naming my first daughter, due in March, Callie from my initials - KAL. Another thing about my name is that a lot of guys, especially in college (bars), would, upon being introduced to me, sing the "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly." song that Woody Harrelson's chacter on Cheers sang to his girlfriend. It got a little old!
Kelly's my name and at first I hated it. The plainness, and everything. My closest companions were named Danielle and Michelle and in my youth I was sour that my name wasn't pretty like theirs. I like it now. Even though others have made the comment that Kelly is a name for a beautiful girl I assure you I'm not (and the mirror would be first to agree), and some get the impressison that Kelly is a name for a bimbo and I assure you that I'm not. I'm me and no combination of letters will change that.
Cute name but too plain and reminds me of a barbie doll.
Kelly is a Deal or No Deal gameshow model on the televison channel NBC.
Well my name is Kelly and I find it to be overused a lot on Caucasian/White girls. I'm the only Hispanic person I know with the name Kelly. I don't know anybody with the name Kelly for that matter. It's weird because it's one of those names like Taylor that can be masculine, feminine, AND a surname! It annoys me sometimes! And I get called Kelly Clarkson because my first name happens to be Kelly. I'm named after Kelly Bundee from that old 90's show, "Married... With Children" because my dad was obsessed with her. Either that or my name was gonna be Christina, the girl that plays Kelly Bundee is named Christina Applegate.
I didn't know my name was Irish until I found it on here. When I think of the name Kelly, for some reason, I think of an Irish girl with long brown hair and green eyes, rather than me, Puerto Rican girl with long brown hair and brown eyes.
My husband is named Kelly, gets difficult with everyone commenting on that it is a female name, people mistakenly think he "is" a girl or that I am Kelly etc etc.
I like it as a male name though, but cannot stand it for a girl. It gives me such a shallow bimbo impression. The character Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210 was also a typical Kelly type.
It is possible that the English "Kelly" represents a shift in the pronunciation from "kali," the feminine form of the Ancient Greek word "kalos," (m.) meaning "beautiful." This same root is found in the feminine "Kallista," or "Callista," the superlative of the word meaning, "most beautiful," and alternatively "very beautiful," or "exceedingly beautiful."
The name Kelly for a girl was used a lot from 1960 right through to the end of the 1990's and only has started to decline in the new millenium.
Umm... how could you do that to your child? I mean, it's not a BAD name, but what if your kid gets made fun of for having the name of Barbie's little sister?
Surname of Grace Kelly.
The actress Kelly Rowan plays Kirsten on The O.C.
I love the name Kelly for a girl, it is very pretty. It does work for an adult too as my friend's name is Kelly and she is 38 and is as spunky as the name.
I have always loved the name Kelly for a girl. I also have seen the names Kellianna and Kellianne. I prefer Kelly though.
My last name is Kelly and it's always given me a hard time because people think it's my first. Thing is, I love the name as a first name and if my daughter has a different last name then me I'll probably give her Kelly for a middle name. Plus, it can pretty much go with anything.
My name is Kelly and it is a slightly unique name and I love it!
My name is Kelly-Anne and I couldn't find it in the database thing. That sucks. So, I'll tell you how I like the first part of my name. Yes, I do think it is young, but with the Anne I think it make more lady-like. I can't say I adore my name, but I still like it. It's easy to spell, to say and also it's sweet.
I have always liked the name Kelly. I do prefer it for a girl. The spelling Kellie is very feminine.
Actress Kelly Monaco, formerly of "Port Charles" and currently on "General Hospital", bears this name.
I used to really like this name but when I was at school there was this girl in my class and her mother's name is Kelly and she hated me because I was more beautiful than her daughter and that I was more like a teenager so that's why I really dislike this name. But I don't hate it.
Despite this name being much more popular for a girl, I only like it for a boy. Like Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics.
I think kelly is cute as a boy name, but I like Kellen better.
A famous bearer of this name is the famous British Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes.
In England, Kelly is a woman's name. In Canada it is very popular for both, but I probably know more male Kellys than female.
I'd always thought my name meant "Warrior Woman"; turns out I've been living up to it for naught, eh?
I DO sometimes have trouble imagining myself at eighty and still being named Kelly, but I don't have to worry about that now, do I? And yes, I was named after Gene Kelly. Singin in the rain, just singin in the rain...
Interesting thing, Kurdish people naturally assume my name is "Kahleh" when I introduce myself. I don't think the two are connected.
Kelly Keiser: 2006 Miss Nebraska.
Kelly sounds like a very young person. It's hard to imagine an old lady with this name.
Kelly is the name of the doll that is supposed to be the little sister of Barbie, a doll from Mattel.
In Latin America (Peru), Kelly is a name just for women. I think it's a nice name.
I think this is a person who is dedicated, a little crazy and young at heart.
Kelly was also the name of the beautiful but incredibly dumb daughter of Al Bundy on the American TV series "Married... With Children."
There are many famous Kellys. Kelly Rippa, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Osborn...
From the Irish Gaelic name Kelly, Warrior Woman, is bold and daring in all she does; someone who makes every minute count; has a classic strength and beauty; compassionate and patient with others; someone who is held in high esteem; a smile like a beam of light at night; a woman who is proud of her old-fashioned ideas; an individual who is very adventurous.
Kelly Clarkson was the name of the winner of the first season of the popular television show "American Idol" back in 2002.
Impression: Really pretty person, but badly ambitious.
From the Irish meaning war-like or warrior.

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