I much prefer Kendra, Kendall is just ugh.
I like this name, as a nickname you could call her Kenny. I like the middle name Kendall Janae!
My name is Kendall, and I think it's lovely for a boy and a girl! Even though it sounds like " Ken-Doll ", you can try to make it sound different. Like "Ken-dall" or "Ken-dull". I hate those who said that it's a trashy name, no offense. I have my opinion and so do you, but that doesn't mean you have to straight up say that you hate it because it sounds trashy...
There is a minor character from the tv series Yonderland called Kendall. Kendall is a jeweler and is hired by the overlord Negatus to cut and polish precious gems he has acquired. He only appears briefly in one episode but is a fan favourite.
I like this name for both genders, but I think it would be more unique on a guy.
I like this name for a boy or girl, but naming a boy this now will probably get him bullied.
Kendall Roy is a character in the Emmy award-winning show Succession.
My name is Kendall. I am in my teens and go by Kenzie, some people call me Kenny, but I am a girl and much prefer Kenzie. I don't understand the Kardashian/Jenner association, ugh. You all named Kendall think you have it bad? My mom is named Kim. I am Kendall. We don't like the Kardashians/Jenners. It gets so annoying!
This does not sound masculine to me.
I dislike this name on both genders. It sounds wimpy and makes me think of "Ken doll".
My best friend's name is Kendall and I do not see this name as a boy name. I say it’s 100% feminine.
I like it. It's different. I personally am not a huge fan of super feminine (like my own name) or super masculine names, I like names that are more gender neutral. To me this name is more of a female name since I only know of female Kendalls. It's just cool when a girl has a name that is a bit masculine and vice versa.
Kendall Francois, who murdered eight women and stored their bodies in his home in Poughkeepsie, New York. Francois, who was serving a life sentence without parole, died in September 2014.
Kendyl Fay is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” with her Mom, Lynn.
It fits boys and girls because it’s perfectly unisex. I can’t stop thinking of it as a surname because of Tiana Kendall. I desire this name mostly for a boy.
Ruined by a Kardashian, it doesn't even sound feminine what are you guys talking about.
Kendall K Vertes is a singer, dancer and actress. She is known for starring on “Dance Moms” for six seasons and her singles including “Wear em out”.
I know so many Kendall's, spelled different ways, and they pronounce it "Ken-dull".
I love this name! I think it’s cute for either gender! I like it better for a girl though! Probably because a character named Kendall (Male) in my comic is supposed to be a wimp so he has to deal with a feminine name. But it’s fairly good for a boy too.
Sounds a bit like "Ken doll".
I love this name for either sex! Even though I met more girls with this name, I personally prefer it on a boy though!
Sounds more masculine than feminine to me. I dislike the Kendall Jenner association.
My personal impression, is that if used on girls and women, they may face walls. Being as I have this name, I face said walls. These are included by being called Kendall Fire (like Kindle), Kendoll, Kandle, Ken, Kenny, K, and such others. Most of the time it is a great time to have this name, cause you are unique and stand out but then there are more downfalls sometimes. Such as, I wear my hair up in a ponytail with a backwards baseball cap with the pony tucked in most of the time. The issue I face the most with this is, if someone new wants to chat and they ask my name, I say Kendall. Then they usually go get their friends, and go "Hey guys, meet Kendall- this guy." Keyword guy -_- So usually I just undo my hair and they walk away. I know a few other Kendalls this has happened to. It is great to have a unique name though. *\('-')/*
I don't really like this name much, but I feel like this name would fit much better on a male. The "Ken" at the beginning makes it seem more like Kenneth or Kendrick.
Another unisex name I dislike, for boys and girls. It sounds boring and unpleasant. I prefer Kendra, Kenna or Kenneth.
The name Kendall was given to 229 boys born in the US in 2016.
80 percent of people with the first name Kendall are male.
I know this is unpopular but I do love Kendall for a boy and girl however I only like the spelling Kendall on a boy and the spelling Kendal on a girl!
"Ken doll"? It's such an ugly name. (Not at all helped by the fact that it's borne by one of those Jenner girls.)
Hello, I stumbled across this website because I wanted to know the name meaning of my grandchild. My name is Kendall and I used to hate my name, my little brother and sister couldn't pronounce it, they called me "Duh oh" I have a childhood friend named Lisa and I started telling everyone I met that was my name. Having a young mother, whose own mother passed when she was young brought us to a child therapist, I remember him asking if I know my name, I though hmmm... he is an idiot, and replied yes Lisa... I never went back. I am named after an actress named Kay Kendall, I'm 51 now. I absolutely LOVE my name, and if I could I would have my pic attached to this because I am beautiful, sexy, walk with purpose, and carry more pheromones than a room full of 25 year olds.
So what I guess I'm saying is whatever your name is... wear it, walk it, talk it and be proud. Beauty starts on the inside and all Kendalls are stunning! God bless xo
Singed, Kendall.
Kendall Jenner is an American fashion model and television personality. Originally known for appearing in the E! Reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner is now also a model in a movement dubbed "the Instagirl era" by Vogue magazine, or "Social Media Modeling" by Harper's Bazaar, where models are chosen due to their online presence and social media following.
I hated the name growing up, it was so formal for a little girl! I used my nickname until I was in high school. My mother believed if you wanted your child to achieve then you had to name them for success. It has worked, I am an over achiever! Some of you are right, I am NOT a girlie girl, THANK GOODNESS! And yes it is old fashioned and a unisex name. I am 53 years old and I was the only Kendall in our town growing up. Today there are many Kendalls spelled many different ways from the traditional way as mine to Kindle, Kendyl, Kyndal and so on and yes there are even some guys. There is even a family who has it as a last name. Today I am proud of my name, I am honored to carry on a Celtic family name from our history. I sit back and laugh at the silly little girl I was. I walk with pride and honor today and I thank my mother for that... all because of a name.
I love this name for a girl. Didn't know it was a unisex name. It sounds way too feminine for a boy.
This is my daughter's name but hers is spelled differently, I think it is a very beautiful name. I spelled my daughter's Kendel, haven't seen or heard of anyone with this spelling besides my daughter.
Reminds of Amazon's Kindle... :)
I love this name. It's more modern and will sound very pretty with a short middle name.
Kendall Brooks or Kendall Grace.
My name is Kendall and I always thought it was a girls name since I only know Kendall's like Kendall Vertes, Kendall Jenner, and so on. Kendall is a very popular girls name and I think the pronunciation and the meaning is very nice even though when I was younger the show Big Time Rush was out so everyone thought Kendall was a boy's name, and it really isn't. Of course no one really thinks it's mainly a boy name anymore. Just because people call you ken doll doesn't mean it's for boys. It's a very girly name. Personally I love my name to death. It makes me think of joy, fun, and happiness.
Makes me think of the trashy and annoying Kendall Jenner. I hate it.
A dumb, ugly, masculine name that has the association with a trashy Kardashian.
One word: Awful. On a female, it easily conjured up an image of an overly preppy and fake type of a female and yet weak & flimsy on a male. It's not satisfying for either gender. And regardless of the gender of the child, you are essentially naming them "Ken Doll."
My daughter's name is Kendall. And to be honest, I didn't even know it was also a male name. It doesn't even sound masculine to me. I have met a few other Kendall's and all females- not one male Kendall. I hope she grows up to love her name.
I was born a female Kendall in the 80's (after a character on a TV show called "Dallas"... God help me). The Ken-doll thing is no big deal, I dressed as one for Halloween once. Get called Candle ALL THE TIME, as well as Handel, Grendel, Kindle, Kendra and very often by my surname which happens to be a semi-common first name. It has been 3 decades of irritation. I lately reference Kendall Jenner deliberately when I introduce myself, desperately hoping people might actually remember it and spell it somewhat normally. I've been told I'm masculine all my life, having nothing to do with my face or body but with my... Kendallness. I've met 2 female Kendalls besides myself and it struck me that for girls, this bestows a STRONG PERSONALITY. Kendalls are fighters. We may be nice, smart little girls, but we bite when we're older. Parents beware... ; )
I like this name on a boy or a girl. On a girl, I think of a sweet, quiet, talented girl and on a boy I think of a strong and protective brother. I don't normally have a picture for a person with a name, but I get a strong picture with this one.
Kendall Vertes is on the reality TV show Dance Moms.
I love the name Kendall. I think it is very cute and I much prefer it on a girl. It is easy to pronounce. It is much more common on girls in the US, than it is on boys. However, I love the surnames as first name trend.
My name is Kendall, I'm a girl, and personally I love my name I think it is quite feminine and very pretty to all you who think it's ugly I love it but I guess haters gonna hate ;)
I live in the UK and it just makes me think of Kendal mint cake, famous up north.
Kendal here as well (female) just my mother decided that in applying for jobs a masculine spelling would help 'break the glass ceiling'. Not sure how that will help once they look at me, but I digress.

All my life I hated my name but I think I've grown into it, and to the young Kendall's out there, the Ken-doll and candle days will end I promise! I've come to appreciate how unique and uncommon my name is (at least in Canada) And I alwaaaaaays am being told how much people love it.

Young people sometimes make the joke like 'oh how's Kim doing?' (Referencing Kendall Jenner) which is really annoying given that I'm in my 20s.

I went with the nickname Kends and earlier in life KC which are my initials and because it sounded like kasey and I pretty desperately wanted a feminine name. By all means, steal it if you like it and if it helps you grasp some more blatant femininity when you need it in high school!
I'm 11, a girl, and my name is Kendall and let me just say, I wanted to change my name forever but now reading all these NICE comments I realize how very special my name is! Oh yea, and for all you JERKS that put something extremely mean, like "butt-ugly", that made me freaking cry! You don't have to like the name but if you're going to but something like THAT, just don't say anything!
My name is Kendall and I am a girl.

I have had a lifetime of, Kendall... is that your first name?... yup...

No not your surname, what is your first name... reply, it is my first name

Kendall, that's an unusual name... reply, I have an unusual mother

Kendall that is a nice name... reply, if you like that you should hear my phone number...

My daughter is called Emily... no problems there.
I love this name. It's not a typical girls' name but is not weird or anything. I don't even know why I love it so much but I do. I have always wanted to name a daughter this but my sister wants to also so it looks like we may be fighting over the name some day!
My name is Kendall and I personally emphatically agree with the posts by people for whom the name is unattractive.

It is my surname and I dislike it. So much in fact that I have spent years thinking of changing it now things such as my name are no longer under parental control!

I'd like to hear any suggestions for alternative surnames which others like and find attractive.

Please post!
I don't see the appeal of this name. I've never met a girl named Kendall who liked her name.
But I suppose it's better than Kyndall.
Kendall Schmidt is an American actor, singer & song writer
Member of the American music group Big Time Rush.
The name Kendall is AWESOME and I should know cause that's my NAME. Some people say that they hated it during their childhood or that it's more for guys- but being female, I have had absolutely no problems with this totally unique name. Even since I was a kid, I've had people who have been jealous of this beautiful name. So I have no idea what some of these other people who have been commenting are thinking about it being a "butt ugly" (yeah, I read that comment) or about it being only for guys. Kendall is one of the best names EVER and I don't care who disagrees. You hear me?! I AM PROUD TO BE A KENDALL. I AM PROUD TO HAVE SUCH A UNIQUE AND SPECIAL NAME! I WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD AND BLESSED FOR HAVING SUCH A LOVELY NAME THAT IS NOT JUST FOR GUYS! So, if you are thinking of naming your kid Kendall-whether it may be for a female or a male- go for it. In my opinion, I could not have been named better myself.
The meaning sounds so poetical and lovely. I like it for a boy :)
Kendall Jenner is a famous bearer, daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner. Sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Kendall has appeared in many Keeping Up with the Kardashian's episodes.
My male friend's called Kendal, it's not unusual nor strange but everyone adds the extra 'l' to it which annoys him.
Kendall Morris is Miss Texas 2011.
I love, love, LOVE the name Kendall for a BOY, hate it for a girl. And it isn't unique for a girl, I know four girls named Kendall, not that unique if you ask me. I know one male named Kendall, and he's all boy.
I don't like this name for a girl, I've known two couples who named their girls this and they're super pretentious! They should have picked a more feminine name for their girl. I'll never name my child Kendall, sorry, don't like it!
It's cool for a guy!
This is my (female) cousins name. I guess it's alright. You can't really call it beautiful though, if you understand what I mean.
Kendall Schmidt plays Kendall Knight on Big Time Rush. It's a show for tweens on Nick about 4 boys who join a band.
Kendall Jenner is the daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner and younger sister of Kim, Khole and Kourtney Kardashian. She is also known for being one of the stars of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" along with her sister and the rest of her family.
I've always thought this was a masculine name, but my friend's niece is named Kendale, so I think it could be cute for a girl. Doesn't age well, though.
I lOVE Kendall on a little girl! I think it is beautiful. My pastor's daughter's name is Kyndyll but I hate that spelling. Kendyl is the only other one I even think is acceptable. I love Kendall. :)
What about this name sounds even remotely feminine, and why is it suddenly so trendy for girls? It sounds like Ken Doll and Candle, as others have pointed out. I'm not overly fond of it for a boy, but at least it sounds better on a boy than on a girl.
I find it kind of funny that people are coming up with "Ken Doll" from Kendall, because it is very random. I mean, you could do similar things with pretty much any name. Wasn't there a model on the last season of Project Runway who had this name? I personally think it is cuter for girls, and I really like the name, especially because it is unique! Unlike my name. :(
I prefer the spelling Kendyl - much more feminine and tons cuter! : )
I LOVE this name, it is mine, and my mom changed it from Kendall to Kendyl. I love how uncommon it is, and how very little people in my town and school (none in my school) with my name!
My name is Kendyl, and to be honest I'd change my name if I could get away with not hurting my mom's feelings. This is not a female name. I get addressed as mister in my mail and phone calls. As a kid they called me Kenny because they felt it was too hard for me to learn or other kids to understand. And as I grew up, it's always been a nightmare to have to spell, pronounce, and explain my name to others. People never remember it, and if they do, it's something like Candle, Kettle, Kennel, Ken Doll, Kendra. It's really a horrible name.
I HATE this name. It sounds like "Ken doll"!
My name is Kendall and I adore the name. To have it be called "butt-ugly" or categorized in a solely masculine category is very offensive to me. Before attacking a name, please try to keep in consideration the person behind it.
My name is Kendall, and I always want it to be! It's the best name I could ever ask for and any girl would be lucky to have their parents name them this! I will love this name even when I'm an adult!
It sounds like 'candle', even though there's a difference between 'e' and 'a'. To me, this name is strictly masculine and sounds bad on both girls and women. It would sound very unfortunate on a cute little girl, and it wouldn't be a cool name for a young woman either. On a more mature woman, this sounds awful.
I have heard of this name in different ways. I have heard it as:
and Kendyl. I personally like Kendall best.
I think that to label any name as "butt-ugly" or otherwise truely depends on the way in which the name is carried by the bearer. As for the name Kendall, I think that it can be a beautiful name for a girl in addition to being a boy's name. I know a Kendall who loves her name and embraces its masculine side by using the nickname "Ken" but also offers "Kay" or simply "K" as an option.
I'm a 17-year-old female with the name Kendall and although I used to think it was boyish and embarassing, as I got older, I embraced its subtle femininity and emphasised it with a graceful presentation and signature. Yeah, I get the "Ken-doll" and "candle" pokes but those usually come after praise. I'm very proud to carry such a name. :)
My name is Kendall (I am a girl). I used to hate my name when I was younger because I thought it was so weird. Plus the kids used to call me Ken-doll! But now that I'm older, I love my name. I think it's beautiful and unique. When I tell people what my name is, they always say, "Oh, that's such a cool name!" I am proud to be a Kendall! :-)
Kendall isn't even feminine at all. It's butt-ugly. Kendall for a boy however, can have the nickname Kenny or Kend.
I do not like this name because it sounds and looks ugly. I would never, EVER name my kid this. No offense to the Kendalls out there, because all the Kendalls out there are probably nice and good people. :D
I personally think that the name Kendall is blatently a masculine name, no ifs, no buts. It's true that I favour some boys names that were never meant to be unisex, and use them for a girl. However, since I know a male Kendall, and the popularity for the male Kendall went back many years compared to the upper tenacious boys-names-on-girls trend that so many people are consuming, I don't want to be brainwashed by this newfangled fad, and accept something that really wasn't meant to be. What is wrong with naming a girl something strong that is meant for that gender? I just wonder what will become of our generation when all of the masculine names will be used up. Then, we'll have Axels and Lyrics, and Cashten, and Slashyrs running our countries, and Thomaslynns, and Parker Maries have our children! What a pretty thought.
I think of Ken Doll, too, when I hear this. It makes me think of plastic Barbies. But I still like it.
I know a young boy named Kendall. It is a nice name and very unique. I would personally never name a girl this though. There are only a few names that can fit well with boys and girls and this one is not it.
This name is cute, but it reminds me of a candle.
I personally like this name very much for a girl. Not a boy though.
I always think of Ken Doll when I hear this name.
The second season of Veronica Mars introduced a, not very nice, female character named Kendall. It's better as a male name.
I love Kendall, but only if it's spelled Kendyl.
Kendall is my name and personally I love it. It is unique, and it is not a "boy" name or a "girl" name. This name goes to someone with class, grace, beauty, confidence, charm and style. So if you don't think your baby can handle the name do not name them this one of kind name for a one of the kind person.
I like this name, it's an alright name. But when I was just thinking about it, I realised it sounds a lot like "candle" or "Ken-doll".
Another meaning for this name could actually be "handsome ruler of the valley". The name Ken means handsome ruler and the name Dale means valley. These two names together could actually be the origin of this name.
I hate this name. It's probably because of Kendall Mint Cakes. They look disgusting, they taste disgusting; you're tempting fate if you call your child Kendal, cause they could end up the same!
Kendall Hart is a character on the American soap opera All My Children, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar from 1993 to 1995.
My sister's name is Kendall and she doesn't appreciate it because it isn't a very common name. My name is Ashley, a very common name, and it frustrates her whenever I get a pen or pencil with the name "Ashley" on it, and she can't find her name, "Kendall."
I think Kendall is a great name. If I had another baby I would call it Kendall. There is also a shop called this.
Someone named their daughter Kendyl as a female alternative to Kendall. I like it!
Means 'chief of the royal valley' or 'royal valley'.

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