The thing is, I named my son because I prayed about it for 9 months and that is the only name that would keep raining in my head. I always told my self it’s going to be a great responsibility now not to give him a complex or to think he’s better than anyone. And to just act like a modern day King nice, humble, sweet, helping. I promise to anyone that has the wrong idea about this name, I will raise my son right and I do plan to go by his nick name in grade school. I know other kids wouldn’t really understand it, but when he’s older I want him to be proud of his name, regardless of what people think on a meaningless website forum. I hope all y’all are doing well and that your children are happy.
Rider Strong’s middle name is King. His father's first name was King, so that’s how he got his name. It’s kinda cool.
My name is King, just King and my last name, and yeah sometimes I feel embarrassed. They think I'm someone strong which makes me feel uncomfortable, cause it makes me want to live in their expectations, it's really tiring.
"They are King and Prince, and these are their sisters Queen, Princess and Duchess."
I don't think the "meaning" given here completely captures the origin of King as a given name.

The explanation would be accurate for the origin of King as a surname back in medieval England. However, the modern use of King as a given name is either a transfer from that surname (particularly in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.) or a use of the modern word "King" as a name, just as "Princess" and "Queen" have been used as names for girls as direct uses of the modern vocabulary words. [noted -ed]
My grandfather, father, and nephew are named King.
There was an unrelated person to my grandfather was named King as well.
So weird and tacky, I can't believe that this name is becoming so popular and that it's number 158 on the US charts.
Stop giving your child names like King, Queen, Duke, Duchess, etc.
One word: W e I r d.
Way beyond ugly.
Please stop giving your kids names like King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duchess, etc. If anything just use it as a middle name. No offense to those with this name.
In 2019, King was a more popular name than Amy. Very very surprising, lol.
This would be ironic as a name in a republican country.
King is my favourite boy's name. It goes well with most surnames too. Sounds great, is great!
Also a short form of KINGSLEY.
Ridiculous when used as a name. It also gives off a sort of snobby vibe. There are other names with the same meaning- use those.
I imagine a conceited little brat with this name, who demands fruit snacks and snicker bars every time he goes to the grocery store with his inattentive mother, and throws a tantrum if she says no.
In other words, I feel that you are setting your child up to be prideful by giving him this name.
King from both "Art of Fighting" and "The King of Fighters" series is a female bearer of this name.
My name is King, I never felt higher than anyone or feel that someone is less than me. I live love and learn about life and don’t take nobody serious until the time comes. My little opinion to the off comments is don’t comment on things you're not even 50% sure about. I’m no better than you in actions from the past and vise versa but we all live and learn... love and respect.
King Cairo Stevenson is the son of the American rapper Tyga.
King is a noble, handsome, and strong name for a boy! It’s not that bad, but it’s elegant as a surname too, mostly for Asians. I feel like King will be used for girls because the word sounds feminine when the meaning is strictly for men. It’s okay as a girl’s name, a little weird, but I see it as a males name!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) King who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 885th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
King is NOT a name. It is a title, and sounds awful as a name. Why not Rex or Basil? They mean the same thing.
Given to 2642 people in 2016.
2642 people named "King".
This is my current surname and I have always loved it and thought it was the coolest last name to have. When my partner told me he wanted to name our son King, I thought it was perfect. King is a strong, powerful name that won't age.
King Orba, filmmaker.
King, Prince, Princess are all such condescending names to give to your kids. Just stop.
This name is so snobby sounding. Most titles are better kept as titles, and this one is no exception. Even though King is a classy title, the name is not very classy.
My name is King. I've found two other people from history with this given name. They are King Vidor and King Gillette (inventor of the Gillette razor).

A lot of people here think someone with this name will have a big ego, But I do not. Actually I grew up really shy and had very few friends. I'm doing a lot better since I've left high school. I wasn't really teased about my name much except in a friendly way. More often it was complimented. Kids thought it was cool.
Can you imagine a little boy walking into his kindergarten class saying, "Hi, I'm King."? Seriously...
This name is just weird. It doesn't sound like a name.
A better idea is to name your kid Rex. At least that sounds normal and still means the same thing.
To all of the users who feel that this name makes the parents egomaniacs, I would just like to say to you that my son is 6 months and his name is King! He is adorable, beautiful, smart, sweet and all that I could ever ask for in a child! I named him King because I wanted to instill in him that you are worth more than what the world will try to tell you you are. He is of African-American descent and this name seemed most fitting! As for kids picking on him, kids pick on you if your name is John Rashaad, Anthony, Cody, Bryant, Brock. It doesn't matter. Bullying is wrong but naming your child something other than what you want because of some little snot-nosed kids is just silly. I expect my boy to grow into a decent man, and that is all. IF he indeed does accomplish greater things in life I will not attribute it to my naming him King. It will be because I instilled in him VALUES that set him apart from his heathen counterparts that don't have "sididdy" names but act like little a******s. If you think this is weird, then you just name your little bundle what you want. But refrain from judging the parents that chose to do otherwise. You have no idea.
Just saw that this ranked #193 for boys names in 2013!?! I'm sorry but naming you're kid "King" seems beyond weird to me.
There is a character named King Bradley in the manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist. His full title within the series is Fuhrer President King Bradley. He was given the name because as a child it was planned that he would become the leader of their nation. I think this name screams egomaniac. It's way too much for any kid to have and it's more of a title than a first name, anyways.
I really like this name. It makes me think of the strong, silent type. My gradfather was named Harry King (last name) and I always thought I might name a son King after him.
This is my last name and some people call me Kingy.
I can't imagine this as a first name though - but still if you like it, that's all that matters.:L xoxo.
O_O... Please tell me that nobody has used this for their son! This is a title, not a given name! And don't tell me that "Regis" and "Rex" mean the same thing; this is not a common name in English. This "name" will set the poor boy up for merciless teasing and who will take him seriously when he applies for a job?
King Vidor (1894-1982) was a very prolific film director whose works include 'The Crowd' (1928) 'Hallelujah!' (1929), 'The Big Parade' (1925), 'The Champ' (1931), 'Northwest Passage' (1941), and 'Solomon and Sheba' (1959). He is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the director with the longest career, spanning the years 1913 to 1980.
Charlie "Blackie" King was a B-western baddie. He was generally the one in charge, whether he acted like it or not (in the movies, I mean).
It's a silly and pretentious thing to name a child. Imagine a five-year-old going "I am King". Then when he learns the meaning, he might turn into some conceited brat, thinking he's "King".
The word doesn't sound that nice anyway.
This name sounds extremely pretentious and over-the-top. Are you setting up your son for a superiority complex? There are plenty of names in other languages with the same meaning, but giving your son the legal name of King is just wrong.
I know that it is common as a surname but it does not sound like anything you should name your kid.
I've also seen this as a reference to Jesus ("The King of kings"). And it's a really common English surname. I don't really like it all that much on its own. I'd consider naming a boy "Martin King" after Martin Luther King Jr., but otherwise I agree, it sounds very bland and arrogant.
It's a title, and a very pompous one at that. Parents who name their son this probably have very big plans for their son, and they are likely rather egomaniacal and megalomaniacal. What if the other kids decide to hate the boy?
I love this name. It's very masculine and strong, and it's easy for a little kid to spell. ^_^
Actually pronounced KEENG.
It isn't pronounced KEENG. I'm British. Kih-ng George.
Larry King is a cable T.V. talk-show host.

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