It's so cuteee! Love it as a diminutive for Katherine.
This name is so cute! It reminds me of Hello Kitty.
It’s so cute! Even though I go by Kat here, Kitty is also a good option because it is in my username LOL! However, I think that Kitty should only be used as a nickname, I do not think that it would be a mature full name. :)
Anne Frank's Diary is called Kitty. Quite good for a diary. Not good for a cat or human. OK for a nickname.
This is one of my nicknames, I think it's really cute honestly. It'd be awesome to meet someone with the name Kitty in real life, it's super nice. In a professional environment, I can't really see it. But as a nickname it's cool! I think people are way too stuck up on whether or not OTHER PEOPLE will like their kids name. Kids will get teased for anything and everything, regardless of the name you give them. It's better to teach them how to stand up for themselves than to try and avoid your kid being different at all.
My name is Kitty. My full name is Katherene (Kath-a-reen), but I have only ever been called Kitty. I am currently 19 years old and have always loved it. Besides the occasional initial Hello Kitty joke, I never was teased for it. I never have met another Kitty my age (only an elderly woman named Kitty) and it seems to be quite dated, and it's more commonly used in England/Ireland. I love my name and have always thought it more exciting than Kate/Katie/Kat.
Please, only as a nickname!
Adorable nickname for a TODDLER.
I changed my mind. This is actually REALLY cute (meow!) as a diminutive for Katherine! I would use: Kitty as a nickname for a toddler, Kathy for a child-tween, and Kat for a teen/adult.
Kitty Forman from That 70s Show.
So sweet, so soft, feels immature, not serious as a full name, maybe nice as a short name of some other name, but as a name, really childish. I don't think this is a good name.
Only for a nickname.
Kitty is the main character in the animated show Kitty Is Not A Cat.
Hello Kitty.
It's very cute but I think it'd be better as a nickname for something. I don't mind (some) nicknames as legal names, but at least in my opinion some are just too cutesy or childish to go on the birth certificate ‒ like Kitty. I really like that this is the name Anne Frank wrote her diary to, though.
There was also a Holocaust survivor named Kitty. She was in several camps, one of them being Auschwitz. Needless to say, she is a strong woman.
Kitty is adorable! Anne Frank wrote her letters to Kitty. And to all those saying that Kitty is a slutty name please don't say that because a name doesn't make a girl a slut and it's hurtful to the people named Kitty.
Kitty is the pink cat from the PBS Kids show Danger Rangers.
Oh my god NO! This is an awful name for a child- matter in fact, I cannot for the love of God imagine this name on anyone past the age of 5.
My name is Kitty, given at birth. I’ve never been teased, I’m 55 and as for as I’m concerned it fits.
Adorable nickname but terrible as a legal name.
Kitty dates all the way back to 1880 and possibly beyond. It was in the top 2000 names from then all the way until 1974. Today, it is ranked #14721 with only 6 female births in 2018!
Eh... Just reminds me of a person who wants/has multiple boyfriends, loves pink, dresses, high heels, probably a bleach blond too.
Kitty Flanagan is an amazing comedian that is super funny. Also, I have a friend whose name is Kitty and she is really funny and awesome. The name totally suites her. I would love to have Kitty as my name. I am super jealous. It is great as a nickname but also super cool to have as a real name. I love it!
Only works as a nickname, definitely not for a legal name.
Unpopular opinion: I DESPISE this name. I think it's annoying, juvenile, and gross. I've only known one Kitty and she was a bitch. I don't understand why anyone would choose to be called this if they have an option to be called Katherine or Kate or anything else that could be short for Katherine or Katelyn, let alone used as a given name. No thank you.
I knew twin girls named Kitty and Lola. Great names! I like Kitty short for Katherine.
Kitty is the name of one of the characters of Ana Karenina. It is the diminutive of Ekaterina Russian form of Katerine.
It wouldn't do for a first name, but it is really cute as a nickname.
I think Kitty is a cute name! I knew a girl with her legal name Kitty, but for a nickname she went by Kit! Her middle name was Evie, “Kitty Evie” that sounds adorable!
Kitty is a cute name and as a adult they can go by Kit! I think this can fit a girl, woman, elder quite well.

This is a great, fresh nickname for Katherine, but it's too juvenile and associated with an animal for a full name. I think it's definitely better as a nickname.
My name is Catherine. My parents called me Cat, Kitty Bitty, and things like that when I was a baby. Then in kindergarten my older sister and her friends for some reason called me Kitty. It stuck. I hated it at first, then I loved it, then I only wanted close friends to call me it. I didn't fully agree till about 3rd grade. I was always asked why is your name Kitty with a K if Catherine is with a C? My answer was always you can't spell Kitty with a C! I am going into High School and I'm not sure if Kitty will stick..
Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat in Ever After High.
My daughter's given birth name is Kitty. She's always loved it. No one really ever bothered her about it because she never really cared what people thought. I've always told her that if she preferred her middle name then she could use it, but she's always said "No, I like my name. If other people don't, that's THEIR problem". She's now in her late 20's, and still loves it. And for those who would think a kid would be picked on for the name, you'd be surprised just how many kids she went to school with came to me and told me that they wish their parents had given them such a cool name. They said they hated being like everyone else and having the same name as other people. So I think a lot of it just comes down to a child's/person's mentality. My daughter is very outgoing and very well-liked and never really cared what other people thought so she was/is very happy with the name. And since she is confident in herself and doesn't really care what people say, nobody ever bothers her about it. Quite the contrary, they always compliment her on her name.
The name Kitty was given to 10 girls born in the US in 2015.
I am a Kitty. Kitty is my official, legal name. I can say as a child I hated my name but only because I did get teased a lot. Then again, kids always find something to tease at. As I approached my teen years I had a change of heart and began to love my name. Because it is a unique, simple and cute name. I liked having a name that was unique; All my own. I've always loved cats so the name was perfect. Looking back on my childhood I only disliked it because of what other people did; not because of the name. Kitty is a great name any little girl would be lucky to have. I'm glad my parents put some thought into naming me. For those comments that say Kitty sounds trashy or trampy, that is the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time.
My mom named me Kitty even though everyone in my family begged her to name me Katherine and just call me Kitty. And as you would suspect I was teased for it, sometimes in and friendly manner, and other times in a mean way. I think if you have a strong personality you could totally pull off this name, unfortunately I was a very shy kid and I hated the attention this name caused. I grew up holding a grudge against my mom for not thinking out how this name would affect me.
There is someone who calls me this. I actually like this name, but it's weird when he says it. If other people called me Kitty, I'd love it. When I was younger I tried to make this my nickname, but sadly, it never caught on :(
It does sound slightly pornstar/stripper-ish, and a little immature, but it still rocks. To all the Kitty's out there, ya'll are some lucky gals!
Adding to an earlier comment, Georgia Ellis voiced Miss Kitty in the radio program Gunsmoke.
Kitty Ko from Sidekick.
My name is Rosalba Kathleen, my child hood nicknames where Rosie and Kitty! Kitty is a beautiful name completely gorgeous in every way.
It suits young children and old ladies. When I was little no one ever made fun of my nickname. Today I go by Rosalba, however I am occasionally called Kitty by friends.
I'm a Kitty, but it's short for Caitlin, not Katherine. I really like my name, and the only time I ever got teased about it is when I started secondary school and a boy purred at me.
Kitty Slade in the Kitty Slade series by Fiona Dunbar.
I really like this name. It reminds me of cats, true, but it's a really sweet connotation for a name if you ask me; nice, warm kittens... aaawww...

Aside from that, it's an unusual name that will ensure that the bearer stands out, which is something that is really important to me in names. It's cute and simple and sweet.
I think this name is so sweet. :) It sounds very nice and short. I'm not even going to look at the comments because I know there will be a lot of childish insults from immature folks.
@Gio123 I agree with you! There are a lot of silly comments here (which are immature) labelling this name as "whorey", "pornstar" and "stripper" like. Kitty IS a sweet name! :)
My legal name is Kitty and I love it. I did get teased a little as a kid but then again, who doesn't. It's a cute name for a little girl and has a sexy tone to it as a woman. The best part about having the name Kitty is that it's different and has always suited me well. People shy away from it because it's different but having a unique name is much better than a boring common name. And for all you Kitty haters you're just jealous. And any little girl or woman would be so lucky to have the name Kitty. To all you Kitty's out there YOU ROCK!
I hate the stereotype, but I really like the name.
Really has anyone seen 70's Show?
This is an adorable nickname (nickname only!) for Katherine/Kathryn/Katharine. It sounds so sweet and is less common than Katie, Kate, or Kathy.
I am a Kitty, and I hate my name if you can believe that. I've always thought that it's a silly name that only sounds right on a little kid. I was given this silly name by a five year old who was taking a bath at the time. When I say my name, people always think that my name is "Katie" instead of Kitty, which is really annoying. The only good thing about this name is that it can be a good conversation starter sometimes, because I can talk about my name to people. In all, I think Kitty is a silly name and if I have children someday, I'll make sure to name them something that sounds right for a kid and an adult.
Soft kitty, warm kitty,
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr purr purr

Cool nickname, unfortunate legal name.
Kitty O'Sheas is a very famous Irish Pub that was named after a real woman.
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the fact that Anne Frank started her diary entries with, "Dear Kitty."
Can also be short for Cathleen/Kathleen - that's the only name I've ever heard it being short for.
My friend's name is Katelyn, but she goes by Katie or Kitty because there were, I believe, 4 other Katelyns in her grade. She can pull it off, though, because she's cute and Meows in the hallways.
All I can really think of is cats.
It's really cute! But only as a nickname.
This name is bearable (I suppose) as a nickname for Katherine, but absolutely horrible as an actual name!
I was stuck with this nickname a few years ago because of my middle name, Kathryn. I didn't like it much then as I didn't particularly like cats but it kind of grew on me.
The nickname is fine. Definitely not as a given name though.
I think this name is so cute! I think a good middle name is Rose. Kitty Rose. How cute!
Kitty was the name of Stevie's mother in "Malcolm in the Middle".
This has always been my nickname, short for Kathleen. I got teased about it a LOT when I was younger and even now in college. Even still, I am very fond of it and wouldn't change it for anything. :)
I know a little girl named Kathryn that is called Kitty for short by her family and their friends, but very moderately. DEFINITELY not a good given name, in my opinion. I think it's great in short for Katherine. :)
Actress Beth Grant played role Kitty in "Donnie Darko".
Judy Delton wrote a juvenile adult series, set in St. Paul, Minnesota, during the Great Depression and World War II, about a young Catholic girl named Kitty. The books are 'Kitty from the Start,' 'Kitty in the Summer,' 'Kitty in the Middle,' and 'Kitty in High School.' I read the series many times as a preteen.
Do not name your daughter this if you don't want her to be teased all the time.
Here Kitty kitty! That's all I think of when I hear this hideous name.
I have a soft spot for Kitty as a proper name, though it would need to be paired with stronger middle names to work. I think it can suit girls and women of all ages. One would need to be quite upper-class to be able to pull Kitty off as a name without sounding trashy.
Kitty Dukakis is the wife of former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis is a British indie/folk band, one of the members being called Kitty Durham.
This is an AWFUL given name. Maybe as a nickname or something. I know a girl whose given name is Kitty and I feel so bad for her. Her sister has an awesome name though.
It's a cute nickname, but way too cutesy to be a legal name.
Kitty Walker is Calista Flockhart's character on the tv series "Brothers and Sisters".
Definitely shouldn't be used as a girls name. You don't want your child to be teased for the rest of their life.
My name is Kaylee, but my un-offical nickname is Kitty, although, I wish to change that into an offical nickname this year as I go into sixth grade, as I am in love with cats and dogs, but 'Puppy' is very, strange sounding. I think this is wonderful nickname, but as many people, would never choose it for a real name.
I love cats, and this is a cute nickname, but I wouldn't use it as the official name. It's too cutesy and infantile for that.
I like this name. It's my nickname even though my name isn't Kathrine, it doesn't even start with a K or a C. But it's because of the way I am. I'm a slender agile person that isn't all that big. Plus I like cats. And I have that kind of personality: independant, "I'll do it when I wanna do it" attitude. And I like to sleep. Plus I have long finger nails that scratch people at times. So it's a fitting nickname.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Kitty Butler in Tipping the Velvet!
My sister is a Kitty, she was named after our great-great grandmother which immigrated to the US from Ireland. I was always jealous because it was such a CUTE and perky name (totally her) but she has always hated it. In school she was alway meowed at, and many people assume her full name is Katherine and take the liberty to call her that.
I think Kitty was cute back in the 20s or 30s, but now it just looks weird. Plus it's one of those names you can't see a little girl having. It makes me think of a sweet, little, old lady.
Kitty Foreman was the mother, played by Debra Jo Rupp, on That 70's Show.
Kitty Skimpole was Harold Skimpole's Comedy daughter in "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens.
Kitty Bennet is one of the daughters in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice".
Sounds like a pornstar or stripper name!
I don't like this name. It sounds so whory.
I like Kitty. I think it's pretty cute. My grandmother's name was Kathryn and she went by Kitty her entire life. But what astounds me the most is that it still sounded cute on 76 year old woman.
Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat is one of the X-men. Her mutant ability was to phase through solid objects. Or usually called: walking through walls.
Mew, prrrrrr. Seriously, this name is pretty cute.
Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer is the eldest child of Charles, 9th Earl Spencer and Catherine (Victoria) Aitken (née Lockwood).
This was my nickname from my closest friends two years ago, before I went into high school. I liked it then, but now it seems a little tacky.
This is the name of a ghost on "Danny Phantom."
I love this name! It's soooo cute and I love Hello Kitty! My mom is a caregiver; she works for an elderly person who has a cat called Kitty Cat!
Famous bearer is Kitty Jones from the Bartimaeus Trilogy. And my username, incidentally...
Hello Kitty is the Japanese cat.
Amanda Blake played Miss Kitty Russell on the old T.V. show "Gunsmoke." Also, Kitty (Katherine) Montgomery is Greg's mother on the T.V. show "Dharma and Greg." She was played by Susan Sullivan.
For some reason Nancy Drew is called Kitty in Sweden.

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