Sounds like Kylie and Rylee combined together..
I don't like this spelling at all, it's so tacky. Kylie is a lot better and prettier.
Ugh. So immature.
Wow, lots of poor-shaming on this site. No comment. Just wow. It's shameful.
Boring so so name. There are a lot prettier names out there.
Popular 20-25 years ago. Wasn’t a fan then and especially not now!
I don't like this name at all.
Looks so childish.
Tacky spelling.
Kylee Saunders, better known mononymously as Kylee, is a Japanese American singer. She is signed with Sony Music Japan's DefStar Records label. Kylee was born in Chandler, Arizona, to a British-American father and Japanese mother, Her father inspired her to become a singer. She has a younger sister and a younger brother. When she was eleven years old, she passed an audition to perform the national anthem at the opening of an NBA game, earning a standing ovation. This performance earned her the interest of music producers, and she was signed onto the independent label RX-Records. Kylee attended Stoller Middle School in Portland, Oregon, until 2007, when she returned to Arizona. Kylee attended Hamilton High School and is expected to graduate from Stanford University in 2016. Kylee is a devout follower of the Mormon Church.
Newsflash, you can't misspell names folks. Just remember that because I see that ALL OVER this site.
Personally I love this name, however you chose to spell it. It's short, cute, but also sounds mature on a grown woman. I quite like it.
This spelling just looks ugly and whiny, and makes the trashy, low-rent name Kylie look even trashier and more low-rent. This is not the type of name I could picture on a lawyer, professor, or doctor!
Anyechka they don't have to be a lawyer or a doctor or a professor.
I have seen on a website that it means boomerang.
I first heard this name when I met my current best friend who has this name. I like this spelling rather than 'Kylie' a whole lot more. Though you barely ever see it spelled like this. I like this name because, (at least in my experience) it's not that popular. My best friend is the only Kylee (Kylie) I've ever met.
I love the name Kyilee and chose too spell it different. I like the spelling of this name, Kylee, Kyleigh or the way I chose Kyilee, a lot better than Kylie - just my personal opinion though.
I cannot stand this name! It sounds so trendy and saccharine, and I do not see it aging well. Please use something practical and use this as a nickname. And the "-ee", "-den", and "-lyn" names are really getting old.
I much prefer Kelly over Kylee.
This is my stepdaughter's name. My husband chose to spell it Kylee to honor his middle name Lee. The name seems very "forever little girl" but I do like the nickname Ky.
I think I prefer this spelling over the spelling Kylie.

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