So many people are saying that it's cutesy and only for children, well Kylie Minogue is in her 50s now and nobody bats an eye. A name is what you make of it. A name itself cannot be 'childish' unless you're literally called 'Baby' or 'Kid'.
This was so trendy around the year 2000. I know at least 15 Kylie, Kylee, Kiley’s in their early 20s and no one older or younger!
Kylie; Kyle.
Adorable yet fashionable. Not too childish.
Kyleigh > Kylie.
Cute name!
When I think of the name Kylie, I picture a lively girl who likes the outdoors and having fun. Yes, this name might sound childish, but I think it's just as cute as Kaylee.
Love this name. It's very cute but I don't like Kyle. Kyle just sounds so obnoxious!
I like the sound of it, but I think Jenner ruined it for a lot of people.
Very cute, and better than Kyla!
Love the name Kylie. I only know one girl called Kylie who is a very intelligent lady. With an excellent professional job. Also a mum.
The name always reminds me of her.
Smart, pretty and awesome.
Kylie is my name. I don't really have a personal impression on it, I never really put much thought into my name until today when I searched it and saw these reviews. By the way, any Kylie's out there, be careful what you read, some people are really harsh on here.
I never really liked my name, just because it has a hidden meaning not most people know, and hearing it so often it just sounded bland (no offense) although the meaning, if you do know it, is very nice in my opinion.
I do agree that it may sound a little young, but most people I know with it are high spirited sweet, talented, people, and I don't think it would age that bad. It's like one of those old people names, like Grama, Cokkie, it's not that bad.
Really nice name.
This is the best spelling out of all the Kylies! I really like it too!
Makes me think of a blond, middle aged Australian hipster woman.
Boring so so name. There are a lot prettier names out there.
Like it! Cute on a girl, but don't like Kyle.
I changed my mind. I DO like Kyle.
It sounds really soft, like, there is no strength in it. Really boring. Just a boring name.
WAAAY dated! I didn’t even like this name when it was popular 20 years ago!
I don't see how it sounds cutesy and childish. Yeah, it's cute, but not immature. The "KY" sounds a bit sharp, so overall, it doesn't sound so childish in my opinion.
I think it is a great name. People, why are you being rude? This is my sister's name and it is way too good of a name to be made fun of.
I don’t care for this name at all. Reminds me of Kyle. Too cutsie and so dated/20 years ago. The few Kylie’s I know have ruined this name for me.
While I don't particularly like this name, I don't really think it deserves all the hate it gets. I mean, sure it's quite cutesy sounding and seems more like a nickname, but it is just a name. And nobody has a choice in the matter of the names we are given. Overall though, there are thousands of other better more usable names in the world.
In Latin, caeli means air. Caeli is pronounced the same as Kylie.
Too cutesy and immature for my taste.
Another cutesy and childish name. Ugh.
Ugh. Too many trashy people with the name Kylie, such a weightless name!
Kylie is a sweet name! I am a proud cousin of a smart 3-year-old girl! She loves music and dancing. So my impression is a bit biased. I love it! Also I've never seen or heard or read about Kylie Jenner.
The name Kylie doesn't seem very mature and it sounds even a bit whiny to me. It also has a trendy feel to it. Plus, it draws the image of bitchy popular high school girls.
I think Kylie is a very cute Irish name for a girl, and I like the name more because of Kylie Jenner! The spelling Kyleigh is also nice.
I don't particularly care for it. It's not my taste. No offense Kylie's.
I LUVVVV THIS NAME SO MUCH! So many of you guys are hating on it saying it sounds too "Cutesy". Okay, and who cares? Y'all might as well say anything about a name, like come on, y'all some haters bruh, KYLIE is the best name in the whole world in my opinion. So many people hate just because it's named after some Kylie Jenner woman, who gives a damn? Like that's really the only reason JUST SO Y'ALL KNOW SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE in the world who is named KYLIE. my name is KYA and I am proud of my name if I have a girl I would name her Kylie Lavender Coleman. Pretty name. I don't care what anyone says because it's a famous woman I would love to be famous, OKURRRR and many people say what y'all want because I like names but Kylie and lavender are the only names I love.
My name is Kiley and I love my name.
Very pretty but I wouldn’t name a kid this because so many people hate it! ;(
I love the name.
My name is Kilee Kay S_____ and I love it.
Kylie Kangaroo is a character in the British preschool series "Peppa Pig".
This is my name. People are being so rude about it. “Dumb, dumb, dumb name.” Why would you say that? Yes I can tell when I get older my name will not be as cute anymore. It is not okay though to go in the comment section and start ranting about other people’s names. I know this is what this website is for, but to do all of this hurts some people. I’m sorry for this but that is my rant! Kylie is a beautiful name though, people with this name should be grateful!
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Kylie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 620th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I usually don't like 'K' names, but I kind of like this one. Simple and sweet, the sharp transition from 'KY' to the soft 'lie' is endearing. I also like the Indigenous Australian meaning.
Kylie is the name of Penelope's owner on the anime Hamtaro. She is best friends with Pashmina's owner June.
Kylie is such a beautiful name. I have a friend that has this name and she is such a happy outgoing person. I know like three Kylie's and they never get down. This name is different than the others. My name is too, but this name is more reconcilable in a crowd. This name would be a wonderful name for a future daughter.
Kylie isn’t trashy at all! It’s cute & pleasant. It’s nice.
This name is really something pretty and only angels would have given it.
Wow, there's a lot of hate for my name on this thread. I have to admit, it's getting me down a little because I've never heard anyone say anything negative about my name before now. Names are important and deeply personal things to the people who hold them, and to those who bestowed them.

I happen to like my name. It has a rich history and many deep meanings. The gaelic meaning is "beautiful" or "graceful." In Hawaiian, it means "beautiful spirit." As someone who's deeply religious, I find joy in the meaning of its male derivative, "Kyle," which means "of the church." My personal favorite, however, is the Australian meaning, "boomerang." This has meant a lot to me. Just like the name itself, this meaning may at first appear shallow or childish, but upon further thought, "boomerang" is a profound promise. It means Kylie will never give up. No matter how hard the winds throw her, she'll always make a comeback. It means she's a loyal friend. Even if she leaves for a while, you can always count on her to return to you. It means Kylie is relentless, dependable, strong. This name gives me something to which I can aspire. I want to be a Kylie in every way.

As for whether or not this name will age well, remember it only gained traction in the United States in about the 90s. Maybe we can't quite see it as an old woman's name simply because we haven’t heard of an old Kylie yet. I suspect that will change in the year 2060 when we're surrounded by Grandma Kylies everywhere. I plan on being one of them ;)
Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, socialite, businesswoman, fashion designer and model. She is best known for appearing on the E! Reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2012, she collaborated with the clothing brand PacSun, along with her sister Kendall, and created their own line "Kendall & Kylie".
I have a sister with this name, but the traditional Irish spelling (Kiley). She's the only one with that spelling out of her peers, but there are many girls named Kylie. I think that the specific spelling (Kylie) is overused compared to the others. There will be three other girls with the same exact name in their class.
This name is so annoying and babyish, and why would you wanna be reminded of Kylie Jenner?
Sounds too much like a young child's name, instead of a grown woman's. It's too cutesy and childish for my liking.
Childish name that doesn't age well.
This name has grown on me. Very beautiful name. I picture a sweet little Angel.
I don't like this name. It does not sound right. It sounds uncompleted.
Makes me think of the trashy and annoying Kylie Jenner. I hate it.
I used to LOVE this name... until Kylie Jenner came on the scene.
Every name is beautiful in someone's eyes, especially when it's your own.

To all the girls with the name Kylie or variations of it, please do not take any of these degrading comments to heart! The name is lovely and the meaning of it agrees with me!
My name is Kylie and I feel like it's a really common name. Lots of people in my school have the same name as me, though some spell it differently.
For all of you that are saying that the name Kylie is dumb or stupid, it's NOT. My name happens to be KYLIE and there are probably a lot of other people with this name that look this up and then see your comment, then they feel bad. If you don't like the name then YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE RUDE ABOUT IT.
Nothing wrong with being an adult called Kylie. Name's served me well for 3o years so far.
In Australia, Kylie first appeared in the top 100 in the mid 1960s (1965 in NSW at #93, 1966 in South Aus. At #91 and 1967 in Victoria at #89) and by the early and mid 70s, Kylie had already peaked into the top 5 (#1 in 1973 in NSW, #1 in 1972 & '73 in South Aus., #3 in Victoria from 1972-5, #3 in Western Aus. In 1972, '74 and '75).
Even though the popularity decreased a bit, Kylie remained in the top 50 after the mid 1970s and through the 1980s (For 1988 - #22 in NWS, #26 in South Aus. And #27 in Victoria), but with the arrival of Kylie Mole (played by Mary-Anne Fahey) from 'The Comedy Company,' which ran from 1988 to 1990, the popularity rapidly decreased. Kylie's last appearance in the top 100 was in 1989 in NWS (#78) and South Australia (#97) & 1988 in Victoria.

Source: NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (NSW), Department of Justice & Regulation (Victoria), South Australian Government Data Directory, Department of the Attorney General (Western Australia)

EDIT: With regards to Kylie's ranking in South Australia in 1966, if 'Unnamed' wasn't in the top 100, Kylie would have been in 90th place.
My daughter's name is Kilee. I spelled it the way I did to "honor" the spelling of my name (Aimee). I only know of one other Kylie her age (3) and I have never seen it spelled the way I have. I don't see any problems with the name as she ages. There are tons of "cutesy" names that people are using now that, in older age, will be commonplace.
A cutesy name and a tad annoying. It was never a favourite of mine.
I find the name Kylie stylish and cute. :) I imagine a fun and friendly person with this name. ^_^
This name is annoying and Kylie Minogue sucks,
My daughter's name is Kyli. No one can seem to spell it right but I believe it will be a name that will suit her for life.
My name is Kylie and I freaking love it! I'm American, my mom lived in Australia (that's where she picked up the name) and around where I live now in America I do not know many Kylie's. My friends call me Ky and sometimes Kyle as a joke. I don't see why people think it won't age properly-I think it will be perfectly fine. The Aboriginal meaning of the name is "boomerang", which is deep when you think about it, better than the cliched meanings like "loyal" or "princess" or whatever is popular right now. I know a few other Kylie's, mostly from social networking, and all the ones I've talked to are deep and thoughtful-not at all ditsy or childish. It's a great name, honestly :)
I am a 16 year old Australian girl with the name Kylie (middle name Anne) and I do like the name Kylie. It's of Australian/Aboriginal origin with the meaning being 'boomerang' and boomerang's always come back. I know of only 2 other Kylie's in my age group. I am often nick named 'Kye' and some people do miss the 'i' and call me Kyle' which is annoying. I find nothing wrong with my name, and to the people saying it's bogan and trashy, shoosh. You wouldn't like people calling something your mother gave you 'trashy' or 'bogan', so jog on now. :)))
I don't believe it ages very well. Reminds me of Kayley or Miley.
My aunt is named this. Well, she's getting on for 30 (she's much younger than my parents), and need to say she's not "trashy" one bit. She was a good student at school, graduated from university and has a good well-paid job. Yes, Kylie is a cutesy name, but it's definitely not a name that makes me think of "trashy" people.
Most common names I dislike, but Kylie is a different story. It's feminine without being to girly, classy and sweet. It doesn't suit older people, but Kylie is one of those short names that have nicknames. I love the name!
Well, my name is KILEY. I'm in my late 20's, a tomboy, not very graceful, and I believe my name suits me just fine. With great power, comes great responsibility ;)
I have read that the name Kylie is Celtic, and means "lovely Girl", I think it sounds beautiful, the perfect name for a beautiful, caring girl.
It's kind of ditzy-sounding, like the name of a cheerleader. I noticed that this name is often used on Australian female characters in foreign TV shows, when in fact it's not even that popular; I've only met one Kylie, and even then she was 30. It's probably because of Kylie Minogue, who I'm not a fan of.
It can also mean Beautiful.
Australian actress Kylie Travis is a famous bearer.
This is my name. I hated it growing up, because people would pronounce it "Kayleigh" or "Kyle". My husband's name is Kyle so it's definitely weird when someone calls me that now. It also sounds babyish. I'd rather have an elegant name. It's too short to have a nickname that sticks. I hope this name dies out, along with all the Kayleighs, and Kynlees and whatnot.
Kylie Jenner is a famous bearer, daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner. Sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Kylie has appeared in many Keeping Up with the Kardashian's episodes.
This has been considered the very epitome of bogan in Australia since it was chosen for the name of the character Kylie Mole on the late 80s sketch series "The Comedy Company". In fact, it was Kylie Mole's use of the word "bogan" which brought it into common use.

Kylie Mole was a lower-class, gum-chewing befreckled schoolgirl with an attitude problem played by comedienne Mary Anne Fahey.

So enduringly iconic has been her image that the name is now considered dated, trashy, and deeply embarrassing.
This name is so cutesy and will not age well at all.
While Kylie isn't the best of names, I think it sounds rather cute (with this spelling ONLY) - not at all like Kaylee. And it is not a "bogan" name. Kylie Minogue is far from that stereotype.
My name is Kylie and I love my name! I much prefer this spelling over Kylee, Kiley, or Kyleigh. I like the nickname Ky too, that's what my friends call me. Plus, it has a cool meaning, "boomerang," it's different and cute.

But there is one thing I don't like about my name now that I think of it- I hate it when people don't see the "i" in my name and call me Kyle. It is so irritating! You would be surprised at how often people call me Kyle, it's crazy!
Although this name is cute for a little girl or a teenager, I could not picture it on an adult or elderly person, so I would never use this name. I also think it sounds like a nickname and not a full, formal name.
My name is Kylie and I have never particularly liked it. I think it is dated in Australia.
This is one of my favorite names in the whole world! This name has a great meaning (not that that makes a difference) and also has a nice ring to it.
I like the name Kyle but I cannot stand Kylie. This is one of the worst names you can give someone, it is so childish. Think your daughter is going to appreciate this name when she is older? If this were my name I would legally change it and use a nickname in the meantime.
The name is actually from the Celtic/Gaelic origin, meaning "Beautiful". It is the feminine form of Kyle, which means "Handsome".
If you are in Australia or New Zealand, the name IS generally viewed as dated and trashy. I grew up with lots of Kylies and Kylees. It's flaky and ugly and I forget it's so trendy in the US right now. It's done its dash in Aus/NZ unless you are into to those bogan type names. ;)
One of my "guilty pleasure" names. I love Kylie, but I'd never use it 'cause by the time I do start having kids, there'll be a bunch of teenage Kylie / Rylee / Briley's.
My friend named her daughter this. She was going to name her Riley, but her husband prefered Kylie. I'm glad she named her Kylie. I actually like the name Kylie better than Riley.

I have seen some reviewers saying the name Kylie is trash. But I actually think it's cute and "catchy." And the Aboriginal meaning is nice, which is "a boomerang." A boomerang will always come back to you. I think that meaning is powerful.
I love this name, it's beautiful. My best friend's name is Kylie, and though yes it does seem to be a younger person name, I think it will fit her even when she gets older. All I really know about it is that its origin is old Irish, and it's not just taking the name Kyle and adding an 'ie' at the end. It's a much older name than people think.
Kylie is a dated, trashy and silly name.
My youngest daughter's name is Kylie. I usually go for old-fashioned names, or biblical names, even though my family isn't particularly religious, but for some reason "Kylie" just sticks in my head. I think it's both beautiful and cute, and I don't think she'll have any more of a problem growing up with her name than the Traci's and Tiffani's of the 80's and 90's.
Trash. I can't believe it's so popular in the US and Canada. It's as dated as hell in Australia and New Zealand.
I think Kylie is a cute name, but only a short period of time. When he/she gets older, it's not going to fit.
It's a wonderful name and it's Aussie. :)
This name, so stupid, so cutesy, taking a boy's name and adding the "ee" sound to the end.
Dumb, dumb, dumb name.
I think it is a very strong name that would suit a female of any age.
I prefer this name to a young kid rather than to an 80-year old.
I wonder why there is no popularity for Kylie in the Australian records. It's popular in Austalia and in New Zealand.
This name only fits for a certain age, and how will a person be taken seriously when s/he grows up? This name is so trendy that it sickens me; it's tired, blatently trendy, and impractical, and by impractical that I mean that it does not exactly age gracefully. And it's so ironic that the name comes from the one of these Irish surnames: "Ó Cadhla" (KAH-la) or "Ó Chaollaidhe" (KAYL/KEEL-ee-ya), both names meaning "graceful".
Dated, tired, bogan-esque and downmarket choice.
My friend's little sister's name is Kylie. I like the combination Kylie Grace, it's so pretty!
Kylie is my sister's name. It's Celtic, Gaelic, most offten. I agree, Kylie is a much better spelling than Kiley, no offense to anyone with the spelling. My next favorite would be Kylee.
I have also seen my sister's name spelled Kyleigh.
Also have seen Kylia which I believe is from this name.
This is my step daughter's name. My husband chose to spell it Kylee to honor his middle name Lee. The name seems very "forever little girl" but I do like the nickname Ky.
Both spellings are nice but I seem to lean towards the spelling Kylee. But then again, it is easy to miss an "e" and then it looks like Kyle which is definitely a boys name.
Kylie Flinker played Lucy on Neighbours many years ago.
I love my name (Kylie). I don't like when it's spelled Kiley for some reason though.
I like this spelling much better than Kylee or any other spellings.
A famous bearer is singer Kylie Minogue.

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