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Honestly, no name is perfect. Lana means different things in different languages. In Hawaiian it means floating or as calm as still waters. If you named your daughter Lana, she’ll know who to stay away from if they made fun of her name. And she could have 2 names for example, Lana Rose, Lana Winter, Lana Faye.
Super pretty name. The backward spelling doesn’t bother me at all. We don’t spell words backwards in school or work. Pretty sound, spelling and meaning.
The reason it DOES matter what the name is backwards is because there are a few girls I have seen online who get made fun of for it. Pointing that out has nothing to do with being mature; it doesn’t change the fact that this name is anal backwards and that kids get made fun of for it. This name is just not that pretty anyway.
Lana Keyes is a character in the book series Sammy Keyes. She is Sammy's absentee mother.
Lana Rose is a musical artist.
Also used in French:
Alana is better.
Lana is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, due to centuries of Russian influence. [noted -ed]In Georgian, Lana is written as: ლანა.Sources used:
- (in Georgian)
-|by=%E1%83%9A (in Georgian)
- (in Georgian; see the entry for Lana near the top)
- Lana Ghoghoberidze (b. 1928), a Georgian film director: (in Georgian)
- (general): (lists only bearers living in Georgia)
- You can also find plenty of Georgian bearers on Facebook! The best way to find them is to search per city, preferably the most populous ones of Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori and Zugdidi.
Lana Winters from American Horror Story: Asylum.
Feels too soft, like part of some other name. I don't like it much. Pretty plain and boring!
This is the name I picked for my baby sister, when I was 5. A lovely girl named Lana was in my kindergarten class and that was it. I still love it just as much as I did before, and little Lana is now 31!
I've always hated my name, Lana and I still do but I mean it's not the worst. I would change it if I could but I won't because Lana is a very beautiful name if you don't think about how it's spelled backwards 'anal' idk it's not disturbing but the joke is kinda old now and I think my name is just as beautiful as other names :) The name Lana, aka my name, makes me feel mature idk why but it just does, it's not boring though. It's kinda rare to see someone named Lana and that's why I like this name.
Love this!
I too, don't care if Lana is Anal backwards.
Most people on here are adults (I'm not, I'm 17). If a 17 year old can be more mature than you are, you have a big problem. It's very sad people are dissing the name because of what it spells backwards. Most children won't know what "Anal" means, especially if they're young (I hope they don't).
I agree with some users saying that you'll get teased at one point in your life about something. Getting teased by your name is a lot better than say your appearance, walk, breathing, voice. A name is simply just a title that people call you.
Lana is a beautiful name, and I'd gladly name my daughter Lana or Alana.
I find this name very pretty (it's also my name). There's just something about it and it's so easy to spell and pronounce. And its meanings are very pretty too.
Also Slovene: [noted -ed]
Yeah I like it, but Lana means wool in Spanish.
Beautiful ring to it.
My name, which I love because it's not that common for my age, so I will most likely not meet another with my name. (I also like that I share a name with the character from Pokémon)
Lana Parrilla plays Regina in the TV show Once Upon a Time.
Yes, Lana is anal backwards. Do I find that disturbing? Quite frankly, no. I found out my name was anal backwards when I was seven whilst browsing the dictionary for funny-looking words. The fact that I found this gem and its association with my name had my tiny self laughing in the corner of the library like an idiot. (Also because I wanted a little brother named Anal LMAO) I honestly liked that my name was something to laugh at if spelt backwards. Maybe it was because it served as a good conversation starter when you had nothing to say. Or maybe because it cheered me up when I felt bad. I don't know but it made me feel happy. Especially when I saw the smile on people's face when they find out themselves. Sure, my name was a joke. But it was a joke I laughed at myself. I don't even care if Lana means little rock in some languages. Maybe I can use that as a joke to let me off house chores. I don't believe adding a letter to the name Lana would be better for you because whether you like it or not people will still make that connection. It just becomes a bad joke if you do. A bad joke and a relatively lame name. No offence Lanar or Lanah, not a fan. The beauty of the name Lana is the fact that it doesn't have unnecessary letters. It's just Lah-na or Law-na or however you other Lanas pronounce your name. Maybe it's not for you, and that's fine. Maybe it's too much of a hot girl name which, might I add, thank you so much to the person who said that my non-existent ego meter has been restored, and that's fine. If you can't handle anal, then I guess you can't handle Lana either.
Lana means "wool" in Italian language.
Names can have flaws, like if it's said backwards or by rhyme. I like the name Lana because it's gentle, though it feels strong and observant. People who say to add a letter to it are just ruining it, though it is their choice. And if you own up to the insult maybe it can take the fun out of it for those who insult the name, and whatever negative thing that comes to it there can be a bright side most of the time. And for those who insult the name you need to grow up.
Lana Skye is a character in the video game Ace Attorney. She is Chief Prosecutor and Ema's big sister.
Lana Lang comes to mind.
This is a name that I would personally like as it, in my humble opinion, carries a certain hint of glamour and charm
from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. The name itself is easy to write and pronounce which would not make it
difficult for a very young child to memorize. I also like how this name would appear to age well for the person who carries this name throughout her life. All in all a splendid name that I completely recommend.
Lana Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House” she is six years old and is interested in the outdoors, mud etc. And is the complete opposite from her twin sister, Lola.
Sounds very graceful.
Lana Loud from The Loud House.
We don't say and do things backwards in general so I really don't know why people fixate on Lana backwards. Never once did I think of what it spelt backwards when picking it and falling in love with it, we do not live life backwards. Natasha is ah satan and Melissa assilem, no one thinks of those things when picking a name, as we do things forward not backwards. I think Lana is one of the most interesting and beautiful names, it is spelt and pronounced Lana not any other way but that way certainly, and not backwards.
My daughter is called Lana. I liked it best that spelling, didn't think what it spells backwards, there are names that are awful backwards and no one mentions it. It's silly and immature- maybe they are jealous. School is a temporary thing anyway but she's never gotten that, she's received Lana Turner more. I got a feeling about the name and it stood out as different but not too much so, I've never gotten bored with it and it suits her. If I had another, Olive I think and no Olive Oyl taunting would put me off.
My name is Lana and I pronounce it Lawna. Adults can never get my name right and right now I'm 11. I just started middle school and yes girls are terribly rude and boys are immature- the whole anal thing is a thing I deal with being called it in my own way but I love my name, it doesn't matter what it is backwards it is a beautiful name. My nickname is llama and I am proud!
Someone I know's name and people have spelled it 'Lawnaa', 'Lonna, and 'Lanaa'.
The name Lana sounds a bit too urban for me. It also sounds way too close the word llama. I'm not a fan of the name, though I do prefer it to Alannah/Elana or any of those other names (which I despise). It's also one of those "hot girl" names like Ashley, Brittney, Ariana, etc. And I really hate all of those names.
I have a co-worker named Laro, and he says people always ask him if he has a sister named Lana. So I think the Lana-anal connection is pretty well known. (He doesn't have a sister. I hope no parents would intentionally name their kids "oral" and "anal" backwards, even if they were twins.)
Lana Maria Parrilla is an American actress. Parrilla is best known for her roles on television and radio. She was a regular cast member in the fifth season of the ABC sitcom Spin City from 2000 to 2001. She later starred in Boomtown, Windfall, Swingtown and as Doctor Eva Zambrano in the short-lived medical drama Miami Medical. She also played the role of Sarah Gavin during the fourth season of the Fox series 24 in 2005. In 2011, Parrilla began starring as The Evil Queen/Regina Mills in the ABC fantasy drama series, Once Upon a Time. In 2016 Parrilla won a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fic.
Lana is one of my favorite names of all time. It is sweet and kind, yet all the people I know with the name Lana are hilarious. Personally, I think the name Lana is a pick 'n' mix. Some are sweet, some are nutty, while some are just plain rock. I like the sweet and nutty ones most!
Lana is the name of one of the Trial Captains from Pokemon Sun and Moon.
I was surprised by all the comments about people being teased about their name spelled backwards. I've had this name for well over thirty years and have never been teased about my name. My guess is that if your name was something else you'd have been teased about something else -the way you looked, the way you talked, the way you ate, or ran, or breathed. Kids are mean. Everyone gets teased about something eventually. If that is what anyone is most worried about with naming their children, maybe rethink having kids. Raising them (and being them in this day and age) is a lot harder and more complicated than being called anal. By the way, many adults are called anal and it has nothing to do with their name and everything to do with their attitude. The only comment folks have made about my name is that it's pretty, that it's something they don't hear often, or ask where I'm from. If you are a Lana out there and feel traumatized by your name, I'm sorry for you, maybe you can change it to something more vanilla or non-descript. But then again, maybe your parents thought you were worthy of such a strong and beautiful name.
My name is Lana (pronounced Lan-uh not Lawn-uh or Lane-uh). I was named after my grandmother and I used to HATE my name. About middle school we did the whole backwards name thing, which never bothered me, I always just hated that almost no one would pronounce it right. I'm almost 19 and people I've known for years don't pronounce it right, even after me correcting them. I really don't care anymore how people pronounce it just because it got tiring. I wanted to change my name so bad growing up but now that I'm older I love my name! My grandma is an amazing woman and it's an honor to be named after her. She actually didn't have a name until 3 days after she was born (she was supposed to be a boy) but in the 50's when you bought picture frames, they'd have famous people in them and the one her mother had was of Lana Turner, so that's how she got her name.
My name is also Lana, I was named after the Roy Orbison song. If you're going to name your daughter Lana then please, PLEASE put an 'r' or 'h' in there somewhere. I've seen a lot of people say they never had any problems with the backwards spelling but for me it made my life hell in secondary school. Someone realized the backwards spelling one day and from that point on I would have boys screaming 'ANAL' at me at school and in public, other girls spread rumours that that was what I was 'into', I was bullied mercilessly. People make lighthearted jokes about it now that I'm an adult and that doesn't bother me, but the abuse I received because of my name has always stuck with me. I'm not saying all teenagers are like the ones I went to school with but you just need one to start it and then everybody will jump on the bandwagon as teenagers are inclined to do. It's better to stick an extra letter in there and not take the chance that one day, when your daughter is older, she'll receive the sort of abuse that I did.
My name is Lana and I was named after Lana Turner the actress. I like my name even if it spells anal backwards, which I have known all along & I think is hilarious.
My daughter's name is Lana, she is now 3yrs 4mths. It has always been complimented on, never mispronounced and no-one has ever pointed out it's backwards spelling. I LOVE this name and think it's beautiful. I love hearing it, saying it and I love that it's not an overused name, makes it all the more unique. To all the Lana's in the world, be proud, you were given a gorgeous name!
Very popular in France.
My name is Lana... Surprisingly, for the 38 years of my life, I was never teased about the spelling of my name backwards... As for different pronunciations, I get that. My paternal family pronounce my name as Laina. I am called Lanay, Lena, Lura, Luna, & Laurna. I answer to all :-)
I just named my daughter Lahna and I've gotten lots of compliments... most people immediately associate it with Superman. I love it because it's not very popular and the spelling is actually the name of a fish. I had a list of names I loved but I still kept coming back to this one and I love it.
Lana Kane is one of the main characters on Archer.
Um, everyone that is saying Lana backwards is anal and that it effects children, MY NAME IS LANA AND WHEN I FOUND THAT OUT I WAS NEVER MAD AND I WAS LIKE IN 3RD GRADE!
All of my family says it's beautiful and it's not popular. Most people call me Luna by mistake or Laina or even Lina but I don't care. I love my name and you are all just haters! By the way everyone who tries to cheers us Lanas up with famous people, us Lanas don't care about some faumos people.
I am having a little girl soon and I am stuck between Autumn Quinn and Launa Jane. I like the name Lana but I thought it may be hard on her with people saying lane-a instead of lawn-a. I like that it comes from Russian and means light. But I love both names so much that I can't decide... anyone want to help sway me please!?
Yep, I hate my name.
Lana Del Rey.
Lana is very pretty. The whole 'anal' thing is completely lame.
The name Lana is a perfect name for anyone who thinks that they should name their little girl (or boy even!) Lana
Lana Clarkson was an American actress and model who starred in movies such as "Deathstalker" and "Barbarian Queen." She was fatally shot by music producer Phil Spector in 2003.
My name is Lana so you guys need to respect that... I love my name and I don't care what it spells backward.. don't be dumb and talk about someone else's name because I love my name. People always tell me my name is wonderful and gorgeous and pretty, so all of you guys need to get a life. If you don't like my name or think it stupid, why even look up what it means or take your time to comment?
Many names are words spelled backwards: Pam, Don, Mia, Lee, Emil, Marc, Liam, Kramer, Dennis. It would be hard for people NOT to notice what Lana spells backwards, but that shouldn't bother anyone named Lana. However, if it bothers you so much that you're leaving profanity-filled anonymous comments on public name discussion boards because you can't stand anyone discussing your name, then you might want to change it, or at least get a sense of humor.
My name is Lana (as in law or iguana) and I get tons of compliments on it... mostly people say it's a gorgeous or beautiful name not a name that is pretty or cute. It is an unusual name and not many people have it. It is pronounced wrong at times which drives me crazy, but I just politely correct. As for the name spelled backwards, not once has anyone mentioned that to me.
Lana Arwen Lazar is a character in the 'Gone' novel series by Michael Grant.
First Lana makes me think of "anal" backwards, then it makes me think of the character Lana Kane on the TV show Archer. If it makes any Lanas feel better about the Lana-anal thing, there was a famous American figure skater named Suna Murray, and there's a Japanese manga writer named Sesuna Mikabe.
My name is Lana... I love my name. As a child no one ever teased me about the "anal" thing until my close friends realized as we got older, and we would joke about it. All in good fun, lol. I didn't appreciate my name as a child and wished to change it until I was in my teens and realized the importance of it. My aunt, whose name was Lana, was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 18, a year later my mom got pregnant with me and shortly after that her dad (my grandfather) passed away. He told her while still alive that she should name me Lana. So there's my story :) I love my unique & meaningful name. I always get compliments on my name too!
I don't like this name. It doesn't look or sound pretty. The backwards spelling is plain awful.
Actually, I've changed my mind about the name Lana. I now realise how pretty this name does sound! I think I can get over the backwards spelling. Xo :)
My name is Lana and I absolutely love my name. It is so unique; I have only met 2 other women named Lana in person. I have always enjoyed being the only Lana in my entire school, workplace, etc.When I was in elementary school people did do the backwards name thing that was mentioned in another post, but nobody knew what anal meant at that age and actually pronounced it as "ah-nul". In high school I did hear a couple of jokes about it, but that faded away within days and I never heard someone joke about it again.The only thing I would caution about Lana is the pronunciation. My name is pronounced as "Lah-nuh", and more often than not people pronounce it as "Lay-nuh" when first meeting me. Also, people I meet for the first time always have to ask me how to pronounce my name. I don't mind being asked that, but there are a lot of people that mispronounce my name even after I tell them how to say it. That can get annoying.In short, Lana is a very beautiful and unique name that I'm proud to have. Don't worry about what it is spelled backwards, but do keep in mind that people can struggle to pronounce it correctly.
Lana is my name! My friends did find out it spelled anal backwards in high school, but only one or two people ever teased me. I grew up a punk rock kid. I love my name as long as people pronounce it correctly - it should rhyme with Iguana, not banana.
Lana means wool in Italian. Dislike lawn-uh very much.
Lana Parrilla is an American actress who portrays the Evil Queen--also known as Regina Mills--in the show "Once Upon a Time."
Also used in Slovenia. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Lana ranked at #6 in 2012. (source:
Lana's a pretty cool name :) It's loads better than Alanna, I personally don't like that name at all.
My name is Lana But it's said like LAN-ah or Land but with an a.
Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Grant, is an American indie pop singer. Known for her retro image, she describes herself as the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and calls her musical style "Hollywood sadcore". Her stage name is a reference to the old Hollywood actress Lana Turner and the Ford Del Rey.
Lana Turner (born Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner) was an American actress.
Female hip hop legend M.C. Lyte's real name is Lana Moorer.
Personally my name being Lana I wish my name was Alana instead, Lana would be a nice nickname to have. I have always wished for a shortened version of my name to be a nickname. And about the anal thing yes people bring it up and make fun of me. Also it's impossible to find my name on any of those things you buy like bracelets and keychains.
Lana is a popular girls name in Croatia too.
Calm down, ladies. My name is Lana and I remember when I was a kid, I didn't even know what "anal" meant. Seriously, if your children know what anal is, then something went wrong with raising them.
Lana Morris (1930-98) was a beautiful, dark-haired British actress with large dark eyes. She is probably best remembered for her role as Hélène, the winsome Austrian governess in the 1960s television dramatisation of Galsworthy's "The Forsyte Saga".
I used to really like this name. Now I can't understand how anyone could possibly name a daughter Lana. Which is because when you read it backwards it's "anal". You might not think that it really matters but believe me it will matter to your child. Do yourself and your kid a favor and do not use this name. I know that I played a game in elementary school with my friends (we were just learning how to read) where we figured out how our names were said backwards and then we called ourselves by those names all the time. It was quite a popular game in elementary school and every person I know has at least read their name backwards once. I wouldn't want children playing and screaming "Anal, Anal come here" at my daughter. If you love the name so much you can't resist it (it actually is a pretty name, that's why I used to love it) try a different spelling. I'm absolutely against creative spellings but in this case Lahna/Lanah or Layna (depending on how you pronounce it) might not be as bad as Lana. I know they don't look as pretty but I think they'll make your child's life a lot easier. Or use Eliana or Milana or something similar.I pronounce the name LAH-na, by the way.
I'm kind of put off by the whole "anal" thing.
My friend pronounces it LAWN-ah and I like it waaay better then LAN-ah.
Lana is a diminutive form of Svetlana, a Slavic name popular in Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Macedonia and Ukraine. "svetal" means bright and light in most of the Slavic languages. The male name is Svetlin.
Lana always struck me as a snotty girl name.
Lana is also short form of Jolana. Pronounced "lah-nah".
Very popular girls name in Slovenia.
Actress Lana Wood bore this name. Born Svetlana Gurdin she was Natalie Wood's little sister.
Lana Turner (February 8, 1921 – June 29, 1995) was an Academy award-nominated American film actress. On-screen, she was well-known for the glamor and sensuality she brought to almost all her movie roles. Off-screen, she led a stormy and colorful private life which included seven husbands, numerous lovers, and a famous murder scandal.
I love Lana! Alas, it rhymes with my lastname. =(
I like this better than Alana.
In Latin, Lana means 'whool'.
Lana is a snobbish cheerleader in The Princess Diaries, nevertheless, I like this name!
Superman's first girlfriend's name is Lana Lang.
I used to love this name until I noticed that if you read it backwards, it´s "anal".

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