Leigh is unisex. Two other versions of this name also stemming from same Old English origin, are Leie and Leah, and also both pronounced /lē/ and /lā/). They both strictly seem feminine though.
I hate it so much, why is it a suffix? It's so ugly.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock from the British girl group Little Mix.
Much better than Lee.
It's a good name on it's own, but I'm tired of people adding this to the end of names like Hayleigh, Everleigh, and Kyleigh.
I don't like it much at all. Better pronounced "LEE", than "LAY". Still, I like Lei much, much more!
This is my middle name; I pronounce it “lee.”

I have always loved my middle name, it flows well with my first. Where I am from, there weren’t a lot of “eigh” ending girls so my name was rare.

I will say though that people rarely pronounce it correctly. They almost always say “lay.” And every single time I tell someone my middle name verbally, I immediately have to spell it. I don’t mind though.

People are complaining about its spelling but it has always appealed to me. I love the way “Leigh” looks when written in cursive.
Variant English Pronunciation: LAY.
I actually dislike it. I much, much, much prefer Lei.
I see a modern orthography suggesting, if via Celtic/etc. "Leigh" with the "gh" a gutteral, as in Lough. & the "ei" as in vein.

In practice, it might pick up a slight lilt at the end (lay-uh (with the "uh" being a schwa)) but this may be due to accent in some parts of Ireland.

I go with the root article here; None are wrong. A person's name is their name & pronounced as their parents intended. All others are wrong. YOU do not tell ME how to pronounce MY name. You can TRY! :P

And don't translate people's names to your own language (e.g. Pedro for Peter) as you're saying their language is some how invalid or inferior. Feel free, in the spirit of friendly chatter to point out, "Did you know, in my language your name would be...?"

I've heard 100 pronunciations for Leigh (I love the name spelled exactly thusly for a girl) and every one was valid & beautiful.
I love this name, but only pronounced lay. I like it for a girl, and I would use it. BUT ONLY PRONOUNCED LAY.
I honestly prefer -Leigh ending names to this. It just looks plain and boring. It makes a nice middle name however refreshing to Lee as a middle.
Is this a real name or what? Because it looks like part of some other names ending with Leigh, most of them are boring. If this is a name itself, well, then it just looks boring, sounds boring, something like Lee, same, boring.
STOP giving your children -eigh names! PLZ.
It’s not bad. I kind of like it. The spelling is just confusing to me. Why is it pronounced “lee” but spelled like it should be pronounced “lay”? If there’s someone who’s more knowledgeable about language and pronunciations, please let me know why.
Leigh Daniel Avidan (AKA Danny Sexbang) is the frontman of the comedy band Ninja Sex Party.
Cherami Leigh Kuehn is an American actress and voice actress. She is known for voicing Sarada Uchiha from Boruto: Naruto Bext Generations, Sailor Venus in the Viz Media English Dub of Sailor Moon, Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail, Asuna Yuuki in Sword Art Online and Makoto Niijima in Persona 5.
Leigh is more of a masculine name to me.
As a male name, in English, the name Leigh is pronounced LEE.

As a female name, it can be pronounced either LEE or LAY. Both are orthographically and phonetically correct and appealing, contrary to the comments that state otherwise. The beautiful name "Lei", pronounced LAY is a clear example.

When pronounced LEE, the name is sometimes also spelled Lea. Both Lea and Leigh are Middle English spellings for the present-day spelling of the word "lea", meaning meadow.

Through Middle English, the word "Leigh", which was at an earlier point spelled "lei" and pronounced LAY, took on the pronunciations LEE and LAY.

Though the modern-day, standardised spelling of the word has changed, this DOES NOT mean the original spelling(s) for the name are invalid/incorrect. Names can ALWAYS retain their original spelling(s), as many classic names dating back centuries and/or stemming from various languages do.

Regardless, whether pronounced LEE and spelled either Lee, Lea, or Leigh... All still comply with present-day standardised English orthography...and therefore, all correct, as when pronounced LAY and spelled Lae, Lai, Lea, Lei or Leigh. The difference is a matter of choice, and any choice is fine.

However, Leigh is definitely not pronounced LAY-A (contrary to one of the comments below), unless the standardised orthography of an existing language uses the letters 'eigh' that can be phonetically pronounced AY-A.

Contrary again to one of the comments below, as long as a name complies with the STANDARDISED ORTHOGRAPHY OF ANY PAST OR PRESENT LANGUAGE (and the linguistic phonetic patterns/rules pertaining to it), there is NOTHING uneducated about the spelling of ANY name.

Words are different than names. They must be spelled precisely to their standardised orthography in order to literately distinguish meaning. Yet, we don't go ahead and make up our own unstandardised, nonexistant orthography to be kre8tiv because that would be irrational and ignorant.

If uncertain, we can research to verify what constitutes standardised orthography pertaining to any particular language and in exercising discretion, any spelling will do. Therefore, whether the pronunciation of a name is readily identifiable is completely irrelevant.

So, be Kreighative if you choose, but not Kr8tiv or Ch'reeatyve-LaLeigh irrational and incorrect in any unstandardised orthographic way.

Standardised orthography, whatever it consists of, OR however it varies (as within the English language) is ultra relevant!
Distort as you wish but the name Leigh has its roots as a MALE name, which up until the mid-20th century is traditionally how it's been used for many centuries. As with certain names, it has become unisex...and a great one at that, because unlike all names, Leigh is one that possesses both masculine and feminine qualities. By all accounts though, this name, as is the name Leighton (mentioned in the comments) is most definitely more a BOY'S name. Only the ignorant would not comprehend this and assume this spelling somehow makes it a girl's name. I wouldn't recommend it as a suffix for a male. For those however, considering Leigh for a son, PLEASE be as bold as the name itself, don't hold back, and ignore the unfortunate flakes who don't know better.
I think this is one of the names that is TRULY unisex, along with Blake and Cameron.
According to, there are 2 people in the U.S named Leigh Leigh.
I just really don't like this name.
Leighton is pronounced LAY-ton, so it doesn't make much sense to pronounce Leigh like Lee..
My middle name. It’s kinda unique and I love it so much.
Li is nice, but short. Really the only version of the name I like. Really, just would be good as a middle name.
I think Leigh is very versatile. It rhymes with lots of words and breaks the I before e except after c rule. I know someone with this name and I love her.
I must have a thing for one syllable boy names. I really enjoy how for a boy Leigh is soft and on the more delicate side of sounds. I also think Leigh would be a nice name for all ages and stages of life. I think Leigh is more suited for a male while Lee is better for a female.
Looks and sounds pretty, naturally different from other names.
Ugly. On both genders.
Okay. Out of any name to put the "Leigh" suffix on, why Lee?
I hate Leigh spelled this way.
Old English meaning "a meadow".

Greek Mythology:
As a way to describe the "true love", "there is a divine LEIGH in every woman, and a true LEIGH is and only will be the kind of woman who can ever change the heart of a man, even a god."

1n. A woman who generates an emotional response to a man which causes him to lose focus and the ability to speak.

2n. The single word to describe love-at-first-site with a woman.

Leigh is one of the lost wives of the Greek god Zeus.
Makes no sense to me why it wouldn't be pronounced "lay".
Author Leigh Bardugo of the Grisha Trilogy.
My mother gave me this name in 1961, after actress Vivian Leigh. I absolutely hated it growing up. I was called Leah, Lay, League, pretty much everything but LEIGH! Now as an adult I love my name. I use my name for fun when I'm writing... Lovleigh to see you, Yours truleigh, etc. My niece is named after me, "Keleigh" as is my great niece "Bayleigh".
I am Leigh.
It's pronounced. "Lee" and it's a strong, yet gentle name that sounds wonderful when whispered or growled by a man with naughty intentions. I love my name and people find it unique, which puts us Leigh's and Lee's above the scores of little names ending in -y. Love it.
As a child in the 70's, it was common for girls to be Leigh (especially Leigh Ann) and boys Lee, middle or first name. Like Joe was male, Jo was female. As for the pronunciation, other "ei" names pronounced with a long "e" include Sheila, Neil, Keith.
Well I was born a Leigh in 1967, and hated it for most of my life. Always told my parents I would change it when I got older, well guess what, I haven't. Too much fuss anyway all my loved ones would still call me Leigh. Have had various spellings and pronunciations by others over the years. Even teachers who should know better. Most people I meet seem to really like it but I still would of liked a feminine name. I haven't even a middle name to fall back on either. Guess I'm stuck with it now! My mum didn't like names you can shorten.
Leigh should be pronounced "LAY," plain and simple. The word "sleigh" is pronounced "SLAY," not "SLEE." This is a ridiculous thing to say. Any other other pronunciation is clearly wrong, ungodly, and indicative of severe brain malfunction.
I usually dislike one-syllable names or nicknames, but this one is cute. Love this spelling.
It's bit too short for a first name. Maybe as a nickname for Kayleigh or something but not as a first name for a girl, maybe a boy, but I'd like it spelt Lee. But it IS nice for a middle name.
Leighlah/Leighla? If you want it a bit longer?
The name Leigh was given to 47 girls born in the US in 2015.
Leigh is a nice middle name.
Simple name, simple meaning. A little short for a first name; I'd prefer the longer Leah. Makes a cute middle name, though. It also makes a cute nickname for many girls' names. I would go by Leigh if my name were Emily, Hailey, Beverly, Riley, Kaleigh, Kimberly, Miley, Kylie, Rosalie, Leela, Leila, Leighton, et cetera.
I think it is a really pretty name. I would use it for a middle name. My dad's middle name is Lee and mine is Leigh.
Another meaning: Of the meadow.
Leigh is my middle name, and I have always loved the spelling.
The name Leigh was given to 38 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
With all the trendy "lee" and "Leigh" names being ultra trendy, you would never use this name. It's a bit boring.
I pronounce it "LAY-A". I know that's not how it's correctly pronounced, but I prefer it this way. "Leah" is another way I can see it pronounced. But not just "lee" or "lay".
How would this be pronounced 'leah'? There's no a in it. I personally always want to pronounce this name 'lay' and when I see it tacked on to the end of names like kayleigh and bayleigh I want to pronounce them 'Kay-lay' and 'bay-lay'.
A pretty name, and get over "it's hard to spell." "eigh" is not at all uncommon in the English language. Should "sleigh" be spelled "slay"? Or "neigh," "nay?" No.

That being said, it is understandable why some people might think this name is pronounced "lay." But there are lots of idiosyncratic pronunciations in English. The correct pronunciation is "lee." I think it's lovely to see the old spellings.
I made an account here just to ask what on earth sort of planet the Anonymous User from 07/23/2011 is from? S/he says, "Should 'sleigh' be pronounced 'slay', or 'neigh' 'nay'"... yes, these are real words somebody actually said. What?
The ONLY pronunciation of those words, except perhaps in rural Scottish or other European (or Oceanic!) dialects that reduce /eɪ/ ('long a') to /i/ ('long E' as in [e]lection), is /sleɪ/ and /neɪ/, i.e. "slay" and "nay". And honestly, Leigh to me sounds much much much much MUCH prettier pronounced as /leɪ/, like a Hawai'ian lei, than as "Lee".
I agree with Anonymous user 12/23/2017 who states the name Leigh can also be pronounced like Hawaiian lei and still be phonetically correct (according to standardised English orthography), which is exactly what Anonymous user 7/23/2011 above you, who you disagreed with was clarifying. :)
I hate this crap, it's like Lee except harder to spell and more of a dog's name.

If you name your child Leigh you obviously don't know how to spell.
If you think the name Leigh is spelled incorrectly and too hard to spell, then obviously you're not familiar with the origin of the name, nor standardised English orthography... And if this is your opinion, why do you spell your name ending with two ts and not one t, which is obviously more complicated than two ts and apparently requires more effort. Lol.
I personally am not of the opinion that pronouncing this name as 'lay' could be considered unintelligent and uneducated. As Leigh_ said, some people may simply be thinking of the way sleigh or neighbor are pronounced. When I first saw this name, I had the thought that it might sound the same as lei, the Hawaiian word.

I love the suggestion of Leigha, as that would definitely make the name seem more feminine. I still prefer Leigh, though.

I can see how someone might consider this a thoughtless middle name, much like Marie seems to be. The fact does remain, though, that many people have Mary and Lee as their names. As a matter of fact, since my grandfather's first and middle names were Charles Anthony Lee, I am considering giving my daughter this name. The feminine alternatives to Charles and Anthony are simply not as pretty to me.
Lee is much more lovely, and much easier to spell. Leigh . . . Eh.
This is my first name and I have never really liked it, mainly because many people do not know how to pronounce it. Usually I am called "Leah" by people but I don't know how they get that from Leigh, there isn't even an "a" in it. I do understand how people can mispronounce it "Lay" though. I am sure they are remembering the rule "'i' before 'e' except after 'c', or if it rhymes with 'sleigh'".
Only recently, since the name is becoming more popular as a middle name, am I finally sort of liking the name. I usually only have to identify myself by my first name since it is rare so that is a bonus.
Leigh Taylor-Young, American actress and former wife of actor, Ryan O'Neal.
Another origin is IRISH.
Can you say boring? This is often given as a thoughtless filler middle name. It has no personality whatsoever.
As per the (apparently) not uncommon notion that this name can be pronounced "lay," well, let's just say it's not advisable for either sex.

I'm guessing that this notion has something to do with the not-too-uncommon last name Leighton, most bearers of which would pronounce "Layton."
I'm surprised that some female bearers of the name (with this spelling) were taunted as children for having "a boy's name." There's quite a common perception that this is the "girl's spelling." In point of fact, both spellings have been used fairly frequently for girls and boys. Leigh apparently strikes many as being fancier and frillier and, therefore, more suitable for girls. That's really subjective, but understandable in a way. A third possibility is Lea (pronounced as one syllable, to rhyme with "tea" or "sea"). This is the pronunciation of the last name. The "a" ending suggests that this would be feminine. Name expert Leslie Dunkling, however, says that all 3 spellings have been used for both sexes.
It's pretty, yet uncompleted. It's better followed by a middle name- but not as a middle name, because it's overused in that sense.
I love this name! It is short, simple, and elegant. You also do not hear of it very often. If I was ever to have a daughter this would be my first name choice for her.
Personally, I really cannot stand this name. I guess the main cause of that might be it's popularity with horrible chavs who live near me. I'm sorry, but this really is not a name I would like to see on a young child.
What a pretty name. I like this name for a girl and Lee for a guy. And all those who have been ridiculed for this name don't be; it's so pretty, soft and yet so strong and independent. Be proud!
My best friend goes by this name, which is her middle name. I know a grown man and a grown woman with this name, as well as my (female) best friend. It's very plain but pretty and it's a little more "jazzed up" than "Lee". I like it spelled "Lee" for a boy, mainly because I know a girl named Leigh and a boy named Lee, and I'm so used to that it's just looks right to me. The only problem I have with this name is that everyone spells my best friend's name either "Liegh", or "Lee". And I think it's overused as a middle name, but it's still a nice name.
I really like this name for a middle name of a girl. I always thought the pronunciation was 'LAY' but when you think about it, I have seen people named Ashley who spelled it Ashleigh. I also think it would be neat if it was made into a alternate spelling of Leah by spelling it Leigha.
I love this name for a baby girl, however, pronounced Lay. For some reason, "Leigh" has always been pronounced Lay in my mind!
This is my middle name, and I like it a lot. I think this spelling is way too feminine for a boy, though. Lee is a more masculine spelling.
Not too fond of it, but it's a good middle name.
Although I know it's pronounced LEE, I always think LAY in my head when I see it.
Leigh Nash is the lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer.
Leigh Bowery was a British fashionista that gave people a new view on fashion, self-expression, and creativity.
Sorry to any Leighs out there, but I hate that name. I would like it a little better for a boy, but only if it was spelled "Lee".
A famous bearer is 19th century Romantic poet Leigh Hunt.
To the person who said it looks better as a second name, I AGREE! I love my name as it is, Madison Leigh Ryan (can't tell you last name heheh!)
This works best a second name.
Leigh Watson is one half of the Watson Twins.
This is my first name, and I've always loved it because it's so unique. I've never met anyone else with this name! Whenever I meet someone and tell them my name, they have to ask what my name is again just to make sure they get it correct. Then most people always comment how cool the name is, and how much cooler the spelling is. I love it!
For those of you saying this name can be pronounced "lay" or the same way as the name "leah," no it can't. Leigh is pronounced "lee," plain and simple. Pronounce it "lay" or "leah" if you want to, but the point is that is NOT the CORRECT pronunciation. The other made-up pronunciations are ridiculous.
Leigh is a pretty name for a girl. But for a boy, I'd spell it Lee. I like this name better for a girl, though.
Leigh is a pretty name for a girl. For a boy I would spell it Lee. For either a boy or a girl I like this name.
I really do not like this as a girl's name, it just doesn't sound right. I love it as a boy's name, and my brother-in-law has it, so that's why I'm probably used to it being a boy's name. I also prefer this spelling over Lee which is boring.
I think Leigh is trying too hard. Stick with Lee. Lee even looks better on paper.
In Dan Brown's book The Da Vinici Code, one of the characters' name is Leigh Teabing.
Can also be pronounced 'LEE-a'. I like this name pronounced either way, my grandma's name is Leah so I'd consider naming my little girl this to honor her.
Leigh is my first name, I'm 17, and until now I pretty much hated my name. The typical "you've got a boy's name" still applies but only to the simple minded. I think I'll grow to love this name and actually like the fact that not many people have it.
Leigh is the title of the 3rd book in The Women of Ivy Manor series by Lyn Cote.
This is my middle name. I have never really liked it because in elementary school the kids would make fun of me for having a boy's name. I like it better now, but I wish it was something else still.
My parents chose this name for me because they like the meaning and spelling. The meaning they found was "Contented One".
This name to me sounds soft and sweet for a new baby girl.
This is the middle name of actress Gillian Anderson: Gillian Leigh Anderson is her full name.
This is a pretty name. It can be pronounced "LAY". It's such a unique way to spell 'LEE'.
'Lay' is not actually a correct pronunciation traditionally but you CAN say it anyway you want (that sort of thing makes people look a bit silly and uneducated to me, but most people disregard opinions of people they don't know, so it doesn't matter). However, naming your child 'Lay' sets them up for a few, um, choice jokes, when they grow up, doesn't it?
Actress Vivian Leigh had this name.
Also meaning "from the army or camp". (Hebrew)

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