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Gender Feminine
Scripts Лидија(Serbian, Macedonian)

Meaning & History

Form of LYDIA in several languages.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesLidziya(Belarusian) Lydia(Biblical) Lydia(Biblical Greek) Lydia(Biblical Latin) Lidiya(Bulgarian) Lídia(Catalan) Lýdie, Lydie(Czech) Lydia(Dutch) Lydia, Liddy, Lyda(English) Lýdia(Faroese) Lyydia, Lyyti(Finnish) Lydie(French) Lydia(German) Lídia, Lilla(Hungarian) Lidia(Italian) Lidia, Lidka(Polish) Lídia(Portuguese) Lidia(Romanian) Lidiya, Lidochka(Russian) Lýdia(Slovak) Lidia(Spanish)

Name Days

Croatia: May 20
Croatia: August 3
Latvia: January 16
Lithuania: March 27
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