The name is so elegant and beautiful, I love it. I like the nickname Lucy too, but I much prefer the spelling Lucie, as I find it prettier.
A little dated, but sweet.
Not one of my favorites, but a nice name. I'd be satisfied with it, if it was my name, though I prefer Lucy, the prettiest of all names. If I was a Lucille, I'd certainly go by Lucy.
Ok so some of the posts on here are making me superrrrr self conscious and stuff because my name is Lucille. My grandparents fell in love with the name Katharine for my mother because of Katharine Hepburn (her name is Katharine Audrey lolll!) and so my mother wanted to carry on this influential-actress naming thing and loved the name Lucille after Lucille Ball. My name is Lucille Felicia (my middle name after my grandmother). And I'm not like, ancient or anything either. I think Lucille is a beautiful name although I'm not a fan of it's nickname "Lucy".
My 90 year old grandmother's name is Margaret Lucille, but she has always gone by Lucille. This name is lovely and feminine. My mom's name is Jacquelyn Lucille, my oldest sister Rebekah Lucille. Rebekah named her daughter Elisabeth Lucille with the nickname "Betsy." Betsy is a teenager now and has always gone by Betsy. I think having this name in the family is wonderful and that it is a classic name with that vintage style. I don't think I'd name a little girl Lucille, but I would think it was adorable if someone chose this for their baby. Also love the association with Lucille Ball, so that's a plus. The name has a versatility to it as well, since you can try different spellings, variants, or nicknames. Lucille, Lucile, Lucilla, Lucy, Luci, Lucie, Luc, Cille.
I love it. Lucille is a beautiful name. It's so gorgeous and elegant ❤❤.
“Lucille” is a song by The Beatles.
Very nice name. I’ll name my daughter this if I have one.
Although Lucy has firmly been in my top ten for as long as I can remember, this name just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not sure why.Also makes me think “loose heel” so maybe a good name for a cobbler!
I love that so many people like the name Lucille. Me too! I was afraid that many would think of it as a grandmother's name, but considering that vintage names are fashionable now, I had a little hope. Lucille strikes me as a lovely, cute, and precious name.
I prefer this as a middle name. It's so pretty for a middle name!
I love Lucille! There are so many nicknames and it suits so many ages. Even though it’s after Lucille Ball I still love Desiree as a middle name with it.
Lucille is a lovely name. I much prefer it to Lucile.
I like Lucile better.
Pretty name.
It's frilly and smug. An uptight old lady with too many morals.
It’s lovely.
Please please please don’t do this to a poor little girl! I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
Lucille is a wonderful name. I also like the name Lucinda too.
Lucille is a classic that has been used for many years. It's not an immature name at all, as it ages well. It's also not high on the charts right now, so you won't have to deal with "Lucille B" or "Lucille R", while there may some Lucy/Luci's with Lucy/Luci as their first name, so they might be confused with that. (Only if she's nicknamed Lucy/Luci) I prefer Lucille to Lucy/Luci as a first name.
I don't really like this name at all. It sounds too much like a seal.
Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt is one of the main characters in the comic strip "Peanuts". She is a half Dutch girl who often bullies and picks on Charlie Brown, the main character, despite having somewhat of an unrequited love interest in him. Her little brothers are named Linus and Rerun van Pelt.
In 2018, 85 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lucille who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 490th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lucy van Pelt from the Peanuts comic strip? Her real name is Lucille. I believe it is the May 16, 1954, strip that reveals it. “Lucille van Pelt on the first tee, please!”.
As a Lucinda, I envy this name, haha.
Since I mostly go by Luci, a lot of my friends thought Lucille was my name before they heard my mom calling me. If there was a choice, I'd choose Lucille, honestly. Lucinda is nice, but Lucille is pretty and good for more ages, to be honest. Although, I'm not too big on the look of it.
In The Walking Dead, Lucille is the name Negan gives his lethal baseball bat, which he uses to brutally murder some of the show's favourite characters so for that reason alone I could never hear the name Lucille and think positively. Unfortunate really!
My name is Lucille and I love it. I went by Luci as a child and now that I'm older I prefer to go by the version that sounds more adult to me but they're both pretty names. I used to not like my name but I realized a while ago how pretty it sounds.
Lucille Bluth is a character on Arrested Development.
Lucille Soong is a Chinese American film and television actress. She has guest starred on several present-day television series which include a recurring role on the ABC prime time soap Desperate Housewives as Gabrielle Solis' former maid, Yao Lin. Soong has also appeared on Passions, All About the Andersons, Huff, Dharma & Greg and According to Jim.
I love this name. I've never seen it as old-fashioned at all, considering I just discovered it a few weeks ago. It's beautiful, strong, and has a nice sound to it. The "L's" make it soft and wearable.
A famous fictional bearer was schoolgirl Lucille Hewitt in the long-running British soap "Coronation Street" (which began in 1960 and is still going strong!)
I love this name! I can see this name for all ages not just for elderly women. Although, I don't like the nickname Lucy to it. This name sounds sophisticated and cute, I love this name!
Unfortunately, I can't see/hear this name without thinking of the Kenny Rogers' song: "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille!" In the song, Lucille leaves her husband and four kids.
It's strange that, though Lucy is sometimes used as a diminutive of Lucille (as in Lucille Ball's case), historically it's the other way around! (No reason that either should not be used as a full name or used as a diminutive for the other, of course -- and, of course, they are!)
Love it. Reminds me of Lucille ball- one of my favorite actresses of all time.
My first daughter, I would most likely name, Nora Lucille. Lucille in honor of the actress.The nickname Lucy is sooo adorable!
My name is Lucille and I have to say that I have always hated it. As much as I love my parents, I don't see how anyone can look into a nursery window and point to a tiny baby girl and say "LUCILLE." It boggles my mind! It sounds like a name for a 90 year old spinster aunt. As much as I've hated my name, I can't think of a cute nickname for it, so I've always been called this. I remember as a school girl, on the first day, EVERY year, the new teacher would ask us to stand up and say our names out loud and I always dreaded that day. My female classmates would recite melodic names like Linda, Debbie, Donna, Melinda, Lindsey and there I would be whispering LUCILLE, so ashamed! I attribute my low self esteem to my name, it never made me feel good or pretty or feminine or special. Just not a nice name for a girl of any age. Parents who are considering this name for their daughters ought to read this post and think again! Thanks.
I have liked the name since I was a kid, when I used to watch "I Love Lucy" starring Lucille Ball, aka the greatest woman who ever stood in front of a camera! She was such a strong, spirited woman whom I admire and adore her name!
I think Lucille is a nice, old-fashioned, classy, feminine name. It goes fabulously with my other favorite girl names.
B.B. King has two guitars, both of which are named Lucille, Lucille 1 and Lucille 2. He named his guitar this because he nearly died trying to save his guitar in a burning building, and he heard that two men had died in the fire fighting over a woman named Lucille. He named his guitar Lucille to remind him never to be that stupid.
Lucille has a nice ring to it. It sounds feminine, elegant, and fun all at the same time. I LOVE this name!
I prefer it pronounced "Loo-SILL" rather than "Loo-SEEL" - after all, in English, the "seel" sounds like "see-yul", and that's no closer to the French than "Loo-SILL". "Loo-SEEYL" sounds pretentious and impractical to me.I think Lucille looks prettier than it sounds - I prefer the sound of Lucy/Lucie.
This is a beautiful name. Lucille sounds like a cute young girl with a blond braid.
"I've got the caffeine patch! It's my invention. Each patch is the equivalent of twelve cups of coffee. You can stay awake for days with no side effects! *Screams* Sorry."
-Dr. Lucille Krunklehorn Robinson, in Disney's "Meet the Robinsons"
A famous bearer of this name is actress Lucille Bremer (1917-1996)
While this is a very old name, I think it's very elegant and feminine.
I love the name Lucille. Could also be Lucilla. And the nicknames could be Luce/Loose, Celia, and Lucy. However Lucille sort of reminds me of Lucifer. Which is a bad, bad thing!
The birth name of actress Joan Crawford. She was born Lucille Le Sueur.
I really like the name Lucille. It's a nice alternative to the growing populars Lucia and Lucy.
I cannot find any worthwhile reason of why you should name your child this other than the rather diminutive choice - after the Great Aunt. However, I prefer the name Lucelle (loo-sell). My own little creation!
Little Richard sang a song titled "Lucille."
Famous bearer is Lucille Ball (from "I Love Lucy").

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