Lynn is such a dull and boring name. It's even worse on a boy.
Only like it for a girl.
I'm so sorry to say this, but it's awful. I Abhor this! Lyn is weird, but better than this, but Lin is best.
I'm sorry, but this is awful!
Pretty, but a little boring, sad to say.
Very uninteresting and boring to say. The spelling is nice though.
Mattie Lynn is an amazing name for a newborn baby girl it is modern yet still so classical and it is easy to pronounce if you have young older siblings. I love this name (it is mine) and do not think that it is overused.
Love it as a middle, love it just as much as a first.
Just boring. What else to say, I don't know. Boring? Yes, really boring!
Lynn Loud Sr. is a character in the Nickelodeon show The Loud House. He is the father of Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa and Lily.
I love it as a middle name, it fits with so many first names. As a first name I like it with a longer middle name. Personally I'd use it as a middle name. While it's very common as a middle name in English speaking countries, I think it's cool.
Here are some pairs I like with Lynn as a middle name:
Aubriana Lynn
Amanda Lynn
Rivanna Lynn
Daniella Lynn
Emily Lynn
Adriana Lynn
Juliana Lynn

Pairs I like with Lynn as the First Name:
Lynn Victoria
Lynn Elizabeth
Lynn Janina
Lynn Rose
Lynn Florentina
Lynn Karolina
Lynn Camilla.
I really do like the name Lynn, though given my overall taste in names I probably shouldn't. I like the look of it a lot, and although I generally tend to like classic and long names, I do like names containing -lyn(n) a lot as well. It bugs me a little though that Lynn is such a popular filler middle name. Unlike names like Lee or Mae, which feel very bland to me, Lynn does have a fair bit of character, and it's sad that it often ends up being people's middle name just because their parents couldn't come up with anything better. Not that it doesn't flow well as a middle. I think though that it's also nice and underappreciated as a first name, even if slightly dated. I think it goes well with longer middles, or as part of a hyphenated name (in the first spot particularly). I like its meaning and that it's Welsh, as I am learning Welsh myself.
Lynn Saoirse is an Irish harpist.
Lyn Eric here. Named at the height of the "give the kid the name Lyn" peak. Suits me just fine. Don't mind being "pretty eternal ruler" or "waterfall sole ruler". Not so pretty to look at; more like a waterfall, which, said water manifestation, I have a deep affinity. Ultimately, the label that gets hung on us at birth is much less important than who we actually are.
Boring and plain as a first name, but alright as a middle name.
Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley's real name is Darryl Lynn Hughley.
My mom liked an actor named Jeffrey Lynn. So my poor brother got suck with Jeffrey and I got Lynne. She was happy but we never liked our names. I decided to put my middle name with it so I go by Lynne Marie now. It flows more nicely than the hard one syllable Lynne.
Boring! There’s nothing in it! Add Eve or Kate to the beginning or something.
Overused, plain, and made names sound fake when you add “Lynn” to the end of it.
Kind of short for a first name, but great for a middle name.
Sounds like a shortening of names like Marilyn, Jocelyn, and Caitlyn.
I like the name a lot as the pronunciation is exactly the same as my original Chinese first name.
And I know that Lynn/Lin is pronounced exactly the same in Japanese and Korean.

To me, it is a common name that most people pronounce similarly which avoids any correction when introducing myself.
As a migrant, I prefer simple and classic names rather than the trendy names.

Although my Chinese first name is pronounced exactly the same as Lynn, I changed my first name to Lynn.
Because it shows my willing to absorb the different culture and I still have my surname to show where I am originally from.

Overall, Lynn is a simple and classic name that I will live with for the rest of my life.
This is a really pretty name for girls and it’s kind of a shame that all the Lynn’s are being replaced with “trendier” versions of the name.
In my lifetime I've known 3 men with the first name Lynn. It is not that uncommon in the USA.
According to, there are thirty-nine people in the U.S. named Lynn Lynn, ten named Lynne Lynn and one named Lynn Lynne. There don't seem to be any Lynne Lynnes.
Lynn Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House”. She is 13 years old and very athletic.
Trashy filler name.
Lynn Marie Rinks is a Polka Music Singer... my first & middle name is the same as hers!
My teacher's name is Lynn, and I know a couple other people named Lynn, but they pronounce it "Li-n".
In 2018, 54 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lynn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 318th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lynn who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 954th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lynn Holt was the name of the main character in the TV series Family Law (1999-2002) starring Kathleen Quinlan as Lynn Holt, also starring Dixie Carter and Tony Danza.
Lynn Whitfield is a well known actress and producer.
Lynn is my middle name, like at least a quarter of the women I know (and a few men, too, including my stepdad and my nephew). I've never felt any attachment to it, although it is rather lyrical with my first and last name, which are both nature words. And since I just learned that Lynn is also a nature word in Welsh, I guess it's kind of neat.
My first name is Lynn. I like it. I especially like that there aren't any nicknames that work well for Lynn. No one ever dared call me Lynnie. As a woman of a certain age I can honestly say I was never referred to by a nickname, not as a child or adult... with one and only one exception. My father in-law has called me Lynnie Marie for 30 years and it still makes me laugh. He is such a sweetheart he is the only one who could get away with it. When my husband calls me Lynn Marie I know he is vexed with me. Otherwise it has been Lynn and only Lynn my entire life. Thank you very much!
Lynn is my first name. I appreciate that I have met very few Lynn's in my lifetime. Yes, it is common as a middle name but those people don't usually choose to use it as their primary name. I never had another Lynn in any of my elementary, junior high or high school classes. Nor have I ever had a friend with Lynn as a first name. My sister and girl/boy friends always had friends and classmates with their same first names. Talk about boring! Therefore, I always found that my short simple first name was more unique and uncommon than almost any first name given to babies born when I was and the years since then. In college I worked with a Lynne for 2 years. It was a first for both of us. As an adult in the professional world for 30 years I met 4 Lynn's who were men and only 1 woman and she spelled her name differently. There is a famous journalist in my state who shares both my first and last name which has been a fun mistaken identity through the years. Although the very best reasons why I like the name Lynn are that my dad called me Sweet Lynn and my husband calls me Lovely Lynn. It doesn't get better than that. P.S. I like Lynn as a man's name too. The men I met with that name were great guys.
I like it more as a middle name than a first.
At the time I was born the name Lynn was used about 50/50 male or female in Nebraska. My mom liked the name so much that whether I was a boy or a girl, that would be my name spelled Lynn if a boy (me) or Lynne if a girl. A boy across the street from me was also named Lynn, so although I always knew it could be a boy or girls name, I never felt any negative feeling about the name. About 10 years ago I first heard that Lynn was Welsh meaning waterfall. Then I also heard Lynn could mean a troll living under a waterfall who defrocked women.
The gifted and seemingly very beautiful Welsh pianist and composer Morfydd Llwyn Owen (1891-1918), who died tragically young, bore a middle name reminiscent of Lynn. I believe Llwyn means "shrub".
Lynn Loud from The Loud House.
My first name is Lynn. I can't tell you how often I'm introduced to someone and they say "ohh, that's my middle name". So many times. I was named after a close friend of my mom's who had polio and ended up wheelchair bound. My mom gave me that name to honour her friend and I am happy to have it.
Lynn happens to be my middle name and I honestly wish that wasn't true. Sure, this name isn't bad by any measure. It's just an ABSOLUTE filler name. I gave up keeping track of other females who shared this uninspired middle name.
Another reason for not wanting this name is due to the mean spirited nicknames of 'Lynn thin' from my older sister when we were growing up. I also received 'Lynn belongs in the bin'
As a first name I can only imagine this name belonging to some older woman.
I have lived with this being my middle name for a little over twenty years and I don't associate myself to it. I never have and never will. The name has never suited me. I will happily change it if I can. Hopefully I will get to.
Lynn is a Japanese voice actress from Niigata Prefecture affiliated with the agency Arts Vision. She was born to a Japanese-American father and a Japanese-Brazilian mother in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.
I like the name Lynn, and prefer it to the spellings Lyn and Lynne. Lynne is my second favourite spelling. Lyn or Lin are okay as nicknames for Linda/Lynda, Lindsey/Lyndsey, etc, but don't seem like complete names. This name has been overused as a middle name in recent years. I prefer it as a first. It's short and simple, but also very pretty. Lynette or Lynnette is beautiful, and should definitely be used more.
Love it as a middle name.
Apparently this is a really common middle name, as it is in my family. I've no opposition to it, I rather like it, in fact. I drop my surname a majority of the time and simply go by it (hence my username). I think it is a pretty neutral and 'safe' name.

Also, I have read it as meaning waterfall in addition to lake.
My full name is Karrilynn but nowhere has it and I can't find it. It's not hyphenated and last time I had a name origins and meaning done it said my name came from the old English root name Charles. And I just want to find out if that is correct and what the meaning of my name is.
Lynn is usually thought to be a boring first name by the young female who bares the name. I'd place money that those on this page who call it a boring name are named Lynn. I speak from experience... I hated my boring name most of my life. I feel terrible for this, as I've matured I have grown to think of it as a lovely name. It sounds strange to foreign ears as the sound of the double 'n' hangs on the tongue and the y draws the sound down in a way that is much different from Linda. Besides, there is no letter more satisfying to write than the capital L.
I know a woman named Lynn, plus it is my two sisters' middle name. It is feminine here. Also, I am glad this is not my middle name.
The name Lynn was given to 82 girls born in the US in 2015.
This is my middle name and I am a proud bearer and male. I have many family members who share the name, mostly female but also males.
The most boring, dull girl's name that ever was. At least on a boy it isn't so drab.
I think Lynn needs to be used as a first name, it's so overused as a middle name. Like Marie, or Rose.

By the way, Lynn IS unisex (though I've always seen it spelled differently for males).
Terrible name for boys. And a very dull name for girls.
I know two people who have this as a middle name, but they both spell it different ways. My friend Diann spells it as Lin and my friend Emily spells it as Lynne.
This is my middle name and I assure you, it's not unisex. Any male with this name would get laughed at where I'm from.
Nice, simple and I love the beautiful meaning "lake". :)
Famous bearer is Lynn Holly Johnson (born December 13, 1958), former professional figure skater and actress. She is best known for her role as Alexis Winston in the film, "Ice Castles."
My middle name is Lynn. I quite like it!
American actress Lynn Cohen (b. 1933). I loved her in "Manhattan Murder Mystery" (as Lillian House) but she's been in many other films since and is a Broadway star.
Overused as a middle name. I hate it.
Though a very popular suffix to names nowadays, Lynn as a full name is very uncommon in the United States. It was only given to 90 baby girls born here in 2012.
Actress Lynn Fontanne (1887-1983).
I am sorry for the MEN and women who have this, because I don't like it very much! It's no Bertha, but it's definitely not an Ava, either.
I think really it should only be female.
Lynn is my middle name. I think it is incredibly unimaginative and common. If I used my middle name more, I would change it.
Lynn is my middle name. Yes, it is common. But I love it anyway. It makes me feel refreshed. It is beautiful in its simplicity. "Common" doesn't always mean "bad." Names often become popular exactly because there is something very likeable about them... Anyhow, the name Lynn reminds me not only of a crystal waterfall, but also of a glass of refreshing lemonade in the summer. I am glad to have Lynn as my middle name, and would also be pleased to have it as a first name.
Lynn Russell Chadwick CBE (24 November 1914 – 25 April 2003) was a British sculptor.
Ick. Talk about an overused middle name. I've only met one girl named Lynn. This is my middle name. And I hate it. However, it pairs nicely with my name. I like Lynne more.
This has been used as a common middle name for girls in recent years.
Stevie Nicks' real name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks.
The name Lynn also is short for Linda, which in Spanish is the word for "Beautiful".
This is my middle name and I hate it. Besides the fact that it's boring and overused as a middle name, I also really don't like the sound of it. It just sounds really unpleasant to me and it feels unpleasant on my tongue when I say it out loud.
I don't really like the name, but I read that one meaning of Lynn is waterfall, which is lovely.
Steven Lynn Beshear: governor of Kentucky.
The late Lynn Redgrave (1943-2010), film and stage actress, is a famous bearer of this name. A member of the Redgrave acting family, she is best remembered for her performances in such films like "Georgy Girl" and "Gods and Monsters"; for both she received Academy Award nominations. She was also a breast cancer awareness advocate, before she succumbed to the disease earlier this year on May 2nd.
This is my mum's name. I love how short and sweet it is.

I also knew an older man with the name, so I've always known it as unisex.
A famous bearer is actress Lynn Collins (born 1 June 1979). She's best known for her roles as Portia in the film "The Merchant of Venice" and Kayla Silverfox in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".
Possibly a shortened form of Lyndsay.
Yawn. Used as a filler middle name, like Marie or Anne.
Lynne with an 'e' is a lovely first name but like some other people here have said, I get sick of seeing it and its variations as middle names. Waaaay too overused. Have some originality people!
Not a very common first name but a bit overused as a middle name sort of like Marie. Personally I think Lynn is a pretty name.
Lynn Harrell is a famous cellist (male).
Many people think Lynn a good middle name, personally I think it's a lovely first name.
Too many people have this as their middle name. I think it's really boring.
My middle name is Lynn, and I don't much care for it. It sounds like an old lady name. Fortunately enough I don't have to be reminded of the fact that it's my middle name very often, however it does work well with my first name (Samantha). I suppose it could have been worse - I could have been named Samantha Jo. Yikes - that's just so white trash.
Unlike Lee, which suits both sexes, this name sounds strictly feminine to me, and I can't imagine it on males. Just like Lee, this name is very plain, minimalist, and dull, and totally overused as a middle name. It seems to be the middle name of every other girl or woman from the Bible belt. That has also kind of ruined it for me.
Also used in Ireland.
My impression is that the name Lynn is only given to men in America. I can add to Lynne5's comment above about England - men are NEVER named Lynn in Australia either. (I was quite confused the first time I met a male Lynn!)
Famous bearers:
Lynn University
Lynn, Massachusettes
Author Lynn Abbey
Singer Loretta Lynn.
One of 3 protagonists in the GBA game Fire Emblem is named Lyn, the last of her tribe known as the Lorca, later in the game however, her real name is revealed to be Lyndis after finding that she was heir to grandfather's throne as marquis of Lycia. She is also the first female in the series to be in the "lord" class.
Lynn was also used in Arthurian Legends. It is the abbreviation of Lynnette. Lynnette accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest.
I think this name is pretty, not overly used. However, I think it (and its alternative spellings) are getting to be common middle names for females.
Lynn may come from the Irish Gaelic name "Flynn," which means ruddy-complected.
This is my middle name. I love it. I like short and sweet names.
Boring name, no offence.
I don't know about "linn" meaning "waterfall" in Scotland and Ireland, but it does indeed mean "pool"; hence Dublin's original Gaelic name "Dubh Linn" (DOOV linn), meaning "Black Pool". "Linn" also means "age" (as in a period of time) or "era" in Irish and Scots Gaelic.
This is Amy Lee's middle name.
Lynn is not just a Welsh term, but also Scottish and Irish. In Scottish placenames Linn can refer to a waterfall as well as a pool.
My middle name is Lynn, but when I'm doing a show, I drop my ethnic last name and it becomes my last. It's also my mother's nickname, but her original name is Lynelle, which I cannot find here.
I like this name quite a bit for a male. I just don't find it appealing for girls, but I'm probably biased because it's a family name (an uncle, cousin, and grandfather of mine all have this as their middle name).
My favorite form of this name is Lynnelle.
I think the name Lynn is great but prefer the Lynne spelling since that is how my middle name is spelt, Jennifer Lynne. Lynlee is also a pretty name.
Britney Spears' younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is a famous bearer.
I'm English and my name is spelt Lynne. The name Lynne is only used for girls in this country although the variation Lynn is also a surname.
Lynn Morris is a Christian author. She wrote the Creoloe Series and the Cheney Duvall MD series with her father, Gilbert Morris.
Lynn is such a common middle name! I know a group of friends who all have the same middle name, just spelled differently (Lyn, Lynne, Lynn, etc).
I think the name Lynn is a beautiful middle name for any female.
In Sweden the form Linn is used.
Lynn was the name of the daughter on the 80's sitcom ALF.
Loretta Lynn is a famous country music singer.
My middle name is Lynn, and I think it is a nice name. I saw that another meaning for it is "Clear Pool", which is very similar to the origin they give on the website, which is "Lake". It is meant to be a symbol of purity.
My middle name is Lynn, I don't think the name looks good for boys, even though I don't like my middle name. But people sometimes call me Eri Lyn (air-e lin).
Lynn is more feminine and elegant with an e at the end. You could be male without it.
I've seen Lynn used as a formal name.
This is a very common middle name in my family. It's spelled two different ways: Lynn and Linn. Also, a girl I know spells her name Allyson Lyn.

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