Lynne is my mother's name. She always hates when her name is misspelled- which is on a regular basis as "Lynn". I asked my grandmother why she named my mom Lynne and she said that there were no other names she could think of...yeah. I asked my mom what she thought of her name and she told me: "It is boring and plain." My mom's personality is extremely STRONG and TENACIOUS --she is a force to be reckoned with for sure. My good friend's name is "Lynn" and she is just as strong with a feared personality. I'd say that this name speaks for is one syllable, and single. My mom's nickname has been "Lynnie" all of her life. Do I like the name? -No. Yet, for a middle name, it flows nicely with many long first names like Kimberly or Valencia etc. My middle name is Lynne and I use it in all of my documents and include it on all of my personal info items such as degrees and name plates because Lynne with an "e" looks stately vs. Lynn.
Nice middle name.
I love it as a middle name for girls although I prefer Lynn.
As a middle name it is nice.
I totally understand why people say it's boring. It was used a lot some 50-60 years earlier if I remember correctly in the US so it has all the right to feel dated to people, and filler middle names do tend to be boring. However I do not feel the same way. Perhaps because I don't actually know many women with either first or middle name Lynne, or even Lynn. I tend to like longer and more traditional or classic names which don't fall out of favour after a couple of decades like Lyn(ne) did, but I just happen to like this particular name for some reason. I think I like the way it looks. Especially the e at the end makes it feel more complete but Lynn isn't bad either. And then it has Welsh roots and I love Welsh language and speak it so that's a bonus for me. If I did want to use it, I think I rather would as a first name, because it's too filler-y for a middle in my opinion. I also like longer names ending in -Lynne, even though they feel trendy and modern which is not necessarily always my cup of tea, but I just like -lyn(ne) names. So if you do like Lynne enough that you consider using it for your baby, perhaps also because you have someone with this name in your family that you'd like to honour, I'd encourage you to use it in the first spot. Many people will consider it boring anyway, but it will feel a lot more boring in the middle spot.
Lynne Denman is a Welsh folk singer and part of band Ffynnon.
Lynne is not a typical Polish name whatsoever, but it does have a little bit of usage in Poland (I have no idea if it's native Poles or not who use/give this name to their children). In January 2020 there were 7 women in Poland named Lynne (as a first name) and 29 women in Poland had Lynne as a middle name.
This is my first name and I always hated it. One syllable, rhymes with too many things, including my last name before I got married. In kindergarten, there was a girl in my class named Linda. I loved it and asked my mother why she named me boring old Lynne instead of beautiful Linda. Now I'm older and can see the appeal of Lynne a bit more.
Still rather plain, but it's better than Lyn and Lynn. I'd only use this as a middle name.
This is so boring, but not as boring as Lynn or Lyn.
According to, there are ten people in the U.S. named Lynne Lynn, one named Lynn Lynne and thirty-nine named Lynn Lynn. There don't seem to be any Lynne Lynnes.
The surname of Jeff Lynne, cofounder of the Electric Light Orchestra.
Lynne is beautiful as a first name or middle name. Lynne sounds nice with any first name and most middle names and I prefer this spelling to Lyn, Linn, Lynn and Lin.
Better than Lynn, but still very boring.
Lynne looks much better than Lynn or any of the other variants, (though I do like Linn a lot too) but nobody's going to spell it with the e. People also might pronounce it like 'lin-ee' or something.
My grandmother's name is this. Everyone thinks it's a nickname of Linda and Lindsey but it's just Lynne Louise.
I like it as a middle name with an accent on the e: Lynné pronounced (lynn-a). It flows better with any name!
The meaning of the name Lynne is "by a lake or pond".
I like this form of the name best. Actually, I think it's quite pretty. Just don't use it as a middle name. It seems like 1 out 5 women's middle name is Lynne or Lynn or Lyn.
Lynne Bridges Spears is Britney Spears' mother.
Lynne was the name of Anthony Burgess's wife.
It looks so much more distinctive with an -e at the end, sort of like "Anne with an -e".
There is an author named Lynne Heitman.
Without the e at the end it's more of a guy's name. My middle name is Lynne and so is my cousin's.
I prefer this spelling to Lynn. Also, I think that it is a strong, classic name.
Lynne is a great name, it happens to be my middle name, Jennifer Lynne. I prefer the "e" on the end. Without it the name doesn't look complete. I also like the name Lynlee.
I love the name so I gave it to my daughter - Lynne Nicole.
Lynne is a pretty name with a natural sound to it. I think it's a nice name even if it's short. Not all names have to be long and fancy.

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