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Gender Feminine
Usage Hungarian
Pronounced Pron. MAR-taw

Meaning & History

Hungarian form of MARTHA.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesMarta(Belarusian) Martha(Biblical) Martha(Biblical Greek) Martha(Biblical Latin) Marta(Bulgarian) Marta(Catalan) Marta(Croatian) Marta(Czech) Martha(Danish) Marta, Martha(Dutch) Martha, Martie, Patsy, Patti, Pattie, Patty(English) Martta(Finnish) Marthe(French) Marta(Georgian) Marta, Martha(German) Martha(Greek) Marta(Icelandic) Marta(Italian) Marta(Latvian) Morta(Lithuanian) Marta(Macedonian) Marthese(Maltese) Maata(Maori) Matty(Medieval English) Marte, Martha, Marthe(Norwegian) Marta(Polish) Marta(Portuguese) Marta(Romanian) Marfa, Marta(Russian) Marta(Serbian) Marta(Slovak) Marta(Slovene) Marta, Martita(Spanish) Marta, Martha(Swedish) Marta(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingMärta, Marta
User SubmissionMártá


Name Days

Hungary: July 29
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