Names Categorized "ends in -ta"

This is a list of names in which the categories include ends in -ta.
Afërdita f Albanian
Means "daybreak, morning" in Albanian, from afër "nearby, close" and ditë "day".
Agáta f Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Agatha.
Agata f Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovene, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Swedish
Form of Agatha in various languages.
Amaranta f Spanish (Rare), Italian (Rare)
Spanish and Italian form of Amarantha.
Amata f Late Roman
Feminine form of Amatus.
Aminata f Western African
Form of Aminah 1 used in western Africa.
Annunziata f Italian
Means "announced" in Italian, referring to the event in the New Testament in which the angel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary of the imminent birth of Jesus.
Araminta f English (Rare)
Meaning unknown. This name was (first?) used by William Congreve in his comedy The Old Bachelor (1693) and later by Sir John Vanbrugh in his comedy The Confederacy (1705). This was the real name of abolitionist Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), who was born Araminta Ross.
Ardita f Albanian
Feminine form of Ardit.
Asta f Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Short form of Astrid.
Beáta f Hungarian, Czech, Slovak
Hungarian, Czech and Slovak form of Beata.
Beata f Polish, German, Swedish, Danish, Late Roman
Derived from Latin beatus meaning "blessed". This was the name of a few minor saints.
Blerta f Albanian
Derived from Albanian blertë meaning "green".
Carita f Swedish
Derived from Latin caritas meaning "dearness, esteem, love".
Consolata f Italian
Means "consoled" in Italian. It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, María Consolata.
Desiderata f Late Roman
Feminine form of Desideratus.
Diwata f Filipino, Tagalog
Means "goddess" in Tagalog.
Donata f Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Late Roman
Feminine form of Donatus (see Donato).
Drita f Albanian
From Albanian dritë meaning "light".
Esta f English
Diminutive of Esther.
Fatimata f Western African
Form of Fatimah used in western Africa.
Fatoumata f Western African
Form of Fatimah used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Hinata f & m Japanese
From Japanese 日向 (hinata) meaning "sunny place", 陽向 (hinata) meaning "toward the sun", or a non-standard reading of 向日葵 (himawari) meaning "sunflower". Other kanji compounds are also possible. Because of the irregular readings, this name is often written using the hiragana writing system.
Honorata f Late Roman, Polish
Feminine form of Honoratus.
Illuminata f Late Roman
Means "illuminated, brightened, filled with light" in Latin. This name was borne by a 4th-century saint from Todi, Italy.
Immacolata f Italian
Italian cognate of Inmaculada.
Iusta f Late Roman
Latin form of Justa.
Julitta f History (Ecclesiastical)
Diminutive of Julia. This was the name of a 4th-century saint who was martyred in Tarsus with her young son Quiricus.
Justa f Late Roman, Spanish
Feminine form of Justus. This was the name of a few early saints.
Juta f Estonian, Latvian
Estonian and Latvian form of Jutta. This is the name of a character in the Estonian legend Lake Endla and Juta (1852) by Friedrich Robert Faehlmann.
Jutta f German
Probably a medieval Low German form of Judith. It might also derive from a Germanic name such as Judda.
Karita f Swedish
Variant of Carita.
Kata f Hungarian, Finnish, Croatian
Hungarian short form of Katalin, Finnish short form of Katariina and Croatian short form of Katarina.
Lata f Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Means "vine, creeping plant" in Sanskrit.
Liberata f Late Roman
Feminine form of Liberatus. This was the name of a few early saints, including the patron of Pizzone, Italy.
Lilita f Latvian
Latvian form of Lilith.
Lindita f Albanian
Means "the day is born" in Albanian, from lind "to give birth" and ditë "day".
Maata f Maori
Maori form of Martha.
Małgorzata f Polish
Polish form of Margaret.
Minta f English
Short form of Araminta.
Namrata f Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali
Means "bowing, humility" in Sanskrit.
Nata f Russian, Georgian
Short form of Natalya (Russian) or Natalia (Georgian).
Pepita f Spanish
Spanish feminine diminutive of Joseph.
Perlita f Spanish
Diminutive of Perla.
Rosita f Spanish
Spanish diminutive of Rosa 1.
Samanta f Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latvian, Polish
Variant of Samantha used in several languages.
Santa 1 f Italian
Feminine form of Santo.
Santa 2 f Latvian
Either from Latin sanctus meaning "holy, saint" or a short form of Aleksandra.
Sarita 1 f Spanish
Spanish diminutive of Sara.
Sarita 2 f Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali
Means "flowing" in Sanskrit.
Susanita f Spanish (Rare)
Spanish diminutive of Susana.
Tabita f Biblical Latin
Latin form of Tabitha.
Teresita f Spanish
Spanish diminutive of Teresa. It is most common in the Philippines and Latin America.
Vicenta f Spanish
Spanish feminine form of Vincent.
Vissenta f Sardinian
Sardinian feminine form of Vincent.