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THE FILM "Madeline" has ALWAYS been one of my TOP FAVOURITES! In fact it WAS my TOP FAVOURITE film UNTIL I found OTHER films that I liked EVEN MORE!
I like Madeline a lot. I like it far more than Magdalen(a/e) and I think it's a very feminine, elegant, sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing name. I like Madeleine, Madelaine and even Madelyn/Madalyn/Madilyn as well, but I think Madeline is my favourite spelling, as it just looks most pleasant to me. Madeleine is also a lovely classic and has a bit more of an energetic vibe to it but the spelling just doesn't appeal to me as much as Madeline does, while the -lyn(n) spellings, while looking more youthful, aren't quite as elegant and classic as Madeline. And Madelaine, while being a nice name as well, looks too much like a Mad ELaine.
Despite that I like this name though, I wouldn't use it for a child, even if I lived in a place where it would be more usable, and not just because I don't even plan to have one. I think it's way too confusing pronunciation-wise. Even I myself can't fully decide which pronunciation I like best, although I guess I lean towards MAD-uh-lin the most. Then I also don't like the nickname Maddie/Maddy very much, yet Madeline is a fairly long name so I guess people must often feel an urge to nickname it, and I don't have any nickname ideas that would feel as natural and genuine for Madeline as Maddie does which I would at the same time also like more. I don't like Addie either. I like Delia or Ellie or Linnie but I don't think any of these is particularly intuitive for a Madeline to go by. Plus, at least in the US, it seems to be quite popular right now, plus there's Madison, so I don't think Maddie names are the best option to go for if you'd like something just a little less different, which is what I would definitely want when naming a child.
Still, in general Madeline is a really beautiful name with lots of elegant charm to it.
Madeline Follin is an American Singer, part of an indie band called Cults.
The actual Polish form of Madeline is Magdalena, which is a very common name in Poland, but Madeline has also had some use. As of January this year, there have been 55 women in Poland named Madeline. A Madeline could celebrate her Polish name day together with Magdalena (26, 27 and 29 May and 22 July), and use the same nicknames, particularly those without the G like Madzia, Madziunia, Mada etc.
This name is my name and I like it very much, it is nice and it is very beautiful. In class all my year 3 teachers and friends call me Maddy but my original name is Madeline Faith Z______. This name is way better than Madeleine and the nickname Maddie.
I like this name because it makes me think of a quiet girl. Madeline and Madeleine are great!
Made line.
Beautiful and elegant.
Very elegant and sophisticated. Timelessly beautiful.
Madeline is such a beautiful name. I like it better spelt this way, because I feel like the extra "e" makes it too long, and it just looks better this way. It's really elegant and timeless. I love it.
I think I JUST prefer the French spelling (Madeleine), but not by much. This is still a name I love. One of those ones that ages well and not much to dislike about it.I previously wasn’t sure about this spelling of the name being the words “made” and “line” together but not sure it bothers me now as much as it once did.Would I name a daughter this? Absolutely.
It is nice but starting to feel really 90s dated.
It is pronounced MAD-eh-linn as it derives from Magdalene.
Beautiful name, one of my favorites.
Absolutely gorgeous. This is a family name so I would actually use this. How could you dislike it?
Good quality name! Feels stable, strong, feminine! Madeline has class, quality. It perfectly fits for different age women. I like this name a lot!
I used to love it and think it was beautiful and elegant...until I saw the name Madeleine, and now I hate this, love Madeleine and Magdalene.
I changed my mind... It's beautiful, but too simple for me.
I actually am torn between this and Magdalene!
I like Madeleine much better though.
I really don't like it. MUCH prefer Madeleine, which I love and is super pretty. A great nickname for Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyn, etc, is Maddie.
I prefer Madelyn since it is prettier.
This is another timeless name. I prefer Mada-Lin, but Mada-Leen is pretty too. I think it would depend on the last name to see which one flows better. I like Madeline over Madison. Maddy is a cute nn, but this is another name that doesn't need a nn. It's beautiful by itself.
Made line? Made a line with a ruler?
It's pretty. And Anonymous User, lol, that was funny.
A better "Maddie" name than Madison. Prefer Magdalene.
My first name is Madeline, and I hate it. It's such a feminine and weak sounding name, I use my middle name, Patty at school and with friends. I like long names, I like old names, and I like sophisticated names, but Madeline is just icky.
I really like this name. I first heard it when I was little and had Madeline books. I love it. I am surprised that so many other people like it too. I usually do not agree with some of the names that are highly rated on this site. I do not like the pronunciation MadeLYNE I like Mad-e-lynn that is how it is supposed to be pronounced. So perhaps I do not agree. I am unsure which one this name is, I only like Mad-e-lynn.
I prefer "Madeleine" ‒ the spelling looks more pleasing to the eye.
Very pretty. How can you not like the name Madeline?
Madeline's so pretty! It reminds me of France and those tiny French cakes.
It is originally pronounced MAD-eh-linn, as it derives from Magdalene.The MAD-eh-line pronunciation is indeed more modern. It may have already been used in the 1800s, however that is still modern when you consider how old the name is overall.
This is my little sister's name and I think it suits her well. I use the nicknames Madden or Mads for my sister.
I like Madelyn better with my surname than Madeline. Madeline is a very pretty, sophisticated name, but it doesn't go well with my surname. I love both Madelyn and Madeline, both are very wonderful names. You should totally use them. They work as a first name or middle name.
It is definitely NOT the case that Madeline (rhymes with wine) is the “modern” pronunciation, associated with the Madeline books, as a previous comment alleges. The English poet John Keats rhymed “Madeline” with “mine” in his 1819 poem, “The Eve of St. Agnes.”.
Madeline is a fictional character in the 2018 video game Celeste. She serves as the protagonist of the game, where she is climbing the titular Mount Celeste, all the while dealing with anxiety and other issues. She also appears in the Nintendo Switch version of TowerFall Ascension, another game by the same creator (Matt Thorson).
Ugh, too old-fashioned. I prefer Madison.
I really like the name Madeline. It's modest and classy yet light and fun. I feel like the name Madeline fits best on a happy-go-lucky young woman who dreams big and is eager to pursue her passions. The association with the late, great Madeline Khan makes me like it even more. :)
Madeline is lovely, but I prefer Madeleine. It just looks more elegant.
Madeline is a beautiful name.
I hate this name because everyone named it is awful! It sounds and looks hideous.
Personally, I prefer this spelling to other ones. It's a great name, much better than some other alternatives, such as Madison. I don't particularly like the nickname Maddie, especially not for an adult. Maddie could be a cute nickname for a little girl, or a pet name that the parents use, though.
Such a pretty name, the spelling is better than Madelyn even though it’s pronounced the same.
Such a beautiful name! My favorite pronunciation is definitely 'Mad-uh-line'. The only other spelling I really like of this name is Madilyn, pronounced like 'Mad-a-Lynn'.
My best friend's name is Madeline I personally like the name. It is quite popular and very beautiful.
Madeleine is much more elegant.
Madeline is a beautiful poetic name- everyone should be named that!
It derives from Madgalene and is therefore traditionally pronounced MAD-eh-lin. It is not true that the original pronunciation is MAD-eh-lien (rhymes with wine). That is most likely a pronunciation that was introduced through the Madeline books where the author chose to pronounce it that way. However, the traditional pronunciation due to its origin is MAD-eh-lin.
Usage: English, French (Modern)Pronounced: MAD-ə-lin (English), MAD-ə-lien (English), MAD-lin (English), MAD-lien (English), MAD-LEEN (French)It is also the French variant of MADELEINE.
My name is Madeline. I was named after a 1st cousin of mine. She is my mother's niece. I hated my name growing up thinking it was an old name for a small girl but as I grew older, I started to like it. Once I started to work, everyone called me Maddie so I got used to it. I get called Maddie more than my real name. I've been also called Mattie, Maddy but I prefer Maddie. I love my name now and think it's very sophisticated and important. I haven't met too many Madeline's, I only know of two.
I love this name. The pronunciation I see is Mad-e-line, which is very pretty, but not my favorite of the many pronunciations. I hate how common the nickname Maddy is though. I hear it on little girls everywhere.
I absolutely love the name Madeline. I pronounce it MAD-AH-LYN, and I think that the best spelling is this way, even though it might look like MAD-AH-LINE. My name is Madeline, and I am so lucky to have such an intelligent, strong, and beautiful name. Please, if you name your daughter Madeline, do not try and spell it "Madelyn", " Madalin" or any other trendy new spelling, the original Madeline is timeless.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Madeline who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 414th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Kind of outdated, not really trendy or modern at all. The last time this name was popular was in 1998, but it's so horribly 80's, I'd skip it.
I love the 'Deline' part, but not really 'Mad.' Maddy is such a common name where I am, probably the most girls I know are called Maddy. I still think it's a lovely name, though.
The best spelling of the name. The only problem is the two different pronunciations.
In the new Disney movie Christopher Robin, Madeline is the name of Christopher Robin's daughter.
"Madeline" is the U.K. spelling of the name, but it can also be considered Hebrew.
I love this name, but I wish more people who have it didn't go by the nickname "Maddy". It feels like a huge waste of such a charming, intelligent-sounding name. Way better than the name "Madison".
Love it! Pronounced MAD-ELINE, definitely my type of name!
Lovely name. If you hear it pronounced in French, it's gorgeous!
Madeleine Beth McCann disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal, sparking what one newspaper called "the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history". Her whereabouts remain unknown.
Madeline Hartog-Bel is a Peruvian model and beauty queen who won the 1967 Miss World contest, representing Peru.
Madeline (said like Caroline) is still on my list! I don't want to call her Maddy though, only Del to honor my great grandmother Della.
Regarding the last sound, it can be pronounced many ways. It can be be pronounced 'in' like Katherine or Ine like Clementine. It depends on the accent of the speaker.
If you're looking to pronounce it Mad-e-Lin then it should be spelled Madeleine as the name Madeline looks like its pronounced Mad-e-LINE, to rhyme with Caroline or the actual word line. Also in my opinion, Madeleine is soooo much prettier than Madeline.
A good alternative to Madelyn or Madison. This name is very pretty and will suit a mature woman.
Very pretty and feminine, though I hate the nickname Maddie and feel Madeline is a bit young-sounding. I prefer Madalena, but this is still a lovely name.
Anyone who knows basic grammar and spelling rules should know that Madeline is pronounced with a long "I" because of the e at the end. If you want to pronounce it Madelyn then spell it Madelyn.
I've never been a big fan of my own name Madeline because I don't think it suits me, however I met another girl named Madolyn who looked like a porcelain doll.
My impression also changed when I found out the alternative was Amanda (no offense Amanda's/ Amanda Bynes).
Madeline Smith (Born: August 2, 1949) is an English actress. She was a model in the 1960s.
My name is Jade-Madeline. I go by Madeline. Shortened, people call me MJ, but I usually prefer they put in the effort and say the full Madeline. I love it :)
I pronounce Madeline (Mad-uh-line) like Caroline, Madelyn (Mad-uh-lyn), Madeliene (Mad-uh-leen).
My name is Madeline. When I lived back in Tennessee many people had trouble pronouncing my name. I am a Spanish speaker and that's probably why but this is Exactly how I pronounce my name
Madeline and Madeleine are beautiful names. Parents should reclaim this name and use only the classic spelling. Let little Madeleines take over from those misnamed Maddalyn, Maddyson, Madisson, Maddilyn and other ATROCITIES. Those names are ruining Madeline / Madeleine and risking the name's pedigree as a gorgeous classic. Stop mutilating the name. It's not spelled "Madalynn". Ugh. I am hesitant to use the real name, Madeleine / Madeline because people with no class are ruining it and I don't want my daughter lumped in with trashy names. Yes, I feel strongly about this! If you can't use the proper spelling(s) then stay away. Cr8ativve spellings should be illegal! Go name your kid Maddysin instead. Looks great on a McDonalds name badge. Leave this beautiful name alone.
I love the name Madeline. It's so lovely, beautiful, cute and sweet. I pronounce it "MAD-ə-lien". The name Madeline reminds me of the the animated television series based on the children's books I used to watch when I was little. :)
I pronounce this name MadeLINE seen as Madelyn is MadeLYN.
My name is Caroline pronounced CaroLINE not CaroLYNN therefore when I named my eldest Madeline it was with all intention to pronounce it MadeLINE. If I wanted it pronounced MadeLYNN I would have named her that and spelled it differently. It annoys me to no end when people insist it is MadeLYNN but I respect it to a certain extent. If you spell it Madeline but pronounce it MadeLYNN so be it, but if I say my daughter's name is MadeLINE then share the common courtesy and pronounce it as the name holder and/or parent says it should be. Just a thought :)
Hardly given in france.
Hm. I like "mad-a-len" or "mad-a-lyn", so I'd probably go with Madeleine to avoid confusion. But, here's the thing: Katherine is pronounced kath-a-rin, not kath-a-rine, so I guess it makes sense why Madeline can be pronounced mad-a-lin. But I think most people would end up saying mad-a-line, and I wouldn't want to make my daughter have to constantly correct people.
Madeline McNulty (born 1998 in Biddeford, Maine) is an American actress. She has four brothers: Anthony, Nicholas, Dakota, and Seamus.
It's a nice name but it just sounds pretentious to me for some reason. This is my niece's name and she's a snobby little girl (she's 6) so I guess she kind of ruined the name for me.
This is usually pronounced MAD-eh-linn in English. I've known at least 5 girls named Madeline and they all pronounced the last syllable like the name Lynn.
I've never liked this name. It's so much prettier when spelled Madeleine, but then there's the horrible infantile nickname Maddie. This spelling looks so smashed together and made-up to me.
Madeline Carroll is an American actress.
This is soooooooooooooo pretty.
This name is SO much better and prettier than the tacky and ugly Madison. I feel this spelling should be pronounced "MAD-e-line". If you would like to pronounce it "MAD-e-linn", then spell it Madelyn. If you like "MAD-e-len" or "MAD-e-leen", then go with Madeleine.
Actually, Madeline isn't a French name. It's the English version of the French name Madeleine, which is pronounced 'Mad-eh-lehn'. As a side note, I only really like the French version of this name. My parents almost named me Madeleine but didn't because my mom only wanted the French pronunciation and my dad liked 'Mad-a-lyn'.
I always pronounce it like like MAD-a-line. I'm really surprised that isn't one of the pronouncing possibilities because of the show (that was based off a series of children's books) Madeline. She was a spunky redhead who was always looking for adventure.
I love this name! It's so sweet!
Madeline is a very sweet name, but I can only see it suiting a little girl - I find it too babyish for an adult.
I like this name a lot. It's classy and unique without being trendy or bizarre. The only problem I see with using it is there is not a suitable nickname. "Maddy" sounds like "mad" and "crazy" and it's not feminine or pretty. Someone suggested "Linna" in an earlier comment. That is prettier, but isn't an obvious nickname and doesn't really have the same flavor/tone as "Madeline".
The name Madeline is so mature and beautiful. It's not trashy or dumb. It certainly isn't like the similar, boring, over-used names like Madison. I think anyone with that name could be taken seriously. When I think of someone with that name, I think of someone smart and sweet. I LOVE IT!
Madeline Kahn was an actress who appeared in many movies, including Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. She died of ovarian cancer 10 years ago.
I like this name, but I pronounce it Mad-uh-lyn. I dislike the Mad-uh-LINE with the long I pronunciation, because it comes from the name Magdalene, which has no long I sound. This name is gorgeous, and youthful in a good way. I think if I were to use this name though, I would spell it Madalene, which is pretty much Magdalene with an omitted G. I like that spelling the best. Not that I dislike Madeline I just wouldn't want everyone pronouncing it Mad-uh-LINE. Overall, Madeline is a gorgeous name, no matter the pronunciation. ☺
This name should replace all the girl Madisons out there! Beautiful!
This name is classic and GORGEOUS. It sounds so pretty and regal. I can picture a beautiful princess Madeline!
This name is too cute. I think of a beautiful princess or a cute kid. It's not extremely common either, but not unusual. I don't really like Maddy though. I like both pronunciations mad-uh-line and mad-uh-lin, they're both nice, I think mad-uh-line is better though. I hope to name my daughter Madeleine!
My best friend's name is Madeline, and I think it's great! Although I wonder about how she pronounces it. She says her name is really pronounced Mad-a-lein, but she pronounces it Mad-a-lin anyway. I always wonder, "Can you do that?" I dunno, it's weird.
My sister's name is Madeline, and I love it. I wish my parents had named me that. I want to name my daughter Madeline, after my sister. My sister's nickname is Maddie, I think that is cute.
This is the name of poor Madeline McCann, who went missing in 2007 in Portugal.
It's Madeleine McCann, not Madeline McCann.
This is such a lovely name! Madeline Fleur goes really well together! I only like it pronounced mad-a-line though.
I once knew a Madeline who pronounced her name [maedəli:n], though I have heard the French form pronounced as [maedəlain], which is completely incorrect.The sounds of [ae], or the "a" in the American variant of "at", and of [ai], the name of the letter "I", do not exist in French.
Definitely prefer Madeline to Madelaine or Madeleine. They seem less sweet and more "look at me, giving my daughter an elegant name, I'm so high class".
This is one of my favorite names! It's so pretty, and Madeline was my favorite cartoon growing up.Pronouncing this name as MAD-e-lyn gets on my nerves, though. If you want your daughter's name to be said like that, spell it Madeleine/Madelyn. Madeline is pronounced MAD-e-line. It's like the user said above, you don't pronounce Caroline as CARE-o-lyn, do you?
Uh, tons of people pronounce the name Caroline the same way they do Carolyn.
Although, like I've said, it's not too popular over the pond, I really like Madeline as a second name. My first daughter will be called Serenity Madeline (pronounced Mad-A-Lin, because I don't like the spelling Madalyn).
I was given this name at birth in honor of a grandmother, my father's mother, Maddalena, in Italy. I prefer the Italian form, by which my father called me. Maddalena, Madelyn, Madaline, and all other of its variants are from Miriam of Magdala, called "the Magdalen", disciple of Jesus. I was the only Madeline in my Catholic grammar school until 6th grade when another Madeline enrolled. I always loved having an uncommon name.
There is also an island, La Maddalena off the coast of Sardinia, Italy.
There was a popular song that I was teased with when I was little called "Paddlin' Madeline Home.
Madeleine (the French form of the name) Albright, one famous bearer of the name is a former Secretary of State under President Clinton.
I love this name and will use it if I ever have a baby girl. Growing up I always loved the stories of the little red head school girl name Madeline. And just like the pronunciation in the stories I pronounce it as Mad-e-line. I can't see how some people say Mad-e-lyn. Because if you look at the name Caroline and Carolyn, you will see that Carol-LINE is with line and Carol-LYN is with lyn, lin. But no matter how people pronounce it I still love and will always think of my favorite story book character.
I absolutely love this name, and plan on naming my first daughter this name. Why? It was my great-grandmother's name. And she pronounced it Mad-eh-lynn. And I'm pretty sure we're English, so I wouldn't say that English people pronounce the name Mad-eh-line. In fact, that name bothers me. Makes me think of little girls who walk on walls and fall sick. I much prefer my great-grandmother's way of pronouncing it.
I love the name Madeline - but the nickname Maddy annoys me. It just makes me think of a crazy person. I know a girl called Madeline who goes by Linna for short.
My name is Madeline and I love it! No one else that I know has it therefore making it unique. My brother got a very normal/common/boring name Jack but I got a good one! Also it is pronounced Mad-e-LINE if spelt the same way as my name or mad-e-LEIN if spelt with the extra e (Madeleine.)
Pretty name. I like the nickname Maddy. I like it much better than Madison (no offense to people named this)!
None of my friends like Madeline. Everyone says they think my name, Madison, is much rarer. Then again, to those of you who are American, it's a lot less popular over here in Wales. My name is unique so far!
I've never heard this name being pronounced "mad-ah-LEEN" or any of those other pronunciations. I've always said "mad-ah-LINE", which in my opinion is very pretty.
I have never heard this pronounced mad-uh-LIEN. In English the first syllable is stressed. MAD-eh-lyn is also frequently used. [noted -ed]
I love the name Madeline. I've known more than seven girls with the name and they all pronounce it mad-e-lin. Two of the girls I knew were named Madeline Rose. It really is a beautiful and classic name that I still think isn't getting as over-used as Madison, which I also love but think is now too common.
There is Madeline L'Engle, the writer of the Time Quartet, the most boring set of books in the history of the world.
She's Madeleine L'Engle.
I love the name, although Maddy is a bit irritating. I would totally name my future kid Madeline.
Madeline Usher is the heroine of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher".
I wouldn't really call her a heroine. Poe's stories rarely had heroes. She's the woman who was accidentally buried alive by her brother, Roderick.
I agree with the previous comment. My sister's name is Madeline and we all love it. I really think that her and myself lucked out on the names that not everyone has.
This is a very pretty name for a girl. It's much nicer and more classic that than that hideous, unisex and totally overused Madison.
In French it's pronounced Mad-LEEN. In English it's Mad-e-LINE. Madelyn is a different name altogether but people still manage to get them confused.
Where I'm from people pronounce the name mad-a-lynn.
I have a cousin who pronounces it Mad-a-lyn.
Madeline is the name of a little girl in a series of children's books. She has red hair and lives with a nun and a bunch of other girls in a big brick house. She has many fun adventures.
Madeline is the heroine in John Keats' famous poem "The Eve of St. Agnes."
I have always loved my name. My brothers got ordinary names. But I got a fun name! Even if it is old-fashioned I still can't thank my parents enough for naming me "Madeline".
In French it is pronounced mah-duh-leen or mad-leen.

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