Not a fan at all! Use Madeline or Madeleine instead!
Ugly spelling. It looks like you heard the name somewhere and had no idea how to spell it.

Madeline and Madeleine are so much better.
I honestly love the name Madelyn. It’s so beautiful and refreshing to classic Madeline.
Madeleine is also a gorgeous variant of Madelyn.
This name is very pretty. My name is Madison, but I would also love to have this as my name. A cute diminutive would be Maddy.
10-12 years ago is not dated! That is the age of MILLIONS of kids!
Okay 10-12 years ago. Dated now!
10-12 years ago is not dated!
I really don't like this name ‒ or any other name that replaces "line" with "lyn" (such as Carolyn).
This name seems mysterious in a way. I like that.
Such a gorgeous name.
I love this name so much.
Tacky spelling.
This name is beautiful and definitely the easiest to pronounce. The pronunciation is clear with this spelling, which helps me a lot. This name is gorgeous!
This is my name. It is pronounced Mad-uh-lin.
I have loved the name MADELYNNE since I was a teenager. I always knew I wanted to name my first daughter this name. When in 2006 she was born her dad and I named her Madelynne Danielle. I love the way this long name sounds together. My best friend Danielle passed away. So I needed to name my daughter after my friend and it is a gorgeous name none the less. But, I don’t see any other Madelynnes on here. But I absolutely love the way I’ve spelled it. We have never called her Maddy or Maddie. And for those haters out there Madeline is pronounced MAD-E-LINE. LINE IS MADELINE NOT MADELYNNE.
I just wanna say Madelyn is a hella pretty name, alright... I don't wanna hear you negative people saying that Madelyn is a mispronunciation of the name Madeline. Madelyn is just a unique name that y'all need to get into your thick skull. Who cares- there's room for two names that sounds similar. Jeez... everyone who has Madelyn as your name you go girl (or boy).

-btw this is for the people who say Madelyn is just a "creative way of spelling Madeline"
Madelyn “Mady” Kate Gosselin is the daughter of Jon and Kate from the reality show “Kate Plus Eight”.
I’m a Madelyn, yay! And I think my name is beautiful, I personally don’t think it should be categorized as a name coming from Madison or Madeline. Every Madelyn I meet is unique, beautiful and kind in their own way so I think we deserve our own category.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Madelyn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 799th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I don't like this spelling, but it will be easy to pronounce compared to the other spellings that have two different pronunciations.
I don’t think this name is nearly as elegant or attractive as Madeleine.
Hey, my name is Madelyn and my nickname is Maddie or Maddog.
I personally believe the name Madelyn is beautiful, I would definitely not say it is a variant of Madeline or Madeleine but to its own originality. Quite honestly this name is actually quite vintage, beautiful, and old-fashioned. It must be extremely intelligent considering it dates back quite some time. I believe Madelyn is a clear pronunciation and a beautiful name. What a crisp sound when it flows together. It sounds regal and any girl with a name like this must be original and lovely.
Madelyn Pugh, American TV writer
Madelyn Dunham, grandmother of U.S. President Barack Obama
Madelyn Clare, American silent film actress
Madelyn Fernstrom, American physician and journalist
Madelyn Vega, Puerto Rican journalist and attorney
Madelyn "Maddie" Deutch, American actress; daughter of actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch; sister of actress Zoey Deutch.
Woohooooo! Shout out to all the other Madelyn's! We few must stick together!
Also, my mother (Tami) has decided on spelling my nickname as "Maddi" -which I also love and think is beautiful. My mother and father have both worked very hard to get where they are today, and are not in fact as uneducated as you claim them to be.
I don't like this spelling variation of the timeless classic Madeleine and I don't understand why people change spellings of beautiful names into something worse. But that's just my opinion, to each their own, however the name Madeleine (this spelling) is just perfect: My favourite girl name. :)
This name is extremely popular! It is 13th on Canada's popularity name lists and it beats other popular names such as Elizabeth, Julia, Grace and even Sarah.
Ok. So you might not believe me but... My name is actually Madelyn. I came on this website to see the popularity, which when I was born, wasn't very high. Then in 2010, it got really popular. Now I look at the comments and that made my day. THANK YOU!
This spelling is okay, but best kept as Madeline or Madeiline.
A bit too cutesy for my taste, as I'm not big on the -lyn ending. Still, I think it's a pretty name. Not as pretty and mature and sophisticated as Madeline or Madalena, but still a very nice name. Miles better than Madison, that's for sure.
If we use Madelyn, we will spell it this way and call her "Del" after my Great Grandmother Della:)
My name is Madeline. Pronounced MAD-EL-LYNN. Doesn't matter how people want to say it though because there are several pronunciations anywhere and mostly go by Maddie since it was so long and formal growing up.

Unfortunately, although Madelyn is the phonetically easiest today, it originated from MAGDALEN (popular in French as Madeleine.) Moreover, the further phonetic and Anglicized, the "trashier" as with most "-LYN" names.

Neither here nor there but I admit that Madeline has been incorrectly pronounced, even as Madison (?), and certainly the "LYN" prefix was a trend.
Either way I typically go by the easier Maddie anyways so it probably won't ruin any girl's life regardless of spelling.
Parents-to-be, Listen up.

This is not a variant of Madeleine. It is a butchering of a beautiful, classic name.

If you name your sweet, beautiful, innocent, deserving-of-a-decent name baby girl Madalyn, Madalynn, Madolyn, Maddilyn, etc THEN YOU ARE DOING HER NO FAVOURS. It is a trashy name. She -- and you by extension -- will appear uneducated, thick and illiterate by using a cre8tivve spelling. Don't you want your daughter to get a decent job one day? A mortgage? Respect from others? Then smarten up, people.

The name is Madeline or Madeleine. Period. If you cannot understand this, if it is beyond your comprehension, if you MUST inflect naming abuse on your beautiful child, then please check out Madyysin, Neveah, Roxie and Tiffannee and leave this timeless, beautiful, classic name the heck alone. I am serious. Very serious. You are ruining a timeless classic. You are ruining it for everybody!

To educated, cultured and discerning people of taste: reclaim this name from the unknown, detritus-strewn trailer parks of North America! Use Madeleine or Madeline. Lets reclaim it, once and for all.

Innocent little Madeleines everywhere thank you.

This has been a public service announcement for the Madeleine Naming Convention Preservation Society of North America (2015).
Madelyn is an updated version of Madeline, a very sophisticated name. I like it a lot. Pretty and powerful. Great for a girl!
My name is Madelyn. Spelled this way (Madelyn.). I find it rude that some people think it's "tacky". I think it's a very classy & elegant name.

Aside from that, my nickname is spelled Maddy or Mads. Which is very uncommon. Most people spell it "Maddie". This name itself (the spelling) isn't very popular. I absolutely love my name.
I don't know why people get in a tizzy when Madelyn is just the English version of Madeline. Madeline sounds different in English. No one gets mad when we take the accent off of the e in Eve. Or the fact that Jacqueline is not pronounced "zha-kə-LEEN". (Though they do get mad when it's spelt Jacklyn, which is also stupid of them.) Or maybe we should go back to Alexandros instead of Alexander. Things change depending on the language.
Anyway, I think this name is cute. I prefer this spelling, mostly because I enjoy y's. (My name is spelt with a y, and no, before anyone gets ideas, it originally had a y. Alyssa.)
Madelyn Dunham was Barack Obama's maternal grandmother.
Wow at the people who claim a person is uneducated for naming their child Madelyn. It's a great thing that your opinion is not valued and people continue to spell the name the way they want Madelyn. There is a big difference in having the suffix line, leine in the name when your intention is to have the name Lynn or Lyn added to your name, they sound totally different. I wonder if the smart ones ( being sarcastic ) that don't like the name or spelling Madelyn ever thought that the people who name their children Madelyn did not name their child after Madeleine Albright. Madelyn is a beautiful name and I personally love the spelling Madelyn.
I like the spelling of this name

It looks youthful and modern.

I think it seems fitting for a very bright and outgoing girl

Reminds me of a blonde girl in particular...
Madelyn Pugh Martin Davis was the only female staff writer for "I Love Lucy." It was her ladylike mannerisms that kept the show clean.

I also find Madelyn a better spelling opposed to Madeline and Madeleine. With Madelyn you don't have to ask "Is it MadeLIN, MadeLINE, or MadeLANE?" It's also refreshing in an overpopulated world of Madisons.
I notice this name is getting popular. I considered it for naming my daughter but my cousin named her daughter this as well as my friend. Nonetheless I still love it.
Love this name! Very sophisticated but also can be cute for a little girl :) Classic and cute.
As I stated on "Madalyn"-- I will be blunt: This is a horrid butchering of an otherwise decent name. "Madalyn" is not "Madeline," and should not be considered a "variant." It is a kre8tiv, made-up version, with the popular ending of "-lyn" (which actually appears very unintelligent if it were not included in the true, original form-- hence: this name.) It is not only unprofessional, pompous, senile, geriatric, ornate, and childish-- it is ugly.
While yes, I understand the point of honoring loved-ones, you can very well still do so, and, keep the name acceptable in the professional world (made-up names have a tendency to slow career progress, unfortunately for the innocent bearer).

This spelling has always thrown me off a bit... too similar to the instrument "Mandolin." However, the correct form has never done so.
I like this, but it's way too common! I know five Madelyns, three Madelines, and one Madelyne!
This spelling bastardizes the elegant, classy Madeline, not to mention that the Madelyn I knew was the devil incarnate.
I love this name! It sounds so cute and elegant. I picture this would be the name of a young girl in her 20s.
For you that believe that Madelynn is 'tacky' and unsophisticated, then I would like to say that though it may not be exactly popular in the less recent generation it is certainly popular in mine, for I have at least 3 people in my grade that have the name Maddy, Madelynn or some variation there of. I personally must be included as MY name is Madelynn. Yes 2 n's. Though this name may have personal meaning to me it does not mean that it is tacky or trendy, sometimes you just need to fit in, or if it is a small town and everyone's name is typical, stand out. Our names are part of who we are and we, when a minor, CANNOT change it. It is unique to our personality. For all you believing that it is tacky you have another thing coming. I know that my friends and I disagree strongly.
I personally think that when paired with the right person it can be incredibly unique and truly them. It may not be exactly 'popular' but since when has life in every meaning been a popularity contest? I could go to school tomorrow looking like a hippie. Granted I'll get some strange looks but everyone who really cares doesn't object. So please don't beat up the name. It can't fight back.
I like this name. I can imagine calling the girl Mads. But I don't like the name Maddy.
Interesting comments on this BEAUTIFUL name. I think it is the best my daughter's name is actually spelled with an I instead of an E. Madilyn is her full name which is very English. If you ever find a more rootful or prettier name please let me know. Madelyn, Madeline, Madalyn etc. And there are so many more ways to spell but it's how you say it and how they wear it that make it truly beautiful.
I prefer Madelyn over Madeleine because it's less common and not as fancy sounding. Same with Carolyn vs Caroline.
I really don't like the name Madelyn, despite (or probably because of) the fact that it is my name. The spelling really has little to do with it, being that the sound is what connects an individual to others who have the same name, whether the particular stringing of letters is identical or not. If the name was less common, perhaps I would like it more, but the nickname "Maddie" is what really annoys me. Particularly when people call you "Maddie" when they hardly know you, either as an ignorant assumption or out of laziness. I don't really know. I just know I would never call a Victoria "Vickie" (or "Tori") or a Catherine "Cathy" (or "Cat") unless this was the name they express to prefer. But anyway! I'm really not complaining, just stating that there are millions of other unique names I would really prefer, and that this one is becoming increasingly common, unfortunately. O_0
I love the name Madelyn! It is one of my favorites by far. I used to like Madeline better, however I think Madelyn sounds softer, more gentle if you will. Definitely classy sounding in my book. (Oh and I am educated:) and one of those Americans:) )
I happen to have the name Madelyn, and I cannot say that I particularly appreciate it when those who do not have the name make such rude remarks about my name. First off, people in the the United States have the right to choose whatever name they want for their child, no matter how it is spelled and because there are so many people on this Earth no one has a truly unique name. So, as parents, people may choose to expess individuality within a child's name through spelling. Now, I for one do not believe that anyone should be unconstructively criticized simply over the spelling of their name. It's not my choice that I have this name and while I would never change it, it hurts when others so crudely say that it is "tacky" or "hideous".

Secondly, whoever said that those who choose to name their child Madelyn are simply uneducated, I cannot recall, but I can proudly and truthfully say that my parents are NOT uneducated people. My parents have contributed a lot to our society and I am not about to sit back and let them so foolishly be deemed uneducated because they did not decide to name me after Madeleine Albright or Madeleine L'Engle. And you can rest assured that they are fully aware of who Madeleine Albright and Madeleine L'Egle are.

And Lastly, I guess it all leads back to the fact that we as a people can name our children however we see fit. I guess what I am trying to say is that we should respect others' decisions in naming their children and instead of bashing or degrading others' names. We should constructfully criticize, no matter what our opinion may be.

As for my personal opinion, I rather like my name, not only because it is MY NAME, but because, with its spelling, and while it may not seem so unique, I can honestly say that I have only ever met one person with the same name as mine. And with that, in itself, I do feel unique and I like that.
This is my name, and I love it! I know at least five other girls my age who have the name Madysen, but I don't know any other Madelyns!
I find Madelyn stunning and beautiful. This is not a trendy spelling. This is just a variant. Madelyn (pronounced MAD-EL-LYNN), Madeline (pronounced MAD-EL-LINE), Madeleine (MAD-EL-LENE). Do you see it depends on how you say the name that makes the best spelling? These names are said differently. To me Madelyn wins the vote. I feel that it sounds the best when said. I like the other names as well, but much prefer Madelyn. Such a pretty name. If you're pronouncing a name MAD-EL-LYNN it would only be common sense that it is spelled Madelyn. So obviously it does not look misspelled. That would be silly to pronounce it the same way but spell it differently. Each of those names have their own distinct pronunciation. They are all spelled how they are pronounced.
Madelyn is one of the cute little Asian girls on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
To the rude posters above who commented that "Madelyn" is the spelling used by UNEDUCATED people, let me just say that I have heard of all the people you mentioned, but just prefer this spelling to theirs. I think it looks prettier and flows better. Besides, how boring would it be if we all spelled our names the exact same way? Variety is the spice of life.
I find Madelyn a beautiful name. I like all the names that are related to this name. I prefer this spelling because of my middle name of Lynn. I think the double nickname would be too much but this spelling is nice. It is very elegant to me. It is on my personal names list. :)
Madelyn was on the top 1000 list from the 1890's to 1969. It came back on the top 1000 list in the 1990's.
I agree with whoever said it's the easiest to pronounce. I like the name because of the nickname (Maddie) but it sounds feminine and beautiful. I don't have a problem with other spllings, however this is my favorite and if you spelled it Madeleine or whatever, people would most commonly pronounce it MAD ELINE or like the orphan from the book and movie.
I prefer this spelling due to the fact it makes pronouncing the name more easy. Madeleine and Madelaine can be confusing for people as how to pronounce, Lean or Line.
I dislike when people add unnecessary 'y's to names. Like Kathryn, Jaymie, Caitlyn, Hayley, Madelyn, etc. I hate to pick the name Madelyn to be my soapbox, but it just makes me annoyed to see it.
When I look at this name I see Madeleine spelled wrong. I strongly dislike this name, but Madeleine is stunning.
Madelyn is a beautiful name for a girl. I prefer this spelling the best.
This modern spelling of a classic name is hideous.
Madelyn looks and sounds tacky and trendy in comparison with the sophistication of Madeleine.
Madelyn (Maddie) is the name of one of the two main characters of "The Photograph", by Virginia Ellis. (wonderful book!) I think it is a very pretty name.
This name is also Biblical.
Madelyn is a lovely name and hardly anybody has it. Maybe it will be a very common name in 3000.
Actually it's quite popular. All you have to do is add together Madelyn, Madalyn, Madelynn, Madalynn, Madeline, Madeleine, Madelen, etc. It's # 26 which in my opinion is very popular.

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