I’ll be honest about Makayla:

Out of all the variant spellings I prefer Mikayla best. Makayla spelling is kinda pretty though. I can’t stand McKayla, I pronounced Michaela as Michael with an ‘a’, and anything else is just odd.

I honestly don’t think this name is that bad. As a kid who was born of Generation Z, if I’m making a quick estimate I probably met around 5 Makayla’s in my life. And they have some variant spelling as well. Either that or they have it as their middle name. Kind of like with Brianna. It’s such a popular name for my generation it’s so normal to me and I don’t think of it as weird or anything. Just kinda “Meh. Another Makayla.” It’s a fairly forgettable name.

Anyways, I actually think Makayla is a fairly pretty name. Not bad. Nice 3 syllables, dying in popularity. If you pair it with something more classic, it works really well. Makayla Eve, Makayla Valerie, or Makayla Rosalie. The meaning is also quite intriguing. If you want a more classic feminization of Michael, I’d say go with the pretty Michelle. You have the lovely Beatles song, the First Lady, and you really can’t go wrong with it.
As someone named Makayla, it's wild to watch the fighting about this name and Michaela that happened over the years!

People who think that parents are choosing Makayla just to be trendy or have it spelled differently... don't have the whole truth. Not everyone has heard the name Michaela before! My mom didn't know that any variations of the name existed before she found this one.

My mom was going to name me Kayla (I'm thankful she didn't- nothing against the name, but it's not me). When my cousin was named Katie, she thought Kayla sounded too similar, so she needed a different name. She discovered Makayla and thought it sounded pretty, and she thought I might use Kayla as a nickname (I don't). I like Makayla; it may be modern, but I don't get the impression that it's unprofessional.

I've known people named Mikayla who get Mik as a nickname. I don't. I've sparingly had Mac as a nickname before, but it's not often. Most of my nicknames (including Mac) are based on the fact that my last name is also one of those Irish/Scottish surnames that begin with Mc (I am called McChicken a lot in informal settings). A note to people with surnames like that (especially three-syllable ones): pairing that last name with this first name makes good alliteration, and possibly symmetry as well!

I'd like to address the whole Makayla vs. Michaela argument that was happening here years ago with the idea that the names are not pronounced exactly the same. The difference is very subtle, but Makayla is pronounced [mə-keɪ'-lə] and Michaela (as well as Mikayla, Mykayla, and McKayla in my experience) is pronounced [mɪ-keɪ'-lə]. My source is that, because variations of this name are so popular among my age group, I've always known at least one person with a different spelling of my name. I've also taken college classes on IPA and how to pronounce things, and I enjoy paying attention to pronunciation. If a parent cares exactly how the name is pronounced, they would need to consider the spelling.

To people who are worried about the name appearing too youthful and not working in a professional setting: I think you may be prioritizing the wrong thing. I know someone who changed how they introduced themselves to sound more professional, and they regret not sticking with the name they had gone by. I think any name can work in a setting where people are willing to get to know a person before they judge, and that's the kind of setting I'd want to end up in anyway. The most important part of a child's name is that they feel like it's them when they say it or hear it. Additionally, I don't think I've had problems being successful with this name yet! I'm young, so that may change, but definitely don't avoid this name just because it "seems unprofessional!"
It is weird to me that this is the most popular spelling. It looks really creative.

Michaela and Mikaela are so much better.

Even Mikayla and McKayla look better than this spelling.
Macayla is better.
Beautiful name no question about it.
My grandmother actually has this name and every adult I've seen with this name looks like it. I absolutely love this name it's very beautiful and looks stunning and grown up.
This is a beautiful name but I kinda like Micayla the best.
This is a beautiful name.
What an ugly name.
It's not trashy.
It just sounds trashy to me. I prefer Melanie or Michelle for an M name.
This is my name and spelt the exact way, and it is beautiful. To the person who commented 'Hate the spelling' Shut up and piss off and check your name before you say something.
I really love this name. It's fun to say, and it's beautiful. Perfect.
Makayla is my name and I’ve had a lot of comments from people over the years saying it’s a lovely name. I’ve only ever had it mispronounced once at university. I’ve met so many other Makayla’s, some spelt my way, other variants such as Mikaela, Mikayla, Michaela, we all have a little ‘my name is the better spelling’ thing too. As for nicknames, I’ve earned a lot! Mak, Maka, Makakaka, Makapaka, a lot just joke nicknames but ones that are relevant to my friendships. As for why my mum didn’t spell it the traditional way, she loved the name but my last name is Hunt, she didn’t want to go with ‘Mi’ because my nickname would become ‘Mike’ and Mike and Hunt don’t go well together ;) I love my name and even though I’m CONSTANTLY spelling it to people, it’s still a nice simple, but more elegant name to have!
Hate this spelling.
I actually genuinely like this name, to be honest. I can't stand Michaela for some reason, it just doesn't appeal to me at all.
My name is Micaler but I don't like the way it's spelled. My mother spelled it Macala but the doctor changed it and spelled it another way - Micaler.
One of the most beautiful names ever! The name “Makayla” is oh so beautiful! Reminds me of someone sophisticated and with class. The spelling is nice when spelt “Michaela” but it’s only Michael with an a at the end. It doesn’t go very well. “Makayla” is the way to go if you’re going for the more former beautiful spelling.
And I think everyone with the name Makayla is very lucky to have it. You could’ve been named Gertrude or Bertha ;)
Hi. My name is Makayla.
And I believe the comments that do not like this name are personally jealous of the name. Michaela is an okay form of the name, but I’m not just saying this because my name is spelt Makayla. The form “Michaela” sounds like it would be pronounced “Michelle-a.” And I’m proud of my name.
I can't believe this horrible butchered spelling is twice as popular than Michaela. I've lost faith in humanity.
My best friend is named Makayla and y'all are just plain rude. I actually think that name is pretty and fine, there's nothing wrong with it. But I do think it's ugly when it's spelled Micheala. So y'all needa back off, shut up, and check your name before you hate on anybody else's name.
My name is Makayla and y’all are rude. Not all, but some. Who cares if someone has a name like mine? It’s nice you people are acting like kids making fun of people. Grow up. I like my name a lot so yeah, bye.
We gave our daughter the name Mykayla. We did not even know it existed as a name back in 1991 when she was born. Her grandfather came up with it as his wife Kay had passed away 3 weeks before Mykayla was born. It means "My Kay lives again".

We love it in every way as much as we love her.
Everyone’s saying it’s a bad name just because of the spelling when personally I think Makayla is a much better spelling than Micheala. The spelling of Micheala just looks ugly and I hate everything about it.
Makayla is a beautiful name, no matter the spelling.
I think the name Makayla is a wonderful name to give your child. The name means, "who is like God," and what can get better than being like God? People who hate the name should rethink what they said because it is just a name, yet people act like it is the worst thing that happened in history! So, If you have something bad to say about the name Makayla, zip your lips and SHUT UP! To be honest, girls or boys could be reading this and taking it offensively. Notice that I say girls and boys, not adults, you could be demolishing a young child's life, so be mature. No one likes people like that. To end, women out there if you are reading comments and know someone who is having a baby or even you are, don't be ashamed of naming the child with this spelling of Makayla because it is a perfect name!

P. S: If you are trying to find the meaning DO NOT use the Urban Dictionary.
Very strange reactions here to this name. It's one thing to not like it (your opinions, fine), another to be so bold in your response. A quick moment of reflection and you might find that there are people who feel that way about YOUR name.

I love this name - so much so that I chose it for my only daughter, Mikaela. We also liked some of the newer spellings that have modernized the name, such as Makayla and Mikayla, but eventually, Mikaela won our hearts with its streamlined look, Scandinavian spelling and distinction. We love the name and its meaning: "Gift from God". Our daughter suits the name perfectly.
I chose the name Makayla for my oldest because my husband is a Pacific Islander and Makayla is Hawaiian for Myrtle. Myrtle may not be pretty for today's most common names but as a family that is Pacific Islander it is very pretty. Now I am guessing we will see an influx in the name Moana.
I constantly get compliments on my name 'Makayla'. I'm a paediatric practitioner and children always compliment it! Loving the comments on 'it sounds like a brat name' or 'like a bully' when you are doing just that. It makes me enjoy my name even more to annoy obnoxious people like yourself. A name does not make or define your actions, and as a doctor, has not hindered me in any aspect of my career. ;)
My name is Makayla. I was called that because of the show 'Medicine Woman' after Dr Michaela Quinn. However my parents disliked the nickname Miki or Mick, as it was my uncle's. I get the nicknames Mak or Makka a lot, which I prefer over Miki, and no one has ever mispronounced my name. I find it funny how people have nothing else to do other than criticize someone's name spelling when their names are probably no better. When I was born my mum had never heard the name before, however has spiked since.
This name just screams, "modern brat" to me. Sorry to say but when it comes to this name I cannot help but to picture a younger individual who is spoiled, selfish and has no regard for others. It also sounds trashy and out-of-place on a white person. Plus, the name looks and sounds obnoxiously modern and infantile especially when spelled this way.

Makayla #143, Mikayla #349, Michaela #496, Mikaela #603. In my opinion, Makayla is the worst spelling, followed closely by Mikayla. They make me want to erase the "ma" & "mi" and use Kayla. Such as, Shawn or Shaun with Deshawn, Deshaun.
Try to imagine a 30-50 year old with this name...
My name is Makayla and I was born in 1991. My parents chose this spelling because it's beautiful and it is spelled just how it sounds. I can honestly say that I get at least one compliment on my name and this spelling of it every single day. I love my name! My parents gave me the nickname "Makay" not Kayla. I love it!
This is a very beautiful name. I named my daughter Makayla and I LOVE IT and so does she! A very elegant, stylish name, not tacky at all. I spell it this way as not only does it sound right spelt this way, it looks good too! I went through the baby name book and the only name my partner liked was this one! I will never regret this name. Most people comment how much they love it, especially the guys.
I was researching baby names and thought Makayla, Michaela, Mikayla, (or however you choose to spell it) is quite lovely. At first the words on this page made me feel terrible for even thinking of naming my first born something that is hated by so many. But as I kept reading, I just realized "who the heck cares what a bunch of no name bullies think of what I know to be a beautiful name?!"
Another spelling of the name Makayla is Michaela, WHICH IS MUCH NICER AND PRETTIER!
I don't like this name. It's too modern, and it seems like the name of a bully.
I love this name soooo much! The only thing I would change would be the "k". Because my name is Kayla and it's weird not having the "k" capitalized. And also, because my best friend has this name!
A name cannot make you look or be immature. It's not your name or your life, so get over it.
I love my name and no it's not misspelled. There are many, many different ways to spell it which is one reason I love it. For instance, some people spell Annie or Ani, Roy or Roi, etc
So don't go hating on this name because it's not spelled how most people spell it. I've met maybe 4 or 5 people out there with the same pronunciation of my name but nobody spells it the same way which means no, it's not trendy. All Makaylas out there, your name is beautiful and special so don't let these haters get you down.
I believe it's spelled Michaela, actually. Just another one of those hideous, bandwagon names given to children whose attention-seeking mothers don't bother to use Google to check things like spelling and meaning. As an elementary school teacher, I've had some real winners that I've had to hide a chuckle over. And this isn't even the worst of the lot. I really felt for the poor little boy named "Thaijuan" - he must have been a difficult pregnancy.
I think Makayla is a wonderful name and I think everybody who's saying it's not spelt correctly can suck it... Makayla is definitely not overused, I know very little other people with the name Makayla so everyone that thinks my name is "mis-spelt" or over used and 'trending' you can shove your comments.
My name is McKala. Kind of similar but pronounced Mickala. Ive never met anyone with the same spelling, and I always get comments on how beautiful my name is.
I know that some people think/say that Michaela is the natural spelling but I myself think that is a weird way to spell it. Michaela to me sounds like it should be pronounced Mich-ay-ee-la or something. I like my name because it sounds like the way it is spelt. (That and my nickname: Kayla is really cute...)I don't know why everyone is being so demon like against it. If you don't like it... Hi! My name is Makayla. I like my name. I am proud of my name. No offense, but if you don't like it, either shut up and move on or don't even come on here. For those of you who do, Hi! How are you? What is your name? Have a nice day!~Makayla_sings.
Yes, Michaela may be the traditional spelling but as all of you pretentious folks may realize, language never remains a constant. It's natural for language to evolve/devolve. However, for those who state the name isn't trendy as though you're stating a fact, you confound me. For the past decade and a half the name has come out of nowhere (not actually but you must admit it's obviously much more popular) so I think to deny its trendiness is a tad delusional.
Sorry but, there is definitely something wrong with you guys. My name was given to me by my aunt who recently passed away and it means a lot to me. Most of you are too ashamed of your name to even put it on here... well guess what?! My name is MAKAYLA and I'm PROUD of it. So to those who keep saying that my name is ugly or terrible, climb down from the clouds and realize that just because things are not original doesn't mean it's worse or more terrible, it's called being different and if all of you want to fit in with society good for you, but I'm looking to stand out!
Ok, everyone thinks that Makayla is the wrong spelling but if you say it correctly Ma-Kay-La it's actually how you pronounce it. Michaela is more like Michael-La or Mikayla is Mi-Kayla
Makayla actually has the correct pronunciation it has Ma not Mi or Mich sound but Ma and the name is Makayla.
People seem to hate on the spelling of my name. I've come to love it. I was born way back when, before it had this odd spike in popularity. My parents chose it because the they weren't fond of people mispronouncing Michaela, "Michael-Uh." So they chose to spell it phonetically, at least phonetically in the English pronunciation. I hated my name for a very long time, but one of my close friends is Michaela and our group has commented on how well they fit us. Michaela, her version is much more traditional, more elegant, subtle. It fits her softer demeanor better. Makayla, it's harsher, louder and more blatant, there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not a girly person so it fits. I personally think they're both beautiful. Makayla=Michaela.
Hebrew. Means who is like god.
Well, I was born in the Mid 90's and my name is Micheala. I like the classic spelling more, as I feel that when people see it, they are less likely to pick out a childish nickname (Never have I been called anything horrible like 'Micky'). Also the 'modern' spellings don't look like a name that could be taken seriously in a work setting.
I really do not like this spelling at all, but do feel that this would make a good middle name. All these new spellings are getting so popular, so if you ever want to name your child a variant of Michaela in my opinion it's best left as a middle name, at least until all of these variations drop in popularity.
I liked the way it sounds (for a boy!), but not the way it looks. I mean, MICHAELA – pretty stupid, eh? So I spelt it X148 for my son's birthcertificate. It's adorable and unique, and if you don't think so you're just jealous! (Sorry, a ridiculous comment for a ridiculous name.)
I hate the name 'Michael', so why should you torment a girl and just add an 'a' to the end of it? Besides, the phonetic spelling makes it that much easier to learn to spell. And a Michaela will spend her entire life correcting people 'See, I'm female, my name is not Michael.'
I find it better when spelt 'Mickayla'.
I love Michaela pronounced Mih-cale-uh. I think this spelling ruins that pronunciation and turns it into Ma-kay-luh. Which just sounds like Kayla with a random sound at the beginning. I don't understand the popularity of Makayla, but in comparison to it's current competitors (Addison, Madison, Kinsley, etc), it seems like the lesser of evils.
I would never name my child this its one of those names that are trying to be "trendy" and "current" but ends up trying too hard and sounding terrible.
Wow, what a stunner! One of the most visually unpleasant names out there is in the top forty (as of 2008). Who would have thunk it? Gee, the 2000s were such an elegant decade for naming!

But don't worry all you Makaylas out there! You'll almost certainly have to deal with being Makayla D. at least once in your lifetime. And as an added bonus, you get to put up with people spelling your name Michaela, Mikayla, Mucailah, M'Khailah, and so on! Doesn't that sound like fun?
I don't agree that it's tacky or will wear out. Makayla isn't a bad name, doesn't sound ugly, and isn't spelled incorrectly. Micheala is tacky. It's just Micheal with an a at the end! Whereas Makayla is kind of unique. It is trendy, but I doubt it'll wear out or turn into another Ashley, Nicole, or Emily. Those are overused.
My parents named me Makayla because they liked that name and the show "Dr. Micheala", but didn't want the same old spelling. So no need to dis the name. Everyone is willed to their own opinion, but still, a little harsh there.
My name is Macayla, which I used to detest. I have now grown to love it. People call me 'Mac' or 'Cayla' and in my little sis's case 'kk' for short. It's different because it's not Micheal with an a on the end - it's its own name in its own right. And for people who say it's pronounced the same as Micheala it's not - people pronounce my name mAcayla not mIcayla.
I like this name, but I just hate the spelling! Spelt Michaela is so much more classier, nicer, more formal, and a name that can be taken seriously in life. Makayla and the other spelling forms make it look like trailer-park trash belonging to people who cant even spell!

MICHAELA is better!
Makayla is not an acceptable way to spell Michaela. There is no "Kayla" in that name. Why do people think it has a "Kayla" in it?
Uhm, FYI, Michaela and Makayla are pronounced EXACTLY the same.

Michaela is a beautiful name, but when it's spelled this way it just looks tacky, if you ask me. =/ I agree with most of the other posters, in a few years this name will start to look very dated. It'll become the next Nicole or Ashley. I don't understand why parents think that spelling a name differently will somehow make said name more "unique". It's the same name just spelled incorrectly; nothing unique about that.
It's not much of a variant of Michaela if you ask me, as it's not even pronounced the same name, and the idea behind Michaela is clearly that it's the feminine form of Michael. The name Kayla itself is very overused, bland, and too youthful for grown-ups. Would it hurt to just name a girl Michaela if you like the sound of this?
It's my cousin's name. I feel sorry that such a wonderful girl has such a horrible name.
Makayla is a beautiful name beautifully spelt. Michaela just looks like Michael with an A tacked on the end. Don't be jealous just because your name isn't nearly as interesting or beautiful. It's spelt like it sounds, and it sounds great.
I like Michaela better but nothing is wrong with Makayla. It do not get why people say it is misspelled. If that was the name the parents gave a Makayla, then the spelling is correct. Parents might like the spelling Makayla better so why should they not be able to spell it that way? It is not too weird or ugly sounding to me. People will be able to get that spelling and Michaela since both are popular. It is not a crazy spelling.

No one will say "is that you real name" like an earlier poster said because it will be common by then. The generation where this name is popular will grow up.
Makayla was how I thought Michaela was spelled when I was 7 years old.
The poster child for bad spellings. It looks like the glue sniffing and simple half sister of Michaela.
Ugly name.
I strongly prefer Michaela.
What's a Makayla? I can't figure out if it's supposed to be McKayla, or a bastardization of Michaela.
I really love the name Michaela but spelled my daughter's name the more modern way for 2 reasons. 1 is that I didn't want her name to always be mispronounced and my name is Michelle and I thought the traditional spelling was too close to my name. I really think the name is a classic sounding name and it doesn't matter how it is spelled!
Is it that difficult to spell "Michaela"? Michael and Michaela might be common, but at least we can spell them.

I cannot stand it when people butcher the spellings (and pronunciations) of perfectly good names just to be "unique". Sure your child will be unique. She'll get strange looks when she grows up and will be asked "Is that your REAL name?!" Please spare her that future. These atrocious spellings might look cute for a child, but your children are not children forever; they grow up, and these absurd names will be something to put up with.

There is a reason why classic names are good: because they are classic, timeless, they age well. This spelling is pathetic and I am sickened by looking at it.
Michaela is a lovely and classic name.

Makayla just is trendy and seems so tacky to me. I don't get the reasoning behind not being able to spell it - it's just Michael (an extremely common name) with an a?

I suppose the name Michaela will probably stick around where as Makayla will be the "stuck in the early 2000's" version. Oh well. At least it sounds pretty.
I don't like the spelling Michaela. It just doesn't work for me. For other people, that's fine, but I wouldn't like it spelled like that. My favorite spellings are: Macayla/Makayla. I'm planning on naming my future daughter Macayla Rose, I think it's a beautiful name. I hate over-used and terribly common names (like Sarah which is my name) and I'm worried this will get to be overused (though no name is as over-used as Sarah), so I'm going to give my daughter a nickname, "Mickey." I think it's adorable and fits with the name "Makayla" very well.

For everyone who thinks it's "trendy," here's a clue: It's trendy because it's a beautiful name. The sound of it is just so soft and gentle, it's like a song or a lullaby. Maybe that's because I live in the south, and it sounds so much better with a southern accent. I heard a New Yorker-girl say it once and it sounded annoying. Well, anything with a New York-accent is annoying, so it may be that.
I love the name Makayla I agree the spelling is kind of ugly but I like it a lot.
This name is very pretty - albeit when spelled correctly, Michaela. This spelling is tacky, uber trendy and will undoubtedly look dated/immature in a few months or so.
Not a fan of this name and especially not a fan of the spelling. I hate when people phonetically spell out names to the point where it's completely tacky. It may be cute for a child, but not for an adult.
It would sound nice like Mikayla.
Is it that hard to spell Michaela correctly?
Another random name that has suddenly become extremely trendy for no apparent reason. It is not a bad name, but it always surprises me when a name such as Makayla suddenly tops the popularity lists because there is nothing special about it that would explain why it is suddenly so popular (especially this spelling of it in particular).
My sister is actually expecting a baby and if it's a girl she plans to name it Makayla Dawn, and I actually like the name. I don't think it's spelt wrong, or trendy, or overused. I think it looks rather nice although I do really prefer the spelling Michaela, although she may use another spelling anyways... who knows!
Actually, this name IS misspelled. Michaela is the correct and legitimate version. It's a pity so many have turned a lovely classic into something misspelled, trendy and sure to be dated.
My daughter's name is MaKayla and her and her name are beautiful. The spelling makes it easier for her to learn to write it and lessens the mispronunciations of it. She's only 27 months but she can recognize her written name. Her name has a beautiful meaning and sound. I chose her name because of everything I've listed here. It is a wonderful name.
I like Makayla. It's not spelt wrong, it does not sound trendy or anything like that. And it is definitely not overused!
I think Makayla is a wonderful name. And all you jerks that think it's spelled weird, you suck. It's spelled exactly how it sounds. MA-KAY-LA!
I like this name, just not spelled this way. Michaela or Micaela are better.
This has got to be one of the most atrocious names there are. I simply detest it. It's so trendy and overused, and just sounds horrible.
I agree with PhoenixPhire about this name. Not only are the spelling variations terrible and ugly-looking, the name doesn't even sound good when spoken.

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