Matilda was the name of the Holy Roman Empress and later arguably the first Queen of England from the 12th century. She was married young to the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry V, and acted as his regent while he was away. They didn't have any children when he died and she returned home. Her father's only surviving legitimate child, he arranged a second marriage for her and his court promised to allow her the throne upon his death. However, she was usurped by her cousin Steven when that time came. A civil war ensued wherein Matilda's son, Henry II, would eventually prevail and become King of England. The character of Rhaenyra from the Westeros/Game of Thrones universe is largely based on her.
A bit too childish and bratty.
Matilda means “battle mighty”, which is so fitting - it’s the name of a warrior, through and through! A lovely meaning for a little girl to carry. And there are so many options for diminutives - Mattie, Tilly, and my personal favourite Tilda, which I would use as a stand-alone. And of course there’s the namesake of Matilda by Roald Dahl, which is great in my opinion, as she’s an amazing, inspiring character - surely every little girl wants to be smart, kind, rebellious and have special powers?! I would definitely consider using it for a future daughter.
Matilda is one of my favourite M names. I enjoyed the movie Matilda & it made me fall in love with the name. It's unique and beautiful & I love the nickname Tillie.
I used to love this name because Matilda was my favourite movie when I was a child. But, over the years I have gone off it for some reason. It just sounds a bit harsh to me. I like the nickname Tilly not Matty. I still think it’s a nice name I’ve just gone off it a bit.
I think this name isn't overly common in Australia because of the song, "Waltzing Matilda". Apparently "Matilda" was a slang word for a swag (a type of bag). But it's still a good name, regardless of the song or slang word.
Name is cute, I don't like the nickname "Tilly" or "Tillie", it just is not a good nickname though the name Matilda is really cute! (❤´艸`❤)
Matilda is magical. It's mysterious and enchanting in a friendly way and each syllable when pronounced aloud feels like a flower petal unfurling into a pleasant and uplifting bloom. Love it.
Love this name! And not just because it sounds witchy. I like names with 'til' too!
I love this name it sounds very nice and pretty and clear! And unique!
I am named Matilda, and I love this name! It sounds so cool, and it's unique. But, sometimes some people can be annoying and tease my name. For example, sometimes when I haven't seen someone in a while, they will say things like "Oh hey there Madeline!" One time, someone even called me Miranda! But sometimes my friends tease me because they know I hate people calling me Madeline, or Madison, or Maddie, or Miranda. I am not saying those names are bad it is just I don't like people calling me that. But my cousins and family call me Tilda and Moose because those are my nicknames. So yeah basically I am just saying that Matilda is a nice name but sometimes not so much. Sorry if I have run-on sentences and bad grammar I am only 10. I am on this site because I am helping my older sister find a nice girl name for her baby that she is going to give birth to.
I love this name. It sounds so magical, whimsical, mysterious etc. I don't even feel that it needs a nickname. It's wonderful on its own! It's on my list of names for a daughter!
I’m a Matilda, I like the name but I find it hard to come up with nicknames as I really dislike Tilly and only a few ppl call me Tilda, I’ve never had any issues about it other than that tho and overall I don’t think I’d change it :)
Very classy. Awesome meaning too. I like it.
I really want to love this name more than I do. It's a nice, traditional, classic name, and I have a weird affinity with long names, especially three-syllable names. Also, I love the Roald Dahl reference of the little girl in the book/ movie named Matilda. This name checks all the boxes for me, but it just doesn't quite make my personal top ten of girl names. I still like it, though, and I appreciate it whenever I hear it. I love the nickname Tilly more than Mattie.
If you have a friend named Matilda, you can call her Mat the Rat.
I've read an historical series where a character named Matilda is known as "Tildy". It's a good nickname.
I love this name, if I ever have a daughter I plan on naming her this. It’s so cute and adorable and has many cute nicknames. My favorite book and musical is Matilda. Such a beautiful story of a magical girl who saves everyone and eventually gets saved herself.
Matilda is also the name of a very popular children’s book by Roald Dahl. There is also a musical about her and a movie.
Matilda of Flanders (c 1031—1083) was the daughter of Count Baldwin V of Flanders and the wife of William the Conqueror.
Matilda is also Italian (used alongside Matilde and Mafalda in Italy, evidence for this can be seen on the Popularity Chart for Matilda for Italy), Spanish (used alongside Matilde and Mafalda in the Hispanosphere, evidence for this can be seen on the Popularity Chart for Matilda for Chile), Portuguese (used alongside Matilde and Mafalda in the Lusosphere), Croatian and Lithuanian. The name days for Matilda in Croatia are March 14 and November 19. The name days for Matilda in Lithuania are March 14 and November 19.Sources:
I love Matilda. Is elegant; Royal and full of history.
My middle name is Matilda but my nickname is Tildie. I was named after my grandmother, who in turn was named after her grandmother.
I never used my full name until I started working and people struggled to pronounce Tildie (not sure why, but I guess that's what happens if you live in a country with 11 official languages). I placed this under "usage of the name" because I did not see this spelling of the diminutive.
Cute, and much better than Miranda!
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Matilda De Angelis (b. 1995) is an Italian actress, TV presenter and singer. Her credits include the films 'Italian Race' and 'Rose Island', and the television miniseries 'The Undoing'.
Matilda Ramsay, daughter of Gordon and Tana Ramsay.
Matilda is also Croatian and Lithuanian. The name days for Matilda in Croatia are March 14 and November 19. The name days for Matilda in Lithuania are March 14 and November 19.
Great name, I like the nicknames Tillie and Tilda.
Allegedly also Hungarian: -- mention Matilda
It’s cute and has a nice association, Matilda by Roald Dahl.
I love Matilda from the film (favourite childhood film of mine).
I just can’t find a middle name I adore that goes with it. Sick and tired of the Rose, Grace and May middle names every child has this day.
Also Slovene: [noted -ed]
Also used in Estonia:
I feel that someone with this name will get too many "Waltzing Matilda" jokes.
My 5 month old girl is called Matilda Rose. I just love the name and love how it is classic but not very common where I am. I love the meaning 'strength in battle' which she most definitely was as she spent 4 weeks in the neonatal unit for four weeks after being born 7 weeks early.
I’m not a big fan of this name. It sounds kind of harsh and the first thing that comes to mind is the book.
I think it is a smart name, can definitely see a Doctor Matilda.
My name is Matilda and I like it, though it doesn't suit me at all. My friends and family all call me Mati. I like the name Mati because I think it is my style. I make a point of ignoring anyone who calls me Matilda, except my headmistress, but some annoying people start randomly chanting "Matilda, Matilda, Matilda" which is really frustrating. I don't really like Tilly as a nickname, though it would be great on a toddler. The name Tilly makes me think of a 2 year old with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, which I like a lot. Mati would be great for a child with freckles, but that's just my opinion. Also, people tend to relate me with Roald Dahl's character. I really like the idea of that character and yes, she is a lot like me, but, all the same, I don't really like her. And also, I am not five years old like she is. I think it is also very posh, which is a problem because whenever I say the word 'posh' I sound like Queen Elizabeth II, which is hilarious.
A character from the gothic novel “The Monk:” Matilda is first known as Rosario, the young boy who looks up to Ambrosio "with a respect approaching idolatry". Rosario is brought to the Monastery by a well dressed rich stranger but not much more is known of his past. He always hides under his cowl and later reveals that he is actually Matilda, a beautiful young lady who loves Ambrosio. Matilda 'loved' Ambrosio even before she joined the monastery (as a boy), and therefore requested a painting of herself as Madonna to be given to Ambrosio, which hangs in his room. She seduces Ambrosio and aids in his destruction of Antonia with magic. The character of Matilda was highly praised by Coleridge as Lewis's masterpiece, and is said to be "exquisitely imagined" and "superior in wickedness to the most wicked of men." Though she is considered by some critics to be the most intelligent, articulate, and interesting, she is difficult to characterise. The plot of the novel relies on her being a supernatural force with magical powers, but she begins as a human. She tells Ambrosio she loves him when she thinks he is asleep and cries "involuntary" tears when she realises he no longer cares for her.
Matilda is also the main character of a kid’s movie about a young witch.
Matilda is the daughter of King Henry I of England. Another Matilda is the wife of King Stephen of England.
Matilda is a charming vintage name that would sound adorable on a little girl. I love the meaning as well. I really hate the nickname Tilly though.
Lovely name. I love the vintage feeling and honestly what is the point of who said "old lady". People, old ladies were babies like every human. There's no old or young names, but trendy and dated names. And I think Matilda is sophisticated and charming, ready for a comeback.
Also Czech: -- mention Matilda, including stats
Too dowdy and old-womanish. Mattie sounds okay as a nickname, but why trade an uncommon name for a super common and bland nickname? Better to just choose something else.
This is my oldest daughter's name. Older people seem to hate it, people under 40 tend to compliment it. She mostly goes by Tilly, which I think is sweet on a little girl. Not common, but increasing in popularity. It is easily recognizable and spelled in English-speaking countries.
Current favorite girl's name. Really like Matilda Olive and Matilda Iris.
Feminine and strong.
My grandmother, born in 1938, was Matilda but always called Tillie. I think it's cute with the nickname Mattie.
Also Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, SlovakPronounced: ma-TIL-da (Swedish), maw-TEEL-daw (Hungarian), ma-TEEL-da (Spanish, Italian)This is the name of the titular main character from 'Matilda' written in 1988 by British author Roald Dahl.
The main character for my book is called Matilda Hitler, and her nickname is Matty.
Also Slovak: -- offer sources
You'll find bearers on social media.
Matilda Algotsson (1998-) is a Swedish figure skater. She is the 2019 Swedish national champion. She placed 13th at the 2016 and 2017 European Championships.
I only like the meaning, not the name itself.
Love it. It's really royal and classy but not boring as Elizabeth. Perfect for a princess or a queen.
Could also be used as a feminine form of Matthew, especially when spelt as Mathilda.
My name is Matilda and I personally sort of like it because I'm a kid- I have to.
I knew a young woman (about 19-20 years old) in the early 1970's named Matilda. It was a highly unusual name for a young person in California at that time. Although it was a name associated with much older women perhaps even a hundred years earlier, there was something special about this Matilda. She was beautiful in every way, bright, outgoing, smart, witty, creative, fun, kind, generous. I remember she had beautiful hair and an engaging smile but I don't remember what she looked like. I just remember the wonderful essence of Matilda... Tilly. She made the name modern and fascinating. No one ever teased her about her name. Everyone was enthralled by Matilda.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Matilda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 985th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My mom's coworker's daughter was named this, but everyone knew her as Tilly. So now, I can see this name quite well for a little girl.
Terrible witch name don’t know why so many people like it also the spelling Mathilda is even worse and I imagine a dark haired evil goth woman when I hear this.
My first daughter is a Matilda - and she certainly is summed up as a Matilda. Strong in battle - she definitely was when she was born 4 weeks early and spent 7 days in the NICU Ward...
Our Matilda is sometimes called Tilda by her younger sister, but that’s purely a pronunciation issue which will iron out as she becomes older.
Personally we don’t like Tilly, or Mattie, but that is just our opinion.
Matilda Kshesinskaya (1872-1971) was a Russian prima ballerina of Polish descent. She was notorious for her affairs with several members of the Russian imperial family. A movie was recently made about her affair with Nicholas II prior to his marriage with Alexandra. (Her name was actually Matylda, the Polish form of the name. She was sometimes referred to as Mathilde, the French form of her name.)
"Strength in Battle"!I love German baby names! They are like Klingon names!Names fit for Warriors!
My name is Matilda and personally I don't like the nickname Tilly, but I really like Tilda and Mattie.
I am Matilda. It is a great name.
I love the name Matilda. Roald Dahl wrote a famous book about a really smart girl named Matilda. A cute nickname is Tilly.
It is strange, but in my mind Matilda is really dated.
It has a "1800s snobbish spinster" sound to me.
I've never known anyone named Matilda, but I think that this is a cute name. Nicknames could be Tilly, Mae, Millie, Mia, Tilda, Mila, and Mattie.
Matilda Jane Sager (born 1839 died 1928). Matilda was born in Buchanan county Missouri to Henry Sager and Naomi Sager nee Carney and was the fifth child of the seven Sager orphans who where orphaned on the Oregon trail in 1844 trying to get to the west coast of America. The seven orphans where later taken on by missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman but they too, along with Matilda's too older brothers were killed by natives and the others were taken hostage and held for ransom by the Indians for supplies and supplements along with 47 other white settlers. It became known as the Whitman massacre later in 1847 in what is today Washington state. Despite all the hardship she went through, Matilda and two other sisters survived. Matilda Jane Sager married young around 1855 and had 8 children and later settled in California and died age 89 in 1928. I also love the name Matilda and the meaning mighty in battle a very appropriate name for this remarkable woman of her era :-)
Dislike it. Sounds very dated to me.
I absolutely adore the name Matilda! It's so cute! Roald Dahl's book Matilda is one of my favourite books of his and I love the 1996 film too! I also love the adorable nickname Tilly! ^__^ ❤.
I know the children's movie and book were mentioned earlier, but Matilda Wormwood is also the main character in the Broadway musical Matilda.
Personally, I find this name beautiful in a timeless way. I can imagine it on a baby, it would be very cute on a little girl (e.g. Dahl's Matilda), and would be the kind of attractive, sophisticated name that a woman could really make her own. I could see a Matilda working as a doctor, a diplomat, an artist, a mom... pretty much anything! And we all know it would age well too. With about a zillion nickname possibilities, this is definitely a winner.
Am I the only one who finds this name to be ugly and unattractive?
I loved the name Matilda as a child, because I loved the eponymous Roald Dahl book and Matilda Wormwood was my childhood hero! It's whimsical and spunky, and its strong meaning and rich history makes it a wonderful name to pass on to a daughter.
Although Matilda is a top 20 name here in Australia where I'm from, I love it so much! It's regal, spunky and gorgeous! My husband and I will definitely be naming our future daughter Matilda, with the nickname Mattie.
In Sweden, this name was really common for girls born in the 80s. Not every class room had one, but every school had several. Somehow I never managed to meet a nice Matilda, they were always "mean girls"! Like, popular, but not the most popular (the most popular were always called Jessica or Linda or Jenny). It has a sweet, old-fashioned ring to it, though, if I could just stop thinking of all the Matildas clad in neon pink angora jumpers and neon ski pants, with a high side ponytail in a scrunchie.
I think it's funny - people either love or despise the name Matilda. When pregnant so many people told me they hated the name and tried to talk me out of it. I think it is such a lovely name. I would love to know the name of some of the haters on this thread, so I can let them know what I think of their names. Matilda fits my daughter perfectly and she is the only one in her class that actually has a name that you can spell!
Matilda "Tilly" Aston was the first blind teacher in Australia.
Matilda Browne was an American painter.
Matilda Gage was an American suffragist and abolitionist.
Matilda is a great name! It's old fashioned and has recently received a comeback, but not a very big one. I can see it getting more popular in the future, but I don't think it'll ever be as popular as it once was. This of course isn't the case in the UK and Australia. I would like to use this name and if I did, I think I'd use Attie as a nickname because I don't really like Tilly and Mattie unfortunately sounds too much like Maddie.
I would consider naming my kid this, if it didn't remind me (and everyone else) of the movie.
Popular but gorgeous. And it is patriotic as I am Aussie. Love the nicknames Mattie, Millie and Tillie or even Maddie.
I'm a Matilda. People always call me Tilly or Tilda or Frecktilda (because I have freckles) anyway I don't know any other Matildas. I would love to hear from another one!
Matilda was the daughter of King Stephen of England and his wife Matilda.
Matilda of England (1156-1189) was the oldest daughter of Henry II of England and his wife Eleonore of Aquitaine. She married Henry "the Lion", Duke of Saxony and Bavaria.
Matilda was the daughter of William the Conqueror and was named after her mother Matilda of Flanders.
My name is Matilda, but I go by both Mattie and Tilly. Some people spell it 'Maddy' but once I correct them it's all fine. I love the name, it has a beautiful history, and it doesn't sound cold at all.My parents got the name from my older brother, who was obsessed with Roald Dahl books when he was younger. When my parents asked what he thought I should be called, it was between 'Matilda' and 'Sophie', the heroine of the B.F.G. My parents fell in love with the name.
Matilda is my name and I absolutely love it! It is such a strong solid name and it fits me perfectly, as does the shortened form 'Tilly'.
This name has quite a nice ring to it, even if it does sound a bit evil. It reminds me of a gypsy or something.
This name is more popular in Australia than anywhere else in the world - it's a Top Twenty name.Because "Waltzing Matilda" is our national song, Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo was our mascot for the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the Matildas are our women's soccer team, the name is seen as an extremely patriotic one.(The "Matilda" in the song "Waltzing Matilda" is the bundle a swagman carries; it isn't about a dancing woman called Matilda).Matilda Bay is a natural bay on the Swan River in Western Australia, and the Matilda Bay Brewing Company is an Australian brewery, owned by the Foster's Group. It's a VERY Australian name.
Mainstream trendy in Australia and England now.
This name is growing on me, but it does sound very serious and not very... I don't know, fit for a child? But, the nicknames Mattie and Tilly are adorable.
This name was out of the top 1000 for decades until 2008-- I am sure Heath Ledger's death has influenced the increased popularity (it's his daughter's name).
I love this name it's super cute. But it was number 828 last year. That sort of makes me like I don't know. I strictly can't use names on the top 1000 list. Hopefully it doesn't become common. Lol, I know that's weird but that's me. Anyways I think this name is super adorable.
Also a girls name in Croatia. Popular before WWII, and again since the middle 1970's.
This is a really pretty name, though I'm not too fond of the nicknames it has. Putting the nicknames aside, this is a great name because it can sound mature or child-like. Very Beautiful, love it! (:
The medieval English Queen Matilda was a courageous and determined lady, sticking up for her rights against her cousin, King Stephen. There is the well-known story of how she escaped from Oxford Castle during a snowstorm, dressed in white so that Stephen's men wouldn't notice her against the white landscape.
She's a good role model for a girl, and her name has a certain zest about it (especially with the nickname Tillie, Tilly) and a pretty middle name. But her name in the vernacular, Maud, is so plain and unattractive.
One of my friends is Matilda and sometimes my other friends and I call her Matilly to annoy her. :)
This name is also used (but rarely) in the Netherlands where it is pronounced mah-TIL-dah.
I think this is a sweet name. A nickname could be Maddie. Not so fond of Mattie, too much like "matted" fur or Matthew. Maddie is more feminine than Mattie.
I never thought I'd see a name trendy with the Normans become trendy in the 21st century. If Matilda can be hip again, maybe there's hope for unrelated crusties like Beulah, Gertrude and Brunhilde.
I adore this name. At first I just thought it was sweet but probably wouldn't use it, but now it's my second favorite girls named (right after Eleanor). I think it's very sweet and classy. I don't care for any of the nicknames though, except for the occasional Tilly. Mattie is too much like the trendy Maddie, and Tilda just isn't my style.
The name 'Matilda' was popularised by the Normans but it was not really introduced to England by them. If you look at the Anglo-Saxon poem 'Deor' you will find the name 'Mæðhilde' which is the pre-latinised form of Matilda.
Moderator Pavlína Spálená and Jan Bubeník have a daughter Matilda Bubeníková.
I love this name. It's really strong and feminine without being girly. I also love the Aussie-song Waltzing Matilda, the book by Roald Dahl and the film based on it.
This is my name although it's somewhat old and dreadful to some people, Matilda is a classic name that I was able to use as a child and now as an adult. I would recommend Mattie, not Tilly, as a nickname if you must.
I don't like it. Sounds like a name for a family cow. "Hey Jeb! I gotta go yonder and milk Matilda. She's been mooing all day!"
Matilda was THE name to have if you were a queen or princess in the Middle Ages.
I love this name! Though I must admit it sounds really old-fashioned and maybe a bit uptight, I still have a totally cheesy love for it. Also Mathilda is nice. And Tilda is such a great nickname!
Tilda Swinton, who played the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia and Gabriel in Constantine, is named Matilda and called Tilda for short.
Never heard of Tillie as a nickname for Matilda, but I think the nickname Mattie is very nice.
I'm not male, but I find this name VERY ATTRACTIVE.
This is my name. When I was younger, I hated it, but now I like it so much. I think it sounds soft and pretty. I love an old nickname of mine, Tilda. It sounds even better without the "ma". I've also been called Matti, Matte, Mattitilda and Mat-ilda. But now, thank god, everyone calles me Matilda, plainly. And I couldn't be more happy about it.
Matilda is also used in Finland. [noted -ed]
Name Day: 14.3
I love the name Matilda. I think that it is a classy name that will always be used.
Matilda is also the Czech and Slovak form.
Name Day: 14th March.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia, popular before 1920.
Reminds me so much of Australia because of the popular song Waltzing Matilda. I personally think it is a really nice name. Problem is I always get the image of Mara Wilson (is that her name) playing Matilda in the book turned movie. That movie creeped me out for some reason.
I like this name maybe because of the movie Matilda. Anyway this is a classic strong name for a girl. If you want a strong yet decent name consider this one.
Oh and I am not too fond of the nickname Tilly/Tillie. It sounds so childish and boyish even. I guess it could be cute for young kids but not for older people. It also doesnt help that I know a shopping place called Tilly's.
This name is lovely. The meaning, and the sound.
Matilda´s pet forms are Tilly, Matt, Mattie, Matilinka.
There is a famous children's poem, Matilda Who Told Lies, And Was Burned To Death, by Hillaire Belloc.
I don't really like this name. It sounds like the name of a nasty old witch from a fairy tale or something.
This name sounds really dumb. No offense to the Matildas out there. If your name is Matilda, make people call you Tilly or Tillie.
Matilda sounds cold and harsh but the nickname Tillie is very cute and sweet.
Frank Peretti wrote a book called "Tilly," which puts abortion in a Christian point of view.
In Dante's Divine Comedy, Matilda is a mysterious singing woman who meets Dante in the Earthly Paradise and leads him to the waters of the twin rivers Lethe and Eunoe where his bad memories are cleansed and his good memories restored. Dante compares her to Persephone, the goddess of spring.
My grandmother's middle name - she wanted me to be named after her. My mother had better sense, barely, since I'm not real crazy about the one she chose.
It's sooo adorable. I love it.
"Matilda" is also the name of a book by Roald Dahl.
In the movie "Matilda" a girl named Matilda has powers.
There is also the kids movie, Matilda. Cute name, great nicknames, Mattie and Tilly.
I am Australian, and because of the song "Waltzing Matilda" which is basically our unofficial national anthem, the name is not widely used. However, there is now a character on the Australian tv show "Home and Away" named Matilda so my prediction is that it will get more popular in the next few years. In Australia, anyway.
Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams daughter's name is Matilda Rose Ledger.
I like this with the nickname Tilly.
Matilda is used in a beloved song by The Pogues about Galipoli "Waltzing Matilda" and Tom Waits has a song by the same name, to mean "travelling". Also "Waltzing Matilda" is an Aussie folk song.
Matilda was also an Emglish princess in the 12th Century. She was the daughter of Henry I and the mother of Henry II. When Henry I died, she was named his heir and should have been queen but her cousin Stephen seized the throne. She waged a civil war against him but was unsuccessful.

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