Very pretty.
This is the epitome of an international name! I love that this name is used in so many languages with so many wonderful meanings.
I love it pronounced "My Ah" or "Mah Yah".
A lot better than the boring May.
It's pronounced MY-a or MAH-ya, not MAY-a. MAY-a sounds so modern and wrong. The Maya people are also pronounced MY-a.
This is my favorite spelling of the name Maya.
So smart and hot and mature and everyone's favorite person.
I never really liked this name, but there are worse names out there.
My name is Maya and I love it it is so pretty and for me it means a lot.
Love it, and prefer it over Maia. It also reminds me of my BFF with this name!
No thanks. Maia is much better.
Beautiful, but not suitable for me.
The name is cool. But it’s so common it hurts.
Agree with the last comment. Maya is a cute name but I personally prefer Amaya. It’s much rarer and the sound is just lovely!
I love this name, but I prefer Amaya pronounced "Uh-MY-uh". I'd personally use Maya as a nickname for Amaya.
In Ancient Greek, it was pronounced "MIE-a." In Modern Greek, it would be pronounced "MEH-a." (In Ancient Greek, αι was pronounced "IE." In Modern Greek it is pronounced "EH," exactly like epsilon.) (See the book "Vox Graeca" by W. Sidney Allen, now available as a download. Fascinating!)
I just realized why I find this name weird. It reminds me of the Numa Numa song. One of the first real viral videos.
I’ve always loved this name!
I pronounce this May-uh.
Maya Aida is one of the five main characters in Glitter Force Doki Doki.
Maya Fey is in the video game series Ace Attorney. She is Phoenix Wright's assistant.
This was the name of Maya the Bee!
My name is Maya. It's pronounced MY - ah, not May - ah. But that's just me. It's also the name of a brand of bottled water sold in Egypt, and a diminutive for Amalia.
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Maya who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 723rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love that this name is associated with the Mayan civilization, one of the most peaceful and advanced of the Americas during its time.
Very sweet name for a girl.
This name is awesome!
My niece's name is Maya, and it's perfect for her; it's also a name that ages well, so she won't have any problems being taken seriously when she's older.I also went to school with a Maja (the Slavic spelling, which I am in love with).
The pronunciation annoys me.
Maya Deren (born Eleonora Derenkowsky) was a Ukrainian-born American experimental filmmaker.
I find it boring and plain, to be honest, but other than that there's nothing wrong with it. I prefer the much less well-known but similar sounding Amaia.
Maya Hart, character on the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World, Riley Matthews' best friend.
My sister's name is Maya and I think it is a great name!
I like this spelling also but it's too confusing for people to pronounce. May-a is how it's read.
My daughter's name is Maya. We pronounce it May-a but ever since she was born we call her May-May. I know some people spell it Maya and pronounce it My-a but I think its an individual choice how you chose to have it pronounced. I chose it as an elongation of May and I think it is a beautiful, soft, pretty name x.
I like the name Maya a lot, it just sounds really nice to me. Maybe a bit foreign, but that's alright. I found the Mayan people to be interesting so it's something good to compare it to. This is also my friend's dog's name haha but oh well.
Maya Angelou is an American writer most famous for her memoir "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings".
Maya is one of the dogs in the film "Eight Below".
Maya Gabeira, a professional big wave surfer from Brazil, bears this name.
American actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke have a daughter named Maya.
Maya Rudolph is an American actress and comedian.
I think she was actually a sprinter, not a comedian or actress.
Maya Hakvoort is a musical theatre actress from the Netherlands, best known for playing the lead role in the German-language musical "Elisabeth".
An all around great name for a girl!
In 2004's film "Jersey Girl," Liv Tyler portrays Maya, a movie rental clerk whom proves to be more than that-- a friend. Opposite Ben Affleck (as Oliver "Ollie" Trinké), and young miss Raquel Castro (as Gertie Trinké).
I love this name, it just rolls off the tongue!
Maya the Bee is an old cartoon in the 80's and early 90's. It's a cute name and works for any age.
This name is also used in Germany as a variant of Maja.
Pronunciation: MAH-yah
Friends of mine are going to name their daughter this and I really like it.
I'd have to say that the Mayans were always my favorite of the Mesoamerican Natives. Maybe because of the mythology and peace? I don't know, but it's a good name.
Maya Lin designed the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D. C. at age 21.
Like it, but it reminds me of that annoying woman on Heroes.
This is my name, and I love it, but I actually prefer the Latin Maia. It's a lot more unique, and there's two other Mayas in my school. And it's a tiny school. But I still think the name has a feminist, artistic touch to it which I adore, considering I want to be an author.
Just like Mama is pronounced Mah-Mah, Maya is pronounced Mah-Yah. Disyllable! May-a ain't right.
It is also used in Spanish.
This the perfect name to me. I definitely see myself with a little Maya one day. :)
I like the spelling Maia better. Maya makes me think of the Mayans, and the Mayans were pretty boring when my Social Studies teacher talked about it.
I assure you, Mayan culture is AWESOME when you've got someone more motivated than a ground-down high school Social Studies teacher telling you about it. Don't let school crush your love of learning!
This is such a pretty name, and a much prettier spelling that Mya.
Maya is the word for sparrow in Tagalog.
I know 3 people with this name. One is spelled the regular way, one was spelled 'Maia', one is spelled 'Maiya'.
Cartoon named Maya & Miguel on PBS kids. Maya is bright but always getting into some kind of trouble.
Maya is such a pretty name for a girl. I read that the name is Greek meaning mother.
The character Maya on the sitcom Just Shoot Me seemed to give the perfect image for this name at the time. Intelligent college girl with serious writing ambitions, who reluctantly works at a shallow fashion magazine, feminist wanna-be but with an exotic female name.
Uma Thurman has a daughter named Maya Ray.

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