Mikhaila is used in Russian, but it's masculine. It's the old popular (spoken) form of the name Mikhail; like Danila for Daniil.
Such a ruin of Mikhail, the Russian form of Michael. Americans ruined Michaela and Mikayla.
Blegh, this spelling.
Looks so rough and ugly.
Usage: Russian (Rare), Belarusian (Rare)

Scripts: Михаила (Russian), Міхайла (Belarusian)

Pronounced: myi-khu-EE-lə (Russian)

Meaning: Russian and Bulgarian feminine form of MICHAEL, though it was never used in these countries.
Russian feminine form of Michael. Not English at all.
I like this spelling. It's much better than Mckayla at least.
Khriii8ive spellings! They have to stop! This name is just a kr-e-8-iv spelling!
30 years in Russia - never heard of such a name. They don't use this name for girls there. [noted -ed]

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