This is a cool name in my opinion, for either gender!
Morgan Spurlock, (b. 1970) the man who rose to fame following the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” in which he ate McDonald’s for every meal for 30 days.
Morgan is a pretty nice name. Here, it’s seen as “The least popular Megan”. I like it as a unisex name, personally.
It rhymes with Mortgage Lol.
I like it on both genders. (I prefer it slightly on boys tho.)
Y'all really forgot about Morgz tho.
My name is actually Morgan (I'm a girl), and I personally think it's more of a female name. I haven't met any boys named Morgan. I know there are a few male celebrities named Morgan but I don't think that counts because I have never met them in person! However, even though I think it's MORE of a female name, I think it can also be a male name.Many nicknames I get are Momo and Mooks. I don't like Momo personally. At first, I didn't like my name but now I think I do. I can't see myself any other way!
I think this name is wonderful. It's a very nice name for a female. My friend Morgan is very kind and I think that this name is amazing.
I think this name is lovely on either gender. As for the Morgz association, that will probably not be relevant in a few years, so that alone shouldn't drive anyone away from using this name.
My name is actually Morgan and I’m offended that people here are hating it because of Morgz. Not everyone is like him okay and you should have a actual opinion on the name not a person with the name. I like my name and it doesn’t sound boring because it’s not usual to hear it where I’m from and l like it because I’m part Welsh.
This is a name that is completely unisex.
All right. Looks like all Americans are really rude and savage here!
Maybe a mom like me likes this name and want to name her daughter Morgan. I don't give a damn about all these idiots who just have pop instead of brain. Just say I don't like this name.
I'm gonna name my daughter Morgan Isabella Holland.
And I will learn her how to behave herself and be proud of her beautiful name!
My name is Morgan.
I actually love my name. I think it suits me, but it definitely is associated with girls born in the late 90s.
I see some people saying “Ann” could be a nickname. I have never been called “Ann” in my entire life. I literally didn’t realize that was a nickname for Morgan until I saw that comment. Nor have I ever been called “Gi”Also, no one ever hears my name and mentions Morgz. More likely to hear Morgan Freeman mentioned.I will share though the many nicknames that people have given me in order of popularity:1. Morgie
2. Mo
3. MoMo
4. Morgana
5. Morganite
6. Morganic.
I prefer it on a girl, but it’s fine on either gender I guess.
Despise! How masculine? Old lady and man name!
Also Languedocian and Gascon (masculine): --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Probably one of few names that fits for male and female. Morgan is a strong name, maybe too harsh sounding, but it has quality and also sometimes seen as surname. I like this name!
Hate the Youtuber Morgz and it’s really boring, I hear it all the time.
A true unisex name that fits both genders. Though on a girl I prefer Megan, Morgan is not bad at all.
It's very bland.
I only like it on a guy.
A very strong, classy, and stylish name fit for either gender.
I'm bittersweet, I like it, but I don't. Seems like a very warm name to me, and that's a good thing.
Morgan Hudson aka Morgz is a British YouTuber.
I like it as both a boy’s name and a girl’s name. I’ve only met girls named Morgan, but I can easily imagine this on a male too. It’s one of the few names I strongly consider to be unisex.
The best nicknames for this name are Mora, Ora and Ann. It's a beautiful and lovely name for a little girl!
I love this name so much! To be honest I do prefer Morgan for a name for a GIRL! It just sounds so girly on me and I'm happy it's popular for girls. The best nicknames for this name are : Mora, Ora and An. I adore this lovely name!
I think it's lovely for a boy.
Gender: Feminine & MasculineUsage: Welsh, English, French, Arthurian RomancePronounced: MAWR-gən (English), MAWR-GAN (French)Meaning: Derived from the Old Welsh masculine name Morcant, which was possibly derived from the Welsh words mor "sea" and cant "circle". Also the modern form of Morgen, which was used by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century for the Arthurian sorceress Morgan le Fay, who was unnamed in earlier stories. Geoffrey probably did not derive it from the Welsh masculine name Morgan, which would have been spelled Morcant in his time. He may have based it on the Irish name MUIRGEN. Since the 1980s, in America Morgan has been more common for girls than boys, perhaps due to stories of Morgan le Fay or the fame of actress Morgan Fairchild (1950-). A famous bearer of this name is actor Morgan Freeman (1937-).
My name is Morgan (I'm a girl) and I'm very happy with it. It's unique enough that I'm not one of a dozen Morgans, yet familiar enough that I've never had any problems with it. My family is from Germany and I find the association with the word morning very nice. It makes me think of the sunshine, and the ocean, and wild horses. I'd like to name my first kid--regardless of gender--Morgan, after myself, a la Lorelei Gilmore.
Famous jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan. Morgan has musical meaning too!
I like it better on a boy.
I changed my mind- I like it on a boy and a girl.
Morgan's origins are Celtic and its meaning is connected to the ocean. It's one of the unisex classics, like Alex. Morgen means morning in German. I think Ori and Mo are both cute nicknames.
A truly unisex name: it's equally ugly on a boy or a girl.
Morgan ryhmes with demigorgon and organ.
Morgan Stark is the name of Tony Stark’s daughter in Avengers: Endgame. Tony also had a male cousin named Morgan Stark in the comics.
In my opinion, this name should only be used on boys. There is already a feminine version of it— Morgana— which sounds much prettier than Morgan.
I work as a photographer for picture days at schools, and I've only seen boys with this name so far. It's pretty unisex.
Morgan Fey is a character in the video game Ace Attorney. She is the mother of Pearl, Iris and Dahlia, the sister of Misty Fey and the aunt of Mia and Maya Fey.
Morgan is the child of your avatar in the game Fire Emblem Awakening their gender depends on the gender of the avatar.
Everyone who thinks this name wasn't originally masculine should read a history book. Doing family research and found one of my way-back great grandfathers was named Morgan in 1600s America. Definitely don't remember seeing any female Morgans around at that time...
Morgan is a beautiful and elegant name for both boys and girls, but I love it for a girl. The name Morgan just looks very delicate and girly even if it has a feminine form [Morgana]. I think Morgan is a great name for a boy too, especially because of Morgan Freeman but personally, I just think it’s more feminine than masculine.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Morgan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 016th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Morgan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 289th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Another awesome name! While I’m positive with Morgan as a boys name, I prefer it slightly more on a girl. Since I’ve known way more girls with this name, and only 3 boys with this name.
I’ve met more girls named Morgan and rarely any boys so I prefer it on a girl. However it’s not a terrible name for a boy!
Morgan is a nice girl's name, it's strange on a boy.
My name is Morgan and I used to hate the name because I thought it was weird, I guess that was only because I’m the only Morgan I have ever met. Some people also judge me because I have a really raspy voice but that’s only because I’m a singer. Some people like to make nicknames for me like Momo, Morgie, Morginese and Morgie Porgies Pouting Pie (I know the last one's weird) but I don’t care about my name anymore because I went to the hair dressers one day and the most amazing thing happened... they asked me to model for them and I’m not even in high school yet, but I took it! I do commercials, fashion shows and designing now. You probably won’t believe me but I think that’s only because you have never seen me or met me. When I’m 18 they told me that I could model for Victoria’s Secret! I have a whole life ahead of me planned out and ever since that one day, I have forgotten all about my name!
I like this name, FOR A BOY. Morgan doesn't sound feminine to me, contrary to what most people say, and honestly it rather insults me that people use this name for a little girl. I may sound weird, but I just have a problem with masculine-sounding and meaning names being used for girls like of course, Morgan as well as Courtney, Aubrey, Kim, Jackson and even Bailey. Of course, there are exceptions. Nicknames like Alex, Chris, Pat and even Max because they do have full feminine names as long as you have the FULL version of the name, not just the plain name (so like Alexandra, Christina, Patricia or Maximiliana), and even others I find somewhat nice for a girl depending on the association or a more feminine spelling variation. Blake I like for a girl due to the awesome Blake Belladonna from RWBY or Ashlee due to an awesome friend I have. I know this turned into a huge rant, but I had to mention it somewhere so why not here. Overall, just don't use names like Morgan on a girl, stick to traditional names like Monica, Elizabeth, Catherine or Laura. Sure, they may be old-fashioned or overused, but they are leagues better than what I've mentioned.
My young daughter’s name is Morgan and if you don’t like the name you would love it if you met her. She is absolutely gorgeous but also full of confidence, personality and strength. This name fits her so well. It’s a beautiful, strong and classy name for a girl. A woman with this name can be anything she wants in life. The name will never hold her back.
The name Morgan was given to 352 boys born in the US in 2016.
I like this name for a girl. I think this name transitions well with a girl into adulthood. The negative comments and slander of this name is a bit much. If I ever have a little girl, I'd definitely name her the lovely, unique, and sophisticated name, Morgan.
Why would you want to change the gender of a name? Morgan has been used in Wales for over a thousand years as a boy's name. You can keep on repeating something but it doesn't make it correct. We are all free to call our daughters Morgan, John, or Paul, but it does not alter the fact that it's a boy's name. Maybe it's a common thing in America, after all Johnny Cash named his son Sue.
My husband's name is Morgan. He doesn't like the name very much because people mostly think it can only be a girl's name and have been pretty rude about it in the past. I personally can't see it as a feminine name even though I know several girls named Morgan. I love the name for a boy. I think it is strong and classy and I love that it is my husband's name. I wish he liked his name as much as I do.
Morgan McMichaels is the female persona of British-American drag performer Thomas White. McMichaels is best known as a reality television contestant on the second season of the cable television reality competition RuPaul's Drag Race.
A good name for a male or a female. Also gives off a good pirate captain vibe. I like it.
I'm a girl, and my name is Morgan. I personally love my name, and I don't think it is too common, but I wish it was a bit less common. Although, I've never met anyone that has the same name, I know that there are many out there! I like this name better as a girl's name, not so much for a guy, but it's certainly not a bad name for a boy, it's just not my first choice. For a boy I'd rather go with something like Troy, Liam, Jayden, Matthew, or Joseph!
I believe it suits boys and girls, though I love Morgen for a girl.
My name is Morgan and I absolutely love my name. I used to hate it, for I thought that my friends all had prettier names than me, but now growing up my name is cool because my name isn't common. I have grown to love my name and I wouldn't change it. I'm a girl and I think that it's not rough and not masculine. Yes, boys can also have the name, but that doesn't make the name too masculine, and it doesn't make the name too feminine either. I think the name is pretty and not ugly. Yes, it has the 'org' sound, but you don't have to pronounce it so all you hear is 'org.' I say my name as pronouncing the E, so it sounds like more-GEN. Morgan spelt like 'Morgen', 'Morghan', 'Morghen,' 'Morganne', and 'Morgenne' are all good ways of spelling it aswell if you don't like the original way, but I personally like 'Morgan'. It's not too mainstream, and if I wasn't named Morgan I would name my child it.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are: Morgan Parker
Morgan Ross
Morgan Sawyer
Morgan Spencer
Morgan Thomas
Morgan XavierOf course, Morgan is also very fitting for a girl as well (:
It means "morning" in German.
My twin sister's name.Her name isn't that common and I've only met about 4 Morgan's in my life. I don't like the name for a guy, and it only works for Morgan Freeman because he's awesome! I like the name! She's been called Morgz, Morgy B, Morgan from Oregon.
This is my name (I'm a girl). I used to hate it, but now I love it, especially its meaning - sea circle. Coincidentally, I'm a BIG TIME beach lover/obsessor, so that just makes me love my name even more. I've only met two other girls with my name, but no boys that I can recall. The only problem I have with it is that there really aren't any good nicknames for it... "Morgie" isn't very flattering, though I've always been called that by my grandpa. Oh well.. :PI've also gotten the "Morgan organ" teasing, but I just think of "organ" as the instrument rather than an intestine. There's also that "Morgan - morgue" teasing I've gotten a few times, but I don't think of morgues when I hear this name, so it doesn't bother me. I do find myself turning my head when someone says, "mortgage," sometimes, but that doesn't bug me either. I also get called Megan and Madison (I don't even know where that comes from, lol) a lot. But what can you do? I still love my name, its meaning, how it sounds and how it looks.
My Morgan family came to the US from Wales in 1645. Sadly, our surname died out a few years ago with nine girls and no boys. Three of us cousins decided to use the name as a first name for our kids. The eldest Morgan, a boy, was grown when I was expecting my daughter, whom I wanted to name Morgan Rose. I asked him if having Morgan for a first name was cool, because I knew it had great ratings and I couldn't think of any way kids could make fun of it on the playground. He said, "Are you KIDDING me? All I ever hear from my buddies was, "BIG M, LITTLE organ!" I thought that was hysterical. I named my daughter Morgan anyway and she loves it!
I don't know many girls named Morgan and the first person that pops into mind when I think of this name is Morgan Freeman. So yeah, I really am not too keen on this name for girls.
My name is Morgan and I'm a girl. I honestly don't think it's as disgusting and unbelievable as some of the people who comment seem to think. The meaning of the name means 'born by the sea' which seems to me to be poetic and an extraordinary name that has depth to it that may not be seen by all. I just don't see how someone can say that it is a disgusting name on girls and an okay name on guys. Can someone explain? Also you can spell this name Morgen which means morning in German.
In the Howl's Moving Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones the main characters, Sophie and Howl, name their son Morgan.
The name Morgan, it is a unisex name. I am going to talk about my general knowledge, of the females named Morgan. Morgan is someone who's very kind, caring. Sometimes quiet but very loud when with friends and a bit of a follower, she just wants to keep others happy. She will never be pushed too far though.Morgan stands her ground, and will not back down, if she believes in something. Morgan doesn't forgive very easily although does not enjoy confrontation. Morgan does not see herself as beautiful, and attractive, although she is often told so. The female, finds it hard to build trust in people, when she does will not let that person go. She falls in love very easily and can be very fragile although it is not shownMorgan, meaning "by the sea", as well as, "morning".
I have to disagree with many commentors because in my opinion Morgan is a better name for a girl than for a boy. To me it sounds regal and feminine, not ugly or masculine in the least bit. I think both Morgan and Morgana are nice, strong names for a woman.
Morgan is obviously 100% a boy's name in fact I feel bad for girls who have this name. Parents should've named you "Megan" or "Morganna" if they want to make it a girls name.
Morgan always reminds me of the word "morgue," which is a place to store dead bodies/corpses... this association is not attractive at all. Also, I think Morgan is too harsh sounding and too masculine for a girl.
I love the name Morgan. And yes, my name is Morgan and I'm a girl. It's more popular now than when I was growing up (born in the 80's). I always loved being the only Morgan in school and even though a lot of times people call me Megan and I get registered as a boy, I still love it. I don't understand why there needs to be so many negative and almost rude comments about the name. I think it's a great name for a boy or a girl.
My birth name was Morgan and I'm a woman born in '92. My mother was considering other girl names like 'Emily' but wanted something that sounded less 'babyish' (in her words). So she gave me a strong name. Which doesn't suit a baby girl at all. She thought it was unique and hadn't met anyone male or female named Morgan. She also liked the meaning she read in a baby name book 'by the edge of the sea'. Very romantic meaning, however people rarely know this and will judge names by how they sound rather than the pretty wording you read. I think this name sounds ugly. It's harsh and masculine and only classic as a male name. I was receiving mail addressed to Mr. Morgan Lastname and had my gender recorded as MALE at my new doctor's office and the dentist. Not everyone knows how to spell it either. I've gotten Morgen and Morrigan. Also it's confused with other names, Megan, Jordan.
I have since my last comment, changed my opinion of Morgan sounding 'ugly'. It doesn't have a light sound or aesthetic. Poor choice of wording, since it is appealing in it's own way. I like it less used in the English language because of similarities with the words 'mortgage' and 'morgue' but in another place it may be great as a first name.Anyhow, this name created hurdles for me as a bearer. I think parents should be aware of the potential pitfalls of a name before giving it to their child... It's very easy to get wrapped up in one reason you love a name. You probably don't want to hear that children will give your kid the nickname "smorgishborg" when to you it brings to mind a starry constellation or your beloved great-uncle.
I personally can't stand this name. It always makes me think of organ's which kind of make me feel sick. If I was going to name a child Morgan they would have to be a boy. To me there is nothing pretty or princess- like about it.
I think this is a gorgeous, handsome sounding name for a boy. However, when it comes to using this name for girls, "Morgan" doesn't really scream "girly" enough for me in my honest opinion. I prefer "Morgana" for a girl. (:
This is my brother's name, and I really can't imagine it on a girl, even though I know it can be for either gender. But I think it's a nice name, it sounds cool and nice meaning behind it!
Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey has a brother named Morgan.
This name, to me, is the word "Organ" with an "m" at the beginning. This name is very, very hideous on a girl. There is this snobby half chinese girl named Morgan at my school. She has heaps of freckles and short hair. Since she is mean, we call her "Porgan", "Dorgan", "Borgan" or "Gorgan". But she didn't ruin this name for me. I find this name ugly, still. It makes me think of a pig. And the 'org' sound is gross. But on the other side, I do find this name good. For a word. Because in German, morgen means morning. But as a name in English, I hate the fact that it rhymes with "Organ".
Morgan Nicholls is a bass, guitar and keyboard player. He used to be in The Senseless Things playing bass, made an album (Organised) on his own (under the name Morgan). He also played the bass in The Streets and Gorillaz (Probably becoming the inspiration for the Gorillaz character Murdoc Niccals). But when Chris Wolstenholme of Muse broke his wrist, he filled in for him. When Chris came back, Muse decided to keep Morgan for live support (e.g. additional backing vocals, keyboard, guitar and bass), to avoid backing tracks.
I love this name. On a boy, it's very strong but still beautiful, and on a girl, it's just downright gorgeous!
Morgan has been considered feminine in mainstream society since 1977. Despite Morgan le Fay, it was still popularly viewed as a last name and/or boy name until 1977, when it entered the top 1000 for girls.My great grandfather, great uncle, and stepfather are all named Morgan, and my brother's middle name is Morgan. I find it interesting that it was always in the top 300 for boys until about the year 2000. Unfortunately, it now seems to be just one more originally masculine name now predominantly considered 'female.' To me it sounds incredibly masculine. I also babysit a four-year-old boy named Morgan and it fits him so perfectly :)Anyway, the fact that it sounds and was originally completely masculine is largely irrelevant. It is what it is - mostly used for girls now even though it should at least be unisex. I say to all Morgan's - whether you be male or female, be proud of your name and hold your head up high because of it :)
My first name is Morgan, and I'm a girl. For those of you who say there are no famous women named Morgan, I say: Morgan le Fay, Morgan Fairchild, Morgan Eastwood (yes, Clint Eastwood's daughter), Morgan Fox (NOT Megan Fox, MORGAN Fox, she was a model in the 80s), Morgan Webb, Morgan Lily, Morgan Brittany, the list goes on.
As for it being a male name originally, WHO CARES?! Besides, I think if a name has been considered feminine since the year 1136 or so, it can be feminine now. Chill out. As for it being too "strong" or "ugly" for a girl... that's just silly. I'm a model, and am very feminine looking. Growing up I was very "princessy" probably more than most of your precious "Elizabeths" and "Sarahs". I've only met a couple guys named Morgan, and it sounds way too feminine for them. However I do see how it could be used for a man. I think, unfortunately for you crazies, Morgan is a truly unisex name. Like I say, it's stood the test of time; whereas other names common now are new/made up and even misspelled.
The "morgue", "organ", etc. point is also moot. I was never bothered by this or made fun of for it. I get compliments on my name all the time. It's not as common as others and it truly is strong! That isn't a bad thing! I'd rather seem like a strong, confident, bold woman than a weak, fragile, and "sheep-like" follower. I'd rather be seen as a leader.
As for it being a "surname only". That's garbage. Again, since Morgan le Fay used it as her first name and those legends originated in the 1100s, I think it's stood the test of time. My husband's name is Scott, and that's a common last name as well. But when people hear the name Scott, they don't go on and on about how it's strictly a surname.
If you all want to diss my name, my GOOD name, then so be it. But I love it, I can't imagine my parents ever giving me another name. There was no question that they would name me Morgan from day one. I would have no issue passing it down to a DAUGHTER of mine.
I'm a woman and my name is Morgen, (spelt with an e). I've never seen it spelt with an e ever. I think it's a better name for men, especially with the e, the e just makes it sound more dominating and strong. I've been told the name fits me only cause I'm 5' 11" and I have a really angry face and I look very Russian. The name looks like it would only belong to someone really mysterious and dominating. I'm not really into how it sounds on women, too rough for them especially if you're feminine. I like my name on me though, even though I'm a chick.
Personally, I have never liked this name. Something about the way it sounds is just so ugly to me. But if you're going to use it, PLEASE use it on boys only! The trend of giving boys names to girls is becoming increasingly annoying, and for a girl this name will sound ridiculously dated in about twenty years. There really is nothing feminine about the name Morgan anyway... I just don't get it. Please, people, lets use names for their original genders. This name comes from a surname, and as a custom surnames were most often given to sons as a first name to carry on his mother's maiden name. That's why this was originally a boy name! And with a few exceptions, I think that names that were originally meant for a gender should be left to that gender. You're not making a statement by giving your daughter a boy name, especially one as trendy and dated as Morgan. You're just breaking tradition. Not cool.
I know a Morgan in my class who is a girl, but I think this name sounds better for a boy. It sounds quite masculine.
I love the name Morgan, I do like it more for a girl though, it is a great name :D.
I have a brother called Morgan, although I can't say I like him very much, I love the name! It fits a girl or a boy very well, and sounds very elegant.
British actor Joshua Herdman, who played Goyle in the "Harry Potter" films, has a son named Morgan.
I do rather like this name, though I don't see myself ever naming a child this, male or female.
It's much more likely that the boom in the use of the name Morgan in the 1980's was because of the actress Morgan Fairchild, who began making appearances in television as early as 1976. She was also in A Bullet for Pretty Boy 1970 though the role is uncredited. [noted -ed]
This name, along with Gretchen, tops my least favorite list. Not only has every Morgan I have ever met truly horrid people, but it looks unpleasant and just sounds horrific. And saying it is uncomfortable and ugly. I just find nothing redeeming about this name.
I know that Morgan can be used for both boys and girls, but in Welsh popular novels, Morgan is always a male name, and always seems to be used for huge, ultra-masculine men with black hair, dark blue eyes and a slightly threatening manner (although they usually turn out to be gentle giants), so that I now associate it with the "strong, silent type".
I don't understand why this name is being used for boys sometimes since it is clearly, based on the legendary usage, for girls.Anyway, this name is not pretty. It has the "mor" of "morbid," "mordant," "moribund," "morkin," "mormal," "mortling," "morphine," and "mortify;" the "morg" of "morgue;" the "org" of "disgorge," "engorge," and "regorge;" and it rhymes with "Gorgon," "organ" (which can have a meaning of sexual euphemism), and "Sorgen" (German for "sorrows").
This name is very masculine to me, because of Morgan Freeman. I also know a girl named Morgan, but everyone calls her "Maggie".
I like this name, but it's very popular.
Morgan Fairchild is an glam American actress. Changed her name from Patsy Ann McClenny at the start of her career.
Morgan is someone who flies about on untamed horses and drinks rum with pirates, then goes to Wales and has a run-in with Voldemort. Haha. But really, it sounds like a strange first name, but grows on you. I know a girl with the name whose nickname is "Morgy". Seems completely normal if you know the person.
One of my best friend's names is Morgan, and the name fits her perfectly. She is strong (mentally) and isn't too concerned with looks or girly pleasures. She is a wonderful friend, so this name will always sound nice to me. In my opinion, it is more of a girl's name than a boy's, but that's probably because I know two female Morgans, and no males. I call her Morg a lot, and she hates it because it reminds her of a morgue, but that really doesn't stop me from calling her that.
All the Morgans I met were girls, never met a boy named this. People who insult girls with this name, because they wanted to name their son this, there are plenty of more masculine names out there. Don't be jealous you can't have 'Morgan'. :)
Morgan was NOT 'originally a boys' name' it can be derived from 'Morcant' which is masculine or 'Morgen' which is feminine. If a woman is named Morgan, it comes from the feminine origin (Morgan le Fay).
Awesome name. Probably the best unisex name out there. I wish this was my name. When I hear it, I think of Morgan Freeman, and he's pretty cool.
I hate that Morgan has gone to the girls. I think it sounds too masculine on girls and now I am unable to bestow the name onto a boy, because he will be mocked for having a girl's name. Sigh.
This is one of my cousins names (girl) and her brother and sister are Drake and Robin. My dad swears they were all named after pirates.I'd prefer this as a last name or either sex, a middle name for girls and a first name for boys. It seems a little too strong for a girls first name. Although it does suit my cousin, since she has a VERY strong personality.
Morgan is a very mysterious name. Think about its many derivations and meanings, and all I get is a view out of a beautiful window looking out somewhere across Ceredigion Bay. I'm probably biased to say this, but I don't care. In my classes at school there were always boys and girls called Morgan, and so I think it's suited for either gender.The fact that the Morgan le Fay reference puts people off is pretty harsh. Think about all that power! And her brother was King Arthur, and her son was Mordred, so think of all the legends she's in. She's integrated into Welsh history one way or another.Morgana is another version of this name. I hope more people like that one, because I'm sick of people slagging other names off because they're too masculine. Think about the name Jules. It's short for Julian. Julian is actually a masculine roman name, but because you see more women called Julian, you assume its a very feminine one. Anyway, Morgana sounds more feminine to me because it has an extra letter on the end, as is more commonly noted by Greek names. Extra syllable = extra feminine.
No offense, but I really don't like this name. It sounds like a horse, which normally is ok, but not for a name.
And the award for ugliest name goes to Morgan! This is a last name first of all and second of all the sound of it is hideous!
Morgan was, indeed, a name from Arthurian legend. However, anyone who studies the subject in depth knows that Arthur had TWO sisters. Morgause was his half-sister, with whom Arthur had Mordred. It's unfortunate that the two sisters have become one in "popular legend", and Morgan associated with incest, and not her true betrayal of Arthur.
The meaning my mother found for this name was "by the edge of the sea".
Instead of MOR-gan this name is commonly pronounced "Morg-en" which is where the 'org' sound that everyone hates comes from.
It's a pretty name, but I can't really get passed the "Morg" part of it, but it's still an interesting name. I know a guy named Morgan and the name actually suits him. So (pre-natal) parents; don't be deterred of the fact that this name is used on girls. It's a nice name that suits both.
I personally think that this name fits both boys and girls. It's not pleasant-sounding, but not harsh either. So, if you want to name your kid Morgan, then go ahead. No one's stopping ya. XD
My name is Morgan. Morgan is a very high class, aristocratic name that I think is a very good choice for a female such as me. It's very uncommon due to its uniqueness, but often describes a person of good character or importance.
Morgan le Fay is the mother of Mordred. She is the half-sister of Arthur with whom she conceived the child.
I have known two people with the name Morgan so far and they have both been girls. Where as I don't think it's the prettiest name in the world, combined the the name "Ann" I think it sounds very feminine. My best friend's name is Morgan and I often call her "MorganAnn" because I think it has a really pretty ring to it.
For starters my name's Morgan and I'm a girl. It's not really the most popular name in Australia and yes people do relate it to a boys name. However I don't understand how people can call it an ugly name for a girl, if you don't like the name then don't call your kid it. But don't critisise others for calling their child that, I love my name and I can't imagine being called anything else. Morgan is a name used for both sexes which is the same with many names around the world and this will continue as people call their kids whatever they want these days. The name Morgan is probably the least of anyone's worries. If a celebrity tomorrow called their child Morgan it would become one of the most popular names around the world because an influential person used it. Nicole kidman was payed out because she called her daughter Sunday but that name will grow in popularity now that it has been used. So when it comes to names I think it's each to their own.
It's also the name of the male teddy in the Australian children's show Bananas in Pyjamas.
Well my name is Morgan, and I'm a girl and I don't think it's gross at all, I like it!
I am sick and tired of people thinking that Morgan is a feminine name. My younger brother is called Morgan and he is constantly asked why he has a girl's name. It's originally a masculine name!
When my brother was born, Morgan was hardly used as a first name here in Britain. Now there are so many girls called Morgan it makes me sad. Fortunately my brother he thinks it's a spiffing name no matter what people say to him. I agree.
I really like this name for a girl, it seems so sunny and bright, stately and graceful. I know Morgan means morning in German too so that's what I think when I hear it, which probably isn't where the name comes from, but I like associating it with morning and sunshine.
It seems like Morgan is the quintessential unisex name, commonly used on both genders. The first Morgan I knew was a girl in elementary school, who was endlessly teased with the "Morgan Organ" nickname. She was also called "Morg" by her parents, and I cringed every time, thinking only of a morgue. I've since only met older teenage boys with the name Morgan. Personally, I prefer Morgan to be given to males, although I would never use the name on a child of my own. The child would be subjected to merciless teasing, from "Morgan Organ" to jokes about morgues to being called a boy if they were a girl or vice versa. It's a wonderful name, without all the connotations.
My sister's name is Morgan. Personally, she loves it, though I find it bulky and disgusting. 'Org' just seems a little heavy, if you know what I mean. If I ever change my mind about having children, I'll use this as a middle name, but never as a first.
It sounds modern on a girl but medieval on a boy.
I think of this as more of a feminine name, and it sounds quite dated as a boys' name at this stage. I don't get the popularity of this name. It's not the worst name out there, but it isn't very pretty.
Morgan is the daughter of Robert, Patrick Dempsey's character, in the Disney film "Enchanted". She also becomes the stepdaughter of Giselle, Amy Adams's character, the heroine of the film. Morgan was played by Rachel Covey. I like the name Morgan for a girl or a boy, but I prefer Morgana for a girl.
Morgan is the main character in the series Sweep by Cate Tiernan. She is Wiccan, and not only that, she is a blood witch, meaning she is descended from one of the seven great Wiccan clans, who have a slightly different genetic makeup than humans. She is also incredibly powerful, even for a blood witch. Morgan is the heroine of Sweep, and an awesome one she is!
Kate Morgan is one of the main characters in the series Circle of Three by Isobel Bird. Her friends Cooper and Annie are all Wiccans, and they spend a year and a day studying Wicca to be initiated into a coven, and they have to deal not only with the situations arising from using magic, they have to deal with prejudice and persecution because of their religion, along with all the normal problems of being a teenager.
How any one could look at a baby girl and curse her with this truly ugly name is beyond belief.
Though I am not called by it, Morgan is my middle name, and also my older sister's. She prefers it to her first name, though I think she spells it "Morgin" for phoenetic purposes.At first, I thought I had been given a girl's name and never told people what my middle name was, but it has hence grown on me quite a bit. I cannot use it, though, as my sister already does.I prefer Morgana should one wish to use this as a feminine name.
The name "Morgan" may also be related to the Welsh and Breton water-spirits, alternatively spelled Murgen or Mari-Morgan. There may also be a connection to the goddess Murigen, who is believed to be a specific personification of said spirit. Morgans held many similarities with other legendary water spirits, such as Greek nymphs, German Ondine, and some legends of the Celtic Kelpie.
This is a masculine name? No guy at my school is named Morgan, despite there being five girls with this name. In my opinion, it sounds too feminine for guys.
I think Morgan is a pretty name for a girl, but here in Sweden, it's only used for boys. Too bad.
Morgan Lander is the (female) lead singer of the Canadian rock band Kittie.Morgan Elizabeth York is an American actress and writer.
A truly ugly name for any little girl.
This is my uncle's name, and two of my male cousins. It is also the name of my cousin's cousin and she's a girl. I don't really mind, but I think Morgan works better for a man.
I don't mind the name. Morgan is my middle name after all, but I perfer it for a guy. There aren't enough guy Morgans.
The only famous girl I know of with this name is Morgan LaFey, a horrible, evil witch. Great. The name is a surname, but it doesn't sound so bad to me, to the point where I'll mercilessly mock it. Still, you can do better.
Morgan rhymes with organ.
I love the name Morgan! It sounds more like a feminine name to me.
I have the name Morgan, and when I was younger thought it sounded too rough, and masculine for a girl. My friends all had names like 'Ally' or 'Anna' which I found very feminine. Now, I'm proud of my name. I'm the only Morgan in my school, so it's great that it's not over-used. Sometimes people will mention Morgan Le Fay or ask if my full name is Morganna. When I talk to people from different countries, who aren't familiar with the name, the first thing they mention is that it's a 'strong' name. Unisex? Too much 'org'? I don't think so. My name is strong. Of course, gym teachers will always call me by my last name. I'll just consider that endearment. And to think all those years I hated being the girl with the masculine name in class, I also hated being the tallest girl in class. Now I'm the perfect height for a runway model. And so what if some handsome guys are named Morgan? There's nothing wrong with being a handsome girl. By the way, everyone I know who reads 'Morgan' assume it's referring to a female. The origins of this name captivate me, so old and mysterious. If the name associated with the seaside, water nymphs and sorcery isn't strangely elegant, I don't know what is.Well, that's all I'll say. Keep commenting!
My name is Morgan and I enjoy it. It is so weird that I love horses and Morgan is a breed of horse.
In my school, there are about 5 or 6 kids with the name Morgan in the 7th grade alone. So I've grown to hate this name.
Morgans a sexy name. I like Morgan on guys better, all the guys I've met with the name "Morgan" have been very handsome.
This is my name and I love it! My middle name is Elaine and I think it is very pretty together: Morgan Elaine. I have so many friends named Morgan, though. My eighth grade had at least five or six Morgans, not including me. In my sixth grade, there were three Morgans in one classroom alone (including me).
I'm a girl with the name Morgan. I don't like it much. I love the meaning, but the sound just doesn't flow right. I get called by my last name a lot.
I've only met one girl and no boys with this name. Morgan sounds masculine to me though. I would never use any unisex name for my future children. Can you imagine your child having to say, "I'm Miss or Mr. Morgan?" Names should signify the gender, not leave people guessing.
I like this name okay. I can't imagine it on a boy. I've only known two Morgans and both were girls, so that has a hand in it.
I love this name, though I wish it weren't so popular. And while I'm usually adverse to using boys' names for girls, Morgan le Fay is certainly feminine, so it's been one for more than half a millenium.
I've never met a boy named Morgan, I have met several girls named this. Despite that it makes me think of a ruggedly handsome man. I would definitely consider this for a son of mine.
Morgan Hamm is a male gymnast. He is an Olympian. He has a twin brother Paul, also an Olympian gymnast.
The fact that it's currently used as a girl's name is absolutely disgusting. Morgan is a totally masculine name. I am so sick of the unisex trend because people use it as a cover-up to use guys' names on girls, but never girls' names on boys because it makes guys with girls' names "gay." Yes, if I have a son, I'll definitely name him Morgan. Just because one girl is named Morgan, it doesn't automatically mean Morgan is a girl's name.
I am torn with this name. Something draws me to it, but the only Morgan I've known wasn't very pleasant. She was very much like the Morgan Le Fay of legend. She was very much connected to our family, as well. I don't know if I, or my family, could get over that association.
A bit overused. In my grade there are 6 Morgans.
Medieval queen who slays dragons and rides horses across green hilly terrain. The name of my Cat, who slays lizards.
I really do love this name, not the least because lots of people hate it because of its connection with Morgan le Fay. It seems unfair to dislike a name because of someone who bears it. To me, Morgan calls up images of a strong, unique woman or girl. I do know a boy named Morgan, but I prefer the feminine use of this name.
The name Morgan sounds to me like a surname! I don't think it has any flair, and is better suited to a boy than a girl.
Aggh. This name makes me choke. It sounds too effeminate for a man, but too rough for a girl. The "org" sound makes me want to puke.
This is my middle name, I was named after my grandmother's maiden name which was Morgenstern (morning star in German! WHY DID SHE EVER CHANGE IT? I'm stuck with plain old boring Miller, sigh) but I love it, it's a great middle name.
Amazing, wonderful, spiffy, superb, splendifforous, important, lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, fantabulous, fantastic, well-rehearsed, edible, mystical, powerful, enchanting, genuine, piratical, purple, almighty, godly, elegant, frightening, imposing, awe-inspiring, sexy, supreme, terrific, black and white, cynical, creative, artistic, magical, prettiful, colorful, lilting, jubilant, musical, flowing, romantic, flowery, amusing, elfin, entertaining, glorious, fairy-like, victorious, violent, vivacious, zany, crazy, insane, huggable, eccentric, tear-jerking, moving, bohemian, cheerful, remarkable, delightful name that I love very much. Rant ended, as my supply of adjectives has run out.
Good for boy or girl.
Morgan is a more ancient name than the separation between the Brithonic (Celtic) cultures. Morgan is as well Welsh, Cornish and Breton (still popular in Breton).
Female bearer of this name: actress Morgan Fairchild.
I would use Morgan for either a boy or girl. My husband and I found out that back in his family tree there had been an adoption and if it weren't for that, his last name would have been Morgan. We are done having kids but would have considered this for one of our kids. It would have been used for a boy then since all 5 of our kids are boys. Probably a middle name we would have used it for.
Though it isn't related to it, Morgan is pronounced the same way as the German word for morning as in "Guten Morgen" (good morning).
My surname is Morgan and I have traced my ancestery to Wexford in Ireland where it originated firstly in Ireland. Before coming to Ireland the name Morgan originated in north Wales.
Personally,I don't think it's a pretty name. It reminds me of a guy of rugged features, nothing like a beautiful girl.
I have a friend named Morgan, and she's really smart and nice and quiet, but I don't think I could ever name a child this; it always makes me think of Morgan Le Fay.
The origin of the name Morgan is disputed, however speaking the ancient language of Welsh myself which dates to pre-roman times of approx 1000 BC it is said to come from Mor(sea) and Can (Welsh for song) derived of (Latin/Roman influence) cantor sing or possibly 'Gan' born. Therefore sea-song or sea-born hence the later English translation of the name. Lovely innit!
I love this name! Although it was originally for a boy, I prefer it for a girl and think it would be funny to call her Morgan Fay! (Especially if you have a relative with the name Fay) Because then you would have the "Morgan the Fairy" story behind it.
Actor Morgan Freeman is a famous bearer of this name.
I love this name for a girl. It's a mysterious name to me.
I really like the name Morgan but prefer it for a boy. It was originally a boy's name after all.
My daughter's name is Morgan and we always get compliments on her name. She even has the sea blue eyes to go along with the name.
My son is named Morgan, also his grandmother's maiden name. I chose it for that, because of its relationship to the sea, and because it was Welsh (my paternal grandfather was Welsh). After Morgan arrived, my mother-in-law discovered that her late husband had had an uncle named Morgan. I think it is a strong name, unusual enough but not strange.
Morgan happens to be my family's last name. I have always believed that Morgan was a Irish last name.
Morgan is a breed of horse that originated from Justin Morgan, a single stallion named after his owner (a school teacher). The little horse was brave, fast, and strong, not to mention versatile. I think Morgan is a great name for a child, someone who will really leave a mark on the world, just like Justin Morgan!
Morgan is also a breed of horse.
It think MORGAN is a wonderful name. My little girl's name is MORGAN and she is a little princess. She is as pretty as her name.
This name is truly facsinating, every aspect of this name from the culture which is Welsh to the uni-sex factor. This name is well-suited for a young lady because it is beautiful, or for a young man because it is strong. Morgan Freeman is a famous bearer and another princess is Morgan le Fay.

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