Supposedly, Walt Disney wanted to name the well-known Mickey Mouse “Mortimer Mouse” but his wife disagreed, luckily.
A more literal translation would be “dead water”, from French “morte mare”. Theorised to derive from either the Mortemer Abbey, built in a drained swamp - a “dead pond” - or from the Dead Sea. [noted -ed]
Mortimer Goth is from the Sims. For people who don't play the Sims, he is the infamous Bella Goth's husband.
Looks more like some sort of archaic English word rather than an actual name. The "timer" part stands out to me and the "mort" part makes me think of death.
Who would want to have the root word for death in their name? Besides, this name sounds comically old-fashioned and stuffy.
So old fashioned and surnamey. Please don’t name your kid Mortimer. It sounds ridiculous.
This was the name of my first town in Animal Crossing, so that's the main association for me, along with Mortimer Mouse. It's a cool and mature name for a boy that definitely fits an adult, though.
Beautiful and strong name for a boy. It's not that common which makes it much better.
Mortimer Snerd was a famous puppet of Edgar Bergan, in the 1950s. Edgar of course, was the father of Candace Bergan.
Very outdated and old fashioned. It also reminds me of the French word mort, which means dead.
This is the full first name of Morty Smith, one of the main protagonists from the cartoon Rick and Morty (2013).
This name to me sounds calm and masculine, I love the meaning and the fact that it is very uncommon, I love the name Mortimer :)
Roger Mortimer helped depose Edward II of England with the King's wife Isabella of France, his lover. He was executed when Edward III deposed him and his mother.
This name sounds creepy. It reminds me a funeral parlor. I would imagine this wouldn't work well on children born nowadays because it sounds so antiquated and musty.
Mortimer is the name of the protagonist in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel, Mort.
I really like this name for some reason. I tend to be a fan of most old-fashioned names. Granted, I wouldn't use it for my own child, but I sure admire it on others! Shame you rarely hear it anymore.
Mortimer Toynbee is the given name of the classic X-men villain, the Toad.
Growing up watching "Rocko's Modern Life", this name will always remind me of the evil Mortimer Kahn (Ghengis Khan's less successful brother).
Mortimer McMire, rival of Commander Keen in the Commander Keen video game series had this name.
Very old-fashioned. The name sounds like the name of a geeky, ugly guy from a hundred years ago, it's a very unpleasant-sounding name. The beginning part also makes me think of words like 'mortifying' and 'mortal'. Ugh.
In Cornelia Funke's Inkheart Trilogy, Meggie's father is called Mortimer. He is one of the main characters.
A rarely used name nowadays, maybe, but I don't find it cool at all. I'd never in a million years use that name for my child. Plus (in England, at least) it is more familiar as a surname.
Mortimer Lightwood is a character in "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens.
A famous bearer is Abbot Mortimer!
Disney's Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer.
This is the name of Cary Grant's character in the 1944 movie "Arsenic and Old Lace." I used to think Mortimer was a dweeby name, but it's quite charming on Cary Grant!
Making a guess, the part 'mort' might actually come from the fact that it means 'death' and other words of the like.
I believe that the element "mort" in the name means still, because it is translated as "still water" and ends with "mer", water. When water is still, it could be poetically described as looked dead. I could be wrong though.

I love this name. I think it's unique, but not in the silly way a lot of modern names try to be unique, such as surnames for girls and continuous respellings of Caitlin. Mortimer sounds like a guy I'd really like to get to know.
This is a very cool name. Mortimer Goth is a character on the computer game 'The Sims'.

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