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Hello all you wonderful humanoids :) I'll just list a few things about me...1.Im hopelessly obsessed with Hollywood Undead
2.Im a total film freak
3.scaring myself silly is one of my hobbies ...lolz
4.I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community
5.Elton John, Marilyn Manson, Richard Dawkins, and Stephen Hawking are All people I look up to very much, they are basically my idols
6.Felidae is my favorite movie
7.Dead In Ditches is my favorite song, Tiny Dancer, Hey Jude, and Dead Bite are all tied for second
8. I am an Atheist/Buddhist, but I like having mutually respectful conversations about different beliefs and such
9. I love hairless cats
10. If I hear you making jokes about mental illness or people who self harm, chances are I will bitch slap you into next year
11. I'm 12, going on 13, just a little whipper snapper ;)Okie dokie that all folks!

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