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Gender Masculine
Other Forms FormsNéit, Nét, Neith

Meaning & History

Neit likely came from the Proto-Celtic *nei-t-, meaning “impassioned” or “fighting.”

Neit was the Irish god of war. A pan-Celtic war deity known to the Romans, Neit was celebrated for his mastery of war and his ferocity.

Neit was the Celtic god of war and husband to both Nemain and Badb, members of the fearsome Morrígan.
He was the father of Fomorian Dot, grandfather of the fearsome Fomorian king, Balor of the Evil Eye, and the Dagda’s uncle. Although he fathered members of the Fomorian race that predated the Children of Danu, Neit joined the Tuatha dé Danann, including his wives and nephew, in their war for dominion of Ireland. At the Second Battle of Moytura in County Sligo, Neit fell, but the Tuatha dé Danann were ultimately victorious in their effort to take control of the Emerald Isle.
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