I like this name because of Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts!
The amphibian association makes this name WORSE? Seriously? Man, I'm starting to think I'm the only person on this website with any taste.
Quite ugly. Newton isn’t even a nice name anyway.
No thanks. I don't like the animal.
Newt Scamander is the main character in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Also, when I was scrolling through the Harry Potter Wiki, I found that Luna Lovegood marries a guy named Rolf Scamander, which, as I research more was Newt Scamander's grandson, which means Luna is related to Newt Scamander.
This name just sounds gross to me, and the association with Gingrich certainly doesn't help.
This name given to me at birth I hold in high regard, this name NEWT is not for the weak, trust me... my strength and character with an unpopular name, came from having this name itself. Yes I was picked on about my name in elementary school. BUT... JR High and High school! A handsome young man, with a funny name had it's benefits. So for me, this actually being my given name, life has been good with it so far.
So... in closing, if you have a PROBLEM with the Name NEWT...In the good spirit of Bernie Mac (rip) NAMEYOUROLEPUNKA$$KID SOMETHING ELSE
And for you slow people (name your old punk a$$ kid something else).
Newt (Newton) Scamander, a famous author in Harry Potter!
Newt from the Maze Runner series.
Newt is a character in James Dashner's "Maze Runner" trilogy.And as much as I love the character, I wouldn't name my child Newt.
British English pronunciation: NYOOT.
The name would be okay as a shortform of Newton, but I'm not sure about just being named Newt.
Newt? A newt is an amphibian. What kind of a name is Newt (unless of course your real name is Newton and people don't call you Newt too frequently)? Not one I'd use, obviously.
New Gingrich has completely ruined this name, but it sounds quite ugly anyway.
I think this would be a cute nickname for a little girl (like on the movie Aliens), but not for a real name.
It's a reptile, not a name.
In response to FairyGirl, a Newt is an amphibian. NOT a reptile!
Newt Gingrich is an American politician.

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