It's such a good name and wonderful to name your son after Saint Nicholas! Also very handsome!
Pretty good, but I like Nicolas or Nikolai better!
Nicholas is from the Greek name, Nikolaos and means "People's Champion".
I don't like it, but that may be because I have never met a Nicholas that wasn't horrible or downright peculiar.
Handsome and strong name.
Nicholas is a good name. Love it.
I think the name is a nice classic. It's a great name that's timeless, really. I still prefer the Eastern-European spelling, Nikolas or Nikolai, though.
Classic name.
Really common name, but I don't see much appeal about this. Feels a little bit dry and just, well simply to say, just boring. Doesn't seem very elegant. Boring name!
Way too overused here, whether as a first name or middle name, but I still love it.

My younger brother has it as his middle name. I've met 5 boys called Nicholas in my life too.
I'm from Greece and my name is Nicholas (the "official" version of the name in Greek is "Nikolaos", with the tone on the "ko" spell - that's how they baptize you - but afterwards and in 95% of the cases, they call you Nikos, with the tone on the "Ni" spell (this is the diminutive - the rest 5% is Nikolas, with the tone on the "ko" spell).
Note that, in Greek, when somebody refers to you, he/she says "Nikos is a teacher", but when they want to call you, then the final "s" falls, so they say "Hey, Niko, come here please").

Nicholas stems from two Greek words: "niki" (it would be pronounced nee-kee in English, with the tone on "Nee"), which means "victory", and "Laos" (with the tone on "-os", which means "people" (with the meaning of "the Greek people", "the American people" etc. so Nikolaos, or Nicholas in the other languages, means "victory of the people".
Tired and outdated.
Name of the day, December 25th, 2020.
I just realized I hadn't yet commented on my favorite masculine name.

I don't care that it's becoming a bit "dated" for my generation; to me, Nicholas has perfect flow and balance between soft and strong sounds (it's neither weak nor "macho"). And you absolutely cannot go wrong with the "nickname" Nick. It's just... *chef's kiss*.
I have two friends named Nicholas. One is spelt as Nicholas and the other is spelt as Nickolas. I like the name Nicholas. Very nice name.
My brother's name, he goes by Nick. Call me immature, but when I get mad at him I call him Nicholas because he hates it so much.
I think Nicholas is an okay name. I love my brother though. :)
This is my name. I've always been called my full name within my family and prefer it, so it was kind of weird when I started going to school and my classmates/teachers would automatically call me Nick without even asking if that was what I preferred. Nowadays, people will still call me Nick and I don't bat an eye. My close friends and family know what I prefer.
In grade school, there were always six guys named Nick in my grade (five Nicholas and one Nikolas) Some were nicer and smarter than others though.
Very handsome :)
An amazing name for a boy or a man. Even though it is so common, I still love it. This form is very nice without being shortened to Nick, and it has forms in many languages and is used in so many countries.
Well, I happen to be a Nicholas and as a child I didn't appreciate it at all. The the kids would call me "Nickelodeon" thanks to being born 3 years before the children's network debuted, so they had a field day and would send me into instant tears. Not to mention as a man of color I was often asked why did I have a "white" name. I know, ignorant right? As I matured and grew into my name I'm now very proud of it and I feel a sense of regality when I utter it from from my lips. I couldn't imagine being named anything else, especially after my parents told me what they were going to name me thank God they went in that direction -Nicholas Scott.
I think Nicholas as a name is a good name.
This has no topic but if you don’t like the name then you don’t like me or even 50% of the world's population and I know my name is probably dumb but it’s still okay, anyway don’t judge a person by their name- what if they like their name anyways? Think before you say and comment please... please.
This name is HORRIBLY common where I live. It has lost its spark.
I would rather name my son Nicholas, than my daughter Nicole or Nikita.
People named Nicholas are always wise/intelligent, humble and polite.
This is too common a name, Cole is much better than Nick.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Nicholas who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 46th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is the best name ever.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this name, but I definitely wouldn't go by the nickname "Nick". "Cole" sounds a lot better.
Nicholas is a handsome name for a boy.
My name is Nicholas as you can see below as my username, but I’m not just saying this because this is my name but I think it is a great name. My parents told me they were going to name me something else when I was born but I’m glad they didn’t. Anyone who hates this name I don’t care, just search up another name please.
This name is trash.
That's my name and I think it's kinda common where I live.
Nicholas is a cool name with a cool meaning. I like the short form Nick.
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (18 May 1868 - 17 July 1918), the final Emperor of all Russias. He was murdered in an execution-style murder by executioner Yakov Yurovsky, followed by his family seconds later.
Love Nicholas! I plan to name my son Nicholas. Not after St. Nick (Christmas) but St. Nicholas of Tolentino (patron saint of animals).
Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt is the main character of the 2011 NBC supernatural drama series 'Grimm'. He is played by American actor David Giuntoli.
My name is Nicholas, everyone calls me Nick. I used to hate my name, but now that I'm actually thinking about my name I'm starting to like it a lot! I think it's a great name!
I'm 15, and this is is probably one of the most common names I've heard. In every class I've been in there's at least been one Nick. It's so common I have a joke that instead of the phrase "every Tom, Dick, and Harry" it should be "every Matt, Josh, Nick, and Jake" since Nicholas/Nick (along with Matthew/Matt, Joshua/Josh, and Jacob/Jake) are ubiquitous with people my age.
People with this beautiful name are reliable to suffer but will triumph at last and will surely be a victor and not a victim.
It's a nice sounding name, and when I was little I named a stuffed giraffe toy I had Nicholas, ha ha. But over the years I lost a lot of my liking for it, as it sounds boring to me now, and I don't love the nickname Nick.
I've always loved my name, I can't think of any other name I'd rather have. It suits me perfectly. I go by Nick more often than Nicholas, but I like both forms just as much. I think they kind of balance each other out; the short form is more informal, but it has a nice ring to it and is really masculine, while Nicholas is more formal and refined.
My boyfriend's name is Nicholas and my name is Nikel. We both call each other Nick/Nik usually and it really bothers him when people spell his nickname as "Nich." Yes, that may be how his name is correctly spelled fully, but he prefers it as Nick. I also have a friend named Niklaus (Neek-lows). He prefers to go by Nik and is often infuriated when people call him Neek. Nicholas is a very nice sounding name to me. And all of the confusion between Nick, Nik, Nich, and Neek can be solved quite easily if we just ask people how they prefer their name to be spelled and/or said.
A very strong name for strong people. Fits anyone on special assignment, to save the people; liberate the people; bring hope, freedom and emancipation to the people. NICOLE is the name I am inspired to take for my beloved daughter.
Way too overused.
In fiction the character Nick Charles, aka The Thin Man played by William Powell in the Thin Man movies of the 1930s-40s.
Steven Segal played a part in the movie *** "Above the law" *** in the movie he was named Nico or Nicola... He was the man that stood up for what was right and what was just and was willing to battle anybody that believed anything other than in the good of people.
Alone he was a physical human superhero with no more than the skills of his martial arts to defend what he believed in.
Australian musician Nicholas Edward "Nick" Cave, b.1957, is a famous bearer. He's best known for being the lead singer of Nick Cave and the Black Seeds.
Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) was an astrologer, botanist, and physician, and championed medicinal access for the poor.
Nicholas is good strong name in my opinion. I love the fact it can be shortened to Nick as well.
Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury of Marvel Comics and adaptions: soldier, spy, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.
This is the best name ever imnsho. Like other people said, it is a good strong name and I love the meaning. I love this name.
Nicholas is a handsome and very classy name. I can't find any faults with this name so I rate this name 10/10. I know a Nicholas who's totally nice and polite. :)
A handsome and classy name that will a suit a male at any age. I definitely want to name my son this (if I ever have one!).
Pretty much the most classy and handsome sounding boys name I've ever heard.
Nicholas Courtney played Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewert in Doctor Who. Between this character in audios and serials, and his character in "The Daleks' Master Plan" (Brett Vyon), he acted with almost every actor to play the Doctor in Doctor Who.
Nicholas is okay, it's not the best, but not the worst. My older brother's name is Nicholas, but few people call him Nick. He doesn't really like Nick, so my family doesn't call him that. The name Nicholas is a very strong-like name, too!
In france, it's always spelled Nicolas. As in Nicolas Flamel (the real spelling ;-) ) Otherwise the pronunciation would be different.
I am mixed on this name. In high school, there was a jocky kid I loathed named Nicholas, but also, my father's friend name was Nicolas (no H) and he was unbelievably nice, but the high school Nicholas still kind of ruins it for me. I also hate the nickname "Nick".
This is one of those names that sound lovely in the full version (Nicholas), but have been kind of ruined by the nicknames (Nick). To me, Nick sounds like a guy from a 90s boy band! Nicholas, on the other hand, sounds strong and handsome.
I love Nicholas. I wish more people would go by Nicholas rather than Nick. Nick is nice too, but nowhere near as handsome as Nicholas, in my opinion :)
Nicholas is not used in French, only Nicolas.
I love this name, along with the nickname Nick, although unfortunately there aren't very many people who just go by Nicholas. It's a classic name that to my surprise was extremely popular in the 90's. I mean, I knew it was popular, but I didn't know it had been in the top 10. Despite it's popularity, I've only known one person named Nicholas, (nick) and one boy named Nicolas, who went by his full name. I prefer Nicholas personally.
Name of the Day: December 25, 2012.
Nicholas is a great name. It's classic, yet not boring. The nickname Nick has always reminded me of a strong, good-looking guy, and Nicky is adorable for a little boy.
Nicholas was the son of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna.
Nicholas Breakspear was the birthname of Pope Adrian IV (Pontificate between 1154-1159). He was the first and only English pope ever.
Nicholas was the oldest son of Alexander II of Russia and his wife Maria. She was engaged to Dagmar of Denmark, but he died suddenly age 21. His younger brother became Emperor and married Dagmar.
Nicholas D. Wolfwood, the wondering preacher from Trigun.
Yeah, this is a nice name. But the other day, my friend was trying to tell me a story about something that happened to her, and there was not one, not two, but THREE Nicks involved which made it very hard to understand! It took forever to finish the story because I was confused about what Nick she was talking about every time she said "Nick"! Anyway, it was pretty comical, and lead me to believe thoroughly that this name has been used waaaaay too much!
I love the name Nicholas. It's handsome, masculine, adorable, and a timeless classic with plenty of nickname options. Plus it's just really fun to say. Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas... yep, got a ring to it. I like it.
Nicholas is my all-time favorite male name. It seems perfect. For me it brings thoughts of a tall, attractive, strong man who is smart and comical, but can be serious if need be. I usually hate nicknames (funny that I hate 'nick'names) but love "Nick" for a nickname. Go figure.
Nick Nolte: born Nicholas King Nolte. He is an American actor, comedian, and film producer.
My sons name is Nicholas and he is 7 years old. When I hear the name Nicholas I think of a handsome boy or man with a cheeky/charming personality. This description matches my son Nicholas perfectly. I think it's a great name. Nicknames my son gets are Nick, Spud-Nick, Nicky etc.
I never liked this name and I remember when I was little me and my friend used to joke and laugh and my friend would see Nicholas and call him "hi Nichol-A**"
This is a gorgeous name with a great meaning, but it's soooo popular.
Both Nicholas White (keyboard) and Nicholas Murray (drums) are in the California based indie band The Young Veins. Both boys, however, go by Nick.
Santa Claus or St Nicholas is buried in the cathedral of the Italian city of Bari. Sailors from there stole the body from what is now Turkey in order to save it from Muslim invaders.
Actor Matt Craven and make-up artist Sally Sutton have a son Nicholas Crnkovich, born 1992.
Nicholas Brendon, an actor most famous for playing Xander Harris on the show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', is a famous bearer.
I like this name a lot. I'd nickname them Nick or when they're little Nicky. This name sounds strong and wholesome.
Nick Collins, a free safety for the Green Bay Packers, is one of the up-and-coming stars of pro-football. He went to my high school (several years before me) and is a real hometown hero, so the name Nicholas fits him pretty well! I've always liked the name, but Nick has made me like it even more!
Football player Joe Montana and Jennifer Wallace have a son Nicholas Montana (born 28 April 1992).
Number 15 for boys in 2005.
It's a good classic name but to me it always sounded a bit Eastern European.
Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and Darcy La Pier have a son Nicholas Van Varenberg, born 1995.
The name of Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.
Honestly I know it's a popular name, but I don't think I know enough Nicholas's.
Sir Nicholas Winton - British stockbroker who organised the kindertransport which saved mainly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia and Austria after Kristallnacht.
Along with Nicholas Flammel, another Nicholas in Harry Potter is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, or "Nearly Headless Nick" as he is more commonly called.
I used to love this name and its nickname counterpart "Nick", but now the name is so overused. I know at least 25 Nicks!
I had strongly considered this name for my baby, but a family name won over. I still love this name, it's a strong name, pretty, and sexy. Sounds like a clever person, too.
I don't really like it. It sounds very English and upperclass like Richard, Michael and Jonathon.
Nick Carter, former member of the boy band "The Backstreet Boys," bears this name.
My name is Nicholas and I fit the name's desceription well, but people think of me as the description of Nick and that's what they call me.
When I think of this name it says sexy, joyful and pure in heart and intelligent.
I like this name. It is my cousin's name. It is very common where I live, but I still like it. I also like the meaning of it "victory of the people".
I'm English and looking at this website I spell my name Nicholas with an H and it really winds me up when people spell it NICOLAS because that isn't even English so get it right!
I like this name but I hate Nicky as I always thought it was a short form of Nicola not Nicholas.
I love the nickname Cole for Nicholas. =)
Nicholas Hodgson of Kaiser Chiefs is a famous bearer.
There is an author named Nicholas Sparks.
King Nicholas is a character in Robert Newcomb's "Chronicles of Blood and Stone." At the end of the first book, a new character, Nicholas II, is introduced as the son of Prince Tristan.
The Devil is known as Old Nick.
Nicholas Colasanto (January 19, 1924 - February 12, 1985) was an American actor, best known for his role as Coach Ernie Pantusso on the popular sitcom "Cheers". He also directed various TV series, among them "Starsky and Hutch" and "CHiPs".
Lots of people use the nickname Nick for Nicholas, but Cole is a nice, more uncommon nickname.
I love the name Nicholas. It is so great. My name is Nicholas! The best thing is your nickname is Nick.
In my opinion, this is a terrific name. If I ever have a son I plan on naming him Nicholas Brendan. *GORGEOUS*
My dad's name is Nicholas which he shortens it to Nick. What I hate is that a lot of people think he spells Nick Nich, but I have never met anyone named Nick spelled like that! I think it fits him.
Nicholas , "ÍÉÊÏËÁÏÓ" (NIKOLAOS) in Greek, is derived from the characterisation "O ËÁÏÓ ÔÇÓ ÍÉÊÇÓ" : O LAOS TIS NIKIS, which in Greek means "the people of victory", actually meaning "the victorious people".
Sorry guys, I did not know that Greek spelling does not appear. So, Nicholas comes from the ancient Greek name "Nikolaos", which has its synthetical origin from the characterisation "O LAOS TIS NIKIS", meaning "the people of victory" or rather "the victorious people". This is the exact meaning.
Makes me think of old fat guys in furry red suits. ho ho ho!
Nicholas is a great name, strong, rugged, handsome is what comes to mind.
The name of my great grandfather, Nicholas is one of the few males names in my family tree that I would pass on to a son if I had one. It is a strong name in my opinion.
Santa Claus is referred to as Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.
Nick Wheeler is a member of the All American Rejects.
My brother's name is Nick and I think the name is quite classy and cute.
Nicholas was the main character in Charles Dickens' novel: NICHOLAS NICKLEBY.
I think if I ever have twins I would name them Nicholas and Nicole.
A famous person with this name is Nicholas Flammel, who is mentioned in both Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone/Philosopher's Stone and The Da Vinci Code.
Nicholas Flamel, as mentioned in Harry Potter, was a real French alchemist who was belived to have created a philosophers stone, know as the sorcerers stone in the English Harry Potter.
Saint Nicholas was never canonized as a saint but rather it was a title given to him by the people when he was still alive.
Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus in USA) (270 - December 6, 346) is the common name for Nicholas of Myra, a saint and Bishop of Myra (in Lycia, part of modern-day Turkey). Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker.
Actually, Saint Nicolas was originaly not the bringer of Christmas gifts. He used to (and still does in many countries) have his own holiday. When Dutch and British settles came to America, Sinterklaas (another name for the Dutch name Sint Nicolaas) and the British Father Christmas combined/were messed up and became Santa Claus.

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