I think of Russian singer, Nike Borzov.
Pronounced Neekee in Greek. Spelt Niki as a given name. Sounds good.
I don't mind the shoe company. They make awesome shoes! Anyways, I love this! It sounds strong, mighty and powerful! This is so cute, I just love this, while not sounding like a harsh name.
It's okay. Kinda cool actually.
I actually kind of like this name, but I think that anyone named Nike would get teased pretty badly at school, so I would consider that before you name your child that. (not that I would do that, of course, but other people might.) The shoe company kind of ruined the name.
Shoe brand.
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
Just Do It.
This is an awesome name. The fact that it's a brand name doesn't ruin it. It could easily be thought of as a name if it became more popular.
All I can think of are the shoes.
I’ve been pronouncing it ni-k (to rhyme with Mike) for years and no one has ever corrected me! I feel so lied to!
It has a cool meaning, but I can only think of Nike shoes.
One of my best friends from elementary school was called Niké, which is the Hungarian form of Nike. I think it's a beautiful name and I would totally name my daughter Niké. And it's not pronounced like the brand name, it's pronounced "Neekay". Kinda. :D.
English pronunciation: NIEK or NIE-kee, Modern Greek pronunciation: NEE-kee.
Niki is the modern variant transcription of this name. [noted -ed]
Pronounced: Nee-Keh
Origin: Yoruba
Meaning: Well nursed child or Cosset/Pampered child.
For our daughter (that we lost), we were going to pronounce it |nih-KAY|.

Besides meaning "(winged) Victory," the Greek goddess found on some trophies, it can also be taken as "victory," the word non-deified. Even its Latin-based analog, VICTORY < VICTORIA, can be used either way.

Many of the names of Greco-Roman gods can be used either way.
Nike Adrilla (1975-1995), Indonesian singer
Nike Bent, Sweddish Olympic alpine skier
Nike Borzov, Russian singer
Nike Davies-Okundaye, Nigerian desinger
Nike Doggart, conservationist
Nike Kornecki (born 1982), Israel Olympic salior
Nike Wagner (born 1945), German arts festival director.

Here are most of famos beariers of the name Nike. My name is Nika and I always wanted to know more about it. So I didn't want to believe that no famous woman would be named Nike. So I went on wikipedia and found some. By the way, I would gladly name my daughter Nike.
Sounds nice though the brand sort of, you know, kinda makes it unusable.
This is also, and unfortunately because it's a beautiful name, the name of a major athletic apparel company.

If Nike wasn't a shoe and clothing brand, and never was, this would be a beautiful name.
Her Roman counterpart is Victoria.
This name sounds really cool. Too bad that it'll inevitably be associated with the brand.
I don't really care for this name. It's kind of bland, and it's too heavily associated with a running shoe to be used in most places.
I like it. It makes me think of a tomboy (which is certainly not a bad thing).
The Roman equivalent of the name Nike is Victoria.
Pronounced "NI-keh" (long E)
In the ancient Greek world, I think the brand company would have been in deep trouble and maybe even sentenced to death. They took their gods - and their names - very seriously.
Niké was the Greek Goddess of victory.
Niké´s pet forms are Nikita, Nikin(k)a, Nika.
It's a really nice name. Too bad it's a brand name. That kind of ruins the nice name and meaning.
In English, it's pronounced NIE-kee.
Pretty name, but it's too bad about those connotations with expensive shoes and slave labour. Thanks to the corporation, hardly anyone (at least in the US) knows that Nike is anything BUT a brand name.
Nike shoes--"Just Do It."
Nike is actually pronounced "Nee-keh". It´s used as a name in Germany. Nike was the Greek goddess of victory.

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