Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. OO-la

Meaning & History

Norwegian and Swedish short form of Olaf.

Related Names

VariantsOle(Norwegian) Olle(Swedish)
Other Languages & CulturesOlaf, Olav, Oluf, Ole(Danish) Olaf(Dutch) Olavi, Olev(Estonian) Ólavur(Faroese) Olavi, Uolevi, Olli(Finnish) Olaf(German) Ólafur(Icelandic) Amhlaoibh(Irish) Amlaíb(Old Irish) Áleifr(Old Norse) Olaf(Polish) Olavo(Portuguese) Aulay(Scottish) Amhlaidh(Scottish Gaelic)
Same SpellingOla 2, Ola 3
User SubmissionsÓla, Ola, Olá


People think this name is

classic   informal   common   wholesome   delicate   strange   simple   nerdy  

Name Days

Norway: July 29
Sweden: April 19


Entry updated December 14, 2019