Honestly, my friend's name is Olivia and we always call her Olive. She always complains to her mom about how she wishes her name was Olive instead of Olivia LMFAOOO.
Let’s be honest. Would you really want to go through life being called Olive? It’s an ok nickname, but come on...
Multiple sources define the given name Olive as gender-neutral. A known male bearer of this name is Olive Kilifi (an American rugby union player), listed in the "Namesakes" section of this name.

Simply strange as a name. It's just food!
Cute, cheeky nickname for Oliver! :)
It's cute as a nickname, but it makes me think of people with Olive heads.
Odd as a name. Okay as a nickname.
Olive Penderghast was the main character in Easy A, the 2010 movie.
It’s trendy, but I couldn’t imagine introducing myself as “Olive”. That’s just weird to me.
I like this name but my brother spoilt it for me by being named Oliver.
I like Olive oil :)
It's so cuteee.
Really cute. Love it. Maybe because olives are my favourite food! No but seriously its cute.
I like Olive for a name. It'd be especially cute as a middle name, like Birdie Olive, Lily Olive, Julie Olive, etc. Or, as a first name, Olive Hope, Olive Grace or Olive Alexandra.
I don’t know which would be worse: if someone named Olive loved olives or if someone named Olive hated olives. Hm. Regardless, I do like this name! Great alternative to Olivia, especially as a middle name!
I have a cousin named Olivia now, so Olive would be too close to Olivia. But it's cute.
I have a friend named Olive and a friend named Olivia. I personally like the name Olive better than the name Olivia because it is less popular. I really like Olivia too though.
Olive is a very cute name for a girl! It's a nice alternative to the popular Olivia.
This name is charming. I find myself liking it more and more.
I find it really ironic that the banner for this name is Olive green XD.
My name is Olive and I absolute love it. When I was younger I never got made fun of. Only one time and that was in second grade. People say you shouldn’t name your kids after a food, but you are not. My parents and friends say they can’t see me with any other name. My parents named me after Olive in “Little Miss Sunshine”. Sure it may sound old fashioned, but that just adds uniqueness to the name. I know a little girl who is also named Olive and it suits her amazingly.
In middle school my friends always called me Ollie or O. I love this name and I think that people are criticizing it too harshly for a name. So what if it makes you think of Olive Oyl. Let the parents do what they want to do and let them name their child whatever they want to name them.
Olive is a strong contender for a middle name if my husband and I ever have a daughter. Right now we really like Matilda Olive.
I absolutely adore the name Olive! Not as common as Olivia, but I like it. My sister, Beatrice, has two friends who are identical twin sisters. Their names are Olive and Josie, which I think go so cute together.
Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful.
So sweet! I love the name Olive! It is modern and is becoming more common now! It is so cute and will age well.
I like Olive! It is 100% unisex in my opinion. That's because it means both the fruit and the tree that in Italian are feminine and masculine respectively.
This name is not bad, but I hate olives, and the color too.
This is just awful. You could have Olive for one child and Pickled Onion for the other and they could be your martini children. It doesn’t even sound nice, and is reminiscent of old-fashioned names that should have stayed in the past for a reason.
I have a daughter on the way and her name will Be Olive Sparkle I love it! She will be super pretty.
Don't like it much, reminds me of olives, which I hate eating. I prefer Olivia.
Olive, Cherry and Clementine would make a whole salad of names, also with Melanie, like melon.
A good name for a dog or cat. Maybe even a guinea pig. Too dowdy for humans though.
In 2018, 89 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Olive who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 762nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Olive is a pretty name and perfectly suitable for a human being! It’s very cute for a middle name also, and a lot nicer than Olivia.
My name is Olive. I was named after my grandmother and love the name. When I was young, I was called Olive Oyl and hated it. My family calls me Ollie. I love my name so much - my license plate is MS OYL. I do get a lot of compliments.
My name is Olive and at first I hated it but I've grown into it now and I love my name.
Singer Marie Osmond's full name is Olive Marie Osmond. Also, her mother's name was Olive May (Davis) Osmond.
My name is Olive, and I love my name. Some people may say it’s not fit for a human name, but which name is? Some people call me Olive oil, olives, or Olivia or other names close to it, but that’s okay. I don’t see why people go around saying the name is horrible. The people I have met in my life have loved my name, and one person actually told me that she selected the name for her granddaughter after she met me. So I don’t really care what others think, but if there is any other Olives out there, be proud of your name. As for me, I love my name.
Olive is an agent in the 2014 PBS Kids TV series Odd Squad.
Olive is also used in France. [noted -ed]
Olive is such a sweet little name. My children are both in elementary school and neither has ever been in class with a child named Olive. Plenty of Olivias. Olivia is a pretty name too, but sometimes it's nice to have a name all to yourself.
As I was sorting through names I came across Olive and I loved it more than any other name so I named my baby, and she's 8 months but the name suits her perfectly and I can't imagine her being named Olivia which wouldn't fit her tiny cute grumpy personality AT ALL. Olivia is pretty but so overused and not as classic. The only problem is, doctors and nurses are lazy readers and assume it's Oliver, and because she wears neutral tones, they don't see she's a girl. My family calls her Ollie, she's a very round baby and it fits her fine, too. It's short and sweet and to the point, and happens to be one of my favorite colors. It is biblical and means peace, which is a bit ironic because she's a moody pants sometimes, but overall I don't regret my choice.
I actually like Olivia more, but since it's so common I prefer Olive. I also like Livie as a nickname, if she doesn't like Olive. Olives are pretty cool, the symbolism and association with Athena.
I like this name! Odd, because I detest olives (food) and I somewhat dislike green. But all the same, a lovely name that's recognizable yet rarer and prettier than Olivia!
My name's Olivia. The only people that call me Olive are my aunt and a boy that I know. I don't mind it. A nickname could be Liv. (I go by Liv.)
Olive is one of my favourite names, it isn't as much of a mouthful as Olivia and sounds more classy to me. I tend to prefer two syllable names apart from Gillian. I haven't known any Olives, wouldn't matter what food was like, just like sound of it, isn't boring or overused or frilly or too long, just sweet. Lana is my other favourite name, I wouldn't let any Olive Oyl taunting put me off either.
This is my cat’s name. I think it’s beautiful, cute, and can work for a human as well, though it will probably be confused with Olivia.
An anagram of 'I love'.
Hello, my name is Olive. I am a brunette, short, brown eyes, and Greek/American. I love the name Olive. I think it is original and unique. I don't particularly like the phrases and comments people use that they thing are funny, but it's just like any other name that has silly things attached to it, like Mary for instance.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the name Olive, I think that's just so sweet and I do take it as a compliment. No I don't think that it's a name that would be suited for an animal, yes I think it's okay to name your child like a food. No I don't find it offensive. And I hope you all have a lovely day.
I love this name. It's much more unique than the upcoming name Olivia, and just sounds so cute. The name seems to fit nicely for a little girl and as she grows, it will mature.
Don't name your kid after food.
My name is Olive... and I love it that way... it's such a sweet name and my friends love it too... it makes me feel proud of myself.
Such a pretty name. I don't know why people keep saying Olivia is nicer because in my opinion Olivia is overused and sorry, but it reminds me of a really bratty girl. But it's still okay. Olive is so much more though.
I'm really loving this name at the moment. It's so pretty and simple. My late grandmother's name was Olave so it could be a nice tribute to her. I don't think my partner likes it but maybe I could get away with using Olivia :/ and then just call her Olive all the time :D.
Attested to 1296 in England.
This is such a pretty name, I love it! And much better than Olivia.
I named my daughter Olive. My husband and I have older, less used names and wanted our kids to also have nontrendy names. Not sure what people think an "Olive" should act like or look like, but I think the name fits her perfectly. Her nicknames are Liv, Livi, OJ and her brothers call her Olla.
Not liking Olive because of Olive Oyl is like not liking Lucy because of I Love Lucy or not liking Winifred because of Winnie the Pooh.
I think Olive is a sweet name for a sweet little girl.
Olives are a type of food... good for pizza toppings but as someone's name?! Incredibly silly.

Also, Olive Oil.
Also less common, Olivia is becoming insufferably trendy.
An olive is a vegetable and someone could get picked on for being called Olive! Go for Olivia instead because it sounds much girlier and prettier than Olive.
Pronounced "oll-iv".
My last name is Olive, and love it! Don't care what haters opinion on it, and my kid; my nephews and niece's love their last name too.
Nice alternative for Olivia, which is way too common.
A nice, natural skin tone comes with this name, I think.
My name is Olive and I'm blonde, blue eyed, shy, love one direction and creative. It's an awesome name. My friends call me ol. I have always been popular, I never get bullied.
I love this name. It's beautiful and quirky and a nice take on the pretty, but extremely popuar, Olivia.
Scottish actor David Tennant (born David John McDonald) and his wife Georgia Moffett have a daughter named Olive, who was born 29 March 2011.
My name is Olivia and my best friend calls me Olive, which I love. Although in my opinion the two names are very different and bring up two different pictures in my head. The "-via" in Olivia tend to give it more of a lighter feeling.
Olive Ostrovsky is a lovely character from the musical 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I think it's an adorable and unique name!
I named my second daughter Olive. She was born before Drew Barrymore's baby which I assume will only make this name more popular.
I chose this name because I wanted to somehow tie it in with her older sisters name which is Genesis (meaning is Origin; Beginning; it is the first book of the bible). We chose Olive because it has a lot of significance in the bible; the Olive branch signifies peace, Mount of Olives where Jesus met with his disciples.
I later found out that my grandmother had an aunt Olive. I am happy with her name, I will always teach her and her sister to be proud of their names.
Honestly I think this name is nice. I picture someone with dark hair and green eyes having this name.
There is honestly nothing attractive about the food, so why on earth would you give your daughter that same word as a name? You might as well name your son Asparagus.
Olivia came after Olive (it's only been in common use since the 1600s), and it has a "v", so that's not quite the same. Not sure what point you were trying to make.
Actually, this word is ultimately derived from Greek "elaia," from which Latin "oliva" is derived.
I guarantee NO girl named Olive will spend her childhood being called "Olive Oyl." The people saying that must be about 83 years old; most of my entire generation has never even heard of "Popeye," much less do they know who Olive Oyl is specifically. Kids in this generation will think of Olive Doyle from the TV Series "Ant Farm" on Disney Channel. Another little yet very famous bearer is actress Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman's daughter Olive, born back in September, 2012.
Nah. My middle name is Olivia, and I think it sounds more like a name than Olive. Olive just looks like a word. Plus... it doesn't have the same "ring" the "via" adds.
I love the name, I think it is cute for a little girl and as she gets older it is also original and sounds creative.
I'm a little scared of the bullying that might occur with that name though.
But I adore it ever since I heard it in Pushing Daisies and Little Miss Sunshine, it is always associated with cute lovable characters.
My cousins named their new daughter Olive. A very adorable name and a lot more unique than Olivia, I think.
American country music singer Jake Owen and his wife Lacey Buchanan have a daughter named Olive Pearl (born November 22, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee).
About olives:
I like pitless black olives and pimento-stuffed green olives; I do not like the simply marinated kind that may or may not have the pits still in them. Sliced black olives are great on (American style, cheese) pizza. They are so small and cute I just want to literally eat them up!

About the name Olive:
Olives are small and cute, and this transfers to Olive as a name. It's far less popular than Olivia and it's shorter, which emphasizes its cute tininess. The small-and-cute impression, though, does not make it too dainty or weak. It sounds like someone saying "I'll live" in my accent (not always, though, as my local dialect is a fickle thing). So it sounds very strong to me, like someone who was in an accident or otherwise had something bad happen to them but still managed to get up, brush themselves off, and say "I'll live," which is a philosophy/mantra that comes in handy very much in this world. Its strength does not make it unfeminine, though.

In conclusion, olives are delectable, sophisticated snacks, and Olive is a tasteful, somehow both old and modern name. It sounds charmingly old fashioned because it was very popular before the beginning of the 20th century, and it sounds modern because it is nature related.
Oh yeah, the Popeye thing doesn't bother me at all, nor would it bother anyone of my (teenaged) generation. If anything, the Olive Hornby association would be an issue. Go Potterheads! :)
Olive was the name of the levitating girl in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.
I love olives; I love this name. I first heard it in Easy A. Olive is way better than the overused Olivia, and because olives are so tiny it makes Olive that much cuter. Also, I find Olive to sound very artistic and modern. For some reason I imagine paint splatter when I see this name. Nonetheless, I prefer this as a middle name. I like the combo Celia Olive. Celia sounds elegant and sophisticated, while Olive sounds artistic and unusual, which is a nice contrast. Also, there's the Mount of Olives, which is biblical. That Olive Hornsby thing is unfortunate.
In addition, that Olive Oyl thing is old. Like, only old people would know that. I doubt that many kids (depending on what you call "kids") nowadays will have watched Popeye.
I do not see the charm in this name. It sounds horribly modern and kind of tacky, and I'm not very fond of olives, either.
My name is Olivia but my nickname is Olive :P
I think it sounds cute.
Cute alternative to Olivia. (: It might make a nice middle name.
Olive Penderghast is the main character in the film Easy A, who becomes the most hated girl in school since she lied about her promiscuity.
St. Olive (also called Oliva) was a beautiful girl of thirteen, of a noble Palermo, Italy family who was carried off to Tunis by raiding Muslims, in the ninth century.

She was allowed to live in a nearby cave, but when they found that her miracles and cures had converted people to Christianity, she was imprisoned, tortured, and after converting her executioners trying to burn her to death, was beheaded.
The olive, or olive tree, is a symbol for peace.
A famous bearer was silent film actress Olive Thomas, who practically coined the concept of living fast and dying young. Whenever I hear this name it reminds me of her. It's also vintage and underused, and has a classic, pretty quality.
Quirky and a little vintage-sounding. I think a girl would have to be quite individual for this name to suit her, which makes me like it all the better. Olivia is all right, but it's a bit more flowery than Olive, and it's very overused.
I wouldn't worry about her being called "Olive Oyl." Most kids born in the last ten years have never even heard of Popeye.
I think this is quite an alright name. I much prefer it to Olivia anyway, and whilst I think it would be uncommon in a classroom of children, I think it would be quite refreshing to hear this name in a sea of mundane, overused names - and I like it because of this - names such as Olivia, Lauren, Danielle are just too common. :)
The olive has long been a symbol of peace. For example, the olive was sacred to Athena, the Greek goddess of peace; in the Bible, a dove brought Noah an olive branch to demonstrate that the flood was over, and the olive tree, olive oil and the olive itself play many other important roles in the Bible; the olive signified "peace" in the Victorian language of flowers; etc.
Well, it's better than Olivia.
The French pronunciation is nicer, though it still doesn't really seem like a name.
I am really starting to like the name Olive especially after meeting a little girl who is so sweet with this name. I like it a lot more than Olivia which is so common these days.
"OH POPEYE! POPEYE!" give me a break!
Olive the Other Reindeer is a cute little dog who saved Christmas from the evil mailman.
I don't like this name. It makes me think of the fruit and Olive Oyl.
Cute. I don't understand all the Olive hatred. Olivia I don't like and I find it strange people play up how 'classic' it is when it's only had a huge burst of popularity in the US this century like with Ava. They don't fit the definition of classic. Olive feels more vintage and classic than modern Olivia and always will.
Olive makes for a bright and easy middle name.
I can't stand olives. Even their smell makes me nauseous. That's a pretty good reason for me not to use this name if I ever have a daughter. Besides, it just sounds so incomplete, like it must be a nickname for Olivia. As a name, it's pretty much just as weird as Cherry.
I went to school with a girl named Olive. But she went by the nickname Liv. Another nickname one could by if they were named Olive is "Ollie." But I think I prefer the nickname "Liv."
Sweeter and less pretentious than trendy Olivia.
I think that the name Olive is simple, classic and has a lovely, dark green atmosphere. Also, it does not try too hard to be avant-garde.
Olive is the name of the daughter of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Olive Snook is a character on the TV series "Pushing Daises". She has a crush on Ned.
Olive Thomas (1894-1920) was an American silent film actress remembered mostly for her marriage to Mary Pickford's brother, Jack, and the strange circumstances surrounding her untimely death.
I like it but think Olivia is slightly prettier.
I've never liked the way this word/name sounds. I think it sounds clumsy and undignified.
My grandmother's name was Olive Mae because she stated that her mother named her after the Olive tint to her skin (she was very tan). She was proud of her name but didn't care to be called by it, instead going by Mae.
Olive's Ocean is a book.
I think this name is cute, though I wouldn't use it personally. Olivia is pretty and sophisticated, but overused, and Olive is a fine alternative.
Olive Hornby is the girl who was making fun of Myrtle's glasses when the latter was killed by a basilisk in the bathroom. And I thought every Harry Potter name was already covered!
My name is Olive, and it's really not as unfortunate as one would think. I have really grown to love it over the years, and I'm really glad I wasn't named something typical for my time. And it's not Olivia, it's OLIVE. Olive really isn't an abbreviation.
Olivia is also pretty, but Olive has its own charm. Simple and sweet, something like the archetype of the Midwestern farm girl.

It's just a guess on my part, but if given a French pronunciation, it would sound lovely; "o-LEEV".
I think that Olive is actually quite a cute little name. ;)
Olive was one of the stepsisters in 'Ella Enchanted'.
Olive Ann Burns was a Georgia-born professional writer, journalist and columnist. She is best known for her novel Cold Sassy Tree.
Olive is the little girl's name in "Little Miss Sunshine".
Olive Deering was an American actress.
The first time I heard this name was in a commercial for olive oil. This very traditional Italian family which made their living growing and selling olives were talking about this new girl their son was bringing home. They were upset because she wasn't from around there and probably didn't even know anything about olives. Then the boy came in with this lovely southern Italian girl on his arm and said, "This is my girlfriend - Olive!" and everyone was happy. The actress was very pretty and charming, so now I associate the name Olive with beautiful girls from southern Italy.
My hamster's name is Olive! I think this is a wonderful name for a pet, just not for a person.
What a horrible name! Who in their right mind would ever name their child Olive!
I take offense at pandabear1987's inane comment - I find Olive irresistibly charming and/or darling, whereas virtually all of the names found in panda's list are rather distasteful (in my OPINION).
A cute name for a cat, I think. But it is too abrupt and unfeminine for a human name, in my opinion. Olivia is much nicer. Sorry to all the Olives I've offended out there.
If you give a kid the name Olive, she'll probably spend her childhood being called Olive Oyl.

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