I’m an Isis, now I need my Osiris.

Anyways, Osiris is a pretty cool name. I like the meaning too.
I think Osiris is a really strong name, it's kind of mysterious.
This name is pretty cool. Who doesn't want to be named after an Egyptian god?
It is like the word oasis, kind of fitting as an Egyptian name, like a pond in a desert.
Osiris St. Brown American football wide receiver for the Stanford Cardinal.
O'Siris is any sun, moon, or planet (or priest or king) that is reborn in anointed christening. The Semitic term Ha for 'The' is Ho in Greek which associates Osiris with HoSaros. The saros is the 223-month moon but before that it was 3600 days and 3600 months and 3600 years. The word Sar or Shar is why in Egypt it is A-Sar which as a king is a Russian Czar or Arabic Shah. The 25-year Osiris (tradition claims is with Great Pyramid) is 309 lunar months (300 civil months and 9 intercalary). The 40-day Osiris is specifically the rapture upward of Noah's ark. The 14-day Osiris is the 14 days after full moon with it dying for 14 days until it is reborn. The 3-day Osiris is moon death (the last east crescent rise just before sunrise), absent new moon, then first moon (western setting moon just after sunset). There are 3 Christmas days for that moon dated as Kayak 23 and Kayak 24 and 25. (British Choiak, Arabic Kyak). O'Siris has been said to be Orion rising with Isis claimed as the star Sirius (instead of Isis being Venus) though O'Sirius is more probable. Noah Osiris is the Greek Flood 2958bc when Kayak 25 was the same date Dec 25 unti 1460 years later this occurs again in 1498bc (origin), then for Herod 38bc. Horus is the new born. It means HOUR and so like the Osiris sun and the Osiris moon, there is a Horus sun and a Horus moon. Horus-Scope means a scope of the hour or of the sun.
The name Osiris was given to 85 boys born in the US in 2016.
I am aware of an African American woman with this name.
The name Osiris was given to 100 boys born in the US in 2015.

Thats how I say it.
This is my 2 year old nephew's middle name, at first I thought it was strange (it is a little) but it suits him and no one seems to think it's weird!
I love the name Osiris. I don't know if I'd be daring enough to use for a child, but most definitely for a character. It would be a great first, middle, or even last name for someone fictional.
I have a friend named Osiris. He doesn't have to worry about being one of many Osiris's in his class lol.
I have heard it pronounced both o-SY-russ and o-SIRR-us. I personally prefer pronouncing it o-SIRR-us.
Isn't Osiris also a brand of skater shoes?
Osiris is a good middle name. In fact, I know 2 men with the middle name Osiris. (Israel Osiris age 27 and his grandpa Earl Osiris.)

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