Gender Masculine
Usage Estonian

Meaning & History

Possibly an Estonian form of Otto. It may also be inspired by an archaic Estonian word meaning "bear".

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAudo, Odilo, Odo, Otto(Ancient Germanic) Ota, Oto(Czech) Otto(Danish) Otto(Dutch) Otto(English) Otto(Finnish) Odilon(French) Otto, Udo(German) Ottó(Hungarian) Ottó(Icelandic) Oddo, Ottone, Ottorino, Rino(Italian) Ode(Medieval English) Eudes(Medieval French) Otto(Norwegian) Auðr(Old Norse) Odilon(Portuguese) Oto(Slovak) Ota(Sorbian) Otto(Swedish)
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Name Days

Estonia: May 9


Entry added February 4, 2020